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  1. Looks like one of the princes in ML finally appear just as i hope earlier... come on where is the rest ?
  2. Love the Episode 1 - the moon, the tired heroine and the setting... I thought of IU last drama, thinking is this a continuity? Hope that they rope in some dealings with the princes in the future for fun. Back to HDL, great vibe from the drama and hope it goes well till the end.
  3. Movie is more focused on the main casts thus less development on the supporting casts. Drama puts a bit more on supporting casts, giving us the feelings of friendships. If you are not nitpicking on those, it will be ok. Can’t compare 1 hour plus show vs a 30 episodes drama.
  4. If SA so much love to steal everything from CR, I wonder the bozo dad would help to oust CR and stripped her out of everything including as MakePacific company’s heart & steel. Without CR, maybe the whole thing will crashed even faster. SA being recognised as the true heir, and comes the power & responsibility of it carries.
  5. With that kinda grandmother and family, wonder how would SA actually grow up like? Atypical chaebol daughter ?
  6. As for YJ, hope that she gets what she want... those family that has been ever controlling and mentally bullying CR for years, minus the Company that CR build over the years. CR should just packed up and move out.. CR don’t owe anything to those parasites..
  7. Wae... Wae... Wae... imagine my my horror when seeing CR adopted father’s face. Already disappointed In him during his time in Heaven’s Promise, now he is again doing nothing and not even noticing anything amiss and act on it.
  8. It is victors that write history and even when the Emperor finds out his folly in the end would he taint his own life long legacy by reinstate Ruyi and admit Emperor is at fault ? That if Ruyi is at no wrong and is wrongly accused.
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