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  1. Coming from Star Wars Rey, hopefully Sun Ruowei not accidentally become too heroic to counter everything throwing at her with ease. Just that, C Drama usually don’t push the boundary of their main heroine lead maybe except Empress in the Palace but that also pretty tame seeing how the FL wins it all. Weiyang just a watered down version that female lead always need help. So I have a feeling that Sun Ruowei will need those main Male Lead and that second lead Gege to get out situation card. Probably her lil sister too to chip in. Just my feeling.
  2. Younger sister is being more savvy and politically inclined, if both sister is to fight, surely Sun Ruowei wont lasts fighting her sister. Firstly, Sun Ruowei cant and wont take her lil sister out. Secondly, Sun Ruowei is just not showing any great ability as people relations and politically. This coming from Ep 1 to 18.
  3. wow as much as we thought the crown prince is a bit of weakling but he is someone that sees thru everything, even to the point of advising his son the dangers of politics when his dad plan to meet the hidden Jiangwen.
  4. I believe she just wanted or feel deserves a better life than what servants in the Royal Palace will get when they are old. Being higher up is way better. Don’t know what they will plan it out in the end, but hopefully not turned her to the dark side.
  5. Playing unspecialized, first you must be pro at all classes to effectively using its best attributes. Of course the issue of levelling up after L50 do deter players which makes them change Classes.
  6. Purely business decision to kick him out as they think that the new player will get more endorsement/advertisement while still gonna be op with Ye Qiu 10 years Card.
  7. Looks like one of the princes in ML finally appear just as i hope earlier... come on where is the rest ?
  8. Love the Episode 1 - the moon, the tired heroine and the setting... I thought of IU last drama, thinking is this a continuity? Hope that they rope in some dealings with the princes in the future for fun. Back to HDL, great vibe from the drama and hope it goes well till the end.
  9. Movie is more focused on the main casts thus less development on the supporting casts. Drama puts a bit more on supporting casts, giving us the feelings of friendships. If you are not nitpicking on those, it will be ok. Can’t compare 1 hour plus show vs a 30 episodes drama.
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