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  1. Guys seriously, if we post unrelated topic or attacking other members here, this thread WILL BE CLOSED PERMANENTLY. We don't want that to happen. So now, lets just enjoy our ship, posting clues, posting our heart in this shipper thread. Just remember, we are all SYJ fan, HB fan, and we love them both. We support their project, individually, or together. There are a lot of happening in this world today. With Covid-19 and lockdown. And this thread is OUR HAPPY PLACE. PLEASE SPREAD KINDNESS. PLEASE BE HAPPY. PLEASE BE CONSIDERATE. Let our love to BinJin makes us feel happy and content. Lots of love from myself who has been self quarantine and work from home for the past one week. *hugs*
  2. It is really interesting to read your point of view as a journalist. And more interesting is other journalist are questioning the same as you, right? And about HB owns property, i heard he owns a few of abroad venture investments, is that true? Anyway, i think HB is not the kind of guy like most of Korean Guy who wants her partner/wife doing chores at home. Just like the movie "Kim You Jung 1982." It got me thinking, SYJ definitely not those kind of woman. She has her career way back, and i'm sure she will be balancing her live as a wife and actress. She will be a great mom, wife, and actress. And i'm sure if HB loves her, he will give her freedom to do things she loves. Well, that is my delulu.
  3. I've been thinking, SYJ always denied all rumours about her and other actors/male friend (one of them is KNG), it got me thinking. And it will be a long post. So, bare with me shoppers. Well, she's an alpha female. You can see that guys a little bit feel that she's dominating, because she has this huge charisma. I watch all the butlers, and the first minutes show that the guys couldn't even look straight to her. Even though they are famous by themselves. Even Lee Sang Yoon got shy and quite around her. Anyway, with that kind of charisma, she needs someone to balancing her. Charisma-wise, career-wise, money-wise. And I think she realised that all of that was in Hyun Bin. Remember her and HB interview with KBS when they played her own interview back in the early 2000s, one foreign guy asked if she had a boyfriend, she said no-one, because she said that she was picky about guys. It shows that she has a certain type of guys she would like to date, and now would like to marry. I know that SYJ is rich and wealthy. Well, she has a lot of CF contract, successful box office movies, awards, and etc you can't list it because it is a lot. But, HB is way more rich than her. SYJ admitted it several time in their interviews. At TN live chat (the one where the electricity went off), and CLOY KakaoTalk live. SYJ knew that if he wants to find a guy for her (I'm sure she doesn't need guys to make her feel like a woman), she has to find someone better and suit for her: Charisma-wise, career-wise, money-wise. With HB, well we already know that he is a super charismatic actor. He's quite a gentlemen, and polite to everyone. Even other actors, fans, and everyone in South Korea know that. Career-wise, he debuted like 20 years a go. And his popularity expand to other continent. She knows that career-wise HB is sooo popular. And money wise, well, he's not just actor with CF contract etc, more to that, he is a CEO of his own entertainment agency, and the most important, HE OWNS A LOT OF PROPERTY and a lot of Investments. He's a smart businessman. I'm sure as a clever woman, SYJ who also has property, and wealth, do not need to worry about her wealth (and getting some gold digger guys to approach her,) when she has someone on the other level by her side. She knows that all of that are in HB. You can tell that even though she still tease him, bickering with him (BTS, interviews), she puts a lot of respect on HB. She shows that she's not that dominating when she is with HB. She lets HB take control. One of her gesture was when she answer the rumour at CLOY press conference. SYJ long time fans were knew, "she agree with all HB says? And just be all girly answering the question?" Well it shows that SYJ respect and follow HB on his lead to answer the rumor. So if they indeed marry, we will see a new powerful couple. Like on the other level than any other South Korean celebrity couples. Charisma-wise, career-wise, money-wise. And beyond that, they looked happy and content together. It's the most important thing. So, let's hope for the best for their future.
  4. @eLizza thanks to you, I read the oh-so-hot wattpad about BinJin. Gurl, the writer has some Wild imagination. If you guys want to read, just go to the sites, and search BinJin. Or Los Angeles.
  5. Lol. You are right. And when he tried to be "professional" at CLOY press conference, his body language and his eyes told the otherwise. He still try to protect SYJ. Just find the video when HB push the chair, so SYJ could walk first. He is indeed real life Ri Jeong Hyuk.
  6. Yes, it's the same picture. And it's true v*st message BinJin's shipper's account. And the owner of the restaurant. Because at the time we couldn't access the picture (as it was already deleted). I remember this thread was on fire when it happened on CLOY's days. The owner even made a video on YouTube that HB-SYJ and a few of CLOY crew having meal at the restaurant. But I don't know if it was deleted or not.
  7. It's not edited. V*ST message the owner of the Busan restaurant to taken down their pictures. Because the picture might use it for the restaurant benefit (and could spreading false rumour about BinJin). And V*ast DM message few of BinJin's shipper instagram account, to taken down that picture as well.
  8. BinJin is my life now. My phone's lockscreen, wallpaper, phone ring, are now BinJin. I drive on my way to work with CLOY osts. I rewatched CLOY xxx times. Couldn't count, because every night before I sleep, I played CLOY so that a I could get some sleep. I watched all their BTS, Swoon, interviews, from their TN days, and CLOY. I kept all the official and unofficial pictures of the drama. Kept all the drama's set pictures. I even bought the OST online and got them shipped from South Korea. I'm a 13 years happily married with two kids. Avid k-drama fans since 2004. My husband watched CLOY and he loved it. I remember we were waiting for the new eps every Saturday and Sunday night on Netflix. And watched it together. We both sure that the two lovebirds are in a serious relationship. But kept in secret. We remembered when my husband and I were still dating, that we kept one year a secret of our relationship. We work in the same industry. Our friends never thought that we were both lovers. Suddenly we announced that we will be getting married. And then our friends just realized, "hey I thought that you two we were close friend, I've seen your closeness. But never thought that you two will get married." So yeah, I think it's really possible that BinJin kept in a secret of their relationship. I always said in my previous post that all successful relationships /marriage are private. Especially in a celebrity world. Because when you get off the limelight, it's make them be themselves, as a couple, as a human being. For our shoppers' here who still in doubt, just wait. Pray. If they're meant to be, they will be. #ingrocerywetrust
  9. I'm smiling ear to ear reading it. Because this timeline is match with the fortune teller prediction about BinJin in page 243. But, i think they started dating after negotiation promo. Those lovey dovey filter apps are their flirting to each other phase.
  10. Ye Jin definitely mark her territory on her IG. It was like: "LADIES, THIS IS MY MAN! DON'T MESS WITH HIM."
  11. Please delete the video if you are quoting someone. Because moderator has been gave us warning. Please read the top post on every pages. Last Warning This thread will be locked down for a period of time for excessive image and video quoting which are against the rules if this warning is not heeded.
  12. i think The fortune teller said earlier like in 2019 when they were caught groceries shopping. After The Negotiation HB-YJ probably in a stage of "more than friends" relationship. The interview with the fortune teller was in 2019 cmiiw. So, we're in 2020 now. I do agree want they announce the relationship by themselves. And not caught by paparazi, or dispatch, or gossip tabloids. So, for me the more silence the better. If we do not hear anything from them, that's fine by me. Besides, S.Korea is now facing bigger problems. Like Covid-19. There are 977 people affected by the virus. It became the second country who has spreaded the virus. So, i'm half relief that all the news are focused on the covid. And not our BinJin. I also pray that HB-YJ and all their families are okay, and get safe. I don't know probably both of them are in LA by now, With YJ's families. (((WELL, IT IS MY DELULU MIND. PLEASE DON'T TAKE IT SERIOUSLY)))
  13. Thanks for posting it again. And that makes me went to page 39. This is the translate of that video. He said that if they dating well in 2019-2020, they will get married late this year, or next year. He said that HB-YJ should wait a little bit longer on their dating, and not rushing anything. Ah well, it's a fortune teller afterall. It's not based on science, but hey, a shippers always want a little bit hope. Even if we need to hear a fortune teller. I'll paste the translate below. New year we are Asian will talk about horoscopes. Those who read horoscopes usually ask about love line or marriage date. There are many people curious about 2 hot people hb-yj's zodiac. I'm a fan of both, and yj's fan since her debut. Even though they denied dating rumors, and this is my private channel, but if they happen to watch this clip, I say their zodiac signs are matching very well. Hyun Bin was born on September 25, 1982, which is the date of the Horse, the month of the Rooster, and the year of the Dog. Son Ye Jin was born on January 11, 1982, which is the date of the Horse, the month of the Ox, and the year of the Rooster. They are the same age, but according to the Chinese calendar, 1 is the year of the Dog and 1 is the year of Rooster. So they are extremely well-matched. If they are not lovers right now, it's really good if hb pursues yj. They will compliment each other well and very precious to each other. Lady Samsil predicted in 2020 these two zodiac signs would get married. If they get married earlier, it's possible they will break up. So getting married late will be better. If the dating goes well this year, they can get married next year. Many knetz said they make a beautiful couple and support them. Right now both of them said they are not in that relationship which is causing a lot of disappointment. I support them together, beautiful and talented couple. It's great if they are really dating. I may make Son Ye Jin uncomfortable for saying this --> if she's not dating, she will become like one of us (fortune tellers) . She is beautiful, good at acting, and her energy is strong. If her dating is going well, her tension will be loosened a bit. It will be amazing if both come together, lady Samsil said, and even better if they get married and have wonderful children. Then the fortune teller talked about the idol couple just recently revealed by Dispatch after only 1 month dating KA and JE. He said people will throw rocks at him for saying this --> he predicted they will have to break up. They will not last long together as a couple according to their zodiac signs. You probably know the answer by now. In conclusion, this fortune teller is really supporting hb-yj. Last time there was another fortune teller said they will get married per their zodiac signs. Another one this time. They both have their own private channel so they must be 2 different fortune tellers The writer said their faces match well and their zodiac signs also match well...hb-yj...what you think .
  14. Ah yeees, he did a lot of her aegyos. Just like the NIS agent said, one of the signs of a man in love is mirroring her crush. VAST should DM the writer, not us shoppers. I thought i'm the only one who feels the happily married couple vibe in that Swoon interview. They look so comfortable to each other. Agencies could deny it every time (and i don't really care). As i stated before, all successful marriage/relationship are private. So let them be private. But, action speaks louder than words. They are good actors, they could hide (and try to hide) their closeness. But, by their body language, and their eyes couldn't lie.
  15. Hi shoppers, I made a gif, one of HB mirroring SYJ act from their Swoon interview. Well, it's clear as a day, right. And i cut that particular scene, and you can hear HB's laugh. It is so natural, it looks like he is sooooo comfortable with SYJ. Look at their pouting lip. I follow HB works (not his avid fan, but i follow his works), but never hear he's laugh like this. To HB long time fan, could you tell us, about his sense of humor. I know he is a serious person. But, he seldom laugh like this, right? or i was wrong. It seems i can't upload video. Can someone help me put, how to upload video on soompi? Hear his laugh. On 5:11.