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  1. Thanks for replying! Do you happen to know from which movie of his? I tried looking up historical one since the clothing is somewhat from that era.
  2. @chasen8888 Thank you so much for a detailed description of that part! I appreciate very much!
  3. At 2:27 when he says "She's my daughter" what episode is that from? Is it from previous episodes or future one?
  4. I'm reading the manga and let me just say that I can't wait for tomorrow's episode. If they show us the scenes from the manga, I will cry tears of joy! I don't want to spoil for anyone that hasn't read the manga, but those scenes are so great! I really hope they included them tomorrow Manga Spoilers!!!!
  5. @jeijeiI recently began watching this drama and now I started reading the webtoon. I agree with you CEW is handsome. I like that he can look straight through SA's fake acts. By the way, from what movie/drama is your profile pic from? The person looks familiar but I can't tell.
  6. @tatusii Its a 7 min preview on DramaFever. At the beginning when you pause frame by frame around 0:39-0:40, it shows a person giving the heart necklace to another. I'm thinking the person giving it could be NS3 to NS as they switch, but now that I watch it the hand giving it looks small and feminine. We have already seen SB give it to NS3 at the hospital so why would she give it back to him again, unless it is like I thought NS3 giving to NS.
  7. Wow today's episode was intense! I saw it raw and subbed too. I love SB's protectiveness over NS3. She doesn't care if its impossible for her to be with NS3. Just like she said to ORR if she activates the switch and NS3 dies so would she. I really don't think she would kill herself, I think she was just really throwing a bait at ORR. But SB feelings for NS3 are very true and she will go great lengths for him. Honestly I feel really bad for NS, he doesn't know who to trust and what it means to love and let someone in. I'm really scared for SB and NS3 relationship because he knows that he can toy with both of them. In a trailer NS3 gives SB's necklace to NS...and that guys is were the relationship is going to be sooo twisted. He is going to pretend to be NS3 and if he tries to bully SB or NS3 even more, then honestly I would prefer him to book a ticket to CR and just stay there and enjoy the landscape, LEAVE NS3 and SB alone. But then again some of us are rooting for NS to change and fall for SB.
  8. Ah! Now I remember! He should have, since now one of his men is dead and kept on saying "Sin can't be human" From watching their interactions, you would think that NS3 is developing feelings for SB. But seeing this character chart why does only SB have a one-sided love for NS3. I understand YN and NS relationship. Maybe it is another type of love from SB. I wish I learned Korean!
  9. @triplem I'm kinda confused. Who does she say that to? The secretary? What did she mean by it?
  10. Can anyone translate what the grandpa is saying here? Maybe it is the real Nam Sin as the person above explains it. I really want robot Nam Sin to find happiness and at the same time for the real Nam Sin to heal. His father died, his grandpa literally stole him from his mother, he tried to protect his mom by being blackmailed by his grandpa. She didn't even try to get into contact with him. There is also a clingy girl who desperately wants to marry him and her father wants him dead. The only person he can rely on is his secretary. I really feel bad for him. No wonder he will reject NS3 because he will see that she replaced him with a robot, which she really did, and that means that no one actually genuine loves him back. From the mom's perspective she loves him, but he won't see that. Why couldn't she find some sort of contact to him for over 20 years? Just because of grandpa's threat. He would think that is just a invalid reason. I want NS to be loved by someone. I really don't see YN as being the person to fit that role. She is so clingy and doesn't acknowledge the feelings of NS at all. She pushes her goals and ambitions on the person to achieve whatever she wants. She wants to marry NS so her father can also be a wealthy in-law as well, and take over the company too. SB is right when she said to YN on pervious episodes "without Sin and her father she is nobody". That is exactly how I imagine her if she lost those main figures in her life. Sin was able to provide her a future were she could have been a wife of a wealthy CEO and her father becoming a rich in-law. But Sin doesn't want to marry her and her father wants Sin out of the picture. I am happy with NS3 and SB friendship or beginning stages of love, but I also want the human NS to open up to someone else other than his secretary. I want him to be healed from the wounds of his grandfather and really feel what genuine love feels like. When the exchange happens between NS3 and NS, the question is whether SB would be aware of this. How would NS learn how to act and behave like NS3 for him not to get caught easily? NS3 uses high technology so access information and asks questions that people usually don't ask. So I guess for him not to get caught easily he needs the help of SB. She is really close with NS3 and knows all about him. It is like when NS3 asked her not to leave him at the middle of the crosswalk and help him understand people, NS would ask her the same request, help him act like NS3 in order to learn why and who wants to kill him and maybe learn about his father's death. Maybe during this process SB heals NS with her caring nature and he learns not take orders from anyone. He will see that she is not a person who takes a person's disadvantage moments and uses it to gain benefits for themselves, like that airport scene. He will see how his mom, his close secretary, David, grandpa, YN and her father treat him and NS3. Any theories on who is giving the heart necklace to the other? I saw it during the drama fever trailer. Why isn't the necklace on SB's neck? Did she give "her heart" to NS3 because he keeps on saying that he doesn't have a heart so she gives her necklace.
  11. It seems that next Monday our favorite robot NS is finally meeting the real NS. I wonder if NS3 will be the first person NS meets when he wakes up. Imagine waking up and seeing a twin version of yourself staring back at you. I would panic honestly. I wonder if the switch is going to happen between them this Monday, so excited!
  12. This episode blew my mind. I'm sure next week will probably do the same. When the Mom said she wants the real Sin instead of the robot Sin, to me it seems that robot NS felt like he got slapped. Even the secretary ( I can't remember their names that well) was shocked. Like damn woman he's your son and he's doing everything well to make you proud and all, have an understanding. Like David said "You are not a scientist, you are just a bad mother" . How satisfying to hear someone say that to her, right in her face. David meeting with grandfather really shocked me, but what shook me even more was that grandfather knew that robot Sin is a ROBOT and he sponsored her all this time. There is no one that I trust anymore in this drama except SB, secretary, David, in coming to help NS3. When they are in the park and NS3 said that he would wants to know more about her and SB said that she wished at that moment that he was human, I wonder how she would get along with the real NS. Would the real NS pretend to be robot or will he trust her and reveal everything. Maybe NS3 will explain everything to him.
  13. @crazyyo Thanks! I saw it and tried to catch any scenes that wasn't aired, haha. I think the only part is when real NS wakes up.
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