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[Drama 2020] Forest, 포레스트


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5 hours ago, larus said:

While “Forest” continues to be the most-watched drama of Wednesday night, Wednesday-Thursday dramas now face competition from trot variety shows on both nights.


Trot show? Interesting...very high premiere ratings. Think it has very different target audience as Forest, though.

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1 hour ago, beyaruth said:

How many kisses will they have in the entire series? :wub:


Maybe 100 :joy: usually when their lips touched like this 




** I stop counting :tounge_xd: 


I loved the dreaming look at their face yesterday 

- I just can imagine whet they dreaming about :ph34r:



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Some bits I got (from the Chinese subs)

SH - Are you okay to sleep by yourself?

SH (hugs her) - you must have had a fright.

SH - you’re really something else JYJ.

CC & OBM kiss

CC’s dad - stop that! Give me back my son!

SH (to CC’s dad) - you know who I am.

Missed the bit about business dealings

YJ - Miryeong Village is strange. (Looking at pics of patients)

OBM - we have to investigate thoroughly.

Evil Director - eventually you will have to pay a price you didn’t expect to.


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Hello Foresters! 

@jeonghyang @stroppyse @larus @triplem @40somethingahjumma@irilight @hibiscus23 @andie4u @jongski  @Plummpychan @hulya.23_d801 @ktcjdrama @Lawyerh @0ly40 @thanie @Ameera Ali @rocher22 @lu09 @africandramalover @sadthe1st @RobinM @Mau_Cherry @moodypie @Sarang21 @bebebisous33 @alekaonu @Kasmic @evie7 @roziecaparas  @katakwasabi @imgreatgal @lu09 @KDrM @ScarlettRose @rocat @000231846597 @Fabbo @lynseyanzia @junejungki @Samuel Yohanes @mizv @cenching @an-naum  @Fabbo @princess16 @fishc @Cathy Tran 


Episodes 23-24 tonight

Wow! Can't believe that after tonight we have only 4 more weeks to go, so fast, can't get enough!


for edit later, hopefully lagging won't be so bad.


Episode 23


Rescuers showing elders how to rescue on water.  YJ watching, an elder got caught up on a rope and in ajumma's panic, YJ got thrown into the pool.  She's also panicking as she went down.  SH noticed the commotion, jumped in the pool and saved YJ.  She is hysterical as HJ pulls her up into the poolside.  SH hugged her to calm her screaming.


YJ woke on her bed, still feeling uneasy, took a medicine from her drawer.  As she looks around she saw SH sitting at the table.  SH came to her, asked if she is okay and then holds her hand.


As YJ woke again she checks and SH is not around and went outside only to see a really huge van/coaster.  She asked him what about it and he said for camping.  As SH drove the car YJ is busy rolling on the bed inside the van.  (Waaaaaah I want this van!)  The arrived at the forest, camps, picked some berries (I think) eating as they go along.  Having a great time for another wonderful date at the forest.  We saw them sleeping while sitting on their folding camp chairs.  Ah they look so blissful!


YJ talked to SH about her childhood, where she drowned, inside the car with her parents, seems like the cause of her trauma. SH hugs her.

Back home...


They on another date again inside the forest, forked road again.  They stopped, YJ came to SH and plant kisses on his face.  SH holds her gave a proper kiss.



Resident barking again on YJ.  


SH on a phone call with sec who's attending a public forum, seems Taesung Group is in the hot seat. Sec smiling proudly.


YJ looking into some photos of a skin disease, suspects something is off.



Episode 24


Taesung is not getting a good response from the attendees. At the rescue center, SH exercise while watching tV, it's about Taesung group.

Villains talking, lots in this episode.

YJ visits OBM and showed her the photos of the skin disease/problem cases.

SH in talks again with 

Sec got kidnapped, villain director questioning him, showed him some paper stuff. They beat him up really bad.  SH rushes to him.  Sec was thrown on the road and SH got to him, really thought he died.  Poor Sec.


On a lighter note, CC brought OBM home.  She gushes at his beautiful home.  He told her to sit with him.  He touched her hand and she closed her eyes while  pouting her lips gearing up for a kiss lols.Just when CC was about to kiss, she cries in pain, stiff neck maybe, then CC massages her neck and asked if it's okay and just when they're so near she kissed CC instead.  CC dad came home, opened the door then wondered on hearing some sound, (OMG lols), and as he opened the door saw OBM and CC in a kiss.  Funny part.  CC and BM keep running around with CC dad after them.


SH visits sec at the hospital, thankfully he is alive!

check the phone on his pocket, Sec telling him some things

SH went to see villain director, who showed him a piece of paper where Sec signed with his fingerprints in blood.  SH punches the director.


SH walking inside the department store, YJ arrives and he opened his arms for her.

Took her shopping. :) 



Sorry not really complete.


@nrllee re your question about his shoulder injury.  Sorry for the late reply.  

I think it's a new one, must be from Four Men.  He did a lot of stuff there.  Either that or still part of this injury.

The last injury I've known was on his side, forgot which side.  While filming for "Friends" a chinese drama, there is a scene where he tied with  a rope and was hanging in a building, I think there was an accident where he suffered an injury from a fall.  It was something major.  , I hope I am not mistaken.  

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Uri Forest Couple is super duper sweet and cute today....:heart::love: JBA looks prettier with straight hair too....:heart: I don't know if JBA got a small face/head or PHJ got huge hands.....In the scene where he was cupping her ears, his hands covered almost all of her head....:sweat_smile:



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