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  1. A video presentation by Deng Lun Studio on his works/filmography done with love on 2019 while moving forward to 2020 with zeal
  2. Hello Foresters! Sorry been away for this week's liveblogging as my source is not working. Hopefully we will have one this week and hoping dongsaeng @jeonghyang will be around already. Also busy preparing for another food support for Old School Intern. Hoping also that some of you would like to join us (Official PHJ Philippines Fan Club and PHJ Malaysia will be sending a burger truck again, the same one we sent during the FOREST filiming). Pls. PM me if interested. @nrllee @cenching Yes it seems so as observed by most because when he eat it's with his left hand but sometimes uses his right as well. He only uses left when eating, when writing, PHJ uses his right hand tho. I guess whichever he is comfortable or more used to. I heard of some parents train their children to be right handed. I am happy with the way things are going now with the storyline in Forest. The first time the flashback of three kids in the forest already signalled a possible connection with our leads and CC. I also love how things are going for JYJ and KSH in terms of emotional development. These two people both have issues that needs healing, as promised by this drama. Will comment more later. As to subs, a certain site is now subbed up to episode 16. also @katakwasabi chingu i saw too that the notice was taken down, maybe a signal to post again btw for our chingus who just commented lately I will be adding your names on my roll call so I won't have to go back again. just in case you might wonder.
  3. True huhuhu! He’s always had a drama going on outside of the drama. So sad and a his fan I really wish him good projects. @nrllee @Sarang21 @cenching here is the subbed version of the IQIYI interview done by the Hongkong FC so i can assume this one's pretty accurate. Of all our FCs they're the most diligent in doing translations, so if you guys need PHJ vids with subs, chances are they have it. On another note, I hope IQIYI gets interested and buy the license for Forest so it will air in China. precisely what i had been asking when it aired... waeyo?!
  4. @katakwasabi @nrllee yeah bad decision. So far I had not deleted my IG uploads even my Youtube vids. Let the system take its own course. Tho I won't probably upload new ones. So not gonna be posting any preview anytime soon.
  5. 뉴스엔 200220 박해진 ‘꼰대인턴’ 첫 출근길 공개..머플러에 마스크까지 https://n.news.naver.com/entertain/article/609/0000249905
  6. Hello Foresters! Sorry I was not able to liveblog last night. I didn't have the stream, hopefully there is one tonight. ----------------- This is actually a sad news for those watching Forest. It's biased against PHJ and the drama. We were also formally informed though the official fan club. This is possible but like what @katakwasabi said why limit the artist to promote his own? It's harsh and sad. I can't understand IHQ as well, if they are the producers and spent money for this then they would and should promote the drama to get back the investments they put in the drama. Restricting distribution of clips will have a bad effect in the promotion and enthusiasm of viewers. Not even previews, what the heck? When did that ever happen? I wrote a tirade in our fc chat about this but PHJ is the victim as well. We were given instructions to delete. The could actually cancel our membership so that's a control mechanism for official members. My question now within our group is how do they control non FC members? Tsk!
  7. Actually along with the preview of the upcoming episodes, TV Naver Forest Channel would follow it up with a sort of highlight video preview of the upcoming episode as well. Here is the full clip of the shower mishap SH had Park Hae Jin release behind story from last week's episodes
  8. Thank you so much dongsaeng @stroppyse for the post and translation on the Ep 10 end scene. I will try to post later of this weekend video clips of Forest, also I had already posted some clips in previous pages. Here is the preview clip for eps. 13-14
  9. Trueeee! I'm blushing even right now. Haven't checked on KBS YT channel but I'm uploading all Naver clips of this show on my channel, will post here and maybe you can check and hope you can do some trans. THis clip is for the end scene where the kiss happened.
  10. SH driving a gray sports car then she noticed YJ's bike park by the roadside. Next scene, she saw SH running towards her, he's getting her sneaker that's on the water. She seems exhausted. A pouch fell as well, seems it's SH and YJ tried to run for it but SH stopped him. She got angry at him. SH seems surprised with the tirade. ( I think she got fired up after that encounter with the resident). Camera pans on the pouch as it's being washed away with the water and the flower pant inside fell off the pouch. It's the plant that's beside the first aid station. SH must have taken the flower to give to YJ. At home SH, checking on the photos and saw a big tree behind the YJ. He went to check on the tree and saw a big hollow at the bottom part of the tree and looked into it, reached out inside and got some items, a small drawing, etc. He saw 2nd ML dad standing from a distance, he felt unwell, the man came to help him. they came to the man's office and he helped SH. At the rescue center, 2nd ML seems angry with SH. Fire siren rings. Firefighters on the move. They went to rescue some man. Two firefighters carrying SH and 2nd ML. YJ was shocked to see both of them. YJ worked on their wounds... on hospital bed now, 2nd ML shouts in pain when YJ was about to leave, can't stop himself, SH shouts in pain also, obviously just trying to keep YJ from 2nd ML. YJ left them to the receptionist and they stayed still on their beds. Night time, kids starting conversing, 2nd ML's dad. YJ yawning by the window. SH now standing beside her caught her as she's yawning. They're arguing again. YJ gets her steth puts on her ears then on SH's chest then moves to his lips and whisper, "You're lying." SH turns his back then turns to face YJ, swoops in for the kiss while putting the steth on her chest, stops looking at her as if saying you're heartbeat says it's all. They then looked at each other and kissed. (This is one helluva kiss in kdramaland) Sounds on -end- -preview-
  11. Part 2 Sec showing a presentation, some big structure, maybe gonna be built in the forest, I suppose. Chairman and SH watched the presentation and afterwards SH explains to Chairman. SH and sec discussing something, (sorry I missed out, had to check my phone), saw Sec putting something in the trunk. At the clinic, YJ is being cute with the nurse/receptionist. Resident arrived. I don't know what his beef with YJ but his animosity is so evident. I hate men who bullies women like this, esp at work. SH and maknae firefighter walking then arrived at first aid station, checked on the contents. Maybe replacing items inside. BM comes across 2ML. They're now at the river, 2nd ML fishing. Lags. 2nd ML caught a big fish and BM is so excited and happy. She caught it with her net.
  12. Aw sorry Foresters, I'm late, mani @jeonghyang @stroppyse @larus @triplem @40somethingahjumma@irilight @hibiscus23 @andie4u @jongski @Plummpychan @hulya.23_d801 @ktcjdrama @Lawyerh @0ly40 @thanie @Ameera Ali @rocher22 @lu09 @africandramalover @sadthe1st @RobinM @Mau_Cherry @moodypie @Sarang21 @bebebisous33 @alekaonu @Kasmic @evie7 @roziecaparas @katakwasabi @imgreatgal @lu09 @KDrM @ScarlettRose @rocat @000231846597 @Fabbo @lynseyanzia @junejungki @Samuel Yohanes @mizv @cenching @an-naum @Cathy Tran Last scene I saw, KSH and YJ outside of a shop, i think they just got out of dinner (?) YJ rushed off and SH followed suit. JY is dancing on a a dance machine, she's very enthusiastic. After she's done, she danced again and SH watch in awe. -end of part 1
  13. hahaha probably! aw the ratings, it's not getting any higher, i hope soon. but at least Forest is leading the game
  14. ‘포레스트’ 박해진, 남성미 폭발하는 악전고투 합동 훈련 'Forest' Park Hae-jin, male beauty exploding despite the struggle on training https://n.news.naver.com/entertain/article/609/0000246644
  15. 2nd ML riding his bike, noticed something and stopped. it's 2nd FL, then he took her to some secret passage in the forest and well the place is in some inner part of the forest and it's quite beautiful as well. 2nd ML seems fond of 2nd FL as she handles the snake and asked him to take picturel 2nd ML talking to dad. YJ puts her coat at the stand, receives a call, from his previous hospital. SH having a meeting at the office about Miryeong forest. He's giving some directives. On his way out of the building and rode his car. He arrived a restaurant, went inside then next someone is taking pictures of him/them. He is now in a meeting with someone, topic, forest. Other guys receives a call and excused himself to talk. He rushed out when the person he is meeting did not came back.. He went down and he was almost hit by the car. Sec runs to him and and asked if he's ok. At home now, SH talking to YJ. SH leaving home. Firefighter gathered again for another training. SH listening as TL gives instructions. 2nd ML talking to TL, i think about SH, then TL recalls when SH is talking to him abotu the passcard. 119 ambu arrives, it's YJ, TL and 2nd ML meet with her. It's a race and SH is leading, the remaining firefighters are watching the progress of the training. YJ seems proud. Lags. SH looks into his watch. Dunno if he was lost. He went by the river and the team were alerted. He had recalled some memories as a kid. TL issues an order, I think about rescuing SH or maybe looking for him. He went into the secret passage shown to 2nd FL by 2nd ML. He went inside the forest . YJ is rushing to look for him as well. YJ shouts for him and as she turned she saw him. -end part 2-
  16. Part 2 2FL asking something to her supervisor. He told her something which made her excited. I guess it's about the First Aid Lecture. Next the firefighter's are seated on the floor, YJ's there as their lecturer. A young firefighter is now the model for the cpr and he tries to pout his mouth. SH mumbles and keeps on complaining. Cafeteria scene. YJ and SH getting their food. 2nd ML rushed to YJ and have her seated opposite him but SH is fast enough to seat beside him. YJ finished her food early and the kids are left to bicker. lols. Some firefighters send YJ out she meet 2nd FL as she's walking out. 2nd FL asked some questions to TL. She noticed SH, she's asking him questions. SH called someone on the phone then tries to open a door when 2nd ML arrived, he looked at him and SH left.
  17. At the rescue center office, TL doing some work, another firefighter came and talks about SH. Downstairs SH is trying to get some drink from the vendo, seems he can't then the firefighter from earlier took his money (?). Bully? SH keeps looking a the vendo then 2nd ML arrived. lols the kids are at it again. He tried to give SH his coffee, dunno maybe after some mocking. SH did not accept but he was able to give it to him. -end part 1
  18. Back at their home, YJ gave SH some pack, i think they're body patches. He smirks. A bit later YJ is seated on the sofa when she noticed something and she looked on the floor for it. SH, dunno if he is looking at his body again on the mirror, then he started putting on those patches when he heard YJ shouting. He rushed out and saw her jumping on her feet shouting about the lizard then jumps on SH's back till he catch the tail lols. They both realized they're on piggyback mode and he suddenly dropped her off the sofa. YJ went to the table and took some plastic pouch as SH looks on and she hides the pouch. YJ and SH are on the table, they got some sort of flat bread. They started talking then YJ cried, she is telling SH about something that happened in the past. She brushed her tears off and SH talked to her.
  19. SOme guy came to the clinic and checks on about everything. YJ ushers him while the resident said something and the old man left. Back at the training, they're climing on the rocks. sorry lagging. YJ went to he hospital/clinic and submitted some blood samples. Firefighters were taking the shower and SH was the last one to leave, taking his sweet time under the hot shower. As he leaves he could only sigh from exhaustion.
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