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  1. Re CLP complaint, it's a pity that they look at it that way. I sincerely hope that it will result in higher ratings instead of the other way around. Anyway, I stare look at this photo to survive the hiatus. He wears full body of clothes and has ridiculous sex appeal. Maybe because of the uniform (it adds appeal but it's different on him - the way it looks on him and the way he carries it - more than just right!) and his nice physique (he's aging well like a fine wine!). I will not understand YSR if she'll be able to resist jumping him RJH's charms in the coming episodes. She is a first class beach in and out of the boardroom and I really hope that she is the same with regards to expressing love physically. Oh well. Maybe. That was a normal thing for me to be able to get tasks done better. If he can write using either hands and function equally well with both hands for all practical purposes then I think he is.
  2. Watching Ep 3 on WeTV (not a VIP yet) and I am here because I can't stand the foster sister. I actually play scrabble go, wordscapes, blockudoku, and sudoku, when it's her screen time. I can't wait to see FJ and DH in one frame looking at each other.
  3. My day starts and ends with checking this thread. This.Has.To.Stop. After I tuck the kids in bed I sometimes drink wine while listening to piano and contemporary classical music to set my mood for the night to tidy up the house. You know what happens next. PHD? Can you tell me what you're working on because right now for me it stands for Please, HB, Drop the shirts! Why not! Those are basically normal but again this is rated PG so they should find a way to show something enough for us to go wild in our dreams or imaginations after watching it but within the limit.
  4. I did say those words sans HB. I’m safe because I used the character’s name. Kidding aside, HB is a living walking talking breathing sex symbol. Anyway, I just saw the preview for Ep 11 and when I saw him in a suit my knees became weak. It’s tacky to utter expletives but I mentioned oh, damn, and f^<k - in that order. I love HB but I hate that I forgot my manners because of him, kindly excuse my words.
  5. It’s really a waste of resources if they don’t utilize their talents. RJH is a gentleman through and through and maybe they want to maintain that impression so the kiss lacks passion. I don’t think the actors asked their lawyers to include a restriction clause on their contracts because I believe they’re professionals. I maybe wrong though. But like you said the kiss is not realistic given the situation and I completely agree. To be honest, I really want to see him lose control - in every meaning of the word - with YSR in Ep 11. Of course not to the extent that they’ll go over what is allowed (I believe this drama is PG14?). Some might say it’s not right because he’s engaged but I’ll throw morality and ethics out the window if that’s what it takes to see him get intimate with YSR. I hope the ending is not just some kind of a reunion. I want to see a future normal family set-up, I like the setting that you’ve said - with kids in school or in any extra curriculum activities. I couldn’t agree more. I hope so! I want him to see YSR in a swim suit or in a short shorts. Anything to make RJH literally sweat. I’ve conditioned my mind and heart to accept any ending as long as they’re together. It was a passable kiss but watching it is torture at its finest! I hope the god of love and lust will visit RJH every second until he drops his guard and just give in. I really love him in uniform but like you I also want him to pursue his initial ambition.
  6. I’m so happy to know about the rating last night. We are spectators so we’re focused on what they show us and although the BTS is there for us to see what’s happening when the film is not rolling, the fact remains that it’s not easy to come up with a beautiful output so I am really happy for everyone in the CLOY team. Their hard work paid off! Such a nice motivation for them to work harder for a better episode. I can’t wait for Feb 1. I’ve been running a test to search for Ep 11 preview but to no avail. It’s been more than 12 hrs since Ep 10 was shown on Netflix and the anticipation is killing me. ETA: Both HB and SYJ know how to kiss. Their previous dramas are a proof to that and while I understand that the director or writer maybe putting off the full on and proper make out I mean kiss for the coming episodes, I just hope that the act and angle will be better next time. Come on, the director and writer are not some mediocre individuals in their field on top of that they’ve got great lead actors, I hope they maximise what they’ve got for the best. Their kissing scene should be better! It’s 6 episodes before it ends and the kiss is still so so. I’m sorry for the lack of a better term, it’s just that it’s frustrating somehow because they’re not really restricted given that TVN is cable but oh well. Besides, HB and SYJ are clearly holding back on their kisses.
  7. I refreshed and reloaded Netflix a lot of times when the clock striked 12 midnight hoping they've unlocked the latest episode. It took them sometime but it's doesn't matter now. RJH has a commanding presence whether in uniform or not. I'm glad they met before CCG hurts YSR. RJH made a promise that she will be safe if she stays within his eyesight so I'm not stressed about her safety or anything and that the wait until Feb 2 for the next episode is bearable. Finally, these two! I didn't expect that they're actually wise and nice. I'm rooting for them. My bedside clock says it's 3:53AM so that's it for me today. Goodnight/Goodday to your side of the world.
  8. I hope TVN will release all the HD still cuts every after episode. Their socmed department is so-so at it. RJH crossed the line just to be with YSR even for a few minutes and I think it will be the route of the series. He will do something to be with her and she will wait for him to go to her. She really can't do anything unless she wants to give up her life and move to NK but even if that is the case I don't think he will be that selfish to agree to it. RJH can go out of NK often to be with her but that is not the ending that I want. I don't want a limited and temporary meeting from time to time. The watch is vital and now that it's with JMB it will be a matter of time before he and RJH will talk about it. By then it will be the end of CCG. I can't wait. They are one of my favourite on screen pairing. Just like the leads here. A simple scene becomes great because of how they execute it not to mention the uncommon and extraordinary chemistry. I like the cinematic orchestral version of Ellie Goulding's Love Me Like You Do but you can use any song you want or any song from the OST. Please, bella, no rush, no pressure and at your convenience. I was hoping to hear him say ILY but he went to kissed her instead. Action speaks louder than words and I understand that he is a less-talk-more-action kind of guy but I hope that he'll say it the next time they see each other.
  9. A lot happened in Ep 9 but for some reason I only remember RJH's admission that he cares for YSR in front of his parents and their kiss at the end. Will surely replay the episode but I'll do that later because it's already 5:29AM here in my part of the world so I really need to hit the sack the soonest.
  10. It’s been posted countless times but looking at it is love no matter how many times I’ve seen it. I’m happy they’re comfortable with each other and I can’t help but hope their reel feelings will become real. Move over Richard Gere, HB is the new definition of the phrase. Damn those scenes. The situation was serious but I was actually smiling and grinning while watching. All.The.Time. HB’s charm is irresistible and it’s deadly with SYJ. Excuse me but your username reminded me of a post I watched years ago in one of the most popular threads here on the forum, it was a video of MLSHR footage together with the song A Thousand Years. I think it was you who made it. I maybe wrong though. But if not, I don’t want to impose but your creativity somehow compels me, can you make one with CLOY? Pretty please with sugar on top?
  11. When I heard about this drama Then I saw this thread and read articles confirming it I just can't help but It's been a while. I miss his smile. I miss his mysterious aloof demeanour. I miss him and I can't wait to start watching the drama.
  12. That is an incontrovertible fact from the start. I know that there will be balance at the end but up to what extent(?) HB and SYJ are so great at it. Even the supporting actors, too. Great casting and acting. It's what sucked me in this drama. At this stage, I still worry about the ending sometimes but, at the end of the day, it's the journey that matters and not the destination. The probability is kind of high considering the footage at the opening credits and although it is a neutral county and perfect for meeting in between, I believe home is where the heart is so I still prefer that it would end in SK because at least it's SR's home and "near" to JH's actual home. Speaking of defecting, you know, I would defect and give up my AU citizenship in a heartbeat to be with JH in NK. That's just my heart talking though. Seriously, RJH is patriotic so that's a bit of a problem but we'll see.
  13. I love this drama and I can't wait for the next episode. I'm pathetic right now because waiting is not one of my many talents. Please don't take my words literally. But of course the most pitiful and pathetic soul is the tattletale, the rat as they call in this drama, especially because the act is done unwillingly. He is in a damn-if-you-and-damn-if-you-don't situation. The actor's performance is so good. Most of his scenes are gut wrenching but he portrays them very well. I shed a tear when he and his wife were talking in Ep 8. This is over the top but credit goes to the producers of this drama for coming up with a lovely series, to Netflix because that's where I screenshot this scene and to Imgur for hosting it. Oh, to have such life. I'm being too dramatic and I apologize for letting myself be carried away by my emotions, i don't know but for some reason I am in the mood to be one today. Seriously, I don't want them to be a "collateral damage" at the end, I want a happy and safe ending for them, just like RJH and YSR.
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