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  1. I couldn’t agree more! If they added a minute or two, Pillow book and LAD would have been perfect IMO. I’m just glad the ending of LAR was longer than usual. I was hoping they will show a bit after their mortal life but it’s alright because them being together at the end is all that matters.
  2. What a lovely happy ending! I cannot wait to watch the subbed finale. Ye Hua was my fave bullied deity husband but now it's YSF.
  3. I cannot help but sing the song Starting Over Again by Natalie Cole everytime I watch an episode after I've seen how SF loved XJ for 9 lifetimes. I just love how he loves her. I have loved SF since ep 1 and I love CY now after watching 30 episodes. He's perfect as SF.
  4. Every episode is critical and I don't want to sound like a selfish and inconsiderate 'beach' but I don't think I can cope with the suspense if there will be a delay. I hope not. Really.
  5. This kind of genre is not my thing so maybe that's why I can't think as to how, why and what is going on. Anyway, I am in a way glad that CJW put a tracking device on DHS/BHS, because that way she'll know about his movements to be able to understand him more. I honestly can't predict what's gonna happen next. Vital connection will be revealed in the coming episodes and I can't wait to watch it.
  6. CXJ looks like the weakest but actually the strongest. I really love this drama and I'm very grateful for ppsite for the translation.
  7. 1. Based from ep 6 it was someone who has the ability to make JYH's life harder if she will talk about the night she saw HSY. He said it was a 'he'. I don't know. 2. He thought he did kill someone but I think that he didn't actually. 3. Sad ending but I want to think that a happy ending is still possible considering the turn of events.
  8. Yeah, some, but I want this, Lawless Lawyer, MLSHR, etc. to be there instead. I just want that he'll be able to showcase how versatile he is. The non-legit sites are great sources but the Netflix platform is better because the video quality is guaranteed - at least for those who are outside SK.
  9. I wish Netflix will stream this. I also hope LJG's dramas are available on Netflix. I kind of wonder why because they're undoubtedly great. Maybe because of the producers but are the producers the same every time? He has good dramas and it's just unfortunate.
  10. I have a feeling that this might not have a happy ending and it's the reason why I'm waiting for more episodes to be aired before I start watching but lately I thought that it's more enjoyable to watch if there's anticipation. Knowing the ending will kind of save you from heartache and disappointment but they're not the main purpose of watching (especially for a series with a great tandem such as this).
  11. Sad endings are not my cup of tea also because I'm a sucker for HEA endings. However, I can compromise because I love them both. Anyway, I have no doubt the leading actors can act so I hope the script is good because it can make or break a drama.
  12. I've rewatched Pillow Book and saw countless YT videos of Vengo and Reba together. All I can say is that they seem to be the same IRL. He is patience and mature while she is a bit playful. How I wish they're together for real. Both are equally good looking with unique features and as of now I can only imagine what their kids will look like.
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