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[Drama 2020] Forest, 포레스트

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Thank you Foresters for keeping us company watching Eps 5-6 of Forest.  See you again tomorrow. Thank you @nrllee for recapping tonight. @jeonghyang @stroppyse @larus @triplem @40somethingah

Starting in a bit Foresters! @jeonghyang @stroppyse @larus @triplem @40somethingahjumma@irilight @hibiscus23 @andie4u @jongski  @Plummpychan @hulya.23_d801 @ktcjdrama @Lawyerh @

Aw sorry Foresters, I'm late, mani   @jeonghyang @stroppyse @larus @triplem @40somethingahjumma@irilight @hibiscus23 @andie4u @jongski  @Plummpychan @hulya.23_d801 @ktcjdra

Thanks @nonski for recapping.... KSH is so cute when he excitedly left his workplace "like a newlywed man who's going home to see his wifey". :tounge_xd:










Errr.. Hungry for more. Thank u for all the sharing. Live up my gloomy all wrong day today. Gud nite.


@an-naum  Me too. I bumped the car in front when that car made a sudden full stop in the early morning. But look at me tonight all smile actively watching and posting here. This kdrama (especially our OTP aka "The Left Handed Couple") are truly my stress reliever!  :love:

And after watching I can sleep with a smile just like them...





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@mouse007, when you see me and @Ameera Ali are flocking to certain drama thread religiously, it’s a sign that the said drama has some good kissing/cuddling/sexy-ing going on magnificently....:ph34r:


Btw, what a waste of filming a scene of “kissing for such a loooooong time” if they only gave us barely a minute in final cut....<_<  Can you please give us the raw, PD-Nim???


@Ameera Ali

Aside from watching p*rn on his phone and exercise, the third option will be taking cold shower. So no need to borrow the neighbor’s bathroom with a high risk of being expose thru and thru...:ph34r:



An attractive couple that live together in the Forest, literally...What can they do except kissing??? :phew: If this drama is 50 episodes makjang dailies, she will be popping out babies like a rabbit in no time...:ph34r:

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Ep 21


Replay of confession...hug...kiss. :wub:. A new dawn. SH wakes up early to harvest fresh produce from hills and cooks breakfast.  YJ wakes. She is giddy as she recounts recent events. She heads to table for breakfast after washing up. SH comments that she looks like she put make up on. She says no but giggles as he keeps staring at her.  Over breakfast she comments that he doesn’t usually have such elaborate breakfasts (he just grabs a coffee).  SH replies he never had the incentive to make the effort before because it was just him...pauses for effect and then says shyly...now there’s you...:wub:.   They laugh over a shared joke.


They head off cycling after.  Cute moments (I must admit I cringed at some of it :lol:).  


SH at Unit is a new man. So much energy!! Even the other members notice a difference and wonder what’s up with him. 

YJ at hospital. She’s extra giggly and happy. Nurse notices. Dr Park hands her box full of old documents from 10 years ago and tells her to file. She asks why they aren’t already in the computer system.  Dr Park says they haven’t been keyed in because they were done before they had computers installed. Nurse says it’s Dr Park’s responsibility since they were his cases but he pulls rank on YJ (I am senior) and insists YJ do it instead because he is “too busy”. YJ concedes and starts typing it into the system. She receives a call from another doctor saying that the Hospital Director wants a word with her about something important so she needs to make a trip to see him. 

Business stuff and documents from SH’s team working to seal the deal.  His Secretary(on the phone to SH) says it’s nearly complete and is about to process it.  SH says something about launching a grenade into the opposing party’s arena to shock them.  He’s got something up his sleeve.  Cut to Taesong talking to business partners over lunch.  Taesong CEO (?) gets word about something and he wonders what’s happening.  Someone (SH) has undermined his position in the business deal and he is not happy. 

At Unit. SH is watching the clock and impatiently counting down till work is finished. TL announces they will go out for drinks together but SH says he’s not going and marches out precisely at knock off time. Everyone wonders what’s gotten into him.


Secret meet up in Forest for SH and YJ.  SH hands her a document. 100 Q&A for lovers :lol:. He’s working hard (and she has to as well).  She spots one question. If a handsome and intelligent man texts you... she avoids answering.  He grabs the sheet from her and asks, “my (your) greatest fear is?” She replies, “swimming. Drowning.”  SH registers concern on his face.  She quickly backs down and avoids going further and adds, “thunder and lightning too”.   He chides her for being childish then moves onto the next question.  “My nickname on your phone is?” She looks decidedly uncomfortable to tell him and he grabs her phone from her hands.  She’s nicknamed him “Wall Dog” (?? Not sure if subs got this right).  She hastily says she didn’t get a chance to change it.   She grabs her phone back, dials his and tries to see what comes up on his display...aww...he’s called her “my darling/beloved (love heart)” :wub::lol: He is embarrassed.  She teases him and says it’s so corny.  And adds, “My beloved ghost? Baby bear?” She keeps adding derogatory titles after “my beloved...” and he finally stammers, “WIFE”. She bursts out laughing but I think she’s pleased. 

Cycling...rain...bridge scene.  She’s cold. He holds her.  Kissing... not as long as we would’ve liked but hey we will take it...PD cut it short... :lol:


Back at house. Their wet clothes drying in the porch. Err okay...well... SH is lifting weights?  WAE??  So random.  Okay, trying desperately not to go there in his head...as he sees her through the frosted glass... lays on his bed... his frustration is real... inner peace boy...inner peace.  Restraint.  Decided to check his phone and stuff pops up about love, longing and restraint.  YJ is looking up her phone too. She looks just as frustrated.  She writes down the Chinese word “REN” on her palm which means to endure.  Dissolves into giggles. Lights out. They are sleeping in different beds but their thoughts are of them together. 

Opposing CEO is at shooting range. He is told that KSH is behind all the stuff that’s been getting in his way.  He tells his henchman to fix it. 

SH back in office with Secretary and they talk business. They seem happy with how things are progressing.  They need to deal with CC’s dad. 

Cut to forest. CC’s dad is looking at the carving in the forest of SH and his grandma.  He is still trying to work out if it is SH or not. 

Timber Mill. SH is there. CC’s dad returns. Confrontation. CC’s dad tells him he has been suspicious since he joined the Rescue Unit. CC’s dad what’s in it for him?  I am a bit confused about the conversation here. It sounds like SH says he will help CC’s dad become a Unit member?  Not sure why that would sway him but it seems to?  SH talks to Secretary in car about their next move.  They meet back at their secret meeting place?  And notice that there’s a huge hole in the wall where a cupboard (safe?) used to be? I guess it contains all their relevant documents for the deal? Their cover’s been blown? 


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Episode 22 (adding my comments to @nonski’s recap)


KSH and Sec checking on the torn wall. I think they lost the documents required to move their plan forward.


At the hospital, YJ receives a call from the director of the hospital from Seoul

She arrives at the hospital at Seoul, colleague hounding her, I think to have her attend a blind date and when she's refusing, he assumes it might be cuz of KSH.  (Colleague says she looks like she’s glowing and puts it down to KSH.  She coyly denies it and says, “it’s the fresh mountain air”)

YJ came inside the hospital director's office, saw he has a guest and they were introduced, it's the villain director. (He convinces her that he wants to invest the trauma centre at Miryeong(?) so he asks to visit her in person so they can talk in future.  YJ hands over her contact details?)


Forest protection office, OBM showing the photos where she once saw a hole, to a sunbae. As usual he is not minding her.  She rushes out, meets with CC at a resto, when she was too prying, CC invites her out and they went into the forest.  CC showed her something, sort of  whistle the blew on it, (it’s the same whistle that SH found in the hideyhole) which attracted the birds (and chipmunks).  OBM was amazed. She tried and was so happy when a bird flew towards their side. (CC tells her when he was young, his father and he were poor and often his dad would come into the forest and use the whistle to lure critters...which he would then catch and cook :blink: for him.)


KSH and Sec in a meeting/discussion again.


CC dad dressed up and trying the fireman's pin, CC arrived which startled him.


SH at home, looks at the foodstuff in the kitchen and saw all types of noodles in the shelf, he took the garbage bag and put them inside.  (He’s annoyed that she’s eating processed food) YJ arrived and tried to stop him.  They went to the grocery. (She keeps trying to toss unhealthy processed stuff into the trolley and he keeps removing them :lol: and replacing them with fresh produce).  A preggy wife is being too cutesy with her hubby and complaining.  (she tells her hubby that she wants strawberry milk and he adoringly dashes off and brings it to her).  YJ does the cutest and is being cutesy now with SH to he responded with all cuteness as well.  This part is soooo funny. (Not to be outdone, YJ hams it up too and tells SH that she wants meat to eat...can he hurry up and catch a cow for her :lol:.  SH looks uncomfortable initially with her sudden aegyo but then plays along with her and goes full on aegyo as well.  Other couple look disgusted :lol:) YJ trying on sample food samplers and SH saw her, looking at her soooo full of love.  THey drove home, talking while YJ ate the crackers/chips they bought and SH digging in once in a while. (SH is scolding YJ for eating unhealthy sweet chips/candy whilst grabbing handfuls and eating it himself :lol:.  He drives over a puddle and water splashes onto the windscreen on YJ’s side.  She startles and looks scared. SH notices.  Later on after he drops her back home, SH can be seen scooping out the water in the hole with a shovel and filling up the hole on the road to prevent future occurrences.)


At rescue center,  rescuers arrived, not really sure but I think they are being tested if they have alcohol intake. 

Everyone seems good but SH noticed that TL seems in a daze and the last rescuer noticed that he's the one who seemed to have some drink.  Guys just let it go.  Curious SH let maknae try his car so as to fish info about TL. (SH is told that TL is usually depressed around this time because it’s coming up to the anniversary of the death of his Unit member who tragically died in the fire in the Forest)


At the hospital, YJ received a parcel, seems to be some test result, which is assume s KSH's. (No test result is of the second sample of water that she sent away - the bigger sample.  This time it’s come back positive for Arsenic. :huh: YJ is very concerned and wants to run some tests on the water and asks Dr Park about testing kits.  He tells her there should be some around.)


Sec carrying boxed together with staff, everyone now working.


Dark, people checking things at an office, seems like KSH's.


YJ stays behind at the hospital to do some tests herself on the water.  Dr Park and nurse leave.  It starts to rain.  YJ is testing in her office.  There’s thunder and lightning and she startles.  But she keeps working on the test.  She looks worried.  SH is driving in the rain (remembers that YJ is scared of thunder) and keeps dialing her number but she doesn’t pick up.


Villain director sneaks inside the hospital, breaks into YJ's office.  She was startled and afraid and asks why he is here.  He is menacing in his reply telling her he told her he would come looking for her.

SH (still in his car) rushes to YJ, calling her but no answer.  (She’s changed his nickname on her phone by the way.  You can see it on her phone as it is buzzing on the table.  No longer Wall Dog.  It’s now “Kang Sweet Biscuit” or “Kang Dessert”.  Hurry SH!! Cliffhanger ending).



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“Forest” Stays Steady In Viewership Ratings + New Trot Variety Show Records Incredible Premiere

Mar 5, 2020
by C. Hong

While “Forest” continues to be the most-watched drama of Wednesday night, Wednesday-Thursday dramas now face competition from trot variety shows on both nights.

According to Nielsen Korea, the March 4 episode of KBS’s “Forest” recorded average nationwide ratings of 4.8 and 4.5 percent. This is a 0.1 percent decrease from last week, showing that the drama remains steady from week to week in its time slot.



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@cenching I want a hug from PHJ.  :wub:  He gives the best hugs...period.  So warm.  It’s like he opens himself up fully to embrace you... sigh... 

Q2 answer







@beyaruth so many I lost count.  But I am not complaining.  They are cute together 




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33 minutes ago, beyaruth said:

How many kisses will they have in the entire series? :wub:



Counts by occasion or per kiss??? :glasses: Because in Stethoscope Kiss alone, I recorded more than once/one...:joy: Btw, PHJ has a habit of kissing his partner lower lips....Take note...:tounge_wink:


21 minutes ago, nrllee said:

@cenching I want a hug from PHJ.  :wub:  He gives the best hugs...period.  So warm.  It’s like he opens himself up fully to embrace you... sigh... 


Fall in line, woman!! :naughty:

But it's true that he gives the best hug, he opens himself up completely, encircles his arms surrounding you (he got long arms anyway), presses your body into his, rests his cheek/head/nose/face onto your hair/head/face and with such tenderness and passion roll into one....:glasses: Tbh, I prefer to see him hugging than kissing his partner....

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