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  1. So in the preview Jung sun tear the divorce paper right? I think this time she will not let sung jun go atleast to yuri. Because Yuri Did her very dirty with that message. Thats was some next level mind game right there that crack the already half broken ship between sung jun and jung sun. After Jung sun knew about the truth and with that slap because of that message destroy the ship completely with no return back for both of them. If yuri didnt send that message then most likely this wont happen to jungsun. Sung jun already try to come clean with yuri after jung sun begging him for another chance. But she still clinged hard with sung jun and dont want to let him go thats why she did that. Ah i should have know this from earlier. Although i do think that i almost didnt see anyone see this coming ( before yuri reveal as the mistress ) the writter and director is briliant to bring up and build the story behind this. The drama that keep getting better and better ( and painful for jungsun ) I do really wish that both sung jun and jung sun can fix their relationship and have a fresh start together. It is really unfortunate about the timing for both of our lead. Sung jun with the Timing of Jung sun closing herself and his father sick and death. +yuri seeing all of sung jun weakness. Jung sun with the Timing of Missing sungjun father funeral and the Prank message from yuri. Remember guys timing is everything. One miss move and everything can be a mess.
  2. A good news atleast for vip is that. We officialy had Highest peak rating Of SBS drama in 2nd half of 2019 with 13.2% surpassing Vagabond with 13% !! Atleast it is a win for all vip team and the fans! Lets hope we can surpass 15% before the drama end. For a monday tuesday this is pretty high rating. It will be also interesting that the next week we got a new challenger with chief of staff 2 and catch the ghost ending. It will be daily life of prosecutor and black dog. Lets end it on a good note so our jung sun can be smiling
  3. so it was september 2018 when they had the baby for 4 months. and then after the miscarriage jung sun sleep on the baby room until april 2019. hot damn thats a long time for her to grieving. and thats when sung jun had to go to funeral of his dad. and after the talk she finally decide to move back to sleep with sung jun. so her relationship with sung jun has been cracked for almost a year.. and the friend said that sung jun always checking for her. ever since she goes full depressed.
  4. so here is what happen. 1. they had a baby and they seems to be a very happy couple 2. and then the miscarriage happen ( idk how it happen ) it is so sudden and jung sun greatly depressed. 3. she seems like zombie and cant move on from the baby. sung jun tried to comfort her but no chance. 4. and then sung jun father die on the same timeline with jungsun miscariage. he ask her to join him but she dont come with him 5. and then she had a deep talk with the guy friend from early episode 6. after the talk she move on from the baby and tried to metaphor it with turning of the lamp and lock the baby room. 7. that preview scene when jungsun ask for another chance for both of them. timing is everything everyone. and from now on i believe that mina and hyunah had nothing to do with sung jun. it purely between him and yuri all along. damn i wish i got the sub so i can know what they are talking about
  5. now that i think about it. i think it is !!!! so it was in the past. thanks for reminding me. so it is true that jung sun ask sj for a chance sadly it was too late because we all knew what happen to both the couple in case anyone want to read the raw recap the award for the most hateable character would be the shady director. Hot damn he is on this and the preview. very unforgivable.
  6. tried to recap by raw watching i dont understand korean much so sorry if i got any mistake
  7. I dont think the suicide is the serious one more like the way CA mom lied about the reason JH little brother died and how it will haunt JH mom if she ever knew that Her son commit suicide. It will hurt and sting for JH mom for sure. JH love CA but the guilt and noble idiocy will surely start to kick in soon. The real question is how will CA handle the truth? Will she stick with JH or will she also go double noble idiocy and aroud JH. Well tbh the only reason i watch this drama because JH and CA interaction and love line. It will be painful for me to watch both had their own noble idiocy. And for other do you really like the storyline with SA TR HR and JW ? I dont really care about their 4 relationship just dont hurt our pure love JH and CA pls
  8. The theory is going wild this week. I read some great fresh theory and idea that i never had thought before. Props to the director to bring the story unfold one by one although the start is a bit too slow ( and boring for some people ) but now when the big reveal come one by one. It is become so interesting because everything seems connected and i believe everything is connected somehow. There are lots of evidence and unanswered question about what happen in VIP Some notable one: 1. What is the reason Jung Sun had a miscarriage? ( Although it never mentioned but the hint from all the baby room is strong enough for this question? 2. Who is Mina baby father? Why she want to do the abortion? 3. Is it clear enough that Hyunah had nothing to do with sung jun since the conffession to jung sun? ( probably yes but it will be interesting to know more about this and it will be pretty sad if hyunah just become a sidekick story ) not to mention jun woo play basketball with sung jun. 4. What path does Jung sun want to go with sung jun? ( revenge or reconcile ) both has a plus and minus. 5. What is the new boy in vip team had to do with being secret chaebol in the team? ( i do think that his characther is interesting and hadnt got the spotlight yet. Usually the secret chaebol had a lover and that the reason they go to work and hid the identity but this one is still very questionable at the best on what is he doing at the vip team ) 6. What is Sung Jun master plan so he had to do the dirty work for the VP ? 7. Is there will be a Man come for jung sun if she goes for revenge to sung jun( although personally i am very much disagree with this idea because it will be very cheap trick but still it is a valid argument about jungsun find her own happiness) most of you guys prefer daniel from tifone for jung sun. 8. The ultimate one would be, would Sung Jun And Jung sun reconcile in the end? Tbh, everything is wrong from the beginning. We as a viewer dont know what happen earlier in their marriage. For me as a viewer i want the drama to go for reconcile path. Something like finding the flaw upon each other and heal for each other. Mistake will always happen but it is about how both people as a flawed person come together to handle the mistake and in the end go toward a better future. For me if both come to say divorce i bet for sure that both wont be happy at all even if they remarried with other person. While the thing about love is so flawed and easily twisted between two person. Hell even in real life couple fight for a really small thing but the real task for both is to find each other flaws and both help each other so they can complete each other. Cant wait for the last 6 episode of the drama. Get ready for all the theories come after every new episode guys! And hopefully the unanswered question get answered in the next episode!
  9. Fun fact. The rating is rising high after the secret is out. Double digit now. I think this drama will peak at 15%+ and beat vagabond peak rating. Jang Na Ra is a magnet rating for sure. Her latest drama The last empress is also huge in rating. And tbh this affair is nothing compared to the last empress. That one is just ........... from beginning from fake love / kids / makjang mother and actually having affair that he didnt even try to hide with the secretary. For the blank part i think that maybe thats how his character supposed to be. I enjoyed his performance in whisper with lee bo young. But yeah he master those blank looks and thats one plus point from him because he can look innocent from doing just that
  10. The way i look into it now Park sung jun has a deep secret himself. And that secret only known by Yuri and thats how she comforted PSJ thus he also open up Bout his deepest secret that even his wife doesnt know about. Now i understand why PSJ want to divorce Jung Sun. From his perspective The Guilt of being a mistress kid stick forever for both the mother and the kid. Also not to forget the painful memory for the real wife and the kids itself. He does suffer himself from that guilt and all the abusive treatment from his step brother thus when he make that one time mistake ( opening up to yuri after that drink together and possibly one of his heart crushing moment ) he cant be the same anymore. Even after that although he was doing proffesional job from his vp order, yuri think that the opening means more. And still trying to win sung jun. Why he divorced jung sun is because he know even if he still shamelessly apologized and moving on. The Crack on their relationship knowing about the affair will never heal. Sung jun already know how painful the wound is and thats why he dont want jung sun to live like that pretending like nothing happen. Although yes it is not right that he only think from his own perspective that heavily came from his own experience and not thinking about jungsun. But the way it happen i am scared that it will go very dark soon. If someone like park sung jun lose everything from his job,wife,family i smell a suicide ahead. The toll of guilt being a mistress kid is damn hard already. Add that with the guilt of having affair. And now losing everything. What else you want to do in life? I hope it wont happen. I do wish in a little that the SJ And JS open up to each other and really reconcile. I do believe that SJ in reality love JS the most. If you really having an affair, it wont be like this for sure. You will go very extreme like lying about your schedule and go sleepover with your mistress ( check other drama ). Also i wonder what would happen if jung sun Came with sung jun into the funeral. Will everything that happen be prevented? Because afaik jung sun didnt know that sung jun is also wedlock kid. Things will go different around them. On the other side, will mina really betray sung jun again? And what secret does she talk about to sung jun? About baby or something else?
  11. This week is a big week for VIP drama! 10%+ rating for both days Most of the secret revealed The plot now divided between YuriXSJXJS and the other vip member. The Forum suddenly very alive again ( boringfest is over! ) Lets see all the Theory and prediction coming our way. Seeing that this still 10/16 i believe there is still some twist happening. But the thing is i think Jung Sun real intention is to get back his husband because she knows deep inside he love her the most. And by Yuri act to be greedy to sung jun, jung sun will never allow it because it will hurt her pride and love Cant wait for Monday again
  12. Oh it can also happen to be like that. Maybe thats why PSJ say it is one time mistake. One act lead to another. Damn it will get really complicated soon. Now the real fun begin.
  13. This is TvN right? The broadcaster who show baseball is The public one like KBS or SBS. For example SBS moved vagabond schedule twice and skipping 1 week for vip. TvN Schedule is pretty stable and rarely got delayed or resechedule. But if its just a projected date then yes it will be around that date but it surely will be later because the current drama will end on early february itself.
  14. But it is a bit weird. 31st january is friday but the timeslot for tvn drama is Saturday Sunday. Also by the time that came, Crash landing on you still hasnt finished yet ( they finish on 2nd february ) so if Forest season 2 Replace crash landing on you then they will be premiere on 8th of february.
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