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  1. Guys how can this thread move so freaking quickly lol i remember back in season 1 it feels like dead thread with mostly just flaming the drama. glad you guys all here!! i am proud to be able to stay even with the slow pace on season 1!! the thing is that this season 2 is probably what everyone sign up for! for me if they just make 20 episode and packed the episode into more high quality with no boring scene then i can see this drama going double digit easily. the 8 episode flashback pretty much kill this drama hype ba
  2. BHR want to cheat too? Hmm interesting. Really the writter probably going Song won and Sa Hyeon endgame route. What is the point of BHR cheating tho? Not like PSH will care either
  3. 5% is alright there are Mine drama which taking up the rating by a lot. so its fine not that bad either.
  4. i still on 1/4 part but dmn i miss their voice hahah its feels like years already from season 1 seeing all the madness coming into pieces the opening scene is lmaooo
  5. TODAY IS THE DAY LETS GO!!! SUMMONING EVERYONE Who Still Survive for this season and want to suffer together too
  6. YESSSS FINALLY ITS ON MY COMING SOON LIST!!!!! oh yessssssssssss netflix just serve us soo mannyyyyyyyy drama this month omg.. - racket boys - law school - mine - Love ft marriage and divorce Season 2 - Hospital Playlist Season 2 - Neverthless - Mad for each other Lets gooo !!! also if u guys got stressed out from this drama you guys can try watch other drama in the list to cool down your stress haha
  7. seing some old faces here from the old thread lets go and enjoy the new season.. i wonder tho if this will be in netflix again? no trailer so far from The swoon. even hospital playlist 2 already got one. such a shame if this is not on netflix tho because i want to watch it ASAP
  8. wow this drama hi soo is pregant the birth mother secret revealed already and WHAT IS THAT IN THE END>???? is THAT HI SOO the one who died??? no way right... man
  9. Nobody here? It is a good premiere But one episode per week is a bit sad tho
  10. No legal streaming site for this drama... Netflix iqiyi viu nothing. The worst thing is that EVEN THE Illegal streaming site only had Raw and no sub. How can i even watch this drama.. like cmon what happen with this...
  11. Man this drama So good yet now i hate it From the love triangle And now what 49 days before bisoo vanish completly?? Oh hell nah sir. This drama is going into trainwreck route now and tbh i hate it. Such a shame atleast for me. I sign up for romcom not melo drama. Cmon now.
  12. Where is the streaming site for this drama??? I thought this one will be on netflix?? But with nothing in coming soon i guess it wont be there. Viu i dont see this in upcomimg Iqiyi aswell. Argh want to watch it but i probably have to watch in sites if 3 streaming site didnt have it..
  13. Will be a shocker if this one doesnt have good premiere rating. First of this is genre that GP like Second the actress is really well known Third this drama air right after vincenzo which had like 11% rating so atleast the hype will still be there. I think a premiere around 7% would be good and maybe stabilize at 10% range just like vincenzo. This TvN Slot saturday sunday already hit daebak back to back with both mr queen and vincenzo ( and tbh startup although the rating not high but internationaly it is very famous ) So i g
  14. still 20 years old so i am on 3rd year university. so yeah i am younger than your oldest grandchild hehe i rarely get called by instrutor but usuallly when i got called by one i will get nervous suddenly and my mind went blank haha exactly like the girl kang sol a side note : i really love seeing go yoon jung here. sadly she is not main lead/second lead more like supporting cast but its alright miss here already since sweet home. glad seeing sweet home had their own drama song kang with navillera and another one with han so hee. lee do h
  15. make me miss being on the lecture class already more than 1 year being on online class make me sick. although i hope i wont get a killer lecturer like Yang but i miss being on class. right now it just feel like dream lol
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