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  1. Guys i think there is a problem here.. You know the AOA case that happen right now? Where AOA leader jimin bullied ex member mina for 10 years until she quit aoa If u want to know the detail you can check soompi. In this drama, Hyejeong aoa is playing as seo young. Right now things is still messy with many new things coming out from the ex member mina. And you know that thing happen to her is so unfortunate and the wrong one should be punished. Although hyejeong is not directly related with the current problem but ofcourse being also aoa member can bring a negative reaction to the other member and ultimately it can hit the drama aswell. Idk what would happen with her in this drama if things goes out of control but i think we together should see the aftermath. I just hope it wont broke the flow of the drama if there is any change into the drama.
  2. This drama is going to be like What a toxic and unhealthy relationship look like. If this happen irl. You guys should avoid this for sure. But things like this usually happen in our daily life sometimes people just dont realize it quickly. I think the director want us to see what happen when you dont realize things around you and just hold on your relationship with just love only without thinking about other aspect in life. Maybe it is sustainable for dating but obviously not more than that especially marriage. It is just a death sentence right there for the relationship.
  3. Anyone mind translating the preview for ep 6? Yj saying something in the end to sb and i am curious what she said. And ofcourse another sad looking dh in the preview
  4. Anyone had preview for tomorrow episode? The piggyback scene will make a new phase for their relationship for sure but we dont know in a positive or negative way. We need to see DH reaction for sure But i think he is gonna go back to the store so he will save SB for sure. Seeing SB with Celebrity friend and Seing YJ with the coworker ofcourse will ignite something on his heart. Now we need to know which direction it fire bring to.
  5. God the ending be prepared guys its painful * drunk YJ ask the second male lead for a piggyback and daehyun see it from afar he look so damn lost and sad. *someone hit SB on the back of his head
  6. Why almost every drama end with stupid noble idiocy trope. Just yesterday we got sweet munchies ending which pretty much a mess drama and the last episode is also a noble idiocy and had like the most disappointing ending ever. Also we got drama like find me in your memory which also had noble idiocy in the last 2 episode although the ending still alright but like is it important to add the noble idiocy so late into the drama? And now this also do the noble idiocy trope in finale week. Well i guess they will still had their happy ending but this dont feel right and pretty much lazy writting. This kind of noble idiocy in the penultimate episode only to resolve everything in the very last episode is stupid. I dont understand what even the point to do the noble idiocy this late? Like i dont get it.. it just make the fans angry and not really helpful for the rating either i guess. But atleast tomorrow hopefully we got lot of hr and is scene.
  7. Idk why but it is weird that there is none in my country spotify.... i tried to find it from the artist page but still had no luck. I tried to write youre cold / breath / heize / sam kim but i just couldnt found the ost
  8. Last scene is in the rain Gang tae catch up moon young in the rain And go to her give her his jacket and hug her You can see the jacket he given to moon young in ep 4 ending In ep 5 preview where moon young ask if gang tae love her
  9. Wait what THIS STORY IS MALEFICENT STORY FOR SURE!!!! i know maybe there are other story but the recent one i know is maleficent where the witch curse the new born princess and only prince kiss can save her from the Curse. Damn this is interesting af
  10. For rating guys.. 6.7% is pretty decent for a romcom. There is rarely a romcom that got high rating ( when i said romcom i mean pure rom com not like CLOY for example ) I think the last high rating pure Romantic comedy is Whats wrong with secretary kim even it is only like 6-7% rating on cable tv. Dont compare it with for example Mystery Drama / family drama / judge / doctor drama because it had different people to go for. Ofcourse other drama would had bigger rating ( no offense but it is not helping either that before this drama is TKEM that actually the real tradegy of rating so it doesnt help to bring up the hype for the next drama after it ) Considering the drama hit with pretty bad backlash for the first episode. The rating hold up pretty good. Remember how bad tkem rating plummet after the scandal and the sentiment from netizen ? It could absolutely happen to this drama too but luckily the netizen seems to be calming down which is a good point to look for this drama.
  11. For me i think yeon joo will not let go of daehyun easily. She most likely will had 'what mine is mine' syndrome. She will try to hold on with him but not letting him go further than backstreet dating. Now that i am thinking about it. Daehyun and yeon joo relationship is backstreet so i guess backstreet rookie for the title means something to it
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