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  1. Guys preview ep 16 omg... cant wait tomorrow!! Is DJW gonna die?? I think it is true that lady is DJW and jamie mom(?) I only see clips tho so i am not sure without sub
  2. Prediction: Sur yeon return alive at the end of season 2. She secretly prepare for the revenge behind the scene as a ghost for Seo jin and dan tae. Logan will learn the truth and help Yoon hee to fight the same enemy. Yoon hee now hold the same grudge to both dan tae and seo jin + she want to redeem herself. Season 2 mostly preparation for the gigantic revenge and more character development for the kids and other aswell.
  3. Guys when discussing spoiler please also use spoiler for the quote ( there are some people who hate got spoiled ) Just reminding because the mod will do it anyway
  4. Am i the only one who want the reunion for jamie and JW ???? They stick together when they was in WNV so sad that jamie didnt remember anything and jw didnt want her to get hurt so he didnt tell her anything about the past. And then we got hyewon which i still dont understand whats she is doing....
  5. Cant wait for next week. I hate that it feels like a filler but i really want to know what next every episode damn
  6. Is it true that there will be no episode today????? It is.. and also next week there will be only 1 episode on wednesday ( next thursday no episode too ) So ep 8 next wednesday
  7. Does no one curious about the woman scientist???? She looks psycho but the important clue is that she told JW that u are the special one ofcourse because you are my child. If it is true that JW was her child then that would be damn...
  8. its still early to the drama so not really much to share. unless they add something in the second half of the drama then thats confusing. the first two week its like telling what should we know and what should we expect. so far we got lots of info and things will get more clear later on i believe. for the romance part i guess it will be later guys. they need to develop the relationship first. would be weird if they suddenly got into romance part. but i still wonder whether its with lee chung ah or seolhyun tho haha
  9. Let just say when the drama start, the war between two leads is inevitable. calm before storm guys haha
  10. With the truth being out with no more lies.. I see that it will be a fair matchup for both jinpyeong and dosan to win dalmi heart. Alright right now everything is in dalmi hand to choose. The fanwar get out of hand last week but i saw the number of war between JP and DS fan decrease because they are on the same level of play know. First love vs current love, past vs present. Today episode shows that she was still in confusion and dont know what to do with the truth thats why she said she lose faith with herself and got confused. An
  11. So we got potential of noble idiocy for dosan to go away from Korea to US for 3 years.. Damn i expect this too happen after the event in ep 11.
  12. We will get a new female with 4 episode left. Wp writter hahaha this remind me with more than friends who also had similar new female out of nowhere. Hopefully we dont go that drama route because the drama is so badly written that make me sick to watch it. Atleast with this i am really loving it because it is fun and easy to watch. Jun ah... grow faster so you can date rara quickly!!
  13. Let just look at the bright side guys we got kiss!! Their short yet meaningful interaction today sastify me so much. Btw is cha ba reun still live in villa or not???
  14. Hello maybe i am the only one who got interested with ra hoon and Cha ba reun hahaha feels like tom and jerry interaction and i love it. Aww the constant rejection from CW to JH. But hopefully next week they will bond again!!! The truth come in just 1/4 way is a shocker tbh. But there is still a lot of story to uncover so i guess no need to worry about. The past. The man in jail. The love triangle. The Dream. Lots of interaction still left for all samgwang villa resident. So calm down guys we are on a good ride
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