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  1. Thanks, @Jillia for the updates and throwback posters. Lately she crossed my mind coz I'm missing her so much. After watching Hotel Del Luna and upon seeing KSH on Hotel Blue Moon, I suddenly wished "Moon" Chae Won would be casted alongside him in it if ever it becomes a sequel.
  2. Receive our respected director's signature The director really had a hard time. I love you ♥ ️ 존경하는 우리감독님 싸인받기 감독님 정말정말 고생 많으셨습니다. 사랑합니다
  3. Happy Birthday, Jo Bo Ah! The video shows PHJ holding this cake while she blows the candle. They paused their shoot to celebrate her bday! How sweet... 힛 지금부터 내 소원은..해마다 생일날에 촬영하는 거♥️우리언니오빠들.. 얼마나 고생하며 준비해줬을까뽀가 더 잘할게요 감사해요...우리 시크릿팀식구들 감사합니다 최고.. ♥️ 힛 From now on, my wish is ... Every year I shoot on birthdays ♥ ️ How hard have you been preparing for my sister? I'll do better. Thank you ... Thank you for the secret team members.
  4. --"Finally the last shooting." 드디어 마지막 촬영 --"Looks like she shines in the hospital." 병원에서도 빛나는 외모에여
  5. It says this drama might premier in October... Just can't wait to watch it. https://www.instagram.com/p/B1BixOln9Q5/?utm_source=ig_web_options_share_sheet https://www.instagram.com/p/B1Bb905JVn9/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link
  6. Yes, that's right. Thanks @nonski for explaining it already on my behalf.
  7. Jo Bo Ah watching the famous Manila Bay Sunset (along the Baywalk) at the filmset? I see a Calesa... can we see a scene of them riding a Calesa?
  8. Yes, I was just quoting the news article... thanks anyways for the clarifications. Wow I missed out my favorite Actress JBA! I pass by Intramuros going home from work everyday... If only I knew I could have stalked her there. My mom loves this place whenever we pass by because it's a nostalgic place (Spanish era feels). I just can't wait to see this drama series!
  9. Nope... I didn't see him coz I just learned the news of him late. LOOK: Park Hae Jin spotted outside a mall in Pasay https://annyeongoppa.com/2019/05/13/look-park-hae-jin-spotted-outside-a-mall-in-pasay/ You’re seeing it right, bes! South Korean actor Park Hae Jin is currently in the Philippines! On May 10, fans welcomed Park Hae Jin at Ninoy Aquino International Airport. He is in the country to film his new K-drama ‘Secret’ alongside actress Jo Bo Ah. New photos of him walking around a mall in Pasay were shared by his agency Mountain Movement on their Instagram account. The caption says that he is enjoying the Philippines while filming here. What's this?... I was at this Mall specifically attending our annual convention seminars at the SMX (1 of this Mall's buildings) SM Mall of Asia Pasay the whole day yesterday and awhile ago too... I didn't know about this so I missed the timing!
  10. Wow!... Is this true? He's currently in my country? How can I see him?... Look: Park Hae Jin is currently in the Philippines for a kdrama! BY SARAH JI May 12, 2019 South Korean actor Park Hae Jin is set to shoot his upcoming kdrama ‘Secret’ together with actress Jo Bo Ah here the Philippines. The actor arrived at Ninoy Aquino International Airport May 10, 2019. Fans were overwhelmed and excited with the news that he’d be coming here. So some fans were lucky enough to see him in the airport. He has seen waving to his fans as seen in the video circulating online. Hae Jin starred in different Kdramas namely Secret, Man to Man, Cheese in the Trap, Bad Guys, Doctor Stranger, My Love From The Star, Hot Blood, East of Eden, and many more. Secret will set to air second half of the year. While waiting for it why don’t you watch his previous series and dramas. https://annyeongoppa.com/2019/05/12/look-park-hae-jin-is-currently-in-the-philippines-for-a-kdrama/
  11. Translation: Wow ah ah ah really .. every day this is not shooting, but healing...
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