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  1. I believe ManSeok is still tied to InGyu. His excuse of going out at night to retrieve the inheritance letter is suspicious. He told CCJ that he was carrying the letter when InGyu caught him. InGyu would have searched his body before he was tied and tortured.
  2. agree, you have to follow closely especially to the dialog to really know what is going on. IMO Choi Chun Joong is a face reader rather then a fortune teller. As an example he tells Lee Ha Jeon that the man who will be become king is the one who survives. Both Lee Jae Hwang and Lee Ha Jeon has the potential to be the next king but for Lee Ha Jeon he was told by Choi Chun Joong that his impatience will put his own life at risk.
  3. Is this the reason this thread is quiet? it hasn’t move a page since I was last here, too bad if that is the case. I’ve watched till ep4 and its quiet a good drama and the casts is good too.
  4. Did JH really cheat a second time after they remarried? What i got from that scene when YR was crying after looking thru JH phone was not because she found out he cheated but because she was sad she still felt that distrust for him. I can understand her feeling that she will forever be looking over her shoulder.
  5. Well i don’t pity TO at all he reaped what he sowed. He had a wonderful family that others would envy but he chose to cheat just because he felt stifled by his wife’s success. I don’t know why SW hesitate to really let go off TO. That made JY confused. I guess no matter how strong a woman SW is she cannot deny the fact that she had some feelings left for him. After all there was love between them in the years they were together, that was apparent in the flashback scene of them together at breakfast. TWOTM was a good show everything from the characters to the ost even the dialog was superb.
  6. I agree about DK feeling insecure of losing TO and that is the only reason she is holding on to JY. She thinks she can keep TO by keeping JY under her control. I wouldn’t be surprised if the way that SW and TO end up sleeping together that night was engineered by SW. I mean she just let it happen because that is the way SW is, a fighter. She might have known that DK was keeping tabs on TO. That would be a good way to hurt DK but SW didn’t think that JY would turn up at the house.
  7. I don’t think SW is handling the single parent roll very well. JY was living with her for most part after the divorce but SW had not notice his rebellious behaviour. The first signs came when JY was put under Dr Kim’s therapy. SW was probably either too busy with her hospital work or handling those women in the group. If i were SW i would i would be inspecting my son’s room every once in a while. Its alright to respect your children’s privacy but JY is only 15. DK was using the incident with HaeKang to get back at SW after The latter save TO at the police station.
  8. I still believe SW saving TO at the police station was for JY rather then TO himself. @Melody_06 if as you say SW’s character has been on point and consistent thus far then SW could be playing TO to get back at DK and her family. She misses JY even the very night he left her house to go to TO’s and I don’t see how SW can take losing JY. To SW, JY is the only one worth saving after TO’s betrayal. Maybe she still has some lingering feelings for TO but i believe she will be smart enough and heed HS’s warning.
  9. She would not want JY to have a dad who’s a murderer. SW knew the chairman had the cctv footage and the best option was to make a deal and close the case as suicide. As for HS, maybe IK’s death made her finally realised they were being used.
  10. In short this reset thing was engineered by Hwang because he must have been bored and lonely wanting some fun. Well he is just as bad as SH. Song and LS was fooled by the old man and played his game. I don’t understand LS logic in wanting to reset over and over just to be with her daughter for a year and then go through the grief of her death. Isn’t that torture? The part where HJ resets again and meets GH was good. Overall i’m loving their ending. Will miss them and Maru too
  11. i don't normally read live recaps preferring to wait for subs but i was just itching to read on anyway thanks @triplem It seems like a happy ending but felt like it was a bit rushed. What was Hwang's crime for HJ to arrest him? hmmm be back tomorrow after subs are up.
  12. SH's killings is puzzling to me. It started with that accident after his promotion and the case was reported as an accident not murder. He then went on to kill others at random with no specific reasons and most of the cases were reported as accidents eg Cho Kyu Man (lottery ticket), Cha Jeung Seok (music box), Park Yong Gil's replacement (gloves), Yeon Soo (handphone). In all this deaths he was just happy collecting souvenirs? and the empty frames above the items was just there to confuse us i assume. SH said that he only started to believe in the 'reset' after the death of Park Yong Gil's replacement from then on he just kill without caring to make it look like an accident since he was predestined to kill and they were predestined to die hence SeRin died a horrible death at his hands. But what i don't understand is if most of the 'killings' were not 'murders' why was it labeled as serial killings.
  13. I think we still live in a gendered society. Man has the power over women in general. Can you find the male equivalent of the word ‘mistress’? None! and people would normally blame ‘the other woman’ when a husband cheats but what about when a wife cheats? Typically is why JY can accept his father cheating but finds it unacceptable for his mom to date another man even when she is already divorced. Likewise for YeRim, she can accept her husband’s philandering ways and endure a childless marriage because the husband choose not to have kids. As for the FIL, again here is the male power in play. When he finds out about the daughter’s affair through SW’s outburst he is now showing ‘who is the boss’ in all this. He wants to kick SW out because he was humiliated and recruits maybe Dr Love to do the job probably can’t trust the son in law enough. Well actually i can’t wait for SW to kick the balls off them all.
  14. Was she really around after the accident happened? We only saw her after the reset. I‘m guessing when we saw LS reset with HJ and the rest her daughter had already died in that accident. Maybe In the previous reset she was able to get a cure for her illness but the daughter died in the train accident in the next reset. She couldn’t change her fate and resets again. You could be right about SH killings before the reset. He was randomly killing people and i think he became aware of HJ knowing about the killer in advance. That was when he got hold of HJ’s notes and even visited BJT in prison. He was told by BJT that the Maesong serial killer will be caught in August. He didn’t believe him at first but BJT said ‘you will know when the times comes’ and somethings that HJ said about coming from the future made him nervous. When he visited BJT a second time he was told of the other resetters. I think that heightened his killing spree. He said this to SeRin when he killed her ‘i was passive before i should be bolder’ and SR’s death was gruesome. But what confuse me was he only found out about the resetters after SR’s murder right but how is that he has the other re-setter’s item in his collection.
  15. I don’t get it about the serial killings. There doesn’t seems to be a fix pattern. The only thing that connects all the items in the trophy room is that it belongs to the resetters. If what you say about the other stuff not being from the current resetter team then it could only mean SH have killed other resetters?