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  1. I can understand Yeon Soo's feeling at that, to find a man she love and has been living with all those years has another identity she was hurt and thinking what else was he hiding. wo! i'm sure any woman would be upset, hurt and angry if she finds another woman hugging her man! I recollect what IHR said to YS at his hospital bed, "You can't change anything no matter what you do" indeed what he said is true. There will always be crooks no matter what laws you put in place. No one person can change the world but there is still hope with more people like YS and CDW
  2. i think the document may be something more than just the ori copy of what CMH tried to give Yeon Soo, hopefully evidence that will definitely nailed IHR. Can someone explain what Taeyol's voice recording that IHR sent to Yeon Soo was about?? i didn't quiet catch it. Yeon Soo seemed shocked more like disbelief at what Taeyol's was saying to IHR.
  3. Hi all, i've been following this drama but first time am posting here. Totally love this mostly because of JJH and KHJ combination although i much prefer JJH in a suit (a the president in Designated survivor). The down side is this drama is taking a long time to sub. GYJ is unstable. Is she doing drugs?? i thought so becos she doesn't have a steady job and the loan sharks are after her. Although i like her to, I don't think she will be of help to LSG maybe she'll do more harm then good. Its a pity that LSG is in this fight all alone and its frustrating seeing him juggle home wi
  4. I’ve thought that the only way SSR could be alive is that she staged the murder scene with help of Sec Jo, that was why she told OYH to run away. Sec Jo will have betrayed JDT like how JDT first sec did. Would be most likely that Sec Jo couldn’t take in anymore of JDT’s beatings everytime he made a mistake....and hiw did Logan escaped. Did JDT just release him like that?
  5. This lady was the one SSR handed an envelope and a USB in the earlier part of ep20. It seems SSR had helped her before when she was struggling during her student days. Both pixs are of the same person coz i noticed the tiny mole on her nose. If she is indeed SSR's friend she cannot then be the twins bio mom and JDT's first wife.
  6. I've been following this drama since it started but this is the first time i'm posting here. Just watched ep20. I can't believe that that was the end of SSR i want to see her in season2. Maybe LJA will be coming back but not as SSR. I don't think i want to watch season2 without LJA. Good observation! i can only speculate that the woman in the photo (the twin's mom) with the tattoo could be SSR estranged twin or someone JDT made to look like (plastic surgery) SSR, even down to her tattoo because of his obsession with her. I bet SSR has the same tattoo. This is only my specu
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