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  1. Thanks for the update @grapefruit7 And I'm also excited to see JBA again on a variety show. I really miss her bubbly personality on variety shows. While this one was the 1st time JBA met JIS... And this one was the cutest interaction of them via phone patch (thanks to CTH) Her part starts at minute 52 while their interaction at 1:15... All videos credit to the rightful owners.
  2. Wow, whenever I wonder and ask for an update, there'd be always a sudden news update coming... [Exclusive] Jo Boah meets 'ideal type' Jo In-seong.. 'Sometimes the boss' appearance According to an OSEN report on the 17th, Jo Boah appeared as a guest on tvN's new entertainment program ``Sometimes President'' (directed Ryu Ho-jin, Yoon In-hoe), in which Jo In-sung and actor Cha Tae-hyun are active, and recently finished recording. 'Sometimes the President' is an entertainment program that contains the country supermarket business diaries of urban men who are in char
  3. @grapefruit7 Oh, more people are now interested in JBA/ CBA. I just remembered how I started out making photo collage... I was inspired to do my first ever photo collage by this wonderful clay model made by choinsunclay as gift for Jo Bo Ah / Cho Boah by her fans Bboever. (Pease click the link to see the video: https://va.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_qomju0f1Aw1ulcpgx.mp4 ) I really really love this because it can show how versatile CBA/JBA is as an actress in playing out different character role. From: https://beyacuteful.tumblr.com/ Wish I wa
  4. Wow, really got news now... Sports Seoul- [단독]’FA Daeeo’ Jo Boa, exclusive contract with Keyeast February 14, 2021 11:42 by NewsDesk [스포츠서울 남혜연기자]Actor Jo Boa found a new nest. Jo Boah, who left Sidus HQ, which had a relationship for 10 years earlier this year, recently signed an exclusive contract with Keyeast, a comprehensive entertainment group. One official said on the 15th, “Jo Boah signed an exclusive contract with Keyeast ahead of the Lunar New Year holiday. It took a long time as it was the first agency she was looking for after her deb
  5. Welcome to this thread @Joboahph I'm so happy to see you and I'm so looking forward to your posts here too. I'm loving your edited videos too @grapefruit7. Thanks for making new edits and for keeping this thread up. I also wish to hear some update from jba / cba too. video ctto
  6. Jo Bo Ah for Chungha's mv... Jo Bo Ah Chungha's mv the making... Jo Bo Ah's scene start at minute 2... Jo Bo Ah's music videos the making bts starts at minute 7 JBA was While this one is a fanmade mv combining the 2 videos above all videos ctto
  7. Thanks @grapefruit7 I like that too for her next drama character. I love to see her in different clothing style with a swag. While this is a compilation of her different fashion style but it got a little bit mixed up... at the VIP screening of film 'The Sheriff in Town' While this one is at her endorsement Event... all photos and videos credit to the rightful owners
  8. Wow, very well chosen Bbo's scenes made into gifs there. I really love her with bangs. She had bangs too in her drama Temperature of Love... gifset from: https://moonsoos.tumblr.com/
  9. Thanks @Jillia for the soompi article. Thanks @grapefruit7 for keeps on updating this thread. I love your gifs of JBA eating. Making me want to post too. But RL is keeping me so busy these past few days... gif from https://kdramaxoxo.tumblr.com/
  10. gif from: https://thingskateknows.tumblr.com/ gifset from: https://aer-in-wanderland.tumblr.com/
  11. JBA as Nam Ji Ah, as Ah Eum and as Imoogi on Drama TOTNT. All 3 character role in 1 drama. gifset from: https://aer-in-wanderland.tumblr.com/
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