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  1. I feel ya, sageuks are my least favorite genre too but I will make an exception for II Woo
  2. @shineeukshawol It really has changed it's going to take time to get used to it. Welcome back Onew @kimlees Thank you for all of the updates
  3. At first I didn't think I would like it but actually got into. You are right that I don't think Korea is ready for the subject matter but loved that they didn't make Tae Won's character a stereotype gay person. I loved the cast they all did a great job, II Woo was flawless but I'm a bit biased. @willenette I'm so happy he's in talks for another drama just why does it have to be another historical? I'm not crazy about historical dramas but will take what I can get.
  4. Me too, I watched 'Flower Boy Ramen Shop' then I found '49 Days' because I could not get enough of him. I could never imagine anyone else playing The Scheduler. II Woo is the reason I found Soompi. The obsession was and is still real @willenette Thank you for posting all the updates I feel bad for II Woo and the cast that the ratings are low too.
  5. I'm at the last 3 eps of 49 Days but my hearts not ready to watch them. Since Sweet Munchies ep 1 has yet to be loaded on Viki, it's Flower Boy Ramem Shop for me tonight too. It's so hilarious , the first ilwoo drama I watched. Ever since then, I'm his fan for life.
  6. Song Seung Heon is just delicious. It does not matter what he wears but there is a scene that he's wearing jean and a black leather jacket.. I didn't plan on watching this drama but looked for it subbed for someone on Drama Beans. I decided to take a look and just loved the first 2 episodes . @atlss and @stellalafemme check the comment I posted on the shows Premiere Watch on Drama Beans to find the instructions on how to find it. It does not seem any of the usual legal sites like Viki, Kowcowa or Netflix have picked it up.
  7. HAPPY SHINee DAY I haven't been around that much but I still love them. Their music is so diverse
  8. I started watching. Peanut Butter Sandwich I didn't know what to expect but the first episode was light and entertaining.
  9. Yay!!! I was hoping someone would sub this one. "Sweet Munchies", I bet someone got paid good money to come up with that one Anyway I'm very excited that May 25th is only a few days away.
  10. The murderer is the female lead? I love it This sounds so interesting and different. As far as who is going to be the female lead, I just hope we get an good actress.
  11. I have not finished Stove League yet. It's not that I don't love it. Baseball is my favorite sport but the day I was going to catch up on it was the day Kobe Bryant died. It still just hurts. I'm also a little disappointed BG2 got sidelined because of the Covid19. I can't wait for Min's new drama. It's seems like South Korea really have their act together re the virus. I hope Han YeSeul does accept the role. I like her and she would be a good match acting wise and if we get a little bit of romance in the drama.
  12. They had me at Namgoong Min but I like that romantic mystery aspect of this one. I did finish Unemployed Romance, not a big fan of the FL but Namgoong Min and Kimura Takuya are the only 2 actors that I will watch /suffer through their bad dramas.
  13. I really liked it too, it looks like this drama will be fun and seems like a different type of role for Il Woo. I was keeping up on it at DramaBeans, but after watching the teaser, it made me realize how much I have missed him. I saw your post on the drama's thread, I have already requested it but will go back to request it a few more times.