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  1. I just watched it, the fan girl in me is going You could feel the chemistry come out of the screen.I'm looking so forward to watching this one.
  2. Thank you do much for posting this, I was already smiling seeing Kim Bum after feeling I have not seen him in forever at the script reading. Now seeing LDW and JBA in a scene together Their chemistry is off the chains. I can't wait for this show to start and thank you for all of the updates.
  3. @willenette I hope she accepts. Wasn't she in The Defendant with Jisung? She was good in it.
  4. I love it I saw their series on viki, it was good and nice to get to know the NCT guys too. September is going to be an expensive month for me. We get Taemin's comeback, SuperM's and D&E's. I really like some of NCT's music but I dare not listen to it. I feel like I would have start a paycheck deduction plan with SM 2020 has been brutal in the United States, I know it's bad everywhere but we just have the inmates running the asylum here. I'm so happy that Key will be back in a few weeks, then Minho in December and we will have SHINee together again
  5. So he kidnaps her? This premise is intriguing, sounds like he will play an sort of outlaw. I love it when he plays those badish boy parts. I like Yuri too. I hope we get a little romance in this drama .
  6. @kimlees Have you heard anything about Super M making a comeback? I could have sworn I saw something on twitter by SM that in August they are making a comeback but I can't find the tweet.
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