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  1. @BulmaGoku mentioned emergency couples. There’s likely a reason there. You show up at emergency because it’s…well life or death situation. Bidulgi showed up there. They were in “trouble” because of the long distance relationship. Will they survive? I wager yes. SH and his ex wife. Will they survive? I vote no because SH is keeping her at arm’s length. Bear couple will go the distance. WG showed up there. Will they survive? Remains to be seen. Awkward first date. I don’t think they learnt anything new about each other at all during that date. Why
  2. Actually thanks to MinHa, my dream kiss theory still holds. This is the phone call that MinHa received after she dined alone at the Steakhouse (poor MinHa - I felt for her but I have high hopes for Bear couple. They will go the distance. I will write something about them in a Google doc. I have had no time to sit down and jot down thoughts about Ep1.) MinHa is walking back to the hospital. She gets a phone call. We are not told who it is but I am pretty sure it was Jang. There were no pleasantries and she was talking to someone who she was very close to (she had told this p
  3. @BulmaGoku In the meantime, it’s a hive of activity at BoD HQ. FGrs unite. Before I forget, they shifted the positions for the rain poster in the opening credits and closing credits. IJ is no longer beside SHwa. PaBo is .
  4. I need time to think about it and pen it down. But it is only Ep1. There’s also something about the eating scene where PaBo is trying to open the ginger but can’t. I am very busy this weekend. Next week will free up so I have time then.
  5. Yeah you go SHwa. Be the greatest villain and steal PaBo. We’ll be cheering you on! I have a week to put my thoughts down. But looking forward to what Ep2 will bring. @BulmaGoku send the gifs to Packmule. She would love you for it.
  6. FG Clues galore even in Ep1. I need to get screen shots and write it down. Hopefully I will get some time this weekend. Remember it’s SHwa’s choice. . Keep paddling FGrs. Lots of parallels between seasons Ep1s. It’s in there for a reason. Also - what was Jang doing ringing MinHa? Wasn’t she kissing JWon? She said she was at the station - so she was on call. My dream kiss theory is still valid. Also the dream theory continues because as MinHa is eating on her own, the background music is White Christmas - I’m dreaming of a White Christmas. . We have another 11
  7. Don’t worry @keutin. SHwa was dating a Prof Jang (LeeShin used the same surname for a reason) in Ep1 of S1 remember? And they broke up. I think they will parallel this in S2. I haven’t had time to watch. But from spoilers it is very apparent that SHwa is besotted with JWon. She’s going to be the “greatest villain” . She will steal JWon and knock him out with the water bottle. Leaving the competition in awe at her prowess. Steady as we go. Only Ep1. I need to find time to watch and analyze. SHwa turned IJ down. Something’s off with the timeline. I am expecting LeeShin to troll us.
  8. I think the bulk of the discussions will be over in BoD. I started this space for stragglers. And for me to put down all my thoughts in the one spot. Be aware that this is an open thread, anyone can read your posts. And I know people from the other ships lurk and read.
  9. Hello? What are you 2 doing together in the same spot before they asked you to answer some questions? Filming a scene maybe? . From the English question asked, YS said he’s doing a Barista course…and he made coffee for MiDo. She said it was delicious . And I think (?) MiDo’s question was to name a moment when she felt the 5 of them were particularly close. MiDo said when they went camping together and they said, “let’s sleep together in the same room”. YS asked why. She just said, “it was just a moment I thought we must’ve been very close to suggest that”. Coffee and camping…
  10. I think that scene was supposed to mirror the IS-JWan scene. Because they encountered a similar issue but handled it totally differently. Shin PD was trying to highlight that there’s a difference between a 20yo couple Vs a 40yo couple. The younger couple argued but the older couple talked through it and didn’t make it a huge issue. A couple in their 40s don’t sweat the small stuff as much. They are all about a deeper connection and walking together through the problems. Their expectations of a relationship are different. That’s why the FG dynamic is so understated. They already have a
  11. And MiDo said in the same interview that she is anticipating the relationship between JaeHak and JunWan . A bit off topic so I will keep it in a spoiler. It is about one half of our ship (SHwa).
  12. They are starting to finish each other’s sentences . TVN interview when asked to describe the synopsis of HP cr https://youtu.be/kXEOP53MykI https://n.news.naver.com/entertain/article/117/0003507094 YS said he was most looking forward to Bear couple in S2. YS-ah, why the sudden change of tune? . They would be nearly at the finish line for filming surely? FG. A wedding in Jeju please.
  13. @BulmaGoku she was madly cleaning her table? Couples grow to mimic each other. She’s picking up fast. She’s going to have it tested again in 6 months. JWon is the only one who heard this news. Will he get to accompany her this time? I think he missed her first biopsy result because he was called away (Pink Run reference). Not long now.
  14. In the TVN page - it’s in Korean though so you need to translate it. The new bits are in bold. http://program.tving.com/tvn/doctorlife2/9/Contents/View
  15. Addendums to the character profiles Jwon It was the children who stopped the pendulum of that time. Leaving the side of sick children was not something JWon could give up. For JWon the happiness of others was more valuable than his own. Now, I am going to go to a place where I and the person I love can be happy together (SokCho?) Doldam with SHwa? Because she likes working in a country practice? SHwa Even for Songhwa, who was like an iron man, the patient's painful crying left a wound in her heart, and the wound kept recurring because she had no c
  16. @BulmaGoku you are the gif queen! There was mention of a marriage in the teaser? Jeju Island wedding (Warm and Cozy)? With Rosa and Ju. JWon already saved up the money. When the Canola flowers are in full bloom?
  17. @keutin The rules say no quoting pics so remove the pic from your post above. Don’t want you to get in trouble from mods
  18. @BulmaGoku SHwa was the one who invited Rosa and Ju to the concert. She was also the one who said that Ju was depressed wasn’t she? So she took it upon herself to include them to help boost Ju’s spirits. She would make a lovely daughter in law. No wonder Rosa said she’s her number 1 choice.
  19. It was as we expected. There will be no resolution till right at the end. I thought Shin would take us back in time but he’s instead taken a time jump forward a year. Which explains why SHwa is back at Yulje. She fixed her neck problems. A jump forward would put the residents either as chief or opting for fellowships. We will get some flashbacks to fill in some of the questions raised in S1 Eg what happened in Hawaii. Who is SHwa and JWon’s first loves? IJ’s ex maybe? SH’s ex and her story. Plodding along. Remember tortoise and the hare. The tortoise wins in the end.
  20. Yes very long teaser. Fist bump. I think I will have to wait a day after in my region for Netflix. That’s okay. No rush. I read somewhere that in the PressCon Shin said there’s no plans for S3 yet because it’s hard to match the schedules for everyone (not sure how true it is). It’s as I thought. They are likely to end it with S2 and resolve everything. And potentially if they have anything in the future, it will be a reunion or something .
  21. Waiting to see what the subs give us for the PressCon. But Shin always gives vague indeterminate answers. I trust the script. We’ve analyzed it well. We just need to be patient and wait.
  22. Wait…what did I just read? Cr https://www.soompi.com/article/1473769wpp/where-hospital-playlist-left-off-in-season-1-and-how-these-stories-will-continue-into-season-2 So my dream/wish theory is a 50-50 chance? Here it is again https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Y0Zv7vqKajXUDHdCTHaxspP_hFWb67ZVl8t8lokWCsI/ Cinderella never did kiss the Prince at the ball https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Ue0ikmEGnWXSdUVrWjhO6zarWQ9oGLyo7WhQZSAEXHU/ And how to cook up a dream https://docs.google.com/document/d/1htvji22S9TB8FQkHAPB9GpmVEi6S9p
  23. I don’t blame you. Because the hype is everywhere. Like this from Bistus (Instagram). And we’re getting arrows from 2 fronts, not just one. So it’s hard not to doubt. But we need to keep calm and look at facts. With LeeShin’s dramas, it’s always been about who the girl likes and wants. And you need to pick up her cues. Like you said from your assessment above, her response is what counts. Who does SHwa shoot lingering looks at? Who does she go out of her way to look after (she made sure JWon had dinner and even warmed it up for him)? Who would make the rest of he
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