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  1. Sounds about right. He seemed to really like going on radio talk shows? Sounding all knowledgeable and important? @nona88 I don’t think Jang has enough clout to get the witness to agree to making a false case? They would be shooting themselves in the foot by planting a fake witness who pointed a finger at a Police Officer? The witness was confident that he had someone very high up backing him. Not even a jail term brought any fear to him? He knew that even if he got busted for lying, he would be able to get off. So it had to be someone like a prosecutor who would close his case or a judge who would throw his case out (or both).
  2. I like this thought. We know he empathized with LCJ. KSH missed out on getting into the National Assembly. He still hangs around there daily (has lunch). To build connections? He has links high up. Is this why he doesn’t seem to be as jumpy as WTH (not just because of the PGS case) about whether they win or lose in the Council? He probably has a back up plan? WTH has been head of the Criminal Legislative Division for a while? If it dissolves, where will he go? He doesn’t have the links like KSH does in the National Assembly? It was only ever meant to be temporary in nature? Was the Female Junior Prosecutor close to DJ? YJ seemed to doubt SM when he said he thought they were close? In that elevator conversation flashback with DJ, DJ revealed that he was investigated by a junior prosecutor before (I assume he meant EunSoo)? And JMH revealed that she was told by a friend that she would learn nothing from DJ (when she was assigned to him)? So she wouldn’t be particularly chummy with DJ? What was she doing having lunch with him that day though? If she was that chummy with DJ, wouldn’t she be more concerned about his whereabouts? Who is the veteran prosecutor that she shared the information about linking TongYeong and the bullying case with? Before she brought it up with SM? EDIT - @ilovenico this writer doesn’t paint rosy endings. That’s what I’ve discovered anyway. She paints realistic ones. So the SeGok Police case may well just end with Capt Baek wishing he acted differently. And Song would not get his justice from the bullying. And the rich couple get away scot free. It’s not fair and it’s frustrating from a viewer’s standpoint. But that’s what we see in the world at large. It’s not fair. And it’s frustrating when we see injustices perpetuated and no retribution forthcoming. And with time, many end up just bitter and resigned. Is the fight worth it even if we don’t get the results we desire? Or is the fight worthwhile just because it’s the right thing to do? I think the writer is saying the latter.
  3. After a cursory watch or Ep14 (I need to take screen shots to shore up my arguments) 1. huge sigh of relief that DJ is alive. The weasel lives. He’s a survivor that one. 2. KHJ was too scared after he kidnapped DJ, he beat him up but someone else provided water to DJ. Who was that? This someone is probably the person who planted the witness and letter? The witness was cocksure. He had someone high up backing him even if he was threatened with jail time. More than likely a prosecutor with links higher up. Top of my list 1. KSH - he had some high judge on speed dial? Just like that? To get the warrant? Even WTH didn’t have access to someone like that. 2. WTH - he’s dropped down on my list. Like many mentioned here, whilst he was at the crime scene with the green lighter...it seemed way to convenient? And there were the cigarette butts at the scene. 3. KHJ’s belligerent overbearing father. He’s got the little lapel pin? His first question to SM was which class he was in (Supreme Prosecutors Office). There’s a hierarchy system there. The older and more prestigious you are, the bigger your clout? Somehow I doubt he would be the guy who planted the witness and wrote the note. Unless he was trying to protect his son by diverting attention to a possible Police Officer being involved in the kidnapping?
  4. O I meant the dinner scene when WTH treated SM and KSH showed up. In Ep3. I took screen shots from a post a few pages back. When WTH and KSH excused themselves to head outside to smoke, neither had a lighter on them. Then WTH said they should ask reception because they might have some. So I thought that could be where they both picked up a green lighter. We’re not shown because SM walks out then and tells them he’s done for the night.
  5. Wait...how did KSH know about the watch/clock with the Police flowers found on the photo by forensics? Was that common knowledge?
  6. I just thought the green lighter was just too “convenient” a clue? The fact that WTH kept playing with it at the crime scene, and then again when CB went up on the roof with one? I don’t know...but it just seemed way too obvious to “reveal” it to us? Maybe I am just overly skeptical . Which is why I think KSH is the hidden mastermind. And the guy with the green lighter from that little conversation at dinner. A bit of a reach but Prosecutor Yoon was an outside chance as well. He was not on the top of my list in S1. Mainly because there was so little known about him and it was only during that rooftop party that revealed his dastardly nature.
  7. Ah I don’t have time to watch till Monday. So Survivor boy was bullied? Like what the pics suggested? i think KSH picked up the green lighter from the restaurant (where he ate with SM and WTH). The 2 of them went out for a smoke but neither had lighters and WTH suggested going to the reception to get them.
  8. Same @bedifferent will hop on to watch Enola. I find KSH fishier than WTH. Only because I remember in S1, I felt the same about Yoon SeWon but because there was little about his backstory other than his son died I couldn’t figure out a reason/motive. Same with KSH. He’s in the same 25th class. And he has links with Lee ChangJoon. But I can’t work out a motive for him? Not yet anyway?
  9. Waiting for subs for last night’s BTS featuring SeokMin and SunBin. Looks like HP has given the side characters a boost in exposure. They’ve signed on for other dramas.
  10. Some thoughts. If the whole kidnapping was concocted and DJ was “in on it” to a certain degree, and it’s say an inside job with WTH planning it to try to swing the public opinion against the Police by insinuating that it was Segok Police that were involved, what about the cryptic note about washing the dishes? And the fact that it seemed like the culprit had a vendetta (against the Prosecution only? Or with the Police?). That doesn’t match up. Unless WTH is doing what he did with the witness, utilizing the small people who were happy to oblige and be used as pawns in the process? Or maybe DJ wasn’t in on it but WTH planned it all using the boys who were bullies to kidnap DJ. He didn’t intend for DJ to be hurt. Which is why he was frantic when he found him motionless. He didn’t expect his hired hands to be vindictive and aggressive or to have an agenda of their own and took the whole process to the next level? Or...WTH had nothing to do with the kidnapping but was opportunistic and decided, hey let’s just milk this for all its worth. Plant the witness and shift public opinion against the Police by incriminating Capt Baek?
  11. I can’t stop laughing after Ep1. So unexpected. Moonlight Sonata ... Ep 1 notes - “It’s either the apocalypse or the zombie virus” - when he empathises with the zombies being beaten up in the movie - my teeth are implanted. Even if I bite you you won’t be infected - the zombie rap with the tongue twisters - the “evil cackle” of Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum (the Detective living across the street) - he looks up job ads...and he sees one for Part-Time Kingdom . The zombie series Kingdom on Netflix - folding pizza boxes like in the movie Parasite because he needed a job that was away from people - the Psycho jingle every time her curler wearing Unnie shows up Will try to catch up with Ep2 later. I like the fast pace and the “dark humour”. A much needed laugh in a somber world.
  12. @Gummi it’s always been WTH initiating those meetings with CB? Now that we have added info about him I feel like he’s used those meetings to fish for intel from her end (the Police investigations)? He seemed to be doing it under the guise of being “concerned” about her? I don’t know . But yes I agree, so odd that he should volunteer to accompany her to see Oh when he’s never done so before. I am starting to doubt everyone’s intentions now. Nothing’s sacrosanct anymore. We’re on the home stretch and everyone’s looking suspicious... at one point I was doubting the young Police guy who took out Baek.
  13. @bedifferent yes I noted the vacation home. Because when SM went to investigate NamYangJu, he noted that the area was remote and had vacation homes. I took that to mean it was a place where the rich and famous had their holiday abodes? Which is what clued me into Hanjo. Who else had the funds to have vacation homes? Or maybe the subs weren’t accurate. Yes I remember the crypto currency mentions. Good catch to pull it altogether! And WTH was pulled up for selling his (?) before it crashed (or had audits) because he had inside information...and he just waved that little bit of info away as if it was nothing? So it looks like WTH may be involved after all? I get the feeling he may have been the guy with the green lighter (and got scared because it looked like DJ was dead)? I like @Gummi’s suggestion that Dir Park is involved somehow. I don’t think WTH is the type of guy to beat someone up. Dir Park on the other hand? I would believe it. He strikes me as one of those people you keep on side to “clean up” and tidy up loose ends. Is DJ in the vacation home then? It looked more like a cellar or basement? EDIT I don’t think it was very wise of Kang to meet up in a Hanjo Hotel? The fact that he could be linked to Hanjo/conglomerates should’ve made him more cautious about being seen there? EDIT2 - it looks like the bullying and potentially TongYeong case will be dealt with next week. And we’ll see if there’s anything linking it with DJ.
  14. It baffles me too. The WTH-CB dynamic is similar to SM-YJ but the fundamentals are different. I feel like the WTH-CB camaraderie stems from a shared cover up. A shared secret. But SM-YJ it’s a shared resolve to do their job well whilst sticking to their core values. I feel WTH is racked by guilt so his “checking up on CB” is in some way to assuage his conscience. Like Capt Baek. CB is just resigned to the fact that she’s been swept along by circumstances and she just has to go with the flow and keep up appearances. O that makes sense then. Why she was pressured to cover it up or her husband would lose his job. As for why WTH said she “shouldered” it all, it’s because she was Chief then. Buck stops with her. She would be the fall guy if things go south. She made sure all those little details were conveniently left out of the file. Who was in charge of the case on the Prosecution side of things for PGS - was it Ryu? Only Prosecutors are allowed to close cases. So presumably, CB left out vital information in the file and Prosecution just closed it and said he died of natural causes leaving his reputation (and the Prosecution’s) intact. Even if the case was reopened, Prosecutors would be able to point the finger at her (to take the fall). She would shoulder the blame. Not their fault that there wasn’t enough evidence in the file. They trusted the cops to carry out the investigation. But as with all lies and deception, it never goes away. More and more lies need to be told just to keep the original deception under wraps. It’s unraveling now as SM-YJ ask pertinent questions. It wasn’t wise for WTH-CB to meet up with Oh... Guess you could say they were tricked into meeting LYJ. Still...cctv footage of them meeting up with Hanjo would be used against them. It won’t look good.
  15. Yeah I couldn’t work that out either? What’s in it for her? They seem chummy? Outside of their work? Enough to drink together? They tear each other apart in the Council meetings but behind the scenes they have an “understanding”? Even if she did get the IB Chief job. That’s sticking your neck out for someone who’s supposed to be your “enemy”? There has to be something more?
  16. Okay finally caught up. I think the late night meeting between CB and WTH revealed why WTH wanted a quiet and quick resolution to PGS. WTH didn’t want the fact that PGS was in bed with conglomerates (Hanjo) because that would bring the whole Prosecution into disrepute with the public. So the whole Prosecution covered up the real story behind his death (the fact that he was likely to have been having a drink with Hanjo reps - Dir Park - thereby linking him with the conglomerates). WTH enlisted the help of CB back then to help him. Stayed silent so they could protect the Prosecution’s reputation before the public. Someone died though? Taking one for the team? That would explain all the shiftiness with the staff at UiJeongBu when SM was questioning them about PGS. They were all in on it covering it up. Same thing in the SeGok case, except it’s the Police this time. Sure they took bribes for a “good cause”. But again, someone died? Hiding the bullying so the Song investigation would be buried and therefore none of the bribe taking would be dug up. And I don’t understand Baek. How could he live with his conscience? Saying that he should’ve stopped them from taking bribes? Err...what about the bullying? Surely that was far worse? The green lighter used to light up DJ’s room...I think someone mentioned CB had one. So did WTH. Thing is though, when WTH and KSH went out for a smoke at that fancy Japanese restaurant (in Ep3) where DJ was and then SM, neither men had a lighter on them. Then WTH asks KSH if he thought they would have one at the reception. So did they pick up a green lighter at reception? Both he and KSH? And potentially DJ too? Whoever it was that prodded him was obviously alarmed that he seemed “dead”. I am still holding out hope that DJ would turn up alive. Why do I get the feeling that WTH enlisted the help of hooligans (like he did the witness) to kidnap DJ. He didn’t intend for him to get hurt too badly. He May have even cajoled DJ into a deal saying that if he went along with it, he will get a cushy job in Seoul afterwards? But things went horribly wrong because the hooligans he employed had violent tendencies... pure speculation.
  17. Question is - what were YYS and Shin PD talking about in private whilst the others waited in the main room? Mr Mafia... shh... YYS knows where the players are. Shin revealed it to him from the start. Most likely why amongst all the cast, he’s the only one who didn’t do a post S1 interview. I imagine a good Catholic boy like him would find it very hard to lie. And he would want to avoid all questions about that controversial kiss in Ep12 because he knows it is not as it seems? Why would YYS “recommend” her? Unless Shin asked him to recommend someone as a potential love interest? I couldn’t agree more MiDo. Maybe Writer Nim would do the honours and script it into the drama? I wrote my thoughts about the script reading (shared the link in the other blog).
  18. Currently only Stranger2 and Record of Youth. 362
  19. @Sleepy Owl I dropped Brahms...too much MakJang from 2ndFL... can’t deal with it right now in COVID environment... and reading spoilers from Alice and I think I will drop it too. It’s starting to unravel as a plot...and the mother-son “romance” is just...not...sitting right with me... I know they’ve skirted around it for a bit but it just when I think they’ve settled that it’s not on the cards...it rekindles again. . 350
  20. Wait...so Song did hang himself in the shower? I don’t have time to catch up yet. They may have taken bribes for a “good cause” but it’s still illegal. And there’s the bullying to deal with. That wasn’t kosher even if Song was about to bust them for doing it. I get the feeling the article written about the writer’s thoughts regarding the story had a lot to do with filming under COVID. She probably had to do a fair bit of chopping and changing with the plot line so the staff and cast could all film safely within the governmental restrictions imposed (if any). Given that, I am resigned to the fact that the original complete story she had wanted to tell has been curtailed in part due to the uncertainties thrust at them by the Pandemic. As for the power play between the Prosecution and Police, I don’t really expect it to be resolved by the end of the drama. It’s an ongoing thing. Corruption and underhanded dealings will always be there in the system. It’s about the response of the individual within that system. Do you continue your solitary march to uphold what you deem worthy or do you bend with the system? And if you do falter at points, do you then have courage enough to come back to the straight and narrow again? Or do you resign yourself to the fact that it’s a fruitless endeavour, bury your conscience in the mire and therefore just walk with the masses?
  21. Happiness is when Shin drops more hints on FlowerGarden. Follow the eyes. I will wait for subs but that last scene? It will be a extended flashback scene to come. Yes we’re tracking well FGrs. Locked in.
  22. Happiness is when Shin drops more hints on FlowerGarden. Follow the eyes. I will wait for subs but that last scene? It will likely be a extended flashback scene to come with added context. Yes we’re tracking well FGrs. Locked in.
  23. @Sleepy Owl take a look at the screenshots I took. Looks like a clock. So it’s more likely a mistake like you said.
  24. I think SM mentioned some light in the pic (I think he thought it was a ceiling light). No idea how it got in the pic. Unless it was a reflection off the varnished wooden floor boards? It turned out to be a watch/clock when forensics enlarged it. I doubt we’ll get a pic of it. I couldn’t even see the pic on the phone when SM looked at it . I think we have to take his word for it. This is the best I could find. But that’s a really odd spot for a watch reflection. Assuming the culprit is taking the photo with his phone...I will see how forensics enlarged it and if I can take a screen shot. Okay got pics. I think it is a clock? Like what @chickfactor said. On the wall. It looks like the sheet of paper was put on top of a glass table? And if it is a clock then it may be a commemorative gift like @bedifferent suggested? It would be someone’s house then. Not some random abandoned apartment somewhere. Unless it was planted... Alternatively it could be someone’s dad was a cop before and was wronged...much like ES’s story. And potentially someone like JMA is their daughter or sister...out for revenge?
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