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  1. No but both men held the blade. Had HR not changed the files, she wouldn’t have been in that state in the hospital in the shadow. So you could argue that unconsciously or not, HR put her in danger by switching the files. She needed that surgery. But yes, BK took her mask off for that time so he was at fault too. Both had a hand in killing her (metaphorically)...just like both men held the hilt of the sword in TC. Both are at fault for her death in the shadow in Secret, I think that was what the drama was implying. But yes, if you feel the need to take it out on someone, then BK is the obvious target. He was set up as an antagonist to be hated from the get go so I am sure he wouldn’t mind more of it going his way. If nothing at all, I think the fact that there is so much hate coming his way is an indication of his great acting. It can only be helpful to build the breadth of his acting resume. It’s a lot harder to play a villain than it is a straight up good guy. No wonder he got accepted to play alongside Park MinYoung and Seo KangJoon in his next project. I am looking forward to that one. I can’t see the writer not giving HR/DO their happy ending eventually in some form or another. It’s just a matter of how long they will draw out the angst. Not long to wait now.
  2. I just went back to rewatch YM’s scenes from earlier episodes and with hindsight, I wonder if we got this bit wrong? We put this fact down to the day of the Assemblyman Kim’s car accident because we assumed the context of the conversation was 3/3...when the presumption was that SHoon went missing on 3/3. But for people in JQ (Chairman, IDG and YM as well - he said SHoon was in Germany), when they were talking about the day SHoon went missing, it was the day of the escape from the mental institution? Because they knew he was at the mental institution all that time. This conversation happened after KPY was killed. Jeong - YM, do you think KPY took his own life? YM - is there someone else you are suspicious of? Jeong - Find out what IDG was up to on the day SHoon went missing. Find out who he ate with, what he was up to. I want an hourly breakdown. I feel like he is plotting something behind my back. He’s hiding something. And then YM reports back later in another conversation. YM - I hear the police are investigating Mr Choi (RMC) at the moment. They believe he is connected to KPY’s murder. And you asked me to look into IDG the other day. Mr In was in a meeting with his team in the morning of the day SHoon disappeared. And in the afternoon he met up with a subcontractor. So he wasn’t in his office. Jeong - Is that all? YM - I checked with the subcontractor. It’s true that they had a meeting, but an in person meeting was replaced with emails at Mr In’s request. I cannot confirm his whereabouts for 2 hours that day. So the 2 hours IDG was missing was therefore on 3/6? Not 3/3 like we thought? That would account for IDG’s movements on 3/6.
  3. I don’t know if she will stay in office. She didn’t go in office for the right reasons anyway. Plus she’s so green. She may be willing to help the residents but I question if that is enough because she doesn’t know enough to help effectively. Not to say she can’t learn on the job but with her ties to the Chairman’s family, even if she is trying to right their wrongs, she faces an uphill battle from an electorate who may well turn against her because of her association with the Jeong family? This is giving me all the DS60 vibes (dejavu) where PMJ’s naivety was called to question and whether he’s up to the task of being in the President’s seat in the interim. Let’s see what writer nim gives us.
  4. O that looks to be the turnaround for BK. Redemption by finally letting DO go. Giving up his part of the stage for understudy HR to step in? Thanks for the translation @taskdramafanatic. So don’t worry HR/DO shippers, BK will exit stage right in the end. Although maybe not before he shares sweet moments with DO to remember her by.
  5. I think for SHui who was never in politics of her own volition anyway, it’s a conscience vote. So many people are dying and the ones already dead or suffering some terminal illness deserve justice. Her father (true politician) wavered initially but obviously decided to turn to the light. It cost him his life. She would do him proud if she fought for the same cause he died for.
  6. It looks like sweet scenes with BK and maybe even a kiss. Secret is playing out like the original plot. She said yes on stage in the last episode when BK proposed. HR may not get his girl till Thu finale then in a new comic?
  7. Off topic so in spoiler - this is from the Soompi article recently. The comments are mixed. Some want him to choose his next project with more discernment fearing that jumping into another drama which is also delving into weird science isn’t wise. Others just want to see him again in a better production ASAP.
  8. Wild guess but I think he’s talking to the Chairman...and he’s talking about removing IDG from the plans? The 2 of them (YM and IDG) are tussling over who will be top dog in JQ. The Chairman seems to be letting them fight it out and playing both sides. IDG tried to set YM up for the fall but YM is trying in his own way to out manoeuvre him? And pushing the Chairman to take IDG out of the picture altogether by cutting him off? EDIT - what has YM been up to in the last 2 eps? We are shown that he’s the one buttering up the other directors of JQ. They all have stakes in the company. Chairman Jeong may have clout because he started it (JQ had its beginnings as the Steelworks that caused the contamination 20 years ago), but the other members in that meeting room probably represent other subsidiaries or arms of the company. That’s why they were mad that they weren’t consulted because they invested in the new business not accounting for the massive losses from rushing the bill through for the land grab. Then in the corridor after the meeting, YM says something very interesting, he tells the Chairman that he will personally handle the directors from now on, since the Chairman would be busy dealing with the police (TaeSik who is still on the run and digging up the past). Is this YM’s grab for power? Then there’s this follow up conversation he had with one of the Advisors (the one who was in the car with the Chairman discussing IDG Vs YM character traits). Advisor - We’ve talked to Mr Park about the shares. For the funds he’s started to buy stocks of JQ E&F. All we need to do now is to win Mr Gong to our side. Then we will be able to secure all the stocks we need by next month. YM - thank you for your hard work. I will meet with Mr Gong. Advisor - Okay I will arrange an appointment. And there’s something you should see. (Hands him photos of SHui at JQ hospital). Assemblywoman Kim has been seen visiting JQ Hospital and asked for the medical histories of some patients. YM - some patients? Advisor - yes. I guess she has the list of names. YM - so we’ve ended up like this. Advisor - what do we do? YM - leave her be. Advisor - pardon? YM (smiles at him) - just leave her alone. Don’t do anything. Advisor - But... YM - it will eventually help our plan. Chairman Jeong and Mr In should never know about this though. Advisor - Okay. YM (smiles). The earlier conversation between IDG and YM outside the office (when TaeSik dials the 7332 number) IDG - now that we’re done with dealing with everything, we just need to tear down the factory. YM - once they pass the bill at the end of this month, we will begin to tear down the RMC factory. It will take about 2 weeks to finish. If things go as planned, the groundbreaking ceremony will take place the last week of next month. IDG - you’re living up to your new role, you know how to push ahead. How are Assemblywoman Kim and the cops? Have you noticed anything in particular after what happened? YM - they’re being careful these days. The team was changed as well. And now that she’s even had an accident, it won’t be easy for SHui to be reckless like she was before. IDG - I’ve already agreed to let you deal with that matter, so I’ll trust that you will take care of it. so the final bill for the land purchase happens at the end of the month... why is he buying stocks of JQ E&F before that deadline? If he’s letting SHui dig up the truth of the toxic waste, the company will suffer huge losses from the failure of the new business. But will there be other arms of the business that will survive? The Chairman will go down with big reveal because he’s linked with the original Steel plant. By buttering up the other directors, YM has a lifeline. IDG and the Chairman will go down with the toxic waste cover up but he’s in the clear. That’s my current theory as to why he seems okay with SHui digging up more dirt.
  9. Disclaimer - I have not watched, but have read some segments. @bedifferent’s post on Camellias had me thinking...and then there was that cryptic voiceover (?) with the son’s words “My mother’s miraculous spring days ended just like that, and I grew up under those kind of spring days” Camellias bloom in primarily in autumn/early winter. Usually when my Camellias bloom, they tell me autumn is around the corner and we’re finally saying goodbye to summer. And as @bedifferent has mentioned, they are really hardy failsafe plants where I live...unlike my roses. who have to be mollycoddled (fed just right) and protected from weeds, insects, fungal attacks (you name it, they’ll get it). Title of this drama is When the Camellias Bloom...so now that spring is over, there needs to be a summer (waiting/parting) before the Camellias bloom in autumn (reunion of the OTP). Don’t know. Taking a quick stab at it now that the ending is nigh
  10. @bebebisous33 Yes anything goes with Palpatine so it may not just be toxic waste he’s hiding I am wondering if YM’s duplicity has also got something to do with his loathing of IDG. Has he worked out that IDG killed CSH? He knows that IDG has it in for him to be the fall guy if the venture fails which then leaves IDG the clear winner in the power stakes within JQ. So it could be a mix of vengeance for CSH and also his way of “fighting back” to stake his right to be in JQ. That is a distinct possibility too. Plausible. I thought both YM and the vet showed signs of distress. YM (incognito) with the hand washing. And I had the impression the vet after his delivery, when he went back to his motorbike, he stood there for a few seconds seemingly shaken as if to gather himself before scooting off. Maybe it was just the adrenaline from having to deliver such a gory parcel. Neither men strike me as capable of amputation/enucleation without the consent of the patient. IDG yes, but not YM or the vet. So my money is still on SHoon being the mastermind.
  11. So this consecutive rule is only waived if the thread is quiet? No consecutive posts if the thread is buzzing? Or is that a Mod’s discretion thing? @Dhakra Is that the one with Christian Bale in it? Then yes I have watched it. Heath’s Joker was definitive. I could actually see someone with a real life persona like that. And that’s creepy. No longer comic book character (virtual) but serial killer Hannibal potential (reality). I recall hubby telling me after we watched it that it was the closest portrayal of the original intent of the writer of the comic for all the characters. I took his word for it because I never did get into comics. 768
  12. @triplem question about consecutive posts. This is the rule that’s written 5. Do not post consecutively (one after another). Do not post one picture per post or one quote per post in addition to posting several times in a row to bump your post count or keep a thread on the first page of the forum. Simply edit your previous post. BUT I have noticed some people (especially if the thread is quiet) post consecutive posts without merging the posts. Is there some other unwritten rule that applies? Say you can do consecutive posts but only if the following post is posted at least an hour later? Or something like that? 758
  13. Ditto. I don’t think he could do it himself. He may be delivery boy though (for the foot)... which is why he was out his usual business attire for a while... black cap and all... and there was that hand washing scene... I think he’s in on it with SHoon. But yes I feel like he does have a soft spot for SHui or perhaps SHoon told him to watch her back whilst he’s away. Does he have his own agenda? Maybe it is to run JQ...but if the whole toxic waste saga is brought to light, there may not much of it left to run.
  14. O the Vagabond thread. I thought katakwasabi was in there. He/she is a hoot. I think I bailed after Ep2 or 3... it would’ve worked if they sold it as a parody like Space Balls but because it was promoted as an action packed thriller like Bourne, it just didn’t hit the mark on so many levels. But it’s a fun ride though I heard. It’s nearly over isn’t it? I might give Chocolate a go and I will be floating around in the Psychopath Diary thread too when it starts. 758
  15. which thread? Hire grumpy @Dhakra. Utilize his services to add fuel to the thread. Like the Human Torch (Fantastic Four). Flame ON!! His insights in the Strong Woman Bong Soo were the stuff of legend. And he wasn’t even trying to be controversial. 758
  16. Just for context, the article below is a real life case with Chromium Toxicity. As you can see, the effects are devastating and ongoing. I think the movie Erin Brokovich was the story this real case was based on. cr https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chromium_toxicity
  17. I was hoping it (Psychopath Diary) would go dark comedy but the teasers look like your run of the mill KDrama comedy which is why I hesitated I didn’t watch Joker. The one with Heath Ledger? Was that dark comedy? And it’s based off a comic character so the body count tends to be exponentially higher . As for TLW the A(vengers) Team is running riot in that thread... we pretty much solved the whole diabolical plot even before the leads caught on. Having a rollicking good time in there. 758
  18. 3 words after Episode Disclosure “We Are Legends” Now all we need to work out is the deal with SHoon and his mutilations. @triplem Remind me to reassemble the A(vengers) Team when we next have a mystery drama that needs solving or some diabolical plot that needs unearthing in KDramaLand.
  19. isn’t he filming something about a marathon? So he may be getting into character? I can’t remember. But being a rabbit would help his speed that’s for sure. 724
  20. Yes I agree, @40somethingahjumma when he cackled like Palpatine as he realized the land was within his grasp...it did seed doubt in my mind as to why he would act like that if the land was purely for a cover up. So our theory about the toxic waste may be way off and he’s just not quite right in the head. But if he’s not quite right in the head then our logic won’t apply to his thought processes anymore. It would be to take a stab at the mind of a demented man...for all we know, voices in his head told him it was a good idea to poison people because he had to acquire the land which he considered hallowed ground And if he’s demented, then he could very well be the man behind SHoon’s mutilations because the voices in his head told him it was a good idea.
  21. @Dhakra I am currently watching The Lies Within. Gripping whodunit. But we’re more than half way already. Ep 11 last night and Ep12 tonight. I am planning to watch Psychopath Diary but the comedy that’s coming across in the teasers unnerves me. I was hoping for a straight up thriller...but for some reason, the writer (same one who wrote Liar Game) decided to throw in comedy as well... I am not sure I like this mix. Serial killing isn’t comedic... so it can go very wrong if you don’t mix it well. If there’s too much comedy or slapstick, it will lose me. 722
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