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  1. She looked absolutely stunning in the first episode.. They have heard my prayers and gave her a little softer make up. And the dresses.. Wow.
  2. Yes! My wish came true. I did not like her make up. (Although it paid off in the rain and piano scene) Looks like i am too stupid to embed the article. Well i only care about the pictures anyway. Wow.
  3. It doesn't have the blockbuster production value they might have strived for but it looks decent. The action is pretty good as well. The drama is veeery pulpy. I think you have to be up for that ride. And of course the drama is self aware of its genre as you can see when they repeat the scene with the truck for example. I enjoyed the intensity towards the end and am looking forward to more of that. And if the romance is half as hot as their photoshoot together... Oh and i have to mention Kim Sang-Ho who is always a great sidekick. (I naturally got reminded of Awaken
  4. Oh wow i knew she was with them for a long time but i didnt know it was THAT long. Love to see it <3
  5. Yep... Which is why i kept saying as a fan who wishes her a great career this all went about 10 times better than we could have dreamed of. I am sure it was a difficult decision for her to chose that villain role because of how it defines the image for cf's and future roles. And how it affected her career before. And yeah.. i can't understand it either.. But i am surprised to see you shocked. I thought you knew that about the korean entertainment industry^^ This combined with the prevalant type casting that goes hand in hand has such a negative influence on the industry.
  6. Yes. I have to imagine that they got a lot of calls to appear on some of those 'documentary' variety shows. Since the time when they got married and even more so right now. But you always have to be careful with those because it limits the potential career as an actor. But their annecdotes are always fun to read
  7. Yeah you can see the difference when she just plays a part for a sketch show. You kind of have to do that for variety shows as well. People always give the advice "just be yourself" but it's better/easier to pick a version of yourself, exaggerate it a bit and then just play that persona. The result can actually be closer to your real personality than trying to be yourself. But i guess people like her to see her so giddy and nervous. And of course the contrast to her villain role. But yeah for me it's tough to watch. It would be worse if it was embarassement. That's something i
  8. Thanks for all the articles! Gonna read them later. I just watched the Hangout with Yoo episode. I can relate to her mom... It is fun but also kinda tough to watch seeing her being soooo nervous. And it was very cute and fun when she really got into the word game. She even said to just cut everything else haha She seemed a lot more relaxed during that segment as well and forgot a little about the whole variety show setup. Btw the ratings were very high for that episode. Maybe they will ask her back. Or they might bring Lee Sang-woo on like she sugge
  9. For the XY error someone was 100% convinced they are going to make a clarifying statement. I think they are even legally obliged to do so?
  10. I know they only care about the ratings. Which is why the episode just baffled me. If they are going to return Lee Ji Ah in one way or another then tease it in the last 30 seconds of the season. That's how you make people excited for the next season. Screenwriting 101. Where have they been for the last 10 years?
  11. And SSAK3 as well. I've never watched any of the other episodes so i don't even really know what the original concept is lol. Anyway i am looking forward to her episode. I hope she will be a little more relaxed. Yoo Jae Suk is usually good at making people feel comfortable.
  12. Hm i am not sure. I agree it was a little awkward and felt kinda cold. It didn't feel like they were celebrating together. But they were also supposed to keep physical distance from each other. It's not like it was a surprise so that they would get overwhelmed by spontaneous joy and they could hugh each other. And you could sense that they were all super nervous. And i feel like they also tried to stay composed and 'elegant'? Even the dress choices were in line with their drama characters. As for Eugene.. she has gotten a lot of malicious comments in the last few months. Usually not
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