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  1. Hm still havent read the whole thread but i keep thinking about the drama so i need to write some stuff down Wow are there so many on the split personality train? I didnt really think about it but i am going to watch the next episodes with that tought in mind. Not really convinced yet though. It would explain the email from her computer though. Hm... From how i see it he doesnt have an affair with neither of the coworkers. They all have their own seperate story. I think there is some kind of conspiracy in the company where he knows some stuff he shouldnt know. Probably has something to do with the 2 directors they keep showing fighting. He has a one night stand and gets blackmailed. Or maybe he got drugged and doesnt remember anything. The messages he gets are threats. Which leaves the email that Jung Sun recieves. It doesnt make sense that the blackmailers sent it to her without telling the husband about it to further pressure him. Although some IT guy at the company would have the tools to send it from her computer. Based of her facial reactions etc i had Hyun A as my clear favorite to send the email to Jung Sun. She knows that they are fighting, is worried about her. (which would also fit to the mental disorder theory.. hm..) The email was sent in the night after they all went back to the company right? But what could she have seen? I dont think it's Song Mi-Na or On Yoo-Ri. Maybe she saw one of them with him that night and misinterpreted it. But she doesnt seem like the type to make up rumors let alone sending that email if she wasnt sure about it. It doesnt really fit.
  2. God this drama is so juicy. And so much to talk and guess about. But i'll do my reading first
  3. They could have searched the top headquarters for more evidence. From all we know it's save to assume that they did a lot more crimes than the ones we just know from the drama. If they had all that power above politicans, judges, prosecutors etc there also has to be material on them. Illegal measures how they got them, blackmailing etc. And it's ridiculous to assume that the trial now just happens in a vacuum where everything is fair and based on evidence. There must be a lot of people who would want Ms Han and TOP gone. Or if you f you want to do a more bleak ending. Those people might be afraid that all the dirt on them leaks and that's why they would want to protect Ms Han. Then you have your everything is evil and they fight for a more just society in the next season. This way it was just weird, illogical and not satisyfying.
  4. One of the best episodes followed by one of the worst episodes for me. (Loved episode 9. Disliked episode 10.) i loved how she told the biological dad to f off. But i hate this underlying notion especially in the next episode of "oh every boy just needs a dad bla bla bla". She obviously won't go back to him but it bet it's going to be some "oh we are an a bit unusual and disjointed family but we need to learn to live with each other" at the end. Blood is still blood despite everything they might be saying at first glance in this drama. That also shows when she takes her biological mother in. It's not even a question. And they dont even have any kind of confrontation?? They probably save some of it for later when more about the mother gets revealed. It's going to be some bs that she looked out for all her life in secret. Back to the the biological father... if he wants a relationship with his son it's probably going to happen to some extent. But how he goes about it bothers me so much. How he constantly approaches his son wthout her consent is so super disrespectful and tells me everything i need to know about the relationship they had prior. Oh and if there are signs that a fire got started on purpose in a school things would get handled a little different in other places lol.
  5. I liked the first 2 episodes more than expected. I am not a fan of Lee Don-Gun. Or i should i actually dislike him which is rare. Normally i just dont care. But Jeon Hye-Bin + Kim Sae-Ron outweigh him. And he fits the role of a sketchy scammer pretty well. I skipped some scenes where he was searching for that doctor. I wasnt really invested in the family stuff. Reminds me heavily of Big Issue recently where you also had the sick child in the hospital and the wife standing by the bedside all day. And the male lead has to somehow come up with some money. Bad trope and the worst part about that drama. I was surprised and relieved we are already done with that so quickly in this one. Now we only have him drunk for a couple of episode which is fine by me. About episode 3. I dont understand what's going on. The scammer dude seems like one of those "HOW TO MAKE 1 MILLION DOLLARS IN ONE WEEK" on youtube. I guess there are always more people falling for it than you can imagine but the other members of the crew are all about what a great scammer he is etc lol. I get that there are probably a lot of student loans scams in korea right now and it is a cool topic to tackle atm but i would assume that they are a bit more clever and appear more trustworthy than this dude. Who would fall for that dude? And yeah i know Jung Ui-Sung is dumb. But i have trouble to believe that can be this dumb. He even makes a living sacmming people. Highly unbelievable. I guess he wanted to show off, got sucked in by the parties and girls. But then also show it like that and dont portray him like this naive victim. And was that just his part or all the money? If yes why didnt they split it? Why would they entrust him with it? Especially when he already scammed Ko Na-Beyol before and has proven himself to be unreliable and that he can't handle money. I am all in support for some romance with Ko Na-Beyol + Roy Ryul because the hacker dude has become really annoying. The characterization of Hwang Soo-Kyung is pretty cool. Otherwise i am just in for when they carry out their masterplans. That's the fun part for me.
  6. I am going to write some stuff that comes to mind while watching the last 3 episodes today. No need to read. Half of it probably gets answered a bit later anyway^^ I am starting Ep 14 right now. I didnt watch it last week because with Ms Han getting arrested so easily it was obviously wasnt over and it's probably all going to shambles agian soon. So i didnt want to wait a week for the next episodes. Okay.. What about the other Top employees? Are we going to pretend they are innocent? I am pretty sure there is incriminating stuff against them as well. Or against top as an institution. If they get a search warrant against top they are pretty much done. I feel like if they manage to get Ms Han arrested this should be way easier. Try to shut it down for now at least. It's kind of obvious that they are going to work against them. I guess that there is that problem that noone really knows who controls it, how it works etc. I guess it's owned by the company. And the ceo is on Ms Han's side and Mr Mo is too dumb. Oh finally we have some sweetness again So they are just leaving all the evidence on the desk and go eat lunch?? Oh god i am so ready to see the whole family burn. Omg i love Sukhee at funerals Still not quite sure if Ms Han enjoys to see people suffer or if she thinks she must rule with an iron fist and make everyone afraid of top. It's obviously going to bite her in the richard simmons with the prosecutor son. If she pushed a little a less it might have been fine, now she has him as her enemy. Who knows if they otherwise would have ever gotten the documents from the old murder case. I guess she is not able to understand human emotions. And i mean what if the prosecutor father decides to kill her first before he commits suicide. It gets kinda hard to make calculations if you push people to their limits. LOL they are going full makjang. I love it. I never even thought of this. And it's quite a hit for Mr Mo. But wow this is quite a incestious family we got here. (for the lack of a better word) Time to say goodbye to the image of the grandfather in the first few episodes as well. It brings some new light to her mom as well. And it makes me wonder what kind of relationship the mom had with Mr Wang. Was that all consentual? Anyhow there might be some causes for her mental illness. And i am starting to think that Mr Mo actually might have no children of his own. Which would be pretty sweet because that would be the ultimate blow for him. As well as for his wife. And it would kind of fit the theme. Watching ep 15 now. Some more sweetness Interesting to see Ms Han's totalitarian ideology spelled out. We rarely see that. And the newsreporter even calls the other ones "comrades". Oh god the scenes with the grandfather are so creepy now. But always great to have an ost in full length. And great scene for Im Soohyang. And i always appreciate when there is some "ugly" crying rather than this single kdrama tear. The family isnt even that surprised that she is their aunt/sister. And the waitresses keep a straight face through all of it. I guess they are used to this Those scenes with Sukhee shaking things up at the dinner table are always great. So i guess he really is Ms Han's son? This is getting better and better. From the interactions they had it doesnt really make sense but that look from Ms Han was a bit telling. At least it wouldnt surprise me anymore. Ok wow we got some extra long finale. That's the cool thing when a drama is filmed while airing and gets such good ratings. I am normally not a fan, but it works really well here. In Hotel del Luna for example it rather hurt them and it obstructed them to tell a more conclusive story at the end. Ah ok.. So Ms Ahn isnt her mom. Was i the only one who got that wrong? I mean i was a bit surprised by the lack of shock that the wife had a child with the stepfather I still dont really get it though. So Mr Wang had Sukhee with some unknown mistress and gave the child to Mrs Ahn? But how did she explain that? Was she pregnant and had a miscarriage? I think i must have missed something. Yes! Always fun when they start to make some moves that work out. At this point it's pretty undisputable that Sukhee would be better for the company. If Ms Han really cared about the company, all the people who work there, stability and all the richard simmons she talked about earlier.. I am actually pretty happy about who turned out to be the murderer and how it happened. It's a pretty well written broken character with some ambiguity. Very much in contrast to most of the rest of the family who are pretty much one note. But i dont think i like the suicide. Might be a hit for his mom though so that's good. The police lets him alone so he can kill himself. I guess it's back to controlling the traffic for the officer... lol 1-2 years in prison for the top employees. That's so ridiculous that it might be realistic. But i would like to add some things like murder to that list. Didnt they find any digital evidence at their servers? It was pretty anticlimatic now. I would have wished for a bit more grand moments when they got arrested. Oh god "And now is the time of the principle empathy" Uhmm that doesnt make an organization like top any better. As expected i dont like the Ms Han storyline. One has to take responsibility bla bla bla. Not satisfying. But at least they dont give her some misguided redemption where she suddenly feels bad in the last 20 minutes of the drama. How is this supposed to be not connected to MC group and how is the reputation supposed to not take any damage? Didnt they have a recording where she orders the killing? Or what happened with that? Just get judge lee back from overseas. Idk it's not like Ms Han and top were particularly clever at hiding the traces. And what's about all the connections to the prosecution, judges, politicans etc.. They must have had tons of incriminating material on them. And evidence for blackmailing them or making deals with them. The scenes with the 2 in jail were good. Still not really satisfying. Although the mom losing her unloved child did help. It's just hard when especially she was always this carricature of evil. A few years later and twice - fancy still running in the radio^^ Okay the romance feels weird. I guess they both needed some time and space. We can only make a bunch of assumptions. There are so many gaps to fill. And their relationship never really was explicitly romantic besides that one kiss. We can only guess. Their reunion was fun and sweet. I just think they missed a lot of potential because their chemistry was great. So after the ratings success they are leaving the possibility for a second season open. From a writers perspective it now makes a lot more sense that they let Ms Han off so easily as well. So it's going to be the leads fighting for the powerless against some new elitist organization led by Ms Han. Hm idk. They have great chemistry as a team and for romance. But Ms Han and top were never the appealing part about the drama for me. Feels like they changed some stuff. I think i might have liked the original version better. Now i need to read like 15 unread pages since last week.
  7. What is your overall conclusion now that the drama is finished? I am still catching up. Just finished ep 14 now. It has become quite a pain and drag to watch. Even though i am already skipping a lot of scenes. The bullying tak stuff again and all its underlying implications are so annoying. Yeah i get that those people care more about the "national hero dad" or the bullying son and stuff like that than actual politics. But in the drama they dont come to the conclusion that that might be a problem. Instead it's again the usual bowing to the public and apologizing for stuff he didnt do. All the vlogging election stuff as well.. And oh yes the biological father appears again. How we all have been waiting for this...
  8. By the way. In which language are those exotic sounding words at the beginning of the episodes?
  9. Which is a pretty reactionary message but one that many kdramas are about. But it hasn't really been about the shares for quite some time now. I dont think it's what she wants either. Put the shares into a a foundation lead by her which uses them for art or something. She can exhibit her moms paintings. He can make some movies. And i dont care about the other one. It would have the pleasant side effect that the father would be pissed because the legacy of the family would be gone in his eyes (although i would beg to differ). So many things to reply to. I didnt really like the scene with the dad. Too much exaggerated shouting and crying. And yeah i agree. Ms Han is just doing all of it for herself. It's her little toy she likes to play with. I hope they finally reveal what a psychopath she really is in the last episodes. It's very apparent that everyone are just chess pieces to her. She fails to recognize human emotions which actually would be very important for her job. Or maybe she even takes pleasure in it like the 2nd wife? It's kind of a miracle that she still lives. There just needed to be one of the victims who completely loses it and slices her up with a knive or something. Not much she could do about it. And crazier things do happen. Just putting people to prison wouldnt be satisfying for me. It needs to be stuff that hits them at core. Something that makes their life long dreams meaningless etc. Still not exactly sure what would be. I think you might be right about the prosecutor's son. I can see him doing some important moves at the end to reveal the crimes.
  10. I just started the episode. I was just thinking about how at the time of the backflash the adultery law in korea was still valid. Of course it wouldnt really have been practical with TOP being able to do whatever they want. Oh god i am already getting mad Good thing i've looked into this thread so i have the kiss to look forward to "Have i ever used TOP for my personal need?" Uhm... yeah. Actually she never did anything else. It's the pure reason of its existence. e: finished the episode Yes! We have some progress. The other ones at TOP arent exactly innocent either. I kind of doubt it's going to have consequences for them though. I am still thinking about what could be the fate of certain characters that would satisfy me. There are so many psychopaths in this drama. It has to be something that hits them on a personal level.
  11. @lilybeth baah Oh i agree. Are there people who like him though? I dont think it's an unpopular opinion^^ All this he choses the same disctrict and moves into the house next to him is super weird. If it was just about politics for him like he claims he would act differently.
  12. @40somethingahjumma Yeah i get all that. But in the end he can just keep his hands to himself and not be a creep. It's rather simple. I hate that the mom appeared. And you guys are right. She probably triggered the fire alarm. I am going to hate that even more. The last scene at the police station so i can't be too mad.
  13. @Lmangla First of all Misty had a great ending :p I like the murder in the orient express option. Sign me up. Although it would be pretty dark. Maybe it is not everybody planning it but some kind of tragic incident and everybody is somehow involved. What was Ms Han hinting at in the conversation with the drinking son? The reason why he never could become the ceo. Could have something to do with the murder. Because i dont think she knows that he is the real father of the child? I hope we are going to see a few more scenes that display Ms Han's psychotic behavior and personality. Her facade already started to crumble a little bit in the last episode.
  14. Lol @ korean audiences. Calling this a masterpiece and Be Melodramatic had 1%. I have trouble taking them seriously. Don't they usually cry if people in historical dramas dont have the accents they know from those saeguk soap operas? Which i highly doubt is historically accurate. It just somehow is part of it now. Seems like they didnt go for such exaggerated speech in this one which i appreciate. Apart from that i cant really judge. How hard is it actually to understand? It's complicated. You want people to understand it. You don't want the language to feel out of place with being too modern. And in the end it's inaccurate any way. The production is pretty great so far. I like it tonally for the most part as well. Just the last scene was too cringy for and fell in the same raster like many other similar kdramas. The guy from TOL doesnt really do it for me here (although i liked him in tol). Maybe it's the wig. Otherwise i mostly like the cast. Apart from the guy who takes the applications for the state exam for example. Although that's probably not the actors fault. I am already preparing myself for the "2 best friends ending on the opposite side and also fall in love with the same woman" trope. I could do without it. The biggest appeal is the production and the setting. The transition from goryeo to joseon is way more interesting to me than some random kings at other times and their power struggle in their court.
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