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  1. Hm i'd actually prefer her in a high quality cable drama. But of course i dont want her to have wasted time and effort on a dead project. I'd recommend Unfamilar Family if you want something grounded like Black Dog. Otherwise It's ok not to be ok. The start was very promising.
  2. I was referring to that historical drama. I thought they were already filming stuff in china 1 year ago. Or was that never confirmed?
  3. Any news about the drama? I am kinda afraid that all the filming they already have done was all for nothing.
  4. I loved the protocol that involves electroshocking little kids. I really liked episode 6. The first time i really liked the "problem/patient of the week". The parts with Young-Won were great. I liked the scenes with Ji-Sun. (I just realized that the actress was the little sister in One Spring Night). And it seems like there are showing a bit more background of their relationship in the next episode. I am already looking forward to that. The story with Kang Neu-Ri as one of the victims was good as well. I pretty much liked everything about the episode. I guess apart from the scene where Dong-Hyeok tells his bs story how his grandma lost her toes. I couldn't stop rolling my eyes. Oh and of course Jung Somin killed it in those stage therapy scenes. Probably the best episode yet. So it seems like it's really headed towards romance.. Even if she is only his ex patient it's still highly unethical right? Is it legal? Could he lose his license? Maybe someone can fill me in.
  5. I rewatched some clips on youtube. We need more of the Ga-hee and Seo-Young (aunt and niece) dynamic
  6. Jung Somin is carrying this drama so hard. I can finally see why she picked this project. It is her most challenging role so far.
  7. Thank you. And then she wonders why Na-hee wouldnt share her worries with her. And even blames her for that. Ughh.
  8. It has been a while since i checked in on this thread so i am reading up again. There is some great insight here. Sometimes i am not entirely sure if the drama really deserves such deep analysis. I just hope the drama will really touch on those things mentioned. Like that the main couple really works on those things (i agree it was disappointing that they didnt try to work on their marriage) and dont just suddenly miss each and are more affectionate to each other. As we saw they have been deeply in love and affectionate to each other in the past. That doesnt mean they are going to have a longlasting and healthy relationship. Some people already touched on the real life implications of the actors involved. I recently stumbled on this segment with Oh Yoon Ah and her son on youtube. Oh god it was really heartwarming and heartbreaking. (The comments from the panel are a bit weird at times but hey what do you expect) She has her own youtube channel as well. Mostly beauty and fashion related. It is pretty ridiculous how she looks great in everything. I already l liked her character but this kinda made me root for her even more. I just hope that she gets her own story already. I agree that there are certain unlikable aspects about her. That's why i just want her story to start. Her becoming more independent, finding a new career path, overthinking certain values etc. I wouldnt mind her hooking up with the hot delivery guy but more than anything i want to see her journey and it not solely defined by romance. There has been some progress in recent episodes. I liked that. And i love the hot delivery guy (i think that's just how we call his character now ) taking care of the son. Those scenes are always great. I cant wait for the Oh Yoon Ah character to find out about it.. I mean at that point it must be game over for her. Am i the only one who liked Jae-seok's blinddate? Yes the part about her father came across a little weird. But i really liked her somehow. But Da-hee's makeover was fun as well. And the fake dating trope. I guess it fits this cute vibe of their story. I think this is going to be a lot of fun. The storyline with Na-hee and her mom found a good resolution when she finally told her etc. I just think that her mom should reflect a little on why her children wouldn't tell her about their worries. Her first reaction is to blame her. And she had the same reaction about the divorce. Not even contemplating that her daughter might have the hardest time?? And the show continues to frame her as the poor mom who always gets disappointed by her children. The onesided romance between Ok-Ja and Chi-Soo (the butcher) is fun as long as they keep it as this side gag. There have been some episodes where it just took over too much and there are just many other stories i'd rather see. Any characters i forgot? It is always fun to see some sweet kids after some other dramas i am watching... Seo-Young the oldest niece is super fun for example. I really like Ga-Yeon the younger coworker in the new foodshop as well. She is just very pretty. I wish there would be a little story.
  9. Who says that she didn't put work into it? I agree with her not admitting her own faults and not acknowledging that he tries. She is building up a wall to protect herself that is why she is always so harsh on him now. Buuuuuuuut.. I don't think things are even remotely comparable. I don't know what other side of the story is there to hear? Yes i am sure he only had the best intentions and wanted to help out a friend. And it probably were some very unlucky circumstances.. Fact is he lost their house. Something they both have been working forward to for a long time. Without even consulting her!! I am sorry but that is such a gigantic betrayal of trust and shows that he had no respect for her or their marriage. If he cheated on her everyone here would say forget that guy. But in this case she should work on her marriage? He showed how little he values his family and he even shows that in the recent episodes where he repeatedly doesnt want to make a firm choice for his family. Come on he has been on film sets for long enough and knows how it goes. But he likes to make excuses. I am not even sure if he deep down knows what he did wrong. It also proves that she is right to build up her wall to not get disappointed again. I mean i like him and i root for them.. But to say she didnt have a valid reason is... I dont know i just cant agree.
  10. I have been watching the drama since it aired and wanted to give my two cents. First of all i love Jung Somin. And more importantly i think her last two dramas were 9-10/10 dramas for me so i was very excited about what she would do next. Well i was pretty disappointed that she went with a kbs drama. And it didn't exactly sound very promising either. There is just so much that can go wrong with the topic despite good intentions. A part of me wanted to stay optimistic because there has to be something that drawed her to the script and project. This were my thoughts after the first episode. To put it short.. It is kbs quality (which is not good) but it has Jung Somin. I really wish she would have chosen a cable drama. The first scene already tells you a lot about the drama. It was funny but it already shows how they are going to treat the subject. It is kinda the typical eccentric doctor has unusual methods and goes all the way to treat his patients drama. There has to be a middle ground between filling up your patient with meds and going around town playing cop with him.. And while the drama might help to reduce the stigma about mental health i am not sure if it really normalizes it because all the patients are those rather obscure cases. While more common diagnoses like anxiety disorders, depression, ptsd, etc are yet to be found. A drama like doctor treats all kinds of special cases here can still be good. I just prefer how they depict the medial stuff in Hospital Playlist. It just puts it on a different level for me. The sense of realism also elevates the emotional weight. Anyway.. Jung Somin is stunning and even more so that we see her as a more glamorous character (at times). I'll probably just watch it for her. And gosh the situation at the awards show... I'd lose it too :D I kinda hope it's going to be more about her journey, the healing part and some slice of life elements. Not that much about the patients stories. Some additional thoughts now. It got already mentioned multiple times how highly inappropiate the doctors behavior was. I am glad that it got at least adressed as a legitimate concern and the drama didn't portray it as the superiors only care about going by books. Jung Somin's performance is great. At first i wasn't too sure if she hits the right beats or if it would play into this comedic "crazy" female lead archetype. But she really got me with that beach scene. Or the scene after she was getting fired and was counting to control her emotions. There have been other great scenes since. I think she does a wonderful job and it is just so easy to hit the wrong note for this kind of character. I am invested in her character and journey. That is really what makes the drama for me. He has grown on me since the first episodes and i think he fits his character archetype really well. And they are great together. I just don't really care about him treating the other patients or their stories. But bringing the Jung Somin character to it with the stage therapy etc makes that stuff better as well. In terms of romance i agree with the majority here. Please not! I don't nessecarily care about the age gap but a psychiatrist - patient relationship is just such a no go. A small spoiler. I've read that the drama is based on I wouldn't mind a romance of him and the other psychiatrist. I liked the little bit of story we got there so far. For her it really should be about healing. I wouldn't mind a romance as a sideplot with someone else later on but it shouldn't take over the plot. Oh she is mentally ill but gets healed because she falls in love would be the worst. I just have to mention this again.. Out of all the possible common mental health issues they picked those exotic ones that have plastic depictions like bugs and fake cops and would intrigue viewers the most. It does feel like they just want to wow viewers and not like they want to normalize mental health issues. It actually does the opposite. Everyone watching is going to think "well i am not that crazy". Oh and how they always put the emphasis on it is about healing the soul which sounds nice, sure. But it also makes it seem llike it is not a real medical problem like let's say breaking your leg. It puts the treatment in this wishy washy territory. The depiction is why for me the drama is ultimately a failure in its core. It can still be enjoyable. And i hope that they can tell a compelling story for the Jung Somin character. And i do enjoy that part and try to ignore the other.
  11. I am watching this drama weekly but somehow didn't find my way into the thread so far. I have to say it's pretty quiet here I guess there isn't that much to talk about unless you want to get into the plot logics. I just enjoy the ride. I always love a spy comedy. I don't know why there aren't more of them. And always love a female lead cast. I like the style of the drama. Those little editing tricks, the soundtrack. And i have to say the action is surprisingly great. The best i've seen in quite some time in a kdrama. I just prefer this to when you have a 1v20 fight in a supposedly serious OCN drama. I think it has a lot to do with that the drama is preproduced and i like that. Which also means no last minute changes to pander to themselves or the audiences. And of course it also helps with the shitty production conditions for the staff etc. I hope the trend continues. It's my first drama with Choi Gang-Hee but i'll watch Queen of Mystery next. I always thought of her as this quirky comedic actress. DANG. I didn't know that she is so FIT. (Not in the Lee Da-hee super tall and slim style). She has pretty broad shoulders and just looks really strong. The wide clothes probably play into that. When she did her little walk and dance through the prison it was quite an impressive appearance. You don't want to mess with that one. I kinda thought the drama would be a lot more about the work in the company. Basically an office comedy about handling the tasks and undercover work at once. So far there has been very little of that and a lot of spy plot outside instead. Well i love the action. Some of the plot and slapstick is a bit too stupid. For real. They must spend all their budget ob bribing people.. They have so low ressources assigned to this mission. It can't be hard to find another person who can get into a club but she has to fight her way in Or the recent bomb and hostage plot. So what if he blows up lol? They always potray the NIS as some kind of police organization that wants to arrest people or cares about casualties. Yep. And again. They are not the police. It's not like they care a lot about legal justifications. Or they can always just use the National Security Act. But as you said it's all good fun. Lee Sang-yeob is basically shooting his own little memory romcom so far. Which is a lot of fun but i wouldn't mind a bit more from him either. Yu In-Young is super fun. I was glad that she that she had some opportunity to show off her hacking skills earlier in the show when she was just making coffee otherwise. And i mean she seems a lot more capable than the two dudes in the van.. (let's not even talk about them :D) I really like her plot. I feel like i should love it and i want to. But the idol/actor is just such a richard simmons. Ughh. I get that he is supposed to be immature and maybe not the brightest. The problem is that he is just super rude to people. I also get that she is his assistant and gets ordered around. But all of that could be done in a ok but he is still kinda cute and fun kind of way. But he just seems like an richard simmons. We also got to see how he treated his former manager and probably all the people he thinks aren't on his level. And just because he might fall in love with her and starts treating her better doesn't change who he is as a person.
  12. I tried really hard to concentrate and break the spell to not just stupidly stare at Lee Bo-young the whole time... Just wow
  13. The reference to the movie Love Letter got me really confused. The scene is clearly set in 1993. But even without looking it up i knew that the movie Love Letter is from 1995. (I know my Shunji Iwai stuff) Looking it up got me even more confused though. The Shunji Iwai film was one of the first japanese film shown in korean cinema's and i imagine that it was popular among the students and younger generation. While for the older generation was a lot more opposed to japanese culture. So it would be a great reference. But it didn't make its way to korea right away. As far as i know it was shown in 1999 in korea and reached top10 box office then. So they would be way off with the years. My conclusion is that they must mean the movie Love Letter from 1985 by Tatsumi Kumashiro. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Love_Letter_(1985_film) I knew about that film and had watched parts of it. The Shunji Iwai film just seems the obvious reference so i didn't think of it initially. And i don't really know anything about the reception and cultural impact of the one from Tatsumi Kumashiro. Apparently it was like one of those underground movies popular among korean students? But you don't make a cultural reference and then don't check the years. And there is also the aspect that they watch it on vhs. If it was the Shunji Iwai one they would have watched it at the cinema because it was such a big hit. Or maybe it was already watched by korean students on vhs before it hit the cinema? I am still a bit confused. Because it would have been such an obvious reference but it doesn't add up. And how many people would get the reference to the 1985 movie. Wouldn't they also think of the wrong one? Anyway I am going to watch the movie in full this week and report back : D
  14. Yeah i know that's why i said sidenote. I just found it interesting. Fun episode. The troublemaker couple is getting a bit too much for me. I really like the oldest sister but i want them to let her do something. And by that i don't simply mean getting thrown into a loveline (of course i like that later on as well)
  15. Yeah i would have thought so as well. Or at least frowned upon. I did a little searching and stumbled upon this article which is about that question. https://thegrandnarrative.com/2010/03/23/korean-families-marriage/ An interesting sidenote:
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