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  1. She has a youtube channel where she does music covers and some vlogs. It's pretty interesting to watch the vlogs chronologically because you can basically follow along her journey. It gives a pretty unfiltered look. Like she wasn't even a rookie actress at that point. But when she signed with an agency she already had a manager trying to micromanage/control everything. And i didnt know they do so many auditions for minor bit parts. Has a fun personality as well.
  2. Wow i did not expect this with such an already packed schedule. I think Filming might only take a few weeks. And great teaser. It cracked me up when they suddenly said their lines. So random And so far the the teasers and posters have conveyed a very melancholic atmosphere. This one breaks the mood and brings some comedy to it. I take it that it will be the same for the drama itself. On another note just realized that Why Oh Soo Jae will have a female director. I remember looking her up when the drama got announced because there was this talk that SHJ wanted to suppor
  3. I think the woman the sketchy guy is running scams with is the wife of the sisters dead mothers lover? (That sounds complicated )
  4. I can't believe so many are complaining that he wants to spread out to more ambitious and artistic work.
  5. Yeah reading the news i learned he is 30. Really about time to graduate high school
  6. Yeah me too. I am also more excited about WOSJ. And it sounds like a very fun change to see her in that role. As for the casting. So they went even more nugu... Oh well i dont really care. Possible male leads with some marketability are sparse. I've linked an article below. I've watched Hwang In-yeop in 18 Again and True Beauty. He didnt leave too much of an impression but he was quite charismatic (and good looking). I am looking forward to their dynamic and chemistry. And i just realized reading the news that he is already 30. I've only seen him playing
  7. In the beginning i was pretty sure it isn't Byun-ho's baby. Even after Maria showed some test results. But at this point i am not so sure anymore. Oh and especially if the fortune teller stuff is true that Byun-ho will have a boy and a daughter. I dont remember that part. I think i already gave my 2 cents to the whole Maria rape situation but i guess it got lost in the deleted thread. As for the korean comments regarding the oldest sister i am split. I disagree with a lot of the korean comments that very much mirror the sentiment of Byun-ho's mother. How Gwang-nam
  8. I enjoy the drama. I admit there is a certain trainwreck element to it. But i've mostly liked the sisters from the beginning. I guess i just disliked Ye-Seuls father or Maria for example way more. It's all relative And the way the 3 of them ganged up on their dad was fun if you dont take it too seriously. (It is quite over the top) They were very funny. And i like the look of the drama. Dramatic improvement from the usual plain looking weekend dramas. And i like that it seems like there is some stuff happening in the drama.
  9. Best OCN in almost 2 years. I am baffled by the reactions everywhere.
  10. Nvm apparently he is still in talks for School 2021. so nothing confirmed yet. They just included his name in the news because of the 2 month old casting rumors. Looks like he hasn't decided yet. We will have to wait and see. But i think the rest still holds true. His agency probably prefers him to be in School 2021. And Studio S has troubles casting the male lead for Why Oh Soo Jae. They've had 6 months time already.
  11. https://twitter.com/kdramacasting/status/1392621496997093380 So looks like Kim Young Dae went with the other offer in the end. Maybe he saw some of the reactions after the initial news and decided to ride the teen fanbase for a little longer. (Which i assume his agency pressured him to do from the start) I don't see how he can do both dramas. It says they start filming School 2021 in june. And they already postponed the production of Why Oh Soo Jae to acommodate with Seo Hyun-jin's schedule who basically does it as a favour for the pd's first full drama. The production is
  12. Loved the vlog. It was a lot of fun and very soothing to watch. I don't think i agree with the article posted. "Image Consultant Explains Why “Penthouse” Star Kim So Yeon Looks Most Attractive As A Villain" It mostly feels like the usual obsession with physiognomie and typecast. I dont even think it's coherent in its logic. They take Song Hye-kyo as an example but a lot of her roles actually were always a little distant and cold. Or when you think of Han So-Hee. Who was also one of the recent impactful female villains. Also with this kind of untouchable
  13. Hehe always nice when we get some updates via Hye Bin
  14. Do you know if she and Chun Woo-hee are or were close? I recently read that Chun Woo-hee was supposed to join SHJ's and Jeon Hye-bin's trip to South America but couldn't because of schedules. Chun Woo-hee and Jeon Hye-bin were both at Namoo Actors but i wondered if SHJ and Chun Woo-hee are close since i am fan of both.
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