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  1. Hello, Starlight Angels! Have you seen ShinHye's latest MV? I have seen it on YT and I can't stop myself from reminiscing the Doctor's era. Well, she's wearing the same hairstyle... her see-through bangs is BACK. Finally... lol! Anyway, she's gorgeous regardless. So, how are you all? Me, I am totally fine. Thank You for asking. Haha! My babies are all asleep so I have a spare moment for Me Time and some fangirling. See you around ....
  2. Same here, but instead of a Cat, can I put my 2-month old baby in there?
  3. @mirmz, I just hope I'm the first one to post this.. I find it really funny. Lol!
  4. I want to post a fashion meme for the 1st time but my link doesn't work. Is there any changes with Soompi lately? Happy New Year, @mirmz
  5. Ohhhh. Emmm. Jeeee. They're dating for real. Congratulations to our BinJin. It's a Happy New Year indeeeeed! Ayeeeeeh...
  6. JBTC could never go wrong in choosing Park Shin Hye as FL for their 10th anniversary drama special, congratulations! One of the few reasons why I look forward to Year 2021. Cheers! Merry Christmas!
  7. I'm currently watching #TheCall right now! I'm speechless, really! Gosh, it's so tempting to drop some spoilers here, lol! And Park Shin Hye is exceptionally beautiful in this movie. I fell in love with her for the 1000th times
  8. Missed you too, @alcides14ahjumma Have you watched our girl's CALL? I hope it'll be a success! ALIVE did really well ... I wouldn't mind if history will repeat itself!
  9. Good Morning to you, too! Whoaaaa .... it's 1:41 PM here in my country. I wonder which part of the earth are you from? I hope you have an enjoyable breakfast 130
  10. For some reason, I missed the old people of this thread namely: @angelangie, @triplem, @Dhakra, @mouse007, @cenching, @Lawyerh, @kokodus, @Sushimi and @sejabin (who deactivated her account recently . No offense meant to the newcomers, You guys are awesome for keeping this thread alive and lively +2
  11. FALSE! Next Person: loves spraying on Perfume Mist
  12. @mirmz, I was busy with officework and online business, but I've been with Soompi for 3 days straight now. +2
  13. Hello, All! Good Morning to us all ... +2
  14. @MY15, so rich and creamy. I want to grab a a bite 202
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