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  1. Team Subtract is about to have another victory. Where are the rest of the Team Add? 126
  2. @Sushimi, I'm so glad to hear that you're now in the workforce. But I got curious with the "15 hours". Are you still in 1 piece? Lolz! I'm poor at making guesses ... could you spill the beans now? Awh .... curiousity kills a cat .. hehehehe 124
  3. Yes, @angelangie since Covid struck the world 242
  4. @Lmangla, this is entirely true! Because of this lockdown, I suddenly become interested with Online Selling, Cooking and Baking... With an extra budget on hand, I thought of buying not-so-cheap baking and cooking equipment online. I started buying with the BASIC kitchen stuffs (of course I can't use our existing kitchen utensils since I intend to use it for my soon-to-be "business" ). Today, I received partial of what I bought online. And I'm also selling disposable surgical mask -- online and offline 242
  5. @snowlou, I'm sorry about the inconveniences about previous pregnancy, but I do hope you're enjoying motherhood, raising a kid and all that. I don't suffer nausea that much but of acid re-flux .. hahaha @Sejabin, of course YOU CAN (get preggy again for BB#2) but NOT this time of the pandemic, PLEASE! it's very difficult to get a Doctor's Appointment... and even if you have a scheduled appointment already, that is subject to change without prior notice (depending on the current number of POSITIVE cases the hospital is handling). For my laboratory test, I had to wait for weeks because they can only accommodate few patients (you know, social distancing) So many inconveniences nowadays, that is why when I first found out that I was pregnant ... I was slightly SHOCKED! I could only mutter to myself, "what a bad timing for Baby No. 3" Btw, I transferred to a Maternity clinic ... our hospitals here are swarmed with Covid patients ..... With so many changes here in Soompi, I am now confused what emoji to use .. there's plenty to chose from! 234
  6. I like it a lot . Pregnancy, I think is one of the beautiful moments that every woman could experience in her lifetime. And it has got a lot of perks, too This is a New Year Baby (just in case you're curious ... my friend asked me yesterday if this a Valentine or a Quarantine Baby, hahaha! Thank You! And congratulations to you, too @angelangie for being a new aunt Thanks, @bairama Chinggu OK, Waiting ... Thanks, @Ameera Ali 240
  7. FALSE. Hahaha ...I do understand some of Korean words already, but the entire sentence? Or even phrase? I CAN'T! Next Person: Loves collecting Perfume
  8. @Sejabin, so how was it (It's okay not to be Okay)? By reading the drama's synopsis, I think I can relate with this drama and its character ... me, being socially inept and too sensitive (which is kinda annoying to some people ) ... and I'm totally fine. Lol. My tummy is getting bigger and heavier each day and it's a little uncomfortable especially when I'm trying to get up from bed. When I have the urge to pee in the middle of the night, that would be a torture. Duh! Btw, I had my ultrasound last week. Baby's position is High Lying, heart beat is 138 per minute, with adequate amniotic fluid. Unfortunately, the baby is lying on his stomach so we were not able to see his/her gender . I may have another ultrasound by 30th week. I''m on my 25th week now. Hugs, Friend! 234
  9. TRUE. Next Person: Is currently having more workloads than usual
  10. Yeah, it looks and feels like a real social media page now Last year, i was even thinking of suggesting to add more emojis (example: a PERVY emoji ) and an individual wall for each user where we can rant, rave, blab, blah 3x . I noticed there's a chatbox, too. And a lot more! A.W.E.S.O.M.E 236
  11. Hello, Everyone! It's been awhile How are ya'll? Whoah .. so many changes here in Soompi 236
  12. TRUE. Most of the time when a drama gets boring, the OSTs played a big part for me to continue watching it Next Person: Loves spicy food
  13. FALSE. I'm watching Sky Castle Next Person: Sleeps with a light on
  14. I'm not watching it (TKEM) either, not really a fan of LMH so I can't relate
  15. @Sejabin, that is why it's a FANTASY drama. Its very common with KES dramas. Even with Secret Garden, there's this restaurant in the middle of remote forest. Btw, are you still wearing your Dior lippie? With a face mask on? +2
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