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  1. There is no timeline for healing. Take your time, self! 

  2. What I absolutely HATE about December:  My work FORBIDS me to eat on time and go home on time :bawling::bawling::bawling:.  And my boss' constant nagging is getting on my nerves :angry:

    1. Sejabin


      I hate December because too much rain hahaha I hate to be wet and must to wear long blouses hahaha

    2. thanie


      Newly painted nails! Looove it :wub:

  3. And I have to add, we had our plain white floor tiles replaced with beige in super-gloss, revamped the look of our living room by adding some furniture too.. I came up with this idea of having biege-chocolatebrown curtains (with tiled illusions) and now they looked like giant chocolate bars
  4. It is, but it's fun at the same time..
  5. @Sejabin, you're here and we submitted our posts almost the SAME time!
  6. Painted our bedroom with sunny yellow. For obvious reason, Yellow is my favorite color and I want to be surrounded with the things I truly adore #goodvibes #goodmorning
  7. Yep, I do love matte lipstick. It's long wearing and doesn't require frequent re-touch. Sometimes I can be too lazy to doll up so all I need is a matte lippie to brighten up my face. Lol, I can't believe I met someone in this site who's also a make-up enthusiast. And also, watching make-up toturials on YT is one of my past time. I copy and paste ideas, hehe... Speaking of Red dress, what I'm really planning to wear at our Party is a red one (reddish brown) with Puff sleeve and is 2 inches above the knee (length) paired with strappy heels in gold color. I couldn't contain my excitement so I told everyone about it. Only to find out that black and gold is our party's theme and we have to conform! Well, at least I can still wear the strappy heels! Go ahead, buy that dress. Red for me is the perfect color for Christmas and I agree with you that it's a sexy color. I'm used of buying dresses online, but only from trusted brands. I know my body measurements too well so finding a pefect fit for my size is not a problem for me...
  8. Logging In at Soompi since I'm not sleepy yet... I'm so jealous of people who falls asleep immediately the moment they get on the bed. Coz in my case, it's a struggle. I surf the net, read books and even cutting my nails just to prep my eyes (and my brain) to sleep. Most of the time, they DON'T cooperate. Drinking a glass of lukewarm full cream milk doesn't help either... it used to work that way, when I was little
  9. Is this drama any good? I really want to watch this considering there's Ha Jiwon on it. And it's on Netflix
  10. ALL ABOUT YOU by TAEYEON. Listening to that song, which is actually an OST of Hotel del Luna makes me want to cry a river
  11. It's weekend! And I get to be with my little girl. I just wish weekend never ends, if I could just freeze time... Monday is so terrifying! 

  12. Good for you. Now lemme give you a virtual hug. *huggggs
  13. Nice meeting you, too @irilight. That's a very cute bear right there!
  14. Her fashion is evolving along with her music. And she looked like a barbie in her latest pictorial with Vogue, gotta copy her look -- nude make up and pink tops Yay! I'm excited for you. This is what I absolutely love about online shopping (than shopping at a physical store in the mall), you have something to look foward into. Seems like, a beautiful surprise awaits you and you can hardly wait for it. It can also be quite addicting, isn't it? Those online shops are luring us to purchase more by offering discounts and freebies which are difficult to resist. Me, guilty as charged! Try to mention Christian Dior 3 to 4 times after this convo and you may convince me to buy one. Try a little harder .... I'm about to place my order right now. I'm buying a Black Dress that is Gatsby-Inspired for our Christmas Party. The theme is Gatsby in Black and Gold. I'm having second thought wether I should do my own HMU or should I get it done at a salon... Haaaay, December... the season of endless parties!
  15. @monbebe_fluffy, can you provide step-by-step procedure for this? I want to give a my round face more definition
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