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  1. Sorry if this been posted but this thread is super speeding lol! For those interested in the OST full album it will be released 30th May with 20 tracks. It also includes a photo Polaroid and signatures of the artists participating in the album Track List: 01. (여자)아이들 - Help Me02. 홍대광 – 둥둥03. IN2IT (인투잇) – Shining Star04. 이해리 - Maybe05. 1415 - Happy06. 하성운 – Think of You07. 러니 (RUNY) – Smile Again08. U-mb5 - I Wanna Be (Feat. 클랑 (KLANG))09. Mr. Wolf10. 뚜뚜11. U, Who?12. 덕통사고13. Hello! 금사자14. 덕밍아웃 15. Photo Zone16. 홈마스터17. 덕후의 로맨스18. Story of Us19. I Like You20. Water Drop Preorder link - https://www.ktown4u.com/iteminfo?grp_no=231312&goods_no=38320
  2. Until next week, finale ep. I hope DM and Ryan will hold onto to each other no matter what cr. jiamongmong
  3. I agree he should be topless since DM is wearing his shirt. Why would he bother getting another
  4. I think your right. May I also add that DM father just lost a lot of money from a failed business and that might mean her parents werent able to afford to look after Ryan especially since EG was also left with DM family too. I think Ryan will forgive DM parents his very understanding and please no unnecessary separation. 2 eps to go I just want more cute and love
  5. even the kiss too ok thats not fair thats just a camera effect lol! Lett me just ZOOM ZOOM! I see red too
  6. who knew self portraits can be so raunchy lol! must be the slow mo's and the "saranghae"
  7. so mom was in a car accident and she left him there unintentionally?? I dont blame him feeling so drained
  8. Ryan nervously confronts LS He tells her his Yoon Jae and she cries...ENDS Shes got lots of explaining to do
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