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  1. didnt participate much in this thread due to the fact the subs took foreeeevvvvvveeeeeerrrrrrrrrr to upload. But was happy to see the end both pulled through for their love for each other.
  2. Really enjoying this drama. I'm a fan of the Korean, Taiwan, and Thai Versions as well.
  3. Finally finally i am enjoying this drama. Due to boredom I was peaking in weekly. Tae In so sad.. Want to give him a big hug. He does deserve love. I grit my teeth each time I see that bastard Jun Hyuk and his sissy daddy. I do wonder who is EC(the boy) real parents are...
  4. It’s taking forever for subbed to be done. driving me crazy. finally watched JS always said JH was her world. After watching Ep 6, I’ve concluded he always was past and present when they separated. Got the impression they didn’t have closure on breaking up cuz too many people pulling them apart. at the end of ep 6 JS said she’d rather run away from what she wanted most. so that makes sense of the reason they “broke up” and he couldn’t find her. Kinda weird the father in law and daughter talk like they own JH. I still see their marriage an business marriage. Jh Acting too nonchalant that both his father in law and wife are breathing down his neck. So it’s obvious he is getting revenge whatever that may be. Hated hearing JS willing to give up YM or go back to ex all becuz of the leaked photo. It was so sad to see her finally breakdown after finishing that convo with her ex. It’s so obvious JS has had it rough with her father and ex bullying her around. I root for JH to be the Prince Charming and save JS from her difficult life. The girl needs happiness jeez. poor girl. Did notice the “dementia” father tore the article of JH from newspaper.... if he can remember JH then obviously he did something much worse than what was shown in this weekend’s episodes.
  5. Greetings, I watch this drama off and on to kill time. I haven't faithfully watched each episode. Wondering if can kindly explain the relationship between Chairman Han and TI mom? I understand they have a past relationship together. But am confused, Is TI chairman Han missing son? Or is JH the baby that was possibly taken away? All I saw was this shocked looked on TI mom face when she asked JH how old he was and she was stumped.
  6. True fact in reality, first loves are never forgotten. Whether it’s good or bad one doesn’t forget. @sal2 shows first loves can get back together, can be struggling being in the present. It’s understandable with people involved in the present make it difficult on the long road to happiness. If the main OTP go down this road, it’s going be an full ride of emotions. as @triplem mentioned it’s going to be a roller coaster, so if your in for the ride. hang on and enjoy. While watching this drama. Are you reminiscing your first love? Put urself in JS And JH shoes. Do you see urself doing the same or opposite if you came across your first love?
  7. after watching ep 3, concluded there is no love between JH and his current wife. it seems like a business marriage. It was nice to see YM able to open up JH so instant, however couldn’t help thinking he needs do that with his own son. Haven’t seen enough scenes with JH son yet so I won’t Judge against him to early yet. It’s sweet to see how in past young JS chasing after JH has reversed roles to the present. Looks like this series will work through showing how the two of them came together, separate and try to work back together in the present. there are currently too many problems in the present. maybe reviewing the past we can find key of fixing broken plate that can fix the present....
  8. Just binged marathon Secret Romance again. this time I paid attention to KJY not Sung Hoon who I’ve hopelessly was in love with that I regretfully didn’t notice KJY when I first watched Secret Romance. Honestly I think the color black is the best hair color for KJY. I like his hair in secret romance. But didn’t like the color. black just pulls me more toward him .
  9. Greetings everyone! I have been trying to get over BLWL. Have been aimlessly wandered around in and out of dramas. Finally found my click. Recommend Hi bye Mama, Eccentric Chef Moon, and When Love Blooms. When I am bored, I kinda force myself to watch some of the new family dramas. Unfortunately, not even good enough for me to mention. As I am skipped through for entertainment. This doesn't apply to KJY since there is zero news yet. But for fans of the bromance of OMS/Yoon Park All I can say OMS left me speechless
  10. Greetings! Just posing for those who still thinking of BLWL. TR and OMS are hanging out on Old little boy..... OMS real life is left me ummm Here is the first clip of OMS
  11. Happy to finally grab a drama that has pulled me in right from the start. as I have been aimlessly walking in and out dramas to find my click! very good plot and looking forward to where this storyline is going to go. I don’t have too much to analyze at the moment. still trying to digest the many change of events in only 2 episodes!