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  1. @Songbae makes sense about Mr Mono. So I’ve decided based on the back view the person. It’s Logan. BUT still believe RoNa is still alive. just a fake death. maybe I am in denial... too many people dying in this drama.
  2. Wow good prediction! Since it’s a mystery who the twins mother is maybe a look alike? but mostly likely Su Ryeon. Logan definitely knew she was alive. Why else come back to Korea. Plus Su Ryeon doesn’t want Mr. Mono get hold of the land she dedicated to Min Jin. (Sp? The fake daughter) I don’t think Rona dead. It’s a repeat death plot of Min Jin (sp?) Most likely the nasty kisser Don Tae....( I gagged when he kissed Su Ryeon. Ewwww I just find his kissing turned off. Maybe because I find him unattractive and hate his guts. From now on I will refer him as Mr. Mono) S
  3. Just watched episode 5... Honestly, when it was revealed in season 1 who actually killed the orphan girl. I lost interest. So I waited on purpose to finish the last 2 episodes of season 1 right before starting season 2. I’m glad I did. The storyline has me on the edge of my seat. I keep thinking has Don Tae given mono to these ladies yet? He’s has kissed so many I feel like am watching Dallas, Dynasty, and Melrose Place this drama is good!
  4. I’m totally confused why Jk keeps running away from SH. so cold. I feel so bad for SJ... but happy he finally confessed and gets this off his chest. I read some of the webtoon... that just made me MORE confused over all good drama. I finally realized what I like the most about Cha Eun Woo ... it’s his eyes. His eyes smile. Like the SJ too. find the sweet bad boy role attractive. Very hard not root for either one. will be interesting wrap up of final episode. Wonder how it’s going to align with webtoon or just leave it open for us to image.
  5. Jeez all the men leaving SVillage without saying goodbye Noticed Jae Hee still has BCW as his first priority despite all this job drama going on. Jae Hee didn’t make a swift decision when asked to proceed with charges against PPH. plus when he walked away from SVillage, he silently acknowledged HE KNEW BCW was watching him walk away. Now that is so not too worried about their time apart. Men need to feel in control of situations sometimes, so Jae Hee working this out of town job, is his way of feeling he can take control of this situation. As for His Dads. wow the tw
  6. First, James hair color The gray was peeking out. Hopefully stylist fix it. Honestly It kept distracting. Big applause to Hawk Se. Love it he stood up to the doc coworker and made it clear Auntie was HIS woman. Starting to pity PPH, he is going to be back stabbed by Granma. I hope when he realizes he screwed up Jae He contract that he can correct the wrong. I can’t say I dislike him. I think he is trying to make something of himself to show BCS he is worthy of something. on second thought, maybe it will be James that helps Jae Hee out. That would make the relati
  7. Thanks @airasara for clearing the webtoon difference. I guess will continue reading the webtoon with that thought in mind. I was amazed the webtoon drawing is almost identical to actor playing Seo Jun. Agree 200% the flying in air was over dramatic.
  8. Hye Sun is really really good actress. I laughed so hard when “he” slapped “her” for kissing the king. I don’t put too much thought into history “real” king ending. just remembering the series says it’s fictional so the ending is an open book.
  9. Is the series following the webtoon? I found the webtoon online and started reading. Honestly, I jumped in the middle and now am confused. It’s Doesn’t seem parallel with the series. please correct me if am wrong.
  10. Agree the title Homemade Love fits the plot so far. It’s kinda nice how Sams Village brings everyone together and forms a bond of romantic love and also feelings of belonging. Predicting NR is the one pulling back Seo A from hitting BCW. so his story isn’t over. Suspect NR maybe is HS sister? Just picking up clues in between the story line. As he does have a desire for family and belonging. and the two of them such similar path of wanting acceptance and family kinda clicks. as for Ms Kim, kinda disappointed she didn’t approve of Jae Hee And BCW marriage. I thin
  11. I give appaulse to everyone here that can tolerate watching this drama. I learned daily dramas aren’t for me. I can’t digest the storyline. I just want to throw my shoe at the tv. I did take a peep and ended up crying my eyes out when Child died. Very talented kid. Same kid from Hi Bye Mama. Will continue to peek here see how’s the story is going though.
  12. Watching this drama has been very enjoyable every weekend. Just started to feel tense for BCW. And needed to get this off my chest here in Soompi A bit worried JH might be making the wrong move not telling BCW about PPH. He has tell her ASAP or his proposal is screwed. It’s nice that he immediately thinks the best way to give BCW sense of belongings and having a place with no doubt is with him. However the first thing I was thinking, where will they live!? He is still boarding in. That tiny room. Guess it’s safe assume if they marry they will still live at SVillage As
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