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  1. Wedding bells were just alarms caution tape around my heart I love that portion too... caution tape...
  2. I love that song sushi olivia and gnash 752
  3. 748. @nohamahamoud2002 back to Roda x Jinsang a bit lol. I think worth mentioning that Roda did sacrifice her life without blink, just for him. I do agree she seems hella confusing indeed at some point haha... Oh how i miss that drama @triplem make me realized i prefer unspoken word of love.
  4. 730. Ikr Yuuki is one confused lady. Lol. I also not continuing once Yuuki hook up with Kaname. Im Zero big fan. The art also a bit changed later on. Recently, I peek up at the ending and seems she also marry Zero and have kids with him... gosh... talking about cant made up mind !
  5. Say bye to lion.. say hi to cute angel . Move on to cute young guy @ktcjdrama that ship, any chance of sailing? Recently they were more like old best friend... 730
  6. @stargazer187 haha i see... i thought u were the star shipper stranded here. I also received many queries about my supposedly lawyer status . Which is im not, muahahha... wannabe only. @ktcjdrama lol.. i post some video ship before u didnt seem to react. I dont watch the drama. But i so love their interaction in the award. Feel LJK is on the moon by the way he looked at her... I do popped up in that thread before too hahaha... @staygold @sushilicious so cool u will be on internship? Yeah were pikachu & stitch... same age, same height lol. Dont feel that mature either ... In my 20 i was crazy about anime Vampire Knight, now im crazy about kdrama. Nothing much has changed in essence Except im making my own $$ and worry about paying the bills by myself. Lol 728
  7. Moon Geun Young right.. similar name haha.. I think it will be interesting to see. Good premise, and seems visually matchy couple for me. @stargazer187 been wanting to ask u, are u IU - Lee Jun Ki shipper? Haha... cos their ship name i think stargazer... Anyway hallo for u 692.
  8. 692 Actually you were guessing all right about the fgtd plot. You have a good skill. I think we were stress so much cos we want happy ending for uri Baek Jin Sang ssi. And actually @ktcjdrama first time knew her in that fgtd thread too. Lol. I remember she said, she will ignore the romance hahaha... So wise. I cant I was one of anxious shipper Btw @triplem your kim seun ho also in the strongest delivery man? Some of his portion with go woon hee look funny. But is he lead? Seems drama not popular... Ok actually i have so many dramas.. havent keeping out my promise to miss sushii too to watch voice 3 @sushilicious
  9. 680. @nohamahamoud2002 so cute when L asked to dance. SHS born 89 and L 92. Actually only 3 yrs gap, but i think L look so young. So the gap look like widen? Maybe if i join the thread i also will only squeal on how cute L is... haha... Btw noha is this 16 eps? So tonight will have 2nd ep?
  10. 682. I think Angel thread is fine. Theres a lot of information. The drama just started, dont think got too much to discuss yet. And L infinite is cute haha... so no wonder they love him. @nohamahamoud2002 Incarnation Money not really much into the romance. Its more like battle between him & the rival. Im lazy to write to thread unless really happen to love the drama or the actor. Or if my fren keep calling me lol like @Ameera Ali @kokodus i love the idea of Hyun Bin in army uniform, and North Korea at that!
  11. 680. @ktcjdrama @triplem secret forest theyre cute together. Im also low key ship them. But the guy cant feel anything supposedly lol. Its like shipping sinking ship. There are some ship him with shin hye sun too. Nah, this one i totally dont understand . @nohamahamoud2002 u seems against old guy young girl romance. I like ahjussi love too. I think theyre interesting. Thats why i love Roda & Jinsang. But Joseon Survival i also still dont know yet, whether i will like the couple or not. I also dont think will comment in Angel thread lol. Unless i got very inspired with the drama.
  12. Dear moon, my moon You never come close Like that moon that I can’t reach No matter how much I hurry after it Oh moon, like moon Why won’t you disappear? You’re like that moon that follows me Even if I turn around and run away from it You are Could it be coincidence? That moment our eyes met? I can almost hear the deep voice Coming up and speaking to me You give me your answer The answer that you hesitated to give You are far away But I think I know everything Oh moon, My moon I’m not trying to embrace you I know that you are too immense To fit into my arms Oh moon, My moon I’m not trying to own you The reason why you’re so dazzling to me Is because I am a pitch-black night Is it coincidence? I think I saw a shadowy stain That doesn’t suit you Somewhere on your white face I wave my hand It’s my sign language to call you In this place, there’s a lonely being That resembles you so much You don’t wane My only moon Down to the depths of the night That I can’t reach You shine down your white light, that serenity I will stay up tonight too DEAR MOON Jehwi
  13. Robot vacum cleaner I tried to think around... but this is the best investment ever for lazy potato
  14. Lol.. i also occasionally shipping detective couple tbh. But just small hint of romance will do. Too much of it, will disrupt the investigation. The pyschom is one of example.. when engrossed with the case, suddenly got bunch of romance. Lol, then I lost track ... Im easily get distracted type of person haha... at penguin madagascar pictures @Ameera Ali been an ages since ur last summon to lion thread In the mood of lion again? 682.
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