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  1. The rice cooker or the sneaker Or both lols 498
  2. 1k LV sneaker lol.. still better than 2.5k soompi rice cooker 498
  3. @thistle the covid situation itself not easy for healthy people. The feeling of isolation and work piling up (even more than normal work day) is not easy. About doctor suggesting to go to psychiatrist, believe me you're not the first one encounter it. Don't let them get into you. Thanks for sharing your story, sorry I don't have any good advice but we're all here with you.
  4. @JenL It was from Hwayugi drama for Lee Seung Gi. Jasper one look more advance lols...
  5. I come back to my old DP before I turned into rice cooker lols... 680
  6. 680 Saw a bit of It's Okay, but not my cup of tea. I'm watching The Ballot, quite fun. @alleram95
  7. 682 @alleram95 still hvnt finished lol.. .. my speed like turtle...
  8. 720 @larus this will be the 3rd time they become onscreen couple lol
  9. 716 @larus's bank is the best Btw larus if you open Ji Jin Hee new thread, I will come haha. But still in 2021.
  10. I like this couple. They reunite from I Have A Lover. The storyline sounds cool too... 708