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  1. Haha I admit some portion is cliche & cringeworthy... but i still enjoy it somehow 512
  2. 508 @sushilicious ROAR! Also not to forget put flower on him @triplem i wait for u lol... Ryan Gold is cutie
  3. Gorgeous cotton candy seller Her friend is professional paparazzi. No joke. P.s And dont you think both of them is more newsworthy than Cha Si An haha
  4. 504. Cotton Candy Seller I think I havent managed to sell his drama here... Why?!?! Lol
  5. 996 Let me walk elegantly first (~Na Yi Je) @sushilicious Finally done w/ job. I need to see my handsome Japanese speaking housemaid first
  6. Im done i got a dp meltdown. Not easy to get perfect one to fit that small size soompie allowance. @gm4queen have Daniel head turn left, i have mine turn right I hope you all enjoy it, cos u all always see me anyway muahahaha
  7. Lol tbh i prefer sushi so much more. I cant imagine i need to call u kimchi kimchi 994
  8. Haha @gm4queen already came here by herself and talk about Lie to Me. I can't help but need to promote a bit lol. It's a habit. And this drama is quite light & easy to watch.
  9. @gm4queen are you going to watch Lie to Me? This is the iconic scene from that drama. Cliche flower petal drops is a must!
  10. @sushilicious i also only can watch DP tom night. Eventhough holiday still got job to do in morning I hope 9-10 is exciting. 984
  11. 968. The friend that trying to stop them in taxi, actually quite commendable. I probably wont going to stop if anyone going to cheat
  12. @sushilicious past life of Dr. Na Yi Je 966
  13. Ya i can understand the hubby-wife with 20 yrs span history. But the bf-gf? Hmmm 958
  14. @triplem do u have the video ? Muahaha https://www.straitstimes.com/lifestyle/entertainment/andy-hui-scandal-there-may-be-sequels-to-kissing-video-clip-which-was @sushilicious oh no.. https://www.asiaone.com/entertainment/kenneth-ma-defends-girlfriend-jacqueline-wong-she-knows-shes-wrong 954
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