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  1. woah can't wait for this, i've been absent fr soompi bec of waiting for his other drama Four Men and what happened to that one? Missing PHJ truly! thanks for this new site for his drama! hello to all!! Just hope u can open the link below i've come across from twitter page PHJ https://www.vlive.tv/video/123714?channelCode=F42161
  2. Hi @hibiscus23 . I came here from Youtube  after I read a comment by a fellow PHJ fan Jinjoo claiming to be Hibiscus. Are you the same hibiscus? BTW I am Anindita Banerjee on Youtube.

  3. many thanks - however viki was just slow or having some tech issues but i was able to watch the latest epis! I hope you guys won't mind me sharing this but MK's or Choi Soo joong has an article and some of you may appreciate this after all I think a lot of fans are now enjoying this actor incldg myself https://www.hancinema.net/my-ugly-duckling-choi-soo-jong-is-a-romantic-husband-126100.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+hancinema%2FAUJj+(HanCinema+Daily+News) "My Ugly Duckling" Choi Soo-jong Is a Romantic Husband Choi Soo-jong surprised everyone with his wild statement. He appeared on the latest episode of the SBS TV show "My Ugly Duckling". He celebrated his 26th anniversary with his wife and explained, "My wife Ha Hee-ra has been an actress since she was in elementary school so she doesn't know how a lot of things work. I'm used to doing things for her and it's become a habit". Choi Soo-jong added, "My father was very caring. He made one day of the week 'the men's day' and made my mother and sister rest while hE and I did everything". "I will remain the same even when I'm in my 80s. Showing affection is a habit. If I say the things I do to show my affection, this won't be able to be broadcasted on TV. We start every morning with a good morning and..." Sin Dong-yup asked if he kissed her on her cheek and he answered, "Why kiss on the cheek when there's everywhere else?" what do you guys think of latest episodes? DR better not divorce our WDR - she's getting on my nerves lately
  4. guys anyone pls how come i can't watch on viki.com whereas only last night i was able to? where are you guys watching this? thanks I love MK & HJ so you're not alone!
  5. https://www.hancinema.net/ratings-my-only-one-breaks-40percent-again-125892.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email& "My Only One" broke through 40% once again. According to Nielsen Korea nationwide, the KBS 2TV weekend drama "My Only One" rated 35.2% and 40%, which shows an increase of 2.7% and 3.9% from the previous episodes. This is also the second time the drama has made it to 40% after it recorded 41.6% on the 14th. Kang Soo-il (Choi Soo-jong) was at risk of being revealed of his past conviction and Kim Mi-ran (Na Hye-mi) officially started to bully Kim Do-ran (UEE). MBC's "My Healing Love" rated 10.2%, 12.8%, 12.6%, and 14.0%. Source : /news.nate.com/view/2...
  6. I certainly hope not, DR/WDR period otherwise i'd also be disappointed to the max over the years watching kdramas a % of what i've watched got me disappointed & am sorry to say this, i started with Lovers in Paris woah it was soooo good but then at the end i and many other viewers were quite disappointed bec of the ending! i hope this one will continue to really leave us with a good feeling!!
  7. https://www.hancinema.net/song-won-seok-joins-my-only-one-125702.html hmmm he's a new addition to our fave drama! i wonder what significance he'd be in DR's life? Song Won-seok is joining the drama "My Only One". "My Only One" is about a woman whose life becomes complicated after meeting her father for the first time 28 years. He has had to hide himself but when he finally emerges, she is the only one on his side. Song Won-seok is taking on the role of Lee Tae-poong, an independent young man who is going to take lead of the later half of the drama. It's a great deal, being cast in a drama that's on a 40% viewing percentage roll. As a rookie actor, it may be a burden for him. Song Won-seok said, "It's a pleasurable burden. I am grateful for the role and I promise not to get in the way". Song Won-seok starred in the KBS 2TV "TV Novel - Dal-soon's Spring", MBC Everyone "Sweet and Salty Office" and others. Source : news.hankyung.com/art...
  8. @jechoi1 you did refresh my/our memories of that incident where the Brat's dad just happened to be at the wrong place at a wrong time? DR's dad out of sheer desperation to save his wife's life did the unthinkable but yes the Brat's dad got killed but might we say it was an accident? He was rushing to flee but i think if there's a jury present in all this, he won't plead guilty coz once again it was not intentional, even the loan shark guy's death was accidental! This chapter of DR's dad's life will add fuel to the fire once the Wang family finds out and what about Go Rae's mom right? I'm sure all hell will break loose! with regard to DR/WDR divorcing i just hope it won't happen!
  9. I'm almost certain you guys must've watched this epis of Happy Together with the MOO cast, and i guess it won't hurt if there's a duplicate already past few pages? as you know i'm a latecomer watching this drama but so happy I was able to catch up with you all I can't wait for the w/end so we can watch part 71!! To pass the time I'm watching this segment of HT with the cast! I don't know about you guys but I just hope DR and WDR won't separate! this is the time when they should be beside each other! I may be wrong but i think MK (for me) stole the show, I'm really liking this actor Choi Soo Jung - he and DR made me cry buckets every time they're on the screen!
  10. Just finished the latest epis - woah do we really need to wait for another w/end? omo omo this is just nerve wracking if you will! I hope DR wont divorce WDR that's unacceptable! WDR's mother continues to irritate me i don't know about you guys and that DY needs a lot of spanking, she's the root of most of DR's misery! Oettaeke what will happen to DR and MK, why can't these people understand them? They are still accusing DR/MK that they betrayed them and that they knew about it but had an ulterior motive! Once again, that scene of MK/DR made me really teary!
  11. like i said before i think DR shld've told Daeryuk about her father since he's a very nice & u/standing person! i can't understand why chairman wang needs to think about it where MK already explained his side of the story? i believe chairman wang wants to believe that DR/MK betrayed the family? that's just ridiculous! anyway the latest epi are available now so i can't wait, see you guys again later!
  12. thanks for sharing that latest rating @Nour Alhouda i believe Uee did mention during the KBS drama awards that they were hoping for a 40% rating if i'm not mistaken & woah so happy for them, they truly deserve this! i haven't really had a chance to read most of your postings chingoos but i'm now watching epi 66 where chairman wang found out DR/MK relationship as father/dtr bec of that mean sis in law, however, in my opinion Chairman Wang was quite harsh? of all ppl in this drama i was expecting him to be understanding towards them but instead he asked MK to leave tomorrow he said! i don't know but DR/MK scenes always made me cry ... i mean literally cry bec they were sooooo good in their roles! i can't wait to see the next one but i just want to let it off my chest so i paused the vid just to share it w/you all
  13. agreed, that brat needs some spanking! DR is super nice in all this drama, i can't help but be annoyed with those two wicked women DY & MIL! (the latter is just like a pushover whenever DY says she just yield with whatever she hears from her! chingoos if you haven't posted here the lyrics to one of my fave OSTs i just wanna share it with you: (credit: JHJ fansite) No One Else by Lee Seung Chul 천번이고 다시 태어난데도 cheonbeonigo dasi taeeonandedo 그런 사람 또 없을테죠 음~ geureon saram tto eobseultejyo eum~ 슬픈 내 삶을 따뜻하게 해줄 seulpeun nae sarmeul ttatteutage haejul 참 고마운 사람입니다 cham gomaun saramimnida 그런 그대를 위해서 나의 심장쯤이야 geureon geudaereul wihaeseo naui simjangjjeumiya 얼마든 아파도 좋은데 eolmadeun apado joheunde 사랑이란 그 말은 못해도 먼곳에서 이렇게 sarangiran geu mareun motaedo meongoseseo ireoke 바라만 보아도 모든걸 줄수 있어서 사랑할수 있어서 baraman boado modeungeol julsu isseoseo saranghalsu isseoseo 난 슬퍼도 행복합니다 nan seulpeodo haengbokhamnida 나 태어나 처음 가슴 떨리는 na taeeona cheoeum gaseum tteollineun 이런 사랑 또 없을테죠 ireon sarang tto eobseultejyo 몰래 감춰둔 오랜 기억속에 단 하나의 사랑입니다 mollae gamchwodun oraen gieoksoge dan hanaui sarangimnida 그런 그대를 위해서 아픈 눈물쯤이야 geureon geudaereul wihaeseo apeun nunmuljjeumiya 얼마든 참을수 있는데 eolmadeun chameulsu inneunde 사랑이란 그 말은 못해도 먼곳에서 이렇게 sarangiran geu mareun motaedo meongoseseo ireoke 바라만 보아도 모든걸 줄수 있어서 사랑할수 있어서 baraman boado modeungeol julsu isseoseo saranghalsu isseoseo 난 슬퍼도 행복합니다 nan seulpeodo haengbokhamnida 아무것도 바라지 않아도 amugeotdo baraji anhado 그대 웃어준다면 난 행복할텐데 geudae useojundamyeon nan haengbokhaltende 사랑은 주는거니까 그저 주는거니까 sarangeun juneungeonikka geujeo juneungeonikka 난 슬퍼도 행복합니다 nan seulpeodo haengbokhamnida ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- And here is the English translation. Read the lyrics carefully – was this song somehow written with JHJ fans in mind? No One Else Even if I’m reborn a thousand more times there wouldn’t be another person like you Mm~ The person who would warm up my sad life I’m grateful for that person For that person, my heart could hurt indefinitely. Even if I can’t tell that I love you, the fact that I’m able to look at you from a distance, give you everything and love you Even if I’m sad, i’m happy There is no other love in the world that would make my chest shake with anticipation like this My one love that I’ve hidden so far within my memories For a person like you, I could endure painful tears indefinitely. Even if I can’t tell that I love you, the fact that I’m able to look at you from a distance, give you everything and love you Even if I’m sad, I’m happy. I don’t want anything else except your laughter. With it I’ll be happy Because love is all about giving, just about giving So even if I’m sad, I’m happy.
  14. chingoos looks like you have already an idea about the reunion of dtr and father however, i'm still watching epi 65 where DR wants to reveal their relationship but father declined the idea, but if i may say so, DR is right i think rather than hearing it from somebody else like the evil sis in law i feel it's right to tell them but i'm just thinking out loud! based from the YT shared here it seems that father & dtr have separated from the Wang household? woah i can't stop watching this drama any kdrama pills out there LOL so i can stay sober if you will?
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