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  1. @jeonghyang and everyone here... w/the drama finally ending on a happy note i think we're kinda satisfied! the actors esp the leads did a gr8 job! kudos to LJG, MCW & KJH for their convincing roles in it! this drama was full of surprised indeed!
  2. @Nodame i hvnt really watched this but i'll try after finishing TFOE drama
  3. epi 8 seems to be shedding some light now at least for me LOLs it seems it takes Einstein to solve what's gg on with this drama or it may be just me?? However, I've been a fan of KJH since his Stars Falling etc drama & not to mention LJK so i sure hope KJH will soon get out of that coma & we'll see more of him too!
  4. @partyon & all amateur detectives, this drama i think got more questions than answers but to answer or speculate on just one of your topics i think DHS (kim ji hoon) must be the accomplice hence he's being hidden by his parents in that secret room in which even BHS I reckon didn't know of his whereabouts? that family picture spoke volumes, in a way my qstn tho is...is BHS not a biological son? he's just taking DHS' place temporarily and who knows maybe he's really not 'the bad guy' after all? i dunno if i'm making sense but that's what is mind boggling for me at this time, plus who's this
  5. @LumbarSpine thnx v much for shedding light on the characters LOLs it's quite interesting to watch this drama indeed! now i'm no longer in the dark for your sharing what you know & i apprec it v v much!
  6. hello to all FOEs here, i may be watching too fast or i may be too slow but bear with me y'all! i need some clarity plzzzz pretty plzzzz
  7. i think JW will soon uncover her husband's big secret & how long can she try to conceal that is quite interesting to know! this is quite interesting drama!
  8. @booha@willenette you're welcome for that article, it's always nice to contribute something hehehe same here chingoos so happy to be back here & knowing our CJH got another drama! gosh he's super bz N hard to keep up w/his projects! like i said i hvnt even finish his other drama hahaha! glad u guys are ok too and still so loyal to CJH! take care & see u again here!
  9. @booha @willenette chingoos long time no hear fr me hahaha i just saw this article fr hancinema about his new proj Zombie woah it sounds intriguing! how are you chingoos? sorry i hvnt been here i got bz with other thread & i hope CJH won't outcast me now hahaha Not sure if u guys got this artic here but i guess it won't hurt if it's a dup! this is something to look f/ward to! mind u guys i haven't finished his other proj hahaha---- i hope u guys are doing well! TTYL https://www.hancinema.net/choi-jin-hyuk-a-zombie-who-uses-bb-cream-and-perfume--144025.html?utm_source=Benc
  10. @Tuiwgn hi hi IKR such a porcelain complexion i might say hahaha woah smooth torso yes indeed! he looks so young in this drama i wondered if he got botox of sorts? hehehe it's unbelievable it seems like he's forever young? lols i also noticed that they're so good in finding a young BHS look-alike! mind you in other kdramas i've seen it's amazing how they do that ...finding a younger actor who resembles them so much! i'm just v impressed!! i can't wait to see ep 5 and yes i'm such a huge fan of BTS, speaking of which i shld check if there's one on YT i'm almost certain there shld be one by
  11. hello all - i just started watching this & thot of checking here if there's a thread & voila! i think it's a nice drama esp with both LJK & MCW 2 of my fave actors! am i the only one who noticed LJK's complexion w/c is flawless? woah he seems younger than ever? amazing! anyway, let me go back & watch & maybe after a few more epi i'll be able to chat at length! wave wave to all!
  12. @triplem so sorry chingoo to learn here that you're leaving! and if not a shout out fr @thanie i wld'nt be able to find out! you're @triplemone of those who helped me with my questions on soompi & it's sad to see someone leaving us! whatever the reason, we'll miss you tremendously! i sent you a tweet when soompi was offline but i guess you can always be contacted there if need be! You take care & it was nice knowing you here! see you on twitter
  13. @Nodame thx again chingoo! yeah i was bz & didn't hv time yet to see the ending epis but i'll surely get around to it one of these days! argh really the ending was not to our anticipation? i just hope they ended up together hahaha! Yes see u around other upcoming kdrama threads for sure! take care! & wave wave to all DMates here
  14. @Nodame & all woah i've been absent for a while & this thread just grew so much hehehe hello to all but i hvnt seen the latest or i meant the final or ending of DM! i hope it's a happy ending! i'll browse thru later but just can't seem to get used to this new soompi hahaha i guess having dealt with the old version for yrs just got me lost but i like the way the b/g is white bc it's easier to read!
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