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  1. @shana0127hi you may not know me :) but i'm a new fan of GSW since seeing him in 2/3 of his projects recently & am following this one just a wk or so ago after seeing Go se won ssi in Here Comes Love & Crazy Love - I never knew him until I saw him in these 2 mentioned kdramas & was very impressed with him! However, I can't seem to find anywhere here on soompi about him like other actors? Have you thought (as one of his fans) starting a bio of sorts about him? Pls let me know & I'll join you He's such a good actor & not sure if he's under-rated but if he is it's just sad be
  2. @nonskimian mian i hvnt been here for i think almost a year woah missing a lot here! just got pre-occupied plus this pandemic just made most of us stressful & all that! i thought i saw this at hancinema the other day & was so happy about this latest however, i hvnt really watched anything & of late i've checked most old kdramas & thought of coming here again! thanks for letting me know & i'll surely look f/ward to following this! i must say you're one of his loyal loyal fans & never ceased to amaze me! good for you & so happy for him as well for having dedicated fan
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