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  1. @irilight annyeong again chingo! howdy? hvnt been here for a few wks now i guess LOLs! anyway did you finish his Kkundae Intern drama yet? me not yet, ajik! i dunno aside fr too busy these days it's just one of those things! anyway, hv a gr8 w/end to you & all here!
  2. @TotoroSY hahaha ok first of the eye icon yday was missing that's the one for anything spoiler or other topics unrelated to say CLOY or other topic/s so yday I was gg to hide my message bc the topic was not about CLOY but i cldn't find it for some strange reason/s hahaha I really recommend Chocolate very highly, it's not really a heavy drama, i love their love story for one thing!
  3. @TotoroSY woah you're good in rewatching CLOY for 2nd time I cld've but since there's quite a few that I had to kinda check in terms of some old/new dramas I haven't really watched cloy again! hmm i'm missing the hide icon wae wae? hehehe anyway I've watched WOTM and curr watching DM it seems good but quite slow in first few epis! Haven't you watched Chocolate? ah you're missing something then! I also started HL but hvnt cont'd just yet! I've been kinda joggling on old dramas these days & just haven't even gone back to the latest epi of DM! wave wave to you & everyone who's been a loyal CLOY fans! sorry for being late in my replies as I sometime don't get a chance to come around here!
  4. @TotoroSY yes wave back to you too! I agree w/you, sometimes kdramas can have some rushed endings! i also wished they had extended it since the ratings were very good! Woash even in India CLOY is being featured in their mag? so cool! I truly miss the BinJin couple & RiRi couple plus the comrades!!
  5. @campanulah sorry comrade CLOY & others here, i'm late in replying as i haven't spazzing here for a while LOLs yes i think some of us it not all have been really into CLOY for a while & hard to break away eh? wave wave to you all @TotoroSY who's been diligently posting here even after the drama ended & some new faces if you will! i can't wait for our OTP to have another go with a new drama, perhaps a sequel? hehehe
  6. I'm still in disbelief hearing about their divorce! of al celeb couple i admired them both since they fell in love after the drama Tailor etc and this is such a sad news really! i hope both of them will find solace after what transpired in their married life! i think part of this news sinking in to us fans is that they're just 3 yrs into their marriage & that sweet angel daughter of theirs barely u/stand anything!
  7. @irilight sorry mian mian for late reply, got bz these days aside fr watching kdramas hahaha! You're more than welcome no worries! am i right that u also hv NGM thread? i shld visit that too! re the ex kkondae boss i can just say the casting for that particular area was mis-cast (such a word? hahaha) bc the produc can let another actress close to his age plus have a son that's a bit closer to PHJ age don't u think? anyway, we cannot always get what we want or expect in kdramas hahaha but glad u agree w/me on this!
  8. SYJ and HB leading the 56th Baeksang Arts Awards: https://www.hancinema.net/56th-baeksang-arts-awards-2020-fan-vote-open-141721.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+hancinema%2FAUJj+(HanCinema+Daily+News)
  9. @irilight yes am also liking it so far and he cracked me with that commercial hahaha i was literally laughing as it was being shown fr that epi! OK thx for the link of his new drama! Re that NGM sure by all means, go ahead & u need not credit me with that chingu, that's quite all right! I'm also a huge fan of Nam goon since his kdrama One Fine Day, & many others albeit i hvnt really chkd his very latest projects!
  10. @nonski@irilight hello u guys! just started Kkondae Intern & had a good laugh with his India Ramen commercial he was so hilarious! LOLs btw is this the right thread for Kkondae? if not, sorry i'm in the wrong thread He really was so funny with that Indian outfit for the commercial, he can pull anything be it drama or comedy! I'm enjoying it and just finished ep 2 & can't wait for more! cr: Story Kpop
  11. @TotoroSY i didn't vote again yet but i think u mentioned prev about the actress in TWOM now that I googled this drama I must say, yes i've seen her old projs and u know I checked this drama & woah she's good & the story is quite interesting! She's a good actress! I can't believe this CLOY thread is still active after so many months now that it folded that's good! It looks like it's gg to win! No i haven't got a chance to vote for BSA!
  12. @TotoroSY said: Just voted!! But not sure why Supporting Actress doesn't have the names listed out so can't vote for that. CLOY is winning so far in all the categories LOL!! But Best Actress is facing strong contender from Kim Hee Ae, which is not a surprise. Glad you're able to cast your vote already where i did mine yday! IKR? coz we can cast our votes for the supporting actress! I believe may come up to be the winner coz the votes right now are overwhelmingly leaning towards them! I haven't seen KHA projs so not sure if i ever hv seen her!
  13. Baeksang Awards nominated CLOY & it seems the voting from fans is making CLOY wins from Best Actress, Best Actor, Supporting, etc. Here's the link fr hancinema: https://www.hancinema.net/56th-baeksang-arts-awards-2020--dramas-nominees-list-141309.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+hancinema%2FAUJj+(HanCinema+Daily+News) If you chingoos have time, please vote for our fave CLOY Our fave SYJ & HB are gaining lots of votes so far! that's nice & they truly deserve it! 56th Baeksang Arts Awards 2020 - Dramas: Nominees List Nominees in dramas for the 56th Baeksang Arts Awards 2020, winners will be announced June, 6 2020. Best Drama "When the Camellia Blooms" "Crash Landing on You" "Stove League" "Kingdom - Season 2" "Hyena" Share your choice on HanCinema Thank you for voting! "Crash Landing on You" 69.68% (108 votes) "Kingdom - Season 2" 15.48% (24 votes) "When the Camellia Blooms" 6.45% (10 votes) "Stove League" 5.81% (9 votes) "Hyena" 2.58% (4 votes) Total Votes: 155
  14. @nonski our PHJ never ceased to amaze us, he's so handsome in those photos! can't wait to watch his latest proj! not sure if this artic fr hancinema has been posted but here it is: Namgoong Min, Park Hae-jin and Lee Sang-yeob Devote Themselves to Non-Stop Drama Work At this point, 'no break' is their strategy. Actors Namgoong Min, Park Hae-jin and Lee Sang-yeob have been working hard on dramas and are working on minimizing the gap between them and the viewers. With their diligence, they are also differentiating themselves from other lead actors who star in one or two dramas a year at most. Namgoong Min is by far the most aggressive actor on the small screens. He will soon start filming and aim for a 'three consecutive hits' following KBS 2TV's "Doctor Prisoner" in May last year and SBS' "Stove League" in February this year with tvN drama "Day and Night", which will air in the fall. Namgoong Min has achieved 15.8% and 19.1% ratings, respectively, with two recent dramas starring him. In particular, he broke the unwritten rule of broadcasting that sports-based dramas are difficult to succeed through "Stove League". Namgoong Min is showing his willingness to further solidify his position as the 'audience guarantee check' obtained through these dramas. His confident move is also confirmed in his next drama, "Day and Night". He is the main character of the mystery genre that delves into mysterious experiments that eliminate emotions and create high-intelligence children. Immediately after finishing KBS 2TV's "Forest" in March, Park Hae-jin immediately landed in a lead role for MBC's "Kkondae Intern" first broadcast on Tuesday. He is focusing on broadening the genre while trying to transform himself into a comedy figure following romance. He has already quickly decided on "Kkondae Intern" with the determination to fill a three-year hiatus caused by a dispute with the production company over the 2017 drama "Four Men", based on a webtoon of the same name. He also recently decided to appear in the drama "Crime Puzzle", which begins filming in the second half of the year. Lee Sang-yeob has recently stood out as a new ratings star for the small screen, with SBS's Monday-Tuesday drama "Good Casting" and KBS 2TV's weekend drama "Once Again", hitting 11% and 28%, respectively. Pre-produced drama, "Good Casting" can be on the air at the same time as "Once Again" thanks to the completion of filming in early February. Lee Sang-yeob has also been filling up his career with TV shows such as tvN's "Siberian Travels" and Channel A's "Love Affairs in the Afternoon". Source : /sports.donga.com/art... wave to you too!
  15. @irilight sorry chingu for late rep yeah wave wave to you and good to see how active you've been here girl! i need to check that out! see u again next time!!!