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  1. I think it just shows that YK makes other people root for her. Even if he works for Ryu, he can't help but to root for rank 1 soul, symbol of human goodness. I think he's YK's original guardian angel before YK went to prison. They already found out that it's a young guy who also killed HR's cat. The guy basically confessed it. That's why later Ryu, devil, made the guy suffer the pain of death. He's the same guy Ryu stole the soul right after the contract, granting the wish that his siblings kill their parents. Grandson fits the age if HR's woman had Lucca when SDC was in his 20s. (I'm not even sure if he married the woman) But Lee Choong Ryeol says SDC didn't date, which means SDC dated his woman much later. So at least in his 40s, which makes more sense. Lucca is in his 20s (I forgot his age. It was 20 something.) and SDC is 66. We do see SDC flashback looking aged and telling the woman to leave. I agree. I ship them too. They have great chemistry. And they are definitely fated just like YK loves to point it out. But at this point, it's very unlikely that they will be romantically involved. The writer have put so much stuff that makes viewers not ship them. I have a theory that there was a time when Lee Choong Ryeol might have met SDC when they were aged, and YK saw their interaction that caused YK to be scared/cautious of LCR. Maybe she even interfered, and LCR might have hurt her. LCR has face blindness and it was a long time ago enough for even HR to not remember YK. I don't think he knows about Lucca's birth secret. He doesn't seem to even know SDC had a woman. I also don't think he has Lucca's mom's contact. The sub must have gotten confused when LCR was talking about LCR's mother-in-law calling LCR. And LCR saying "think of him as Korean dad" is just him trying to sweet-talk Lucca because Lucca is son of prime minister.
  2. I wonder if this drama is going either "show" God like Dokkaebi ("Goblin") or hint at the existence of God like Angel's Last Mission. Ryu, the devil, does talk about God, but he doesn't seem to know God personally. He actually talks like Wang Yeo (grim reaper in Dokkaebi) before Yeo "met" God. It seems Ryu knows God exists because he himself (devil) exists, but he never met the God. I'm actually hoping this drama "shows" God. I really love Butterfly God in Dokkaebi. That God is really interesting. So I want to see another interesting God in new kdramas.
  3. I have a feeling that there is going to be no romance between HR and YK. Because writer made SDC's age 66. And HR sometimes acts like a grandpa. Even YK points out on it. Most importantly, they met when HR was aged SDC and YK was not an adult. The big NO was flashback where SDC lied that YK is his daughter. I think Lucca is there to remind viewers that HR is not YK's love interest. If writer is planning to make HR and YK into a couple, then the writer is very terrible at it. If they are going to be a couple, at most SDC should be in his 40s or maybe 50s since it seems YK is about 30 years old. For them to get together, HR should remain as HR, not SDC. And they should have never met when YK was still not an adult. Lucca should not exist too. Lucca reminds viewers of HR's actual age.
  4. Omg, cafe ajussi is definitely an angel or God! Personally, I think he's YK's current guardian angel. And we're finally getting hints of Kang Ha's past! I still think he's YK's original guardian angel. Lucca also thinks he himself is SDC's son! I'm excited that it seems my theories are all correct! Also, I'm kind of hoping HR will act as SDC's secret son or younger half-brother with big age gap. SDC is 66. And I think HR is 26-36? So at least 30 age gap... lol it will be kind of fun and explains reasons like why he's familiar with SDC and has his stuff. Besides I want his secret to be hidden longer, especially from Lee Choong Ryeol. Oh, do we finally get to see what was SDC's first wish? Since HR is asking to see if it was granted, I still go by my theory that his first wish was for somebody else. Either saving their life or helping them to live better life.
  5. After I watched ep 4, I'm more confident in my theory that amnesic guy is YK's original guardian angel. He starts to regain his memory after he met YK. He favors YK and feels happy and proud of HR every time he does something nice, especially if it concerns YK. he also says things like "with this attitude, you(HR) can't go to heaven," when HR refused to hire YK. It could also mean that the soul can change its rank because Gang Ha (amnesic guy) keeps trying to persuade HR to be kind and do good. The second-lead might be HR's ex-wife's son or grandson. I'm not sure if CY is having doubts about HR yet though, so hiring him could be either on purpose or conidenence. The first wish is going to be a big plot device. What was SDC's first wish? First thing that came to his mind? It's probably a two letter word like other wishes. One thing that bugs me is Ryu mentioning that if contract is canceled, those, who survived because of HR, will go back to their old condition resulting in their deaths. It could mean Gang Ha (amnesic guy), but I feel like the first wish could have been used to save someone. There was SDC(HR) past scene where he steals money and gives it to woman. So it's not for him, but for somebody else
  6. Rye explained that the rank goes higher up as soul inside does not have hidden "evil" feeling inside. Rank 1 soul does not have it at all. There is nothing to hide. And what they say is all true with no hidden feeling. Which makes sense when we know that HR is rank 4. He does have a good heart and often say whatever is in his mind. But he does have hidden feelings and not everything he says is true. He's not all that good. It's like "he's cold as devil" The way she says is like "How could you act like that if you're a human?!" That's supposed to be an emotional yet funny scene because without knowing she's correct. Ryu is not human. He's a devil with no tears. But she doesn't know that. Since Ryu seems to have no idea, the past that she was talking about seems to be original MTG. Not Ryu.
  7. HR is rank 4 soul! We all know that YK is rank 1 soul. It's so obvious from viewer's point of view. And her ajussi seems to be an angel? I didn't watch the next episode yet but I have a theory that rank 1 soul gets a guardian angel. They can't help like devil does. But they do their best. I'm guessing amnesic man, that HR has "picked up from the street" like his cat lol, is YK's original guardian angel. amnesic angel fought with Ryu and lost. Losing memory during the process. And it caused YK to go to prison. But he is quickly replaced by ajussi angel, which caused Ryu to lose her. So Ryu did contract with HR instead. That's why amnesic guy instinctively tries to help YK. Angels have true forms like devils. So Ryu does not recognize amnesic angel with a disguise. Either ajussi angel concealed YK so that Ryu can't recognize her or Ryu recognizes her and using HR to get her contract. The "not human" one that Ryu is looking for is either an amnesic angel or ajussi angel. If Ryu doesn't know, the only way to recognize YK is to find her angel that Ryu recognizes. If Ryu knows, he needs to find disguised angel, so that he can take care of her angel first, making sure angel can't interfere this time. Oh, and I have another theory that soul's rank can change when the human changes. And if HR changes to become rank 1 soul, then amnesic angel might become his guardian angel.
  8. Yeah, we seems to be going there. We already knows that the devil has somewhat soft spots for a devil as he says it himself. Like giving another chance to HR and also not killing the murderer boy by shouldering death burden by himself. (He only gave the boy the pain of death, but not the death itself). And Devil is curious about being sorry. But I'm afraid that if he redeems himself, I feel like it will be done by letting HR live and he himself dies because of it. I hope not. I also thought YG will be a muse to HR. And become true sing-song writers together. I really thought YG will sing at the audition and make HR wants to be a sing-song writer. Literally becoming his muse. But not in romantic way. BUT instead of that, we got the kdrama cliches. rich handsome Male lead saves his love interest. To be honest, it came out of nowhere. I know he felt bad for stealing her songs, but I thought he wasn't that close to her yet. He must have looked for her to find her. But he isn't close to her and at that moment, he has no reason to look for her. Every time they met, they always fought. There was never a nice smiling moment mutual from both sides. But still HR was dashing while saving her. I will give you that!
  9. Well, the romance. It could happen. There are many popular Korean novels/webtoons with becoming younger/time-travel back/dimension-travel to fictional novel/different world in younger body of someone else. And a lot of them have romance. So... This "getting younger(beautiful)/live better life" trope has always been popular. And even more popular these days. You can also see this trope quite a lot in recent years dramas/movies, but usually they keep it safe. For example, man gets younger body but still likes older woman, his first crush,and gets his older body back and become a couple with her. The man time-travel back to his younger days. It turns out his wife also time-traveled back with him. Man time-travels back only for him to switch himself with alternative timeline version of him with original age. He falls in love with woman, who is his wife in original timeline. But the woman is not the same person, but she does find out about his truth though. In the end, they marry again. And so on... So I'm not sure if the drama is going to just go she's adult and very mature for her age, so that the romance can happen with HR. Or she ends up romancing the similar age second-lead that we will meet later. I really like when first-lead romances second-lead. I will cry with joy if first-lead romances third-lead with enough understandable development. Anyway, do you guys know how old is Yi Gyung? She's an adult, right? Since her classmate is already married and has a baby, she's definitely an adult.
  10. The computer guy is suspended from his job right now because they knew he worked with HNG. He said it when she woke up in his house. Her sunbae gave false confession because of his kidnapped son. The head of their organization seems to be part of this Tailor Organization. So he seems to be one of the moles. The funny thing about Tailor Organization is that each member doesn't know each other. Only the tailors know everyone. I even doubts OYS knows everything.
  11. Next time, please just write "improve or why not try another way." I understand if you're disappointed, but some do like it. You're implying that this 60 days Designated Survivor is a failure adaptation and should stop or shouldn't have even started. That's very discouraging and it just ruined my mood since this is currently my favorite kdrama. xxx Hey, the earlier Blue House spokesman, before NW, might have not been the original spokesman? Because we had a scene in episode 1 where a man was talking about every authority higher-up important figures are gone. So I'm guessing that the one who sweats a lot was new spokesman after the incident, and that's why he was not good at it. Reporter also doesn't seem to know him much. If he was original spokesman, she should have known him.
  12. Yeah, i think Kang is still the mayor. But MJ reminded Kang who's in charge. Well, MJ reminded everyone who's in charge.
  13. After watching the episode 3, despite his words, I think YJ is almost ready to give his loyalty to MJ. I believe YJ character info said he wants to be a kingmaker. YJ sees potential in MJ and likes the fact that MJ is a good guy. He just needs MJ to become politically ambitious. YJ is MJ's serpent, the knowledge and ambition. He will probably give his loyalty to MJ in next episode. JS's loyalty seems to be always to the late president. But he likes MJ and knows that YJ likes MJ too. So he did what he did in episode 3, which will help MJ and also will help YJ to fully give his loyalty to MJ. NW, I don't know. Perhaps he will give his loyalty to MJ in next episode. I like how now that MJ's era begins, the talented younger generation are taking over the Blue House.
  14. Oh great, official translation is wrong. I hope they fix it in actual episode.
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