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  1. Well, SY did save first victim and found second victim first. So she does have some accomplishments. Like you said, the drama makes SY stands out. So I guess HY could easily persuade the higher-up. After all, I think the guy was the highest rank and seems to favor HY a lot. But mainly, just drama logic. But I definitely agree with making other cops look stupid. The information guy is actually shown very competent in what he does. Just that he's a spy (unwillingly? He looks like being blackmailed to me). To be honest, other cops doesn't seem that bad, but at the crucial moment, they all go "incompetent mode" But seriously, at least let HY shine. She's supposed be the experienced leader of the special team. But I never actually see her doing something. She gets information from her team member or YJ. Other team members find and go into house or secret hideout first. She just order, ask, and watch. I guess we could say she has great leadership.. but to me, she just looks incompetent with her high heel boots. @dramafan33 I also liked Voice female lead in the beginning. She has superpower, strong willed, and excellent at her work. Oh, and she is high rank officer. She has everything that I liked, but her tone and expression bothered me. To be honest, she's just bland character. Maybe she got development with more Voice dramas, but I didn't watch them. I like Jang Hyuk too. And I like his laugh as OHJ character. To me, OHJ laugh is slightly different from Gun's laugh. Both are forced laugh, but HJ's laugh has that uncanny effect that makes you think he's little unstable. Definitely, TG's kettlebell is more impactful and threatening than peppermint candy. Both murderers kill outrageously, but in the end we distinguish them by their signature. TG's signature is the way he kills. He doesn't even need to leave something behind to show that it is him who murdered. You look at the corpse and would know it's him. Our main murderer leaves behind regular peppermint candy. It's not even used for killing. It's afterthought. It's really hard to feel threatened by just regular peppermint candy. If we at least had gotten some detailed scenes of serial murder case, then we might feel the significance of the candy, but we didn't. I agree, I’m not impressed and main murderer doesn't feel like a formidable enemy. We need more information, backstory about the murderer.
  2. Thanks! I liked Voice to be honest except for that Oh officer's stalker fan case. Not like other cases, it has nothing to do with the main murderer. Even the culprit was over the top. Bland to be honest. But that character and his case storyline is much better than any of the cases that we got from our current drama so far. Voice1 first case, right? Washing Machine. It was very impactful. It had detailed background storyline that they had to quickly summarize. Even the way the case happened and solved was shown very well. I was invested in that story and characters. Both to culprit and victim. I guess I could understand your feeling toward Voice1 main leads. Their background storylines skimmed while the culprits background storylines were much more detailed. Also, male lead starts as very aggressive, so the first impression is minus. The female lead.. the way she talks. The tone? It's almost monotone, which makes her almost bland. Her expression wasn't better. It could have been just me though. But her background storyline was definitely weaker than male lead. However, this drama. They do opposite. They give better background storyline to our main leads, which they should. But they lack storyline for the culprits. Even our main Murderer lacks so much. To be honest, peppermint candy is not that interesting. So does this murderer has a specific way to kill a person? It seems they don't. We don't even know exactly who are the people that officially got murdered. I'm not invested in that serial murderer backstory because I don't know much about it. So as a viewer, I don't feel the thrill that much because the murderer doesn't seem that threatening. You know what was more interesting and threatening? First culprit's secret murder hideout sewer. Those hanged covered victim corpses are the most interesting part where I was invested in. To bad it was used for only one scene. Just passing by. Never to be mentioned again.
  3. I'm ok with HJ stuck in the secret hideout. He still gets his moments and helps out the crime cases. To me, he's not boring. He's actually very charismatic. I just hope they keep his disabilities. After all, I assume HJ is going to be our last target of Peppermint Candy murderer. And I don't want to see any "surprise! He can actually walk and see pretty well!" By the way, SH becoming the part of special team is not result of her skills, it's the result of "HY's favor" Seriously though, the ending was so ridiculous. Come on, you cops knew the profiler was target. Don't just stand there shocked. He obviously needs saving! It gave the same feeling as the fiancée car explosion. So I agreed that it's probably PD's fault. PD seems to want to show what happens in details in the short moment, but very bad at how to show it, which makes the scenes looks so slow. I'm pretty sure the car explosion and profiler murder happened extremely quickly. Also, the storyline needs to be better. The murder storyline needs to be much more interesting. This drama storyline is similar to Voice1 storyline in that viewers are getting separate murders, but they are linked to main murderer that our main leads are pursuing. However, Voice1 had much more detailed, interesting characters with much more interesting ways to murder people.
  4. I think that's what she said. Thanks!
  5. You mean the female doctor/nurse? I think she said something like "it is done." When she said that, YJ sighed in a way that the work is complete and now she can relax. I guess YJ was mentally exhausted and blood didn't help her. And another dying patient that she saw as she walked out escalated her panic attack.
  6. Oh yeah, that chicken looked delicious! And they promised each other to go eat other delicious food too! I actually enjoy all the food scenes even though they are probably ppl
  7. I know, right? Those delicious food with delivery service, especially the dessert! He even makes sure her senior won't agonize her. Even in home, I was surprised that he just gave up his whole steak to her. I thought he was going to share it.
  8. YJ: (I was so afraid that) because of me.. because of me.. they would die.. they would die.. [talking about the operation that she just did, which was successful.] SH: nobody dies because of you. You save people. You save them. YJ was worried about the operation she did. I guess because she didn't eat medicine? It seems she always worries that she will mess it up, and that's why she used to always eat panic disorder medicine before the operation.
  9. In today's episode, our male lead, SH said he worked hard to become extremely rich, self-made "diamond spoon" while our second male lead is born rich, rural "gold spoon" Sadly, it seems our female lead seems to not fully recognize that our second male lead is "gold spoon" while she assumes that our male lead SH is born extremely rich and lived peacefully his whole life. Second male lead's hyung-nim is actually his dad. I don't know why he keeps calling his dad hyung though? Even his father tells him to stop calling him hyung. We learned that his father has his hands on everything that has decision making power over this rural area. So we know that our second lead is son of the most powerful (and possibly richest) person living there.
  10. I like two of our mains three. OHJ and CSY. OHJ is definitely interesting character abit unrealistic. CSY is inexperienced but has potential. They go well together. These characters were made in a way that makes sense for them to work together. I actually like that OHJ first tried to stop the killer, but decided to spend more time on trying to save his fiancée. He's a member of police force. And this killer is serial killer who would likely to kill others if escapes. But instead of making sure to capture him, OHJ couldn't help but to go back to save his fiancée. So he ends up doing medium for both, which results in him losing both. I wonder if he regrets not choosing one. Maybe this is why OHJ told CSY to just get out without even looking for the victim. But still heartwarmed when CSY found the victim (he had tears in his eyes). CSY is somewhat our Watson. But she has her reasons like she didn't go to police school, not especially smart, and has no serious crime solving experience. But has somewhat common sense, still smart enough, and has exceptional memory that will help solving the crime case. I also like that she's somewhat introvert. Usually, the young main lead of the group is fiery one, especially in the crime drama. Two females in trio leads in non-romance drama. That's rare. Not only that, the male lead has disabilities in crime drama which results in him being restricted from getting spotlight. (In Voice, they needed female lead [who is usually stuck in one area] to do some action scenes to get more spotlight.) I hope OHJ is actually blind. It would be even more great if he actually can't walk as well. At least if he's going to walk, let him use prosthesis. I mean I think he's already using that for at least one of his hand. His disabilities are big part of story. The title itself "tell me what you saw" comes from the fact that he cannot see or walk, so somebody else has to go there and see for him. Unless it's sci fi, I'm tired of somehow cured the disability or the disability was fake ending. I feel so betrayed. For example, Beauty Inside kdrama. I was so disappointed that they had to give reason for male lead to risk his life to cure his disability and despite it having extremely low chance, he magically got cured because yay happy ending with perfectly healthy body! Sigh.. The cops are nice. Even though they didn't like CSY at first, it's somewhat understandable since CSY has no rights except for the team leader just giving her the spot in the team. She literally failed to enter the team when trying to enter it properly. And her ability to remember extremely well sounds doubtful, also she's extremely inexperienced in crime case solving. But when CSY shows her ability and proven correct, they quickly acknowledged the fact that she's right. Even when CSY tried to enter the sewer, the cops were against it because it's dangerous. They didn't even have backup yet. It was HHY, team leader, who allowed CSH to go in. When the connection got bad, the cops kept telling HHY to let CSH come back. They searched earnestly for her when backup came. Then later they truly welcomed her as a part of team. Anyway, the drama is definitely interesting. I can't wait for the next episodes!
  11. Didn't he have dual citizenship before he willingly drop American one, so that he could go to military? Some koreans still think he's just Korean because he went to military. Most koreans didn't know Ma Dong Seok was also American until marvel happened. Same with Choi Woo Shik. I bet not many people know that he's Canadian, and it seems some people are already asking around when he's going to the military. lol I think that's the reason why Ok Taecyeon chose to go to military. Probably, there was pressure that he should go because he's "korean." If he doesn't, some people will see him as just escaping his duty.
  12. The plot is interesting and fun. I always love good supernatural drama! I hope Goo DoKyung is an interesting character because so far he is not, but then again we hardly saw him. And is he going to be the burned face murderer? Can we stop with that voice? It's so unnatural in almost comical way. Also, stop focusing on Kim TaePhyung's eyes so much. Do that only when the viewers actually get to see the death. It's almost becoming uncomfortable. And please let Kim TaePhyung be more urgent next time! I know he doesn't believe that the fate can be changed. I know he's carefully looking through the place to find the exact place where the girl is buried. BUT STILL can he at least run a little? He was slowly walking almost all the times while Seo JoonYoung was running around frantically! It makes him so emotionless. I guess it's because he's used to seeing death so much, but it's hard to like the character when he's slowly walking around while everyone else desperately doing their best. Stop with narration and actually show him being involved enthusiastically! I don't care about his heart fluttering for the first time! At this point, girl's father is more interesting than Kim TaePhyung. Actually, the dead gangster is more interesting than Kim TaePhyung right now.