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  1. Here is the episodes 51 and 52 http://www1.icdrama.to/chinese-drama/4453-the-legends/ I dont know why the youtube channel didnt uploaded episodes?
  2. its so good tomorrow we can see next epiosde 53 or 54 kissing scene and MO Qing turning we waiting for this here is previews
  3. its up eng sub for ep 15 &16 at productiveprocrastination.site...
  4. here is little peak of ep 45 (0:01-2:04) *Jiang Wu is still sleep when everybody wake up.
  5. I dont get it what is (姜武) Jiang Wu background The relationship between QQX and Lu Zhao Yao? in trailer QQX want to talk to Zhao Yao about Jiang Wu!! Trailer next episodes
  6. The DVD Version at http://www.haitum.com/movie/105-24939.html u guy dont need the qiyi account so i find the dvd verison
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