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  1. gosh...goblin was long long long ago..haha. actually i cant remember much about me being active in goblin. but i love that drama..so there is a possibility. i still miss goblin. i haven't finish reading the links that you posted. did you dissect every episode of moa? i have read some and it is interesting and entertaining..hehe. will come back to the explanation once i am done reading ... *your explanation of FAITH is deeper than the ones in the bible...haha. *you write really well maybe when i am done reading your explanation, i will have the courage to watch the last ep.
  2. yes ...it was bride water god. gosh we talk so much during that drama...and the ending..lol. ok..it was some time ago, but i still remember some of the conversation, and i think it was supergal99..her gif always make my day..hahahaha.
  3. hi @vangsweetie637 i believe i've met you in other thread before moa..but i cant seem to remember..sign of old age...forgive me. which thread will you be hopping to? i am not sure what is the next drama that will make me go crazy and crave for more like moa. despite the stupid ending, i did enjoyed the whole drama (except the ending), great to see HB in action. i dont think i will be watching the ending ep, i cannot find courage to see JW turn into "sugar". i am so hurt..betrayed by the writer. i was still hoping for good ending till yesterday before the start of the drama, but never thought she will choose to "pierce" all our heart.
  4. what is wrong with you writer.... are u proud of your own ending?? something is really not right with your brain. did you forget that this is the finale? you have very bad planning and putting your script in sequence...and on top of that, you just have to ruin the ending. so ....what happen to the guy who was narrating a few eps ago? where is he... and SUDDENLY ....sj becomes a "celebrity" and ....do i even care who yr marries? why.....?
  5. it's better to put on the lens and teleport yourself to writernim. ..and vaporize her into thin air...
  6. if jw died...then how did he narrate the whole story...fingers cross.. pls no sad ending.
  7. me too.. i want to believe it the writer one last time lol. i can't believe its ending today...the day when jw knock on hj's door in granada seems ages ago. by the way, if there is going to be another ver of moa, i would really want to see hj slaying some npcs...together with jw in granada.
  8. hi @Kasmicthanks for the call. been too busy to chat in forum. but i do read comments whenever i am able to. sorry to join so late..lol. hope to be able to ride this final ride with the rest of the chingus here. i have to say this is one CONFUSING drama that i like. thanks to hb and psh. they have done a great job, convincing audience..like me, sucking myself into their game realm. i am not even sure what to say about the writer..as i am totally lost as to understanding why the writer this and that..lol.. but one thing ...the writer did successfully conned me into suspecting many chars as the culprit behind the many crazy npcs that were attacking our beloved jw. from suspecting prof cha, to his friend dir/ceo park, to hj's weird guy friend. weird for me coz he appears out of "nowhere"..and i am still wondering what is the purpose of his char. i am wondering why he has a scene playing the guitar..when we dont have any otp scenes. lol and uri HB..the scene where he was stabbed by emma and the scene where he was in pain in the toilet...his face, expression...the pain...wow..how did he do that. i repeat that scenes...so many times. and WHY is JW a bug now???? hmm...... **** and this is also one drama - FLASh BACK gone wrong.. writernim, you keep flaSHING back to confused me further.
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