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  1. Princess Jasmine is real broke, @Lmangla That's explain.... +2
  2. @Lmangla You meant this?? @sushilicious Darling.... every girl is beautiful in her own way. It’s incomparable...Just like a saying, “There is a Marilyn in every little girl, some are Monroe and some are Manson... +2
  3. @Lmangla During the olden days when I was still watching lots of lots of Bollywood movies, I always loved and fascinated by the costumes. Bollywood costumes got so many ornaments like beads and embroidery in every color imaginable BUT it never looked cheap. Strangely, the moment the same theme is brought to Hollywood, it’s cheapens drastically. I always think that Indian ladies looked the best in their native costumes. Indian saree or lehenga(?) are really tailored specially for Indian. Rarely a non Indian lady can pulled off Indian costumes. That fuchsia gown is positively ghastly....It’s looks like Halloween costumes. +2
  4. @sushilicious @Lawyerh I love getting a massage. I tried almost everything, Thai Massage is incredible. You feel like you are being battered by Jacky Chan or Jet Lee but the next day is heaven.... +2
  5. @Lawyerh @Sejabin Instead of Ventosa, Indonesian got this.... Recommended for Alladin too... +2
  6. No English term for "masuk angin".... It's translated literally "the wind/air goes inside body".... 782
  7. Masuk angin..... Alladin might needs a Ventosa.... +2
  8. @Lmangla I think Princess Jasmine is wearing what they called harem pant, inspired by salvar Turkish origin. If I am not mistaken Alladin is from Middle East??? 1001 Nights??? Also some depicted Alladin in a turban, I am not so sure if Middle eastern wears turban....I thought it's Indian?? +2
  9. @Ameera Ali Whip out your hot stuffs collection, please.... I got one here..... +2
  10. @mouse007 The only thing you missed out from here were many many many discussion about hot "stuffs"..... #WinkWink +2
  11. The discussion about PMY here made me wanna ask something.....I am more of KJW's fan than PMY. So for those who follow her since ancient time, did you notice that her acting chop is way more advance in HPL than her previous dramas??? Because I do notice it....
  12. @TheRoadtoPMY @Shine Son I considered dubbing as moving backward in terms of learning. While subtitles can really help in learning a new lingo. I am not a Filipino But an expat in PH. When I was young back in my home country all foreign movies/dramas including Japanese and America cartoons were subtitled. It helped a lot in learning the new lingo but now when the tv stations dubbed everything foreign, it looked weird and destroyed the chances of learning. I learned lots of Korean, Tagalog and Mandarin vocabularies by watching dramas alone. I won’t called myself an expert in those lingo but still I picked up a lot...
  13. @TheRoadtoPMY @Shine Son Tbh, I prefer any foreign dramas in its original lingo with subtitles. It’s mess up my head if I watch PMY and KJW speaking Tagalog... I loathe remakes like what they did with My Love From Another Star...
  14. The stark contrast of KJW’s lobster red complexion with PMY’s complexion is positively astonishing.... If we stick a thermometer on him, the heats might off the chart...
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