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  1. Sky Castle is getting gripping and gripping.... I have to recharge for tomorrow last 4 episodes....This is definitely one of the best K drama. One of the rare dramas that I watch without FF button. I put it up there with Money Flower. @staygold You should watch it... +2
  2. @ktcjdrama What do you think??? For me so far so good, plenty of twists and turns, bumps and holes along the way....I marveled at the phenomenal level of hypocrisy of the people involved though.... +2
  3. @ktcjdrama But it's a really superb drama that didn't comes along often....Everything is flawless and makes me sitting on the edge of my chair. I am on episode 14, I need a break for my beauty sleep tonight and continue tomorrow....Too heavy to keep continue...I will gain plenty of wrinkles from frowning and grimacing.... +2
  4. I know it's a dark comedy but I am having problems to laugh at it because the dark is more than the comedy.... 1000
  5. Cha Family and Woo Family are quite funny but the rest are creepy. But still I can't really say that Sky Castle is a comedy.... So many familiar faces in that drama. It's seem like they gathered many second third fourth leads and some minors characters from other dramas and rolled them into Sky Castle... I am a bit curious with Teacher Jo the wing man of Coach Kim. He seems to be not THAT creepy and seems to knew a lot too.... The ladies dressed really2 well from top to toes, definitely one of the highlight... So many Manolo scattered around... The actress played Coach Kim is a superb actress, her subtle changes of expression is awesome.... +2
  6. @ktcjdrama Sky Castle Rocks!!! I am on episode 11 and it's on fire!! YEAH!!! The casts are superb and their acting are stellar... +2
  7. Unfortunately nope... I loathed people who do things half baked. Bed scene on Asia television never really convincing so I would rather their imply it rather than show it..... The thread that you mentioned always HOT during HPL airing time... +2
  8. Father KJW exorcising fangirl PMY.... +2
  9. So the final cut of Flour Scene in episode 12 practically almost has no different with the BTS... It looked like they served us the BTS....
  10. @ktcjdrama I finished episode 5 and there was nothing that made me laugh yet... Cha Family is the one with twin? Dad is absolutely horrible but Mom is lovely...The Tutor God is extremely creepy... +2
  11. @ktcjdrama @triplem Sky Castle is very dark....It tackled the darkest part of human’s heart... I have no break from the darkness while watching. Some dramas weaved lighter moments into the darkness but not this one. I need a break from it... +2
  12. Next time PM me in Slack, Soompi Messenger is weird....maybe I will receive it tomorrow..... Hope you feel better now even though I didn't read anything.....Muach muach.... +2
  13. No, I did not.... None in Soompi or Slacks.....You can send again in Slack..... +2
  14. Huh??? I am sorry but I don't understand.....I don't see any threatening message in my PM too??? You can PM me if you want.... +2
  15. Wow!!! Can't believe those sickos are allowed to breed and treated their children like circus animal....Sick parents breed sick children who in turn destroy the society... The good boy is the same boy in Signal, no??? He is cute... +2
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