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  1. @Lmangla What confuses me is the birth order of the 3 older children....IF SH’s mom is the legal first wife why SH has an Oppa (the one married but sleeping in a separate bed with wifey)? Isn’t she supposedly the eldest? Or the dad was cheating before SH was born the reason Mommy moved out?? Even the family tree is makjang... +2
  2. @Ameera Ali @Sarang21 This describes us perfectly in this thread at the moment..... +2
  3. I am holding back because it's not fun to win by ambushing the lone Sub Team member..... +2
  4. I am having a case of allergy, my lips at the moment: +2
  5. @Ameera Ali Did you mention legs??? +2
  6. Waiting for Our Lady of Perpetual Unsexy Nipples making her next moves.... +2
  7. @Lmangla @Ameera Ali I plan to watch it after it's done airing...not a priority though but I kinda like the makjangness..... +2
  8. 514 I have to Googled Lee DongHae.... I think they look similar because of the hair style only.... No number
  9. Love the Bao Tze Set......So cute.... +2
  10. I won't say that AJH is a complete innocent party here but I can see that he was really love her in the beginning. Because despite all of the "abuses" he received from her, I can still feel his affection right until this very moment in how the way he handles the situation. SJK's divorce lawsuit had steel underneath that said, "Accept it or else..." but AJH's I can only see his pity for her. He has no choice, stay with her and dies slowly OR run for his life. Regarding GHS, I keep repeating myself here that she does have way bigger issues mentally. The chaos we see in public so far is only a tip of an iceberg. The one and only reason WHY she has no one beside her in this situation. There is a strong reason why she is clinging so strongly onto him. Most likely he is the last person standing beside her. AJH has friends, lawyer, agency even neighbors who speak up willingly on his behalf while her zero nada, not parent and sibs even her lawyer issued a statement that said they have no plan on doing anything on her behalf. +2
  11. Wedhok gendheng, Beib..... @Lawyerh Correct???? +2
  12. I would say this traditional method is way tempting..... +2
  13. Daily occurrence in Goo-Ahn Residence....you don't need to understand the lingo though...... +2
  14. AJH should had put a decoy when he rescued Anju..... +2
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