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  1. @Catleya For a good cookies or cake (lapis legit or lapis Surabaya or any lapis2an) it’s usually Wijsman or Blue Triangle Butter, right? I was totally confused with roombutter, it’s not English actually.... My mother never uses Blue Band or margarine for baking though. She’s uses either Wijsman or Blue Triangle. We can imagine the calories.... +2
  2. @Catleya May I know what is roombutter? +2
  3. I roast all kind of meat including Oppa #WinkWink @Catleya For Nastar I usually use unsalted butter. How about you? +2
  4. I don’t bake, I buy...but I roast.... +2
  5. @Nodame @Thong Thin @partyon Got it!! Absolutely yummy!! Please wipe off those saliva on your chins!! +2
  6. @partyon It’s a Norwegian dessert +2
  7. @partyon Have you try Verdens Beste Kake? Any good??? It’s looks totally awesome though!! +2
  8. I see there is a discussion about whether The King will do the deed without consent of the drunk Queen because The King is supposedly a gentleman. IMHO, given a chance The King won't hesitates to do it because The Queen is his lawful wife and the setting is an ancient time that never heard of the word "consent" between husband and wife. But whether The Kind really did it on THAT particular time, I am split into 50:50 not because of "consent" but because The King has another mission in his mind.
  9. @Ameera Ali I think sooner or later The Royal Couple will do the deed. There is an urgent need for a pregnancy to throw their world into chaos...but I am not sure if episode 9 will be the one. +2
  10. No detail yet, that part is confusing still. Next episode will elaborates I am sure.... @Sleepy Owl I love The Royal Cousin too, he is totally swoony and dashing +2
  11. The one who saved The Little King was not The Royal Snake but The Queen (we don't have the details yet)The Royal Snake took the credit and that was the reason why The King loves her. The Queen said she is a fake Kim So Yong +2
  12. @Sleepy Owl After you watch the latest episode you will see the real face of The Royal Snake..... I have a good impression with The Royal Cousin because as the story tells he was a top graduate of Joseon whatever BUT he refused to works for the palace until he saw what happened to The Queen. His sole mission in the palace is only to protects The Queen, the love of his life. He had no problem to let her go in the beginning because he thought she will be happy. He only accepted the position in Department of Justice after he saw The Queen's suffering in the hand of The King.
  13. I would say she will be the main villains.... Just because The King didn't sleep with her, she spills the beans to The Dowager. Can we imagine what will happens IF The Queen pregnant first (like the C version)? +2
  14. @Sleepy Owl @partyon I hope they will give us a happy ending. I have no problems with The Royal Cousin because he is in the right path. He step up AFTER he saw how badly The King treated The Queen even in the public. He was willing to dies for The Royal Snake and ignored The Queen after she saved both of their skin and put herself in predicament. I am sure Royal Cousin will be able to make a right decision at the end. But The Royal Snake and The King's half bro are totally different league. Half Bro is in love with The Royal Snake and being worries about The King wavers over T
  15. I was laughing my RickRoll'D off with Mr. Queen.... and Mr. Queen sets a new trend of sexy mean back muscles instead of the usual six/eight packs.... I am waiting in anticipation whether they did the deed or not based upon episode 9 preview..... Rephrased Qs for the ones adorned with dragon and dragon balls: Do you prefer young or old grass??? +2
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