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  1. #FanningSelf Credit: https://m.weibo.cn/status/4637952666503239?
  2. As long as he is legally snatchable...... +2
  3. @kokodus @Lmangla I hope the news that we read outside your country are the exaggerated version because it's totally devastating. My mother was crying her eyes out watching some news and footage of people in the hospitals. Stay safe stay healthy. My prayer will always with you..... +2
  4. @kokodus @Lmangla @staygold Read the news few days ago about Covid in your country and hope you and family are fine.... +2
  5. I am here!!! Moringa is a plant as far as I know. It can be used as tea or mixed with tea (Camellia sinensis). It's a very common plant in PH, people cooked Moringa as veggies. While in Indo people used it to feed pigs....The leaves has a distinguish smell. I quite like the leaves in the soup but never tried the pods. +2
  6. @aisling SJH is very formal with her co stars. I watched her Dinner Mate, she was totally professional and formal with her otp despite his attempts to be closed to her. KJH seemed to be a very friendly cuddly touchy co star but he was never flustered except with SHS.
  7. Actually KJH is a touchy feely type of person (not in a bad way). In Waikiki he was always touching his other co stars especially his OTP. Another co star that he was quite touchy feely Chae Seo Jin. Remember the picture of them linking fingers in the public???
  8. @aisling @kimchimandu SPAO is a nice brand. Affordable but good quality and well made. They got everything from top to toe. I got some of their items in Kuala Lumpur Pavilion Mall when I traveled there. There is no SPAO in the country I am residing at the moment KJH and his OTP in School is quite close during filming not sure now. They had many sweet moments. She is very cute and they looked great together.
  9. Isn’t it interesting to see how he was a confident in-control no nonsense type of person in front of working cams BUT in front of SHS he was reduced to a giddy smitten blushing awkward teenager???
  10. Hmmm, no wonder in the bts he was always stayed in character even after the director yelled "CUT"....
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