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  1. But other baked goods like breads, do we use the same term??? +2
  2. Isn't caramelized has everything to do with sugar/caramel, no??? @larus That bread looks like heaven....who care about health?? 498
  3. Yes....a term for a baked goods that let it baked longer so it will looks browner..... 494
  4. Yeah, there is the word in my language too but none in English.... My dialect called it chiak chiak.... Do you know? @angelangie 492
  5. @TiNaDo Your Oppa is such a dork..... I can hear his heart shattered into pieces when SYJ said that he told bad jokes.... 492
  6. That's how this cake is....but of course not the type of burnt like charcoal one but just enough to gives the cake some smoky smell..... 492
  7. 494 @angelangie I think when people saw the word "burnt" they thought it was an accident but actually that's the norms..... They burnt it intentionally......
  8. That's why there is a disclaimer there..... Baking isn't my forte, cooking and roasting okay lha..... +2
  9. My Burnt Basque Baby Cheesecakes.... Bought not baked by me.... +2
  10. ST definitely has a crush on MY but I don't think he has a kind of romantic feels for her. More like fanboying just like what we feels toward hot sexy six packed Oppa with soulful eyes..... IMO, MY is not a manipulative person. She is smart and can sees what most people can't BUT she is straightforward and and not a 2 faces or faked person. When she sets her eyes and minds on something, she will "locked" it and focus on it. Most of the time when someone hurled insults at her or said something that she isn't happy with she will stores it in her minds and hurls it back when opportunities arrive. Just like what happened in Bates Motel. That is not manipulative but smart and she hates hypocrites. I do believe that somehow she is incapable of manipulating acts (as most ASP). With regards to ST, she does sees a potential in him. He is a good illustrator and she needs one for a fresh starts after her latest book got junked. Her works and illustrations tend to get dark and depressing while ST's illustrations are bright and cheerful. Like I said, she is smart so she can sees a good opportunities beside it doesn't hurts either when good illustrator comes with a hot safety pin as a set which is her main goals..... IF she is a manipulative one, she will find other ways in "trapping" GT. Every human has a capability of loving whether he/she is a psycho or not....