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  1. Something got into your eyes??? 546
  2. Absolutely...#WinkWink Especially Asian men rarely grow square jaws..... +2
  3. I watched that video long time ago...I just didn't realised he is Dante.... @angelangie Especially the square jaw.... +2
  4. I thought these 2 were the same person before.... +2
  5. So Koreanized version of Dante.... I live in a country that strongly influenced by Spanish and choked full of the so called Dante as well as the like of Matteo, Miguel, Carlo etc, my last name even literally translated to rolling mountain in Spanish... I always thought Dante is Spanish until I read Dante's Inferno.... +2
  6. Ooooooh, the fighter in Oh My Venus....He is a tall dark and handsome type of guy... 540
  7. What drama and who is this dude??? I won't say Oppa yet.... 536
  8. 530 Dante??? Dante's Inferno???
  9. Of course, babies have this sweet milky smell that can beat any expensive perfume.... +2
  10. @tamee_bae Welcome Team Add new member.... +2
  11. IKR!!! She isn't the cute type but powerful sexy and gorg.... KJW and LDH will be great as Mr. and Mrs. Smith Korean version....
  12. KJW is so sexy by doing nothing and sensual with his non verbal cues when he was romancing a lady that it's so hard to keep our minds out of the gutter.... Man to Man is a very nice sophisticated drama ala James Bond (not Johnny English...) that I absolutely love....I hope there will be something similar in the future....
  13. Or can be lighter role but sophisticated like Man To Man and I want a gorg lady as his OTP.......Agree regarding the subs...I want to watch Another Way but can't find it anywhere with subs. My Korean is absolutely non existences...... Doing 2 heavy roles last year seemed to take a toll on him. He was very skinny at the end of The Guest... His face was all cheekbones and some bangs....
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