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  1. @H0ney LJG is sexy, he reminded me of KJW another sexy actor with to die for cheekbones..... +2
  2. Me too.....#WinkWink and tears off his clothes immediately after pumps him up with vitamins and supplements..... But I saw a snippet in IG that show wifey removing his pajama top....Not after hospital??? +2
  3. For folks who watch FoE, it’s seems to be intense yah??? Any good? I am dying in starting it but no time yet..... +2
  4. Darling, I am up to my eyeballs in SOHCOHTOA, numbers, triangles, angles, degrees including all of their family, distance relatives and friends. Never imagine that I have to go back to my most hated phase of my life after all these years.... I can barely start a new drama. I wanna watch FoE but got no time yet. My children are using laptop, iPad and iPhone for their classes (3 devices each at the same time). I left with TV and my 6 inches mobile phone. I can only watch Netflix on TV since mobile phone is no fun for watching anything and FoE isn’t available on Netflix. How are you? Long time no see.... +2
  5. @partyon I had not watch any of the 3 dramas since I avoid Saeguk.... so since I had not watched it so I cannot rewatch..... +2
  6. As all of us had noticed during the few last episodes, SYJ was barely in the BTS. Most likely she’s not in the condition to be on bts cam after all of the emotional and energy draining scenes that she had to do on screen. She had to cried a lot as we can see her eyes were all puffy in the last episodes despite during crying scenes.
  7. I am surprised if he really does that because his dad left him and his Mom to fend for themselves ever since he was tiny. Few years back when the half sister's side announced that she is his half sister during her song debut and many reports said that they were closed and lived together, his agency released an official statement to debunked their closeness. Also he claimed to be an only child out of consideration to his Mom. He is a Mama Boy and if he is supporting the so called father and his woman plus progeny/ies, I am sure it will hurt the Mom more.....But if it is true, than his Mom is an angel to allowed him to to that....
  8. #HighFive I am with you on this. The kissing scene was so stiff and I can literally hear Director shouting commands to them, "Left right, left right, upper lips, a little longer, yes, yes, yes, again, now lower lips, again, again, YES!! CUT!!". Also I found it funny how a man and a woman kissed or make out but after that they still feel shy with bit of accidental hands touching.... Romantic love isn't asking for ONLY a torrid explicit kissing or full blown bedding action but a little touch here and there in the right moment will absolutely make a different. So far Her Private Life and Okay were the ones really delivered.
  9. Beside don’t forget that GT choked and slammed Mental Mom on the same table top he was making out with the daughter..... It’s like covering a bad thing with a great thing, I suppose. Just like ST who’s covering a mutant dabi with beautiful ones....
  10. I do find the making of last episode is rushed too. Even both SYJ looked so tired with slight swollen eyes that makeup can barely covered it. In the morning after scene, both KSH and SYJ’s makeup were uneven and blotchy. If I am not mistaken there’s a preview scene from episode 15 that shows books (not Finding New Faces) being displayed that didn’t aired in episode 16. I read that the outdoor filming was delayed because of bad weather in SK.
  11. Bawling my eyes out for the scene where ST was reading his book to Mom’s tree.... Over all is a great drama, the only pothole is The Resurrection of The Mental Mom. Writernim was throwing those sexy scenes to lulled us so we will forget about Mom....I see you, Writernim!!! The extra bloopers are super funny....
  12. That is Louis Vuitton Cannes priced $2934. Also for those interested in Dolly....She cost $160
  13. I hope we will get a kiss and then ST will burst inside, caught them and say, “Told you, a kiss is better than a fight.”
  14. GT: Saranghae, Ko Moon Young!!! Saranghae!!! The spectators: Shouldn't he get admitted?? add. Btw, I love the new GT. The GT who is fierce, clingy, pushover and not holding back anymore in reaching for his happiness....
  15. @mademoisellesia Definitely Netflix....I can never enjoy a drama without understanding the lingo. +2
  16. @mademoisellesia Yes, saw it few days ago and I am waiting for the justification tonight. I am sure I am not the only one..... +2
  17. Well, there’s definitely an “improvement” since I didn’t see him get hot and bothered during the previous pictorial session.....
  18. Can you imagine the promotional lines?? Cracked skull? No problem Bloated from too much reservoir exposure?? Easy Aging? You are kidding, right... Murderous husband?? WinkWink Anti Social daughter? Hahaha We guarantee no one, we repeat NO ONE can recognize you. Not even your closest family and friends. YES, WE ARE THAT GOOD!!
  19. Well, if Nurse Park proven to be MY’s Mom then this drama’s biggest PPL will be SK’s Plastic Surgery Industry .... Credit @mademoisellesia
  20. @mirmz Congrats, Darling!!! Send kisses from us PAC for him..... 412
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