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  1. Let's help Uncle HaeJin raise funds for Happy Bean by subscribing to the Star Bookstore channel and by streaming Park Hae Jin's audio books released today and another on the 25th. Even if you don't understand Korean, you'll be drawn to his beautiful and perfect voice acting! 10k+++ plays/streams = additional 1M Won donation 100k subscribers = additional 10M Won donation Link to the first audio clip: http://naver.me/FbBIuIHD Star Bookstore channel: http://naver.me/FVUbTOyH As of 22:56 KST, the number of streams is now at 2.2k. Th
  2. Hello there! So they dropped a few stills from the final episode which depicts somewhat a sad Yeol Chan. PD-nim said there will be a twist in the story. So what do you think is the the twist? We're also having quite a discussion on Twitter and we have some rather funny theories in mind. - Ga Yeol Chan will own Junsu? Ga Yeol Chan will own a noodle company? Maybe he was finally kicked out of Junsu, thus the sad expression. - YeolChan turns out to be the long lost son of Man Sik or the actual heir of JoonSu Co. or Yeol Chan and JoonSu are actually stepbr
  3. "I'm sorry, Hae Jin.": Kim Eung Soo sits down and cries during a scene in Kkondae Intern According to officials, Kim Eung Soo suddenly sat down while filming with Park Hae Jin and wiped away his tears. He empathized with Ga Yeol Chan's pitiful situation during the scene when his character, Lee Man Sik accused the crisis-stricken Yeol Chan. Park Hae Jin and everyone at the scene was surprised to see him wiping away his tears. Kim Eung Soo said, "What did Yeol Chan do wrong? Everyone is like that. I can't do it because I feel sad. I'm sorry, Hae Jin." As a result, the atm
  4. Park Hae Jin's Hot Chicken Ramen is coming out in real life, national launch in June An official from Studio HIM, a drama production company, said, "The actual hot chicken ramen has been developed and is expected to be sold nationwide in June." Read here: http://naver.me/FeTQ1sgD I think so, too. I think it has been traumatic for a young boy trying to get a name in the industry to be treated like that that's why he decided to take revenge. I believe they will eventually mend their relationship and develop a better one.
  5. D-9: Special broadcast of Old School Intern featuring behind the scenes footage and Young Tak's OST recording site to air on May 14 A special broadcast of Old School Intern will be aired on MBC on May 14, Thursday, 8:55PM KST. This will feature Park Hae Jin and Kim Eung Soo's first meeting, behind the scenes footage, and Young Tak's OST recording site. It will also feature Park Hae Jin's challenges in his new comedy stint and Kim Eung Soo's 'secret weapon'. Read more: http://naver.me/xSjudX5J
  6. New endorsement alert! he looks angelic in these posters and I dig the hair Park Hae Jin for Few Hydrogen+ Mineral Water
  7. D-12: Park Hae Jin's first comedy challenge, cuteness + gentleness and a smile of coexistence Read here: https://n.news.naver.com/entertain/article/609/0000275025
  8. Watch Cheese in the Trap movie on Oh!K TV Asia on Saturday, May 9 at 9PM (SG/MY) By the way, you'll be able watch Old School Intern / Kkondae Intern in the same channel starting May 21st!
  9. Watch Cheese in the Trap movie on Oh!K TV Asia on Saturday, May 9 at 9PM (SG/MY)
  10. New Old School Intern stills give us a glimpse of Park Hae Jin and Kim Eung Soo's 'deadly chemistry' Read here: https://n.news.naver.com/entertain/article/408/0000091937
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