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  1. Thank you @triplem and @nonski for liking / reacting to most (almost all) posts on this thread - especially for my posts. You guys rock. Thank you for all the info you share too.
  2. @beyaruth that sunset is beautiful. And does "Calesa" mean the horse drawn carriage in the background? It would be so romantic to see our lead couple riding a calesa into the sunset!! @bluevenus Hi ! Good to see another Rookie amongst the other Superstars and Immortals and Legends
  3. Thank you @beyaruth for the updates on Secret and on Hae Jin ssi. After the Saja debacle , it is always reassuring for all PHJ fans to hear that all is going smoothly with Secret's shooting. Congratulations to you that he came to your country and that you stand a chance to see him in person too.
  4. I totally get your point. Four Men did have more than its share of problems and TBH I would have liked it to continue with Nana as the female lead. The changes threw me off a bit too. But I was still eagerly waiting for it - just because of Hae Jin ssi. Not everyone is as crazy for more of PHJ as I am. I was so very disappointed when Saja got shelved. And you are right that there are many other Kdramas worth watching that cater to a variety of viewers' tastes. Further I do not have much hope of Saja ever getting a release.. But I have my fingers crossed for Secret. Thank you for your reply.
  5. Thank you for your wishes @nonski and wish you a Happy Labor day and Hae Jin day too! I also thank all the fans from his PH FC and HK FC and everywhere else for all the gestures of love and support you show towards him. I'm sure your gifts and your love brightens up his days and give him the strength to go on. He deserves every bit of it and more. So thank you for all the efforts you have put in to make Hae Jin ssi's Birthday all the more special for him.
  6. Exactly my thoughts when I was watching this video (uploaded by you) on youtube. He truly is a gem of a person. I have said it before an I'll say it again - may he receive tenfold of the love and joy that he brings to his fellow men. I'm so glad I found out about him and I am so proud to be a fan.
  7. It is pretty late but still @larus thanks for starting this thread. You said in one of your previous posts that you wouldn't watch Saja even if it did release. But Why? I would really like to know - if you are willing to share of course. Cuz to a hardcore PHJ fan like me it sounds like blasphemy (almost but not quite)
  8. Is the shooting for Secret still on or are they done already? I can barely wait for the first episode to run. It will be my first ongoing drama... and I'm super excited. Team Secret Fighting !!
  9. "royal gorgeousness" - what a choice of an expression... LOL ! But so apt. It does sound superficial but he is Gorgeous - from head to toe. But I can get away with being a little superficial cuz we all know he is so much more than his looks. In fact I believe most of his fans love him more for the wonderful person he is than his looks or acting prowess or singing. PS (edit): Thanks for confirming that they were spent briquettes. In fact I now remember seeing them in some drama where they were smashed and spread onto stairs slippery from snow to help increase friction.
  10. @nonski thanks for all the inputs regarding Secret. Such a great way to build team spirit while helping those in need. Though this is nothing new to uri Hae Jin ssi. In this picture is it really him carrying those iron bars !! and scattered on the ground there are used/burnt coal briquettes right?
  11. @nonski thanks for all the insight about his fashion ventures. I just knew the bare outlines so thank you for the details. It was great to see the dedication with which he prepared for the fashion show. Makes me love Hae Jin ssi all the more.
  12. IKR @nonski. I still think he tried his best to make Saja work. He kept going even when Nana left the project, the PD left it too. He even renewed his contract twice as shooting was not completed. But when Victory Contents asked for another extention, PHJ had finally had enough and took the hard decision to finally give up on the drama. But not to worry, we have Secret to look forward to. It looks promising. Fingers crossed.
  13. Hi @hibiscus23 . I came here from Youtube  after I read a comment by a fellow PHJ fan Jinjoo claiming to be Hibiscus. Are you the same hibiscus? BTW I am Anindita Banerjee on Youtube.

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