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  1. Amen to that !! Hi everyone. Had been away for a while but as soon as I heard of Crime Puzzle, I had to come here for updates and thank you everyone for filling me in nicely. I see lots of names suggested for the FL. My picks would be Lee Sung Kyung - we all know how good she looks with Hae Jin ssi from CITT. I think the chemistry between the two is sizzling and she can pull off a great performance under a good director. I liked the actress in The Guardians - Lee Si young. It was a similar genre and she did a great job there. My final pick would be Son Ye Jin simply because she has never played anything similar and it would be interesting to see her in such a role. I have my hopes for this one sky high. It is Hae Jin ssi's forte and it'll be a shame if the female lead ruins the tone of the drama. Thank you @nonski for starting this thread and leading me here. I'm so happy this year has been kind to Hae Jin ssi. It makes up somewhat for the Saja fiasco. He is looking so good - younger and beefy-er in Kkondae Intern. I'm glad he is taking good care of his health. Hope for all good things coming his way.
  2. Thank you @nonski and everyone involved for making it happen despite the testing times. My participation was barely worthy of a name on the board but it feels super awesome to see it there. Thank you so much for having my name printed on the same flex having Hae Jin ssi's divine face. I'm so happy really. You made my day. Thanks. Yaaay!! @nonski I'm so touched and honoured you noticed my absence and even commented on it. Thanks chingu. Well I had been a little caught up elsewhere but the first episodes of Kkondae Intern and the news about Crime Puzzle had me scrambling back here.
  3. Woow ! That's wonderful news. Hae Jin ssi deserves all the fanfare he is getting and more. I wish the ratings go stronger and set the benchmark for dramas this year.
  4. Honestly guys I'd be happy watching Hae Jin ssi on screen even if I have to stand on one foot. Just let me lean on one of your recliners. Having said that - I wouldn't mind lounging in one of those lilac recliners - or better still - can I have one in lime green? So our Santa HaeJin is at work again. He just knows what to do to win our hearts over and over again. Is it just me or in the picture of Han Ji Eun in a white top, leaning her elbow on a table, she is looking a little cross-eyed?Maybe just the way she is looking at the camera or maybe I'm mistaken but it sure adds a little character to her face.
  5. Hi everyone. I'm so pumped to see the Old School Intern announcement. Yippeeee .......... Another PHJ drama for us to gorge on. Thank you @nonski for starting this thread. I'm loving the enthusiasm here.
  6. @nonski this really will be the first time I will be watching an ongoing Kdrama. I was introduced to Korean dramas around March of 2018 and My Love From Another star was my second drama and the first time that I saw Hae Jin ssi. I liked him so much that I tried finding out more about him and the rest was history. The more I read, the more it became clear how wonderful a human being he is. Anyway I stay away from ongoing dramas cuz i usually binge watch and I hate waiting for the next episode - at least I think I would hate it. But for uri Hae Jin ssi , I will endure. The Tik-Tok clip has left me even more pumped for Forest. Can't wait for it to air. And I will need your help with the link for watching each subbed episode. Thank you in advance. Lots of Luv.
  7. Wooooow that is fantastic news. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for that project. The role seems to be different from anything Hae Jin ssi has done so far (maybe Lee Hwi Kyung who worked as an intern could be comparable but then it was a Kim Soo Hyun drama not a Park Hae Jin one). Thanks for sharing the update @irilight
  8. Haleluyah !!! Finally the news that we had all been waiting for. Thank you @nonski for the updates. Another two weeks to go. This will be my first time watching a running drama. For us international fans, where can we watch it after each episode is aired? Of course it needs to be subbed first.
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