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[Drama 2020] Forest, 포레스트

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Thank you Foresters for keeping us company watching Eps 5-6 of Forest.  See you again tomorrow. Thank you @nrllee for recapping tonight. @jeonghyang @stroppyse @larus @triplem @40somethingah

Starting in a bit Foresters! @jeonghyang @stroppyse @larus @triplem @40somethingahjumma@irilight @hibiscus23 @andie4u @jongski  @Plummpychan @hulya.23_d801 @ktcjdrama @Lawyerh @

Aw sorry Foresters, I'm late, mani   @jeonghyang @stroppyse @larus @triplem @40somethingahjumma@irilight @hibiscus23 @andie4u @jongski  @Plummpychan @hulya.23_d801 @ktcjdra

Jo Bo Ah Greets Park Hae Jin In A Surprising Way In “Forest”

Mar 4, 2020
by K. Z

Jo Bo Ah and Park Hae Jin’s relationship in “Forest” just keeps getting sweeter and sweeter.


In a previous episode of “Forest,” a small misunderstanding between Kang San Hyuk (Park Hae Jin) and Jung Young Jae (Jo Bo Ah) leads to Kang San Hyuk becoming quite jealous. The incident in question? Jung Young Jae saying that she would be meeting up with her ex-boyfriend, who’d been living abroad.

The whole misunderstanding ends with a confession, after Kang San Hyuk leaves an important meeting to break up what he believes is a date, rather than two people meeting as acquaintances.

In the new stills for “Forest,” Jung Young Jae and Kang San Hyuk run into each other while on bike rides. Jung Young Jae surprises Kang San Hyuk by greeting him with a small kiss on the cheeky. Kang San Hyuk freezes in shock, while Jung Young Jae rides away with a shy smile on her face.

more https://www.soompi.com/article/1386410wpp/jo-bo-ah-greets-park-hae-jin-in-a-surprising-way-in-forest


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What can’t he do?  He cooks!! :wub:  Ahh...I see a trend in the men on my Oppa list...they all can cook well. 





In the new stills, viewers can catch a glimpse of the changed Kang San Hyuk. His face is lit up with a smile, and he looks relaxed in a comfortable t-shirt, cotton pants, and slippers. He also prepares breakfast with a calm, happy expression. While it is intriguing to see the effect of love on Kang San Hyuk, expectations are high for what other changes the drama will bring in the upcoming episode.

This scene took place on a set in Yeoncheon County of Gyeonggi Province. Park Hae Jin identified the names of the wild greens and personally prepared the ingredients he would be using for the cooking scene. Park Hae Jin amazed everyone on set with his excellent cooking skills, including cutting and preparing green onions with dexterous knife skills and perfecting the seasoning of the stew. The cooking expert on set held up his thumb and praised him, saying, “I don’t need to explain anything to Park Hae Jin.” Park Hae Jin smiled at the compliment, and once the realistic scene was complete, the production crew who were organizing the props tasted his cooking and raved about it.


The production crew said, “Park Hae Jin portrays every charm of the versatile character Kang San Hyuk, creating a sensation in every scene. Please look forward to the episode airing on March 4 (today) to see how Park Hae Jin will portray a man who only turns into a sweet lover for his woman.”


cr https://www.soompi.com/article/1386460wpp/park-hae-jins-cold-heart-melts-with-the-power-of-love-in-forest

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Hello Foresters! 

@jeonghyang @stroppyse @larus @triplem @40somethingahjumma@irilight @hibiscus23 @andie4u @jongski  @Plummpychan @hulya.23_d801 @ktcjdrama @Lawyerh @0ly40 @thanie @Ameera Ali @rocher22 @lu09 @africandramalover @sadthe1st @RobinM @Mau_Cherry @moodypie @Sarang21 @bebebisous33 @alekaonu @Kasmic @evie7 @roziecaparas  @katakwasabi @imgreatgal @lu09 @KDrM @ScarlettRose @rocat @000231846597 @Fabbo @lynseyanzia @junejungki @Samuel Yohanes @mizv @cenching @an-naum  @Fabbo @Cathy Tran 



Will edit later...


Episode 21-22


Sec in a meeting, calling KSH while he's at the rescue center.  

Villain CEO meeting foreign investors. (Chinese).  Back at his office reprimanding the baddie director.

KSH looking at the clock, waiting to clock out, lols, TL announces that it's time to go home, he is too happy to mind the other rescuers who wonders why he is rushing out.


They rode the bike from home and separated at the forked road, KSH stopped, YJ stopped too and walked towards him then kissed his cheek.

KSH  sitting on a fallen tree as he waits for YJ to arrive.


They rode the bike in the rain (missed some parts)

They went under the bridge, just saw the prelude to the kiss but missed the kiss ugh the lag.


Back at home, we see their we clothes hanged outside, omo!

KSH exercised then fell flat on his bed, checks his phone, i think he searched about something concerning YJ or on what happened.  

YJ is on her bed too, searching as well,  muffled screams, lols.

We got a montage of both of them sleeping soundly.


Villain CEO, on a firing range, practice shooting with his shotgun. 

At the office, another director reports to the CEO


KSH, at the office, in discussion again with Sec.

KSH meets with father of CC, convincing him


KSH driving his car, on another scene, wall being cut open, forklift lifting a cabinet/vault.

Sec arrives at their office, KSH rushes in, they are both looking at the part of their office now cut in the area where their vault/cabinet was and is now stolen. 


Episode 22

KSH and Sec checking on the torn wall.


At the hospital, YJ receives a call from the director of the hospital from Seoul

She arrives at the hospital at Seoul, colleague hounding her, I think to have her attend a blind date and when she's refusing, he assumes it might be cuz of KSH.

YJ came inside the hospital director's office, saw he has a guest and they were introduced, it's the villain director.


Forest protection office, OBM showing the photos where she once saw a hole, to a sunbae. As usual he is not minding her.  She rushes out, meets with CC at a resto, when she was too prying, CC invites her out and they went into the forest.  CC showed her something, sort of  whistle the blew on it, which attracted the birds.  OBM was amazed. She tried and was so happy when a bird flew towards their side.


KSH and Sec in a meeting/discussion again.


CC dad dressed up and trying the fireman's pin, CC arrived which startled him.


SH at home, looks at the foodstuff in the kitchen and saw all types of noodles in the shelf, he took the garbage bag and put them inside.  YJ arrived and tried to stop him.  They went to the grocery.  A preggy wife is being too cutesy with her hubby and complaining.  YJ does the cutest and is being cutesy now with SH to he responded with all cuteness as well.  This part is soooo funny.  YJ trying on sample food samplers and SH saw her, looking at her soooo full of love.  THey drove home, talking while YJ ate the crackers/chips they bought and SH digging in once in a while.


At rescue center,  rescuers arrived, not really sure but I think they are being tested if they have alcohol intake.

Everyone seems good but SH noticed that TL seems in a daze and the last rescuer noticed that he's the one who seemed to have some drink.  Guys just let it go.  Curious SH let maknae try his car so as to fish info about TL.


At the hospital, YJ received a parcel, seems to be some test result, which is assume s KSH's.


Sec carrying boxed together with staff, everyone now working.


Dark, people checking things at an office, seems like KSH's.

Villain director sneaks inside the hospital, breaks into YJ's office.  She was startled and afraid.

SH rushes to YJ, calling her but no answer.



sorry if missed some parts.







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Just dropping by to say a quick hello!


I've recently started watching Forest and am only on ep 3 so I've got a lot of catching up to do! Seeing all of your posts of them kissing is giving me even more motivation to catch up!!



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Why the editing team cut short the much awaited LOOOOOOONG KISS?...



They better makeup for tomorrow's episodes... (swipe to view tomorrow's KISS VIDEO)   :love:



Is tomorrow's kiss their 4th kiss already?  :mrgreen:




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