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[Drama 2020/2021] Run On, 런온


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13 hours ago, sally2 said:


Some random thoughts:

- I'm confused by the timeline, it kind of seemed like months/years had passed, but then they were toasting to a completed marathon at the end so maybe not?

 It's a flashback story. They wore the same dress on barbeque/double date in ep.15. I though the year passed about a Year cause YH become a painter after his graduated. 




Here's the last BTS :




Our lovely RunOn cast:

Cr to Owner.


I love OMJ quotes on their last conversation "Happy ending are just a fantasy and an illusion created by civilization". RunOn ending like a real life cause we're still RunOn in our path life.

RunOn is beautiful, great and heartwarming drama. It fill my Wed-Thursday with a warm support during this Pandemic for the past two months. :hwaiting:


Thank you so much for the writternim,PD Nim, all the crew and cast for this beautiful series. 

Thank you so much for people who give insight in RunOn Forum.

See you all on another KDrama Forum. :hooray2:

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The last two eps were not too bad but choosing between the two, I liked ep 15 a lot better. The finale was a bit underwhelming for me. Once again the scenes between Seo Dan-ah and Lee Young-hwa were beautifully executed especially when Seo Dan-ah cried. The scenes between Ki Seon-gyeom and Oh Mi-joo are shallow and cheesy at times. I expected more when Ki Seon-gyeom said I Love You to Oh Mi-joo but what did we get, a comedic scene after the declaration of love. They have already done the deed but they are too playful like teenagers. No denying they did a good job of closing out all the loose ends in the finale but that is the problem, too many side issues instead of concentrating on the leads. KSG's parents reuniting after a divorce? Not impossible in real life but come on after all the things he did to the family!!! Also what happened to Seo Dan-ah's arrogant half brother? 

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On 2/5/2021 at 1:37 AM, Sleepy Owl said:

@Thong Thin, @4evrkdrama Chingus, I am yet to watch the final episode, but I liked the 15th episode last night. We've got a third couple here, and now they could be my most favorite ones. Apart from that, just like the FL, I am suspecting the dad here for the leaked pics of his daughter with the other congressman. 



Finally finished the last 2 episodes. I don't know whether I am happy or sad with the ending.

However, found the finale ending is a bit rush.

I was surprised upon the sudden birth of the 3rd couple , both look adorable and compatible.


YH went to deliver DA painting and they had the most heart breaking conversation and YH finally

decided to let DA go. DA was too immersed in her Corporate business to spend time with YH.

DA finally acknowledge TW as her little brother and that makes TW happy. 



There was a tremendous amount of PPLs and I was fascinated with the dyson vacuum cleaner, makes life

so much easier.  YH's bff is accepted as gay by his mother and YH's bff sister allowed to continue

her interest in boxing.


SG father started the rumor to discredit the other Assemblyman and SG was surprised to know his father

right handman resigning from his position.

SG and MJ continue to  be cute to each other, SG becomes an sport agent. 


Glad SG mum finally comes to sense that family is more important then career and decided not to

go to US. SG's mum decided to get a divorce for starting the rumor about their own daughter.


My another bias KSH , Mr Dimple cameo in Ep 16 :heart:



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What a lovely ending for all characters, even for the supporting ones.


They didn't give us a "happy ending," instead they gave us hope that the characters are living happier lives yet still struggling to achieve their dreams. They are running forward.


I just read on Reddit that what Mi-joo really said while they were running was "I can read you like a book now because I love you." Which made more sense considering what she said afterwards. I hope Netflix will fix it because it was a huge deal for MJ to confess back to SG.


My Wednesday and Thursday feels so empty now, but I look forward to watching more inspiring dramas like this from Kdrama land. It's a pity that the ratings in Korea were lower than expected but I hope that they will still make dramas like this and not focus on too much "stimulating" dramas. I personally prefer dramas like Run On which are closer to reality and will make me reflect on other people's lives and mine. 

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@Thong Thin, @4evrkdrama Chingus, the ending was a bit rushed, but I liked it a lot. It was not really the fairytale ending as some would have expected. Apart from the whole Dan Ah and Yong Hwa's break up, I liked how the people paid for the bad stuff. Dan Ah finally got the position she deserved, her younger brother finally got the sister love he was always seeking, but Dan Ah would never express it that way. One thing that really helped Dan Ah in her relationship with Yong Hwa was the fact that she didn't totally change, but at the same time had some proper character development. We saw her being more expressive when it came to her emotions, and also interact with people around her more. 


I liked how ML's mom finally decided to be the mother for once and not think about herself, knowing if she would not stand with her kids now, she would lose the chance to ever do it, and at the same time, her kid's future could be compromised if she thought about her own future, which well as she said, she will definitely get another chance to go to Hollywood. I actually liked when the father's secretary or his aide in the elections also left him when he came to know about him being behind the scandal of his daughter. The moment he knew about it, he knew the man he was serving was not worth it. The person who can do such things to his family will not really care for the public too and does not even deserve to be the President. I really liked that the assistant/secretary/aide whatever he was, resigned. 


The ending was good, I liked how ML reacted to his friend's marriage invitation card and didn't have a clue that he had been dating for 10 years :joy:


Things were great for the main couple, the ML's mom even approved it. At the same time, Yong Hwa and Dan Ah are back together. It was really good to see the Dong Kyung (the woman in Dan Ah's agency) accepting her son's preferences and also respect her daughter's wish to do boxing. I loved it when they showed her learning boxing from her daughter. 


Finally the scenes they showed in flash about the future events, they were just amazing in my opinion. ML's junior wins a medal in Dubai competition and brings it to his grand mom, the ML's best friends signs for his agency, ML and his finally finally reconcile with his dad who finally realized that family is everything one has and not something one can possess. We got the glimpse of some characters who just appeared for 1-2 episodes, like the mean director/actress or who ever it was when they were shooting an English movie, and clashed with May. We saw them having a good time in her office, May and Ji Hyun also having some good time alone. The talent agency president catching Choi Tae Ri with a guy who happens to be a famous director. Showing the young athletes with ML's old coach. I found it amazing how they brought back the characters who we had forgotten about. Kim Seon Ho's cameo made things just better.

The character development of this drama was amazing, the plot was light but good, in fact it was no-nonsense plot, the inter-character relationships and interactions were very well handled and the best thing was there was never a long triangle happening. It was actually revealed in the synopsis of the drama itself, and was one of the reasons why I decided to try it out.


For me, this kind of ending, the final few minutes flash scenes was something I was not expecting, and made the ending best for me. It was a long time when we got such a complete ending for almost all characters and not just the leads. Something, which the likes of "Record of Youth" missed, but this drama handled it really well. Simply, one of the best light dramas I have watched. 

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It's very difficult to convey a character's inner world but Siwan has done a good job! To create Sun Kyum, he paid attention on the appearance, actions and expressions. He talked slowly but sincerely, he had a lot of hand movements to show his feeling, to express his thoughts, he even made faces. He was polite and very low-key considering his eminet postion and title, which he didn't care at all. He focused in his inner world at first, after communicating with Mi Joo, he began to open his heart.


Not love changes one person, but as one changes, love comes to you.

Sun Kyum embraced every moment of his life, to complete his target one bye one, in an earnest way. That's what we could learn from him.

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Many viewers did not like the drama because they cannot grasp the dull meaning of the story. They were expecting something superficially romantic and cute. In reality, the drama, although presented in a light and breezy way, is quite deep. It makes you think and view your life in comparison to the lives of the lead characters. It compels you to listen to what they are saying, especially in the case of Sun Kyum and Mi Joo. You can see the changes in their personality, shown in their nuanced performance. Shin Se Kyung and Im Si Wan delivered.


Biases can cloud one's perception of reality. Thus, they do not pay attention to the script. Most viewers just turn into fan girls and boys. They leave the drama because they were not able to see what they were expecting. That's why makjang and daily dramas are popular, since they present stories that are predictable that do not deviate much from the norm. The viewers are so used to it that the story becomes an extension of their daily lives.


In Run On, the story, on the surface is simple. People meet, feel the attraction, and allow the feelings to develop or not, with some conflicts, with family, other people, and whomever plus some angst and comedic moments. It's the screenplay that makes the drama different and refreshing, in my opinion, to people who are more intellectually stimulated by the real story underneath the surface. If you really want to enjoy and appreciate a film or drama, you watch it twice. During the first time, enjoy it for what it is. The second time you watch it, listen to what the characters say, how they act and react, so you can understand the message the story wants to convey.


I'll miss this drama, and will probably look for a DVD later.

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Kang Tae Oh Talks About Working With Sooyoung, Im Siwan, And Shin Se Kyung On “Run On,” His Favorite Scene, And More

Feb 9, 2021
by J. K

Kang Tae Oh shared his thoughts on the drama “Run On”!

JTBC’s “Run On” tells the story of people trying to connect with each other in their own languages after having lived in different worlds and at different paces. Im Siwan stars as Ki Sun Kyum, a former track and field athlete who retires after a life-changing event, while Shin Se Kyung plays Oh Mi Joo, an adventurous foreign film translator. Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung plays Seo Dan Ah, an ambitious sports agency CEO, and Kang Tae Oh is art student Lee Young Hwa. The drama came to an end on February 4.


On his romance with Sooyoung in the show, Kang Tae Oh said, “Personally, it was so great.” He added, “I’ve mostly acted out crushes or one-sided loves. But it was so exciting in ‘Run On’ to have my first reciprocated romance. Rather than feeling pressure, I think I felt more heart-racing excitement and nerves. Before filming, I met with Sooyoung and I think we got rid of a lot of the awkwardness. I had so much fun filming on set.”


Kang Tae Oh said about working with Sooyoung, “I met Sooyoung for the first time through ‘Run On’ and it was such an honor for me. When I met with Sooyoung, we’d read through the script and do analysis of our characters, and I learned a lot from her. The thing I was particularly grateful for was that while Sooyoung liked her character Dan Ah, she also liked and loved the character Young Hwa, so thanks to her Young Hwa was able to come to life a bit more. She gave a better analysis about the things that I didn’t understand either, so it was great when we were acting. I felt like, ‘She’s an actress who can improve the scene even more because she even thinks about her co-star’s character.'”


On whether he’s similar to his character, Kang Tae Oh shared, “There are parts where we’re similar and parts where we’re different, but I think I’m friendly like Young Hwa. Something that’s different would be that I can’t approach someone first when we meet for the first time. Once we get close, then I’m energetic like Young Hwa. I don’t think I act very cute. I get embarrassed. I think I’m like him about 58 percent.”


“We started in July and August and finished at the end of December, so I want to thank the director, staff, and cast for all their hard work as they worked from the hot days until the cold days,” he said.


“Since the cast spent time together starting from before filming began, we were able to film while already being close, and so I think our chemistry was good in that great atmosphere,” commented Kang Tae Oh. “It was an honor to be able to work on such a great and warm project.”


On why he chose to appear in “Run On,” Kang Tae Oh said, “When I read the scenario, I thought the chemistry in between the lines was so fun. I was also stirred by the relatable stories. I was interested in the chemistry between the characters, the relationships, and the atmosphere.”


Kang Tae Oh went on to speak about acting alongside Im Siwan and Shin Se Kyung. “Since I was already close with Im Siwan and Shin Se Kyung, it was inevitable that we got along well on set,” he said. “Im Siwan seems like an actor who never stops studying. Even while he’s acting, he’s always trying hard to create a better scene. For that reason, I also felt more ambitious and shared my opinions.”


“Shin Se Kyung was really considerate,” Kang Tae Oh said. “When we acted together, she was so considerate in terms of the environment on set and made sure I was feeling okay. The ‘Run On’ director also allowed us to improvise lines a lot.”


When asked to name his favorite scene in the show, Kang Tae Oh said, “My favorite scene is the one where, after he kisses Dan Ah, all the emotions he’d buried come up and he cries. It was a twist and it also showed Young Hwa’s innocence and charm.”


Kang Tae Oh spoke about the cast’s hopes for another season too. “After ‘Run On’ finished, the actors were so sad and said, ‘Let’s do season two.’ Then the writer joked, ‘You guys all know your characters, so if there’s a second season, you write your lines,'” he shared.

The actor was also asked about his goals for 2021. “I’m always thinking about this a lot,” he said. “I tend to make short-term goals. Rather than a goal for 2021, my current goals are something like to have fun on my next project while feeling affection for it, and to not get a cold.”







Credit to Soompi

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Sooyoung Talks About Receiving Advice From Jung Kyung Ho, Friendship With Shin Se Kyung, And More

Feb 8, 2021
by M. Kang

The finale of JTBC’s “Run On” aired on February 4, wrapping up the story starring Im SiwanShin Se Kyung, Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung, and Kang Tae Oh. In a recent interview, Sooyoung shared her closing remarks saying, “It was a joy getting to act in a drama with the new year as well as greeting viewers with the release of a film coming up.”


Sooyoung credits the success of “Run On” to how it “deals with the youth, love, and lives of women and young adults who are good at what they do.” She continued, “There are times when I feel like a drama is based on assumptions of what young people must be like. But ‘Run On’ is a drama that really embodies the sentiments of those in their twenties and thirties by using the language we speak and the worries we think about. It was a piece that was possible because the writer spent her youth in the same generation as us. The actors were able to understand this and act accordingly, so I think the resulting chemistry was good.”


In “Run On,” Sooyoung played the role of Seo Dan Ah, an ambitious sports agency CEO. On this, Sooyoung commented that her character was unique in that although there have been several roles of females in leadership positions, Seo Dan Ah is one who became a leader at an early age. Sooyoung also shared, “I hope more characters like this come about in the future.”


On her friendship with fellow “Run On” actress Shin Se Kyung, Sooyoung stated, “Se Kyung is a friend and actress who I really adore. Even before we worked together, I had respect for her as an actress. She is a senior actress who has done many more projects than I have and a female celebrity who has stood her place without any major issues. I find her respectable and in a way makes me feel proud of her.”


She added, “In ‘Run On,’ Se Kyung really appreciated my humor and accepted my ideas and jokes a lot. Now that we’ve acted alongside each other, I see that she has points she wants to emphasize yet is still flexible, and she looks after those around her despite being very focused. I think I learned a lot while observing Se Kyung on set. I say that Oh Mi Joo is the best female main character. As a viewer and actress, I was very satisfied that Se Kyung played Oh Mi Joo. She is an actress who I always want to give a big round of applause to.”


Seo Dan Ah was romantically involved with Lee Young Hwa (Kang Tae Oh) in “Run On.” When asked about feedback from her real boyfriend Jung Kyung Ho, Sooyoung responded, “These days, I’m often asked what I would choose between work and love. I don’t think love and work are separate. Rather, I think both are a part of my life. I’m doing my best by switching up my priorities when I have to. As for him, I think he is a senior actor who is really good at romantic comedies. I think it’s one of my blessings to have such a person in a position where I can always ask questions comfortably. He gives me lots of ideas and help.”


Credit to soompi


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Im Siwan spoke about his latest drama “Run On,” fellow ZE:A members, and more!

Im Siwan made his debut as part of the boy group ZE:A in 2010, and in 2012, he made his acting debut through MBC’s “The Moon Embracing the Sun.” He rose to stardom as an actor after his leading role in tvN’s “Incomplete Life” and starred in several films like “The Attorney,” “One-line” and “The Merciless.” He enlisted in the military in 2017 after his appearance in MBC’s “The King Loves,” and following his discharge, he starred in OCN’s “Strangers From Hell.” Im Siwan’s latest drama “Run On,” co-starring Shin Se KyungGirls’ Generation‘s Sooyoung, and Kang Tae Oh, came to an end on February 4.


In “Run On,” Im Siwan played Ki Sun Kyum, who makes the bold decision to leave his long-lived past as a track and field athlete behind. Asked about a time he made a life-changing decision of his own, Im Siwan shared, “I still think I was very daring at the time. When I think about my past self who gave up college and came to Seoul to become a singer trainee, I wonder what made me so confident and also feel thankful to my old self. I think I’m able to exist as my current self because of the bold and reckless decision I made back then.”


He also mentioned “The Moon Embracing the Sun,” the drama that marked his acting debut. “I received so many good reviews through ‘The Moon Embracing the Sun,’ through which I took my first steps as an actor. Thanks to that, I gained confidence in myself as a person. I came to think that there’s something I’m able to do,” described Im Siwan.


Asked about his thoughts on junior idol-turned-actors, he responded, “I think there are so many multi-talented people these days. There will be more people with even more talents from now on. Rather than giving them advice, I’d like to engage in healthy competition with them and improve together.”





He spoke more about “Run On,” explaining why he thought the drama gathered quite a lot of buzz despite the comparatively low viewership ratings. “I think it’s because ‘Run On’ broke the format of a usual drama. I’m very thankful that the viewers enjoyed the ‘Kyum-Mi’ couple’s chemistry. Personally, I don’t pay much attention to ratings. Of course, I’d be more thankful than anything if more people watched our drama, but I’m already thankful enough with the support and positive reviews we’re receiving now.”


As for the biggest selling point of the drama, Im Siwan shared that he thought it was Ki Sun Kyum’s deviation from the common K-drama male lead, who is often depicted like a knight in shining armor. He explained, “That’s why I didn’t try to look like a cooler person, and I thought that was my style. And I think Mi Joo (Shin Se Kyung’s character) was a good depiction of someone pursuing an independent life. If anyone enjoyed it, it’s most likely that balance that they thought was nice. I think the writer was wanting to relay the message, ‘We are all are the protagonists of our own lives,’ through the drama. I think that was portrayed well, so I’d like to choose that as the selling point.”


Im Siwan and Shin Se Kyung received lots of praise for their chemistry in the drama, regarding which Im Siwan commented, “I’m glad that viewers enjoyed watching the couple. I made lots of new acting-related attempts through this drama, and Se Kyung accepted all of it. Thanks to that, from the beginning, I gained trust that she would react to it no matter what I tried. I’m satisfied that our trust in each other showed in the drama.”


He added about his other co-stars, “The atmosphere on set was even better because the actors were of a similar age. Se Kyung had an aura that made her hard to approach at first, but that image was shattered completely as we started acting together. Sooyoung was often immersed in her character for the drama, but she’s still a fun person who enjoys jokes. Tae Oh, who was the energizer on set, made us laugh a lot without meaning to.”


Fellow ZE:A members Park Hyung Sik and Kim Dong Jun have also been making their names known through acting. Park Hyung Sik was discharged from the military last month, and Kim Dong Jun is expected to enlist this year. Im Siwan shared, “I’ve been anticipating Hyung Sik’s military discharge just as much as him. I couldn’t have been happier about Hyung Sik’s return. I believe Dong Jun will do well (in the military) like his usual passionate self. I think I’ll feel like a weight has been lifted off my chest once Dong Jun is also discharged.”


Credit to Soompi

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@4evrkdrama What a lovely thought.   I love your chosen quote.  


I'm also saying goodbye from this thread.  Thank you everyone for enjoying this drama together.   I used to avoid drama which SSK  took part.  To tell you the truth now I can't even remember which drama of hers made me had those trauma but I've overcome it with "Run On".  I love her character so much including the other characters too.


Thanks to the writer, I love the dialogues and also the unexpected reactions of the characters.


Finally thank you to everyone in the thread.  Hope you will meet other interesting characters and stories in the other dramas too.   Take care.

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I didn't have the time to share my thoughts in this thread, but I enjoyed this drama so much. I binge watched the first 10 episodes and then followed the last few episodes when it aired. Quite frankly it took some time for me to ease into the first episode because it was so different. But then the second episode had me sold. When Seon Gyeom mixed up the dates and ran to meet up with Mi Joo, he took my heart away. 



And this scene will always be my favorite because it sums up on how both Seon Gyeom and Mi Joo were there for each other throughout the drama. Also, THIS QUOTE IS FROM BATMAN BEGINS (directed by Christopher Nolan). I was so surprised and delighted because it's also my favorite quote.

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