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  1. So we're almost to the premiere, right? Just one more month... then I see that it's been pushed back to September? Really? ...Really? How? Like I can't even explain what I'm feeling right now!
  2. PHB is not leaving the drama is she? I know that they've said netizens are wanting her to leave. That's not even fair because of what happened with her husband, she's not even involved. Her and other celebrities that are being brought into the situation because they know him. I hate that this even effecting that drama and don't want her to leave.
  3. I didn't know Park Hyun Byul was in "I Have A Lover". I came across the drama before but for anyone that has seen it, would you recommended it? I think the only other person I know is Ji Jin Hee. I'm not really a fan of those types of stories but I might be willing to it a try. The reason is I didn't know either female lead before this drama aired but I do know both the male leads, JHW from Wanted and RSY from Two Weeks.
  4. It suppose to be March 16th... It got pushed back? Did this really get pushed back? Really? ...Really? ...Really?! But I need this, do you know how long I've waited to see JKY on my screen again?! Please tell me that this really isn't pushed back... Pleassseeee!
  5. HR, look... It's really none of her business. All she needs to do is very simple. Do not cause any problems! As for MR. I understand she's scared but she has to remain calm whenever her husband shows up. Otherwise he will notice something and she might get caught. Though we know he's going to find out later... but what he will do is what I'm worried about.
  6. Look this isn't going to be enough. I've tried to accept it but I can't. I expected more because it's not good enough. ARE YOU GUYS INSANE?! 16 EPISODES IS NOT ENOUGH FOR ME! I NEED MORE THAN THAT!
  7. So I saw episodes 5-6 and I see that him giving her his wife's face was an accident. It makes me feel more sorry for him especially when he doesn't know that his wife was having an affair, most likely with his co-worker who caused the accident. Does anybody else not like HR? Like as a fellow woman herself, she should be trying to help MR. Reach out to her, something! She's being abused and she's tried everything to get out! The only way out at that point was by try changing her face. Who is HR to judge? Hmm? No for her it's like that's not my problem and I want her away from JW so she can have him to herself. She knows MR's story and instead of helping her escape from this man, you're just pushing her back to him. Just help her change her face and she's gone, you don't have to do anything else! And I feel she would snitch to IW. She would snitch to the abusive husband, I just know it!
  8. Even though I hate that she's being abused, I'm kinda glad that they didn't show it. Had they shown us him hitting her, I feel like I would have thrown something at my tv. The whole situation sucks because she's trapped by him tricking her and the only way that she can get out of it now would be by changing her face. It's either that or dying.
  9. Even though I still can't wrap my head around the mom look alike and wife look alike, I forgot to say this. One of the best quotes and every woman should say: "I don't want to live as your woman. I want to live as me." Thank you, MR! To all women out there, don't ever let a man try to control you or tell you what you should be! Live for yourself! Be what you want, do what you want! Love yourself!
  10. The husband chose her because she looks like his mom. The man she asks for help from makes her look like his wife. What is wrong with these men?! One's a psychopath and the other is a good guy but...
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