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  1. Wonder if there's a chance of it being a Netflix original. I'm happy to have a lot of positive response of Jisoo being the lead. Usually when idols get involved in acting, I just see a lot of negativity.
  2. Can we just appreciate LJG and MCW reunion? I'm so glad these two are back in another drama together and their chemistry isn't wasted this time! I just ship HS and JW so much!
  3. Is it wrong that I'm rooting for HS? The are still some unanswered questions but I feel he hasn't killed anyone and if he did kill that man in the past, maybe out of self-defense? He could have been protecting his sister because she was with him. And for the times we did see her, whenever her brother was brought up, she seemed sad. The villagers and MJ called HS a murderer or accused him of it because his dad was a murderer. It's one of those situations where the parent did something bad, apparently the kid will turn out just like them. When are people going to realize that monsters aren't bor
  4. Love everything about this show. The characters/acting, the chemistry, the story. Just everything. This is what I needed. They delivered. The last Korean drama I watched just gave me Korean drama depression and I always hate when that happens. Seo Yeji, ever since Save Me, she has been on a roll. So happy to see her becoming a successful actress.
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