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  1. So I've been away because I could not continue with this drama. I hadn't been able to watch a full episode since episode 11 and I'm gonna keep it that way. Will never watch this writer's work again. This drama had so much potential and it went down the drain. I don't even know what happened the final episode and to be honest? I don't want to know. So for me this will always be the true storyline of Born Again. JC comes in between HE and HB by making wrongful decisions and eventually causes their deaths. 30 years later, JC is reborn as JB and has become a good man but comes from a terrible family. He meets SB and SH, the reincarnations of HE and HB. With the murders that are going on, JB being connected to the case, joins SB and SH in catching the killer. Along the way, a bond forms between the three of them and JB learns what it's like to have a family. JB being the reincarnation of JC, works to make up for his past wrongdoings and bring SB and SH together again. I'll be moving over to It's Okay to Not Be Okay forum. Maybe that one will heal my kdrama depression.
  2. HE, I need you to hurry and come back sweetie because I can't take much more of this!
  3. You see this image? This is me right now. This is how I'm looking right now. Because what's happening is making no sense. If SH does not get his happy ending with SB, I'm going to be having some words with the writer.
  4. @ErikaJ Thank you, I feel honored. Now I don't understand why people are hating on SH. From his perspective, it's understandable. His girl is getting stalked by the same man in both lives. JC/JB are being seen at the scene of the crime. JC killed the woman of the boy who was like a younger brother to him then killed HB. JB has attempted murder three times (maybe four if you include the puppy). First time was the man who attacked SH and SB. Second time was his younger brother. Third time was SH. SB got kidnapped and JC was seen at the scene of the crime and SH knows he's a stalker so can you really blame him in thinking that he kidnapped SB and was going to hurt her? (Once more. JB did try to kill SH, so he's not so innocent.) I understand SB wants to believe in people and there's nothing wrong with that, I'm sorta like that myself. But you can't save everybody and I know that. Sometimes, you have to draw the line somewhere. If HE can let it go, SB needs to do the same.
  6. @Plummpychan Agreed, agreed. If things weren't as bad as they were, I could see her being able to help him. But because things have gotten this bad, he needs a professional. In the past, after learning what he truly was that's when she wanted to stay away from him. But in present day, she's doing the opposite. So what? Does he actually have to succeed in killing someone for her to stay away from him?
  7. SB... Girl look. You see. JB NEEDS PROFESSIONAL HELP! PROFESSIONAL HELP! She knows everything that he's done up to this point and she's still keeping him around?! Girl, bye! Bye and I mean bye! Bye bye bye! She's different from me because I would already be gone! I said this before, I'm not messing with that! Writers, what are you trying to accomplish here? Redemption arc, so much better. Repeating history, what for?
  8. @jeilopes That has to be it. That has to be the only explanation why people still ship SB and JB as a couple. Some things never change, some people forget that the actor is NOT the character. They're playing as the character. I love Jang Ki Yong (Come and Hug Me is still my favorite JKY drama) but he is NOT JC or JB!
  9. I just don't understand... I've seen comments on other sites where people are still supporting JB and SB as a couple. Like I understand wanting a redemption arc for him because the writers should have done that in the first place. Instead of fixing his past mistakes, they chose to repeat history. See they could had done these things instead: Him being a medical student, he would want to help people, even animals. (I almost forgot that time when he wanted to let that puppy die.) Could have seen him act as a protective younger brother to SB, maybe even SH. I could see a bond between the three of them, be like a little family. He try to get SB and SH together since HE and HB were engaged in their past lives and didn't get the chance to get married. Not let his family boss him around or threaten him. Return things that aren't his and not go through them unless you don't know who the owner is! If you have to look inside for a name then fine! (JB knows exactly what I'm talking about!) Also not put a tracker on someone's phone! (Still can't process that he even did that...) What is the point of repeating history? I see a lot of people changing their minds after what happened the last two episodes. People are seeing that he's is back to being a psychopath and stalker but it is way worse this time! But some people still want them to happen! Like how? I mean I understand you can ship who you want but... This is something else...
  10. I was really hoping he'd be different this time... That there be some kind of redemption arc for him to make up for the past but... SB drops her journal and knowing it belongs to her, JB decides to keep it instead of returning it. Even goes through it, NOSY SELF! He's more creepy than he was in the past. Attempted murder three times. About the girl who was killed when he was 15? Still not sure about that. Him, his brother and mother are all pyschos. He's stalking her again just like he did in the past! And did he really put a tracker on her? Did he really? Now he sends someone to kill SH? Get out of here! If I was SB, I'm going the other direction. I'm not messing with that.
  11. @galaxy97 What are you talking about? Are you talking about the same person? HB was stabbed by JC. JC shot himself... Also it doesn't make sense, considering she's remembering/having familiar feelings of HB. @Plummpychan I don't know, there was a scene where a cop was saying that HE was still alive and if someone remembers what the other scene was, they said that HE died 30 years ago.
  12. Okay so I have a theory! So JC's execution, maybe it wasn't him that was executed. The people who had to press the button, couldn't see him, right? (Or could they?) So maybe they had somebody else in place of him since he had escaped. They didn't want the public knowing that he was out and since they were unable to find him, they faked his death. Because it doesn't make any sense since we saw what had happened. He was sent to an mental institution then he escaped, killed HB, caused the death of HE and shot himself. So how do you go from that to him being in prison and executed? But still haven't figured out HE being alive and died 30 years ago even though SB is her reincarnation and is 32 years old... Doesn't make any sense.