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  1. ikjun Songhwa is IkSong not very sure but I think it goes like this - i think GomGom means bear - the experienced nurse called Min Ha a bear and the other resident doc wh works with Min Ha who is cunning and avoids work a fox - I think MinHa called Seok Hyung a bear or compared him to a bear cause he is slow and wouldn’t understand and she felt that he can’t sense the patients emotions/situation. - she also had a bear with her in the restaurant when she was going to confess on Christmas Eve
  2. I think in the past characters have been mentioned before they make an appearance like Songhwa mentioned IkJun in the first episode to Seok Hyung before we saw IkJun. Ik Sun was mentioned due to her scar before we saw her. So the chef being referred to as stingy makes me think there may be a special appearance. (Honestly the cake was decently big so why stingy? Did I miss something) But On the flip side Seok Hyung may just have known someone at the restaurant (since it’s close to the hospital) and made a call and ordered the cake for Min Ha. But I’m leaning more to toward the special appearan
  3. Agree with @peace and @shawolynn that there’s more to the cake story. The emphasis on the restaurants name and bear and cake - either the cake was from Professor bear himself or the Chefs role will be a special appearance considering she called the chef stingy Also the ring for Budulgi couple - Although it was unfortunate that it got returned I do see it as a sign of future hurdles in their relationship for IkSong couple I interpreted that the tunnel with the rainbow lights signalled the various levels/phases they need to pass to move from friends to a couple. The lights
  4. Agree @backstreetboysfan The drama seems more like what happened at a point in time and chances of a happy ending do look bleak. but the over touching and kissing other girls while pursuing Na Bi so relentlessly seems more Jerk/a’hole than bad boy. Not sure what to make of this drama. It seems more Like a script written for an American high school and then rewritten into a Korean background. And somehow the plot is lost despite the good actors and nice way in which its shot. Will continue watching but could possibly be one of the rare Kdramas that I drop mid way. The chemistry will
  5. Well clearly no other girl would have made him leave priesthood except Gyeoul. but what a ‘best boyfriend’ response!! ♥️. When I started season 2 I really did not know how the winter garden couple will be in a relationship. But they exceeded all expectations cause they are so comfortable that it’s surprising. The kind of surprise that makes you feel warm and fuzzy on a rainy day. All shippers were as happy as Mama Rosa! Also IkSong what happened today has two reasons I think : - from season 1 episode 1 it seemed like Jun Wan and Jeong Won were close as they worked
  6. Seeing the trailers I don’t think IkSong couple will be together right away but I feel the emphasis of Song Hwa being flawless amongst the ‘flawed’ 5 seems unreal and as they show more insight into who she really is this season I think they will show her weakness. She’s literally been the most mysterious characters in Season 1. Hoping she overcomes whatever her weakness is and atleast IkSong can be end game by the end of the season. Her personality - the one go to person for everyone and being an awesome mentor, professor and doctor and of course the best listener and f
  7. Hehe all cool @MC99 did not think that you meant it’s horrible. Was just saying hope we have more good episodes with fun moments between the lead couple. The drama overall is not best/perfect because sometimes the drama tries my patience where the second couple is concerned. They are in a toxic relationship and clearly shouldn’t be together. But yeah agree that the main couple makes it an easy watch
  8. @MC99 the drama is not the best but it had some genuine moments between the leads in today’s episode and the school girl fan was also kinda cute though she was annoying in the last episode. Hope there are more genuine moments ahead that can save the drama.
  9. I don’t think he was seeing IJ on the side. But I do think she is someone he just can’t get closure about so that phone is his only way to connect with her other than meeting her by chance and he hasn’t cut of that point of communication. He hasn’t been able to. But he should have if he was interested in GY. The phone, the ring and whatever is in that room would possibly cause misunderstandings going ahead . the person from the reality show told GY that she has has a prejudice but honestly its easy for such a superstar cut off from any genuine human contact to just spend sometime a
  10. - I think other than Rameyon ttetbboki and the egg roll have become famous there’s someone always craving ttetbboki and egg roll is always on the table. Also while eating out it’s always chicken and beer mentioned but then soju finds its place on the table too - also in a lot of dramas I have seen that the outfits of both the leads seem to be different shades of the same colour or matching colours as they fall in love versus different colours at the beginning and black or sad colours when they fight. - also there has to be a coffee shop or grocery shop featured regularly. It’s almost l
  11. I’m confused about this scene too: but I thought that they didn’t show the name he mentioned? My interpretation was that by default and elimination, if it’s not Ye seul means that it can be just either of the two Kang Sols (since they are the only other two girls in the study group) and Kang Sol A just assumes it’s Kang Sol B since she thinks it can’t be her. seeing how happy JH was when Kang Sol A put her head on his shoulder (although in frustration lol) I’m guessing Kang Sol A misunderstood or so as a shipper I would like to believe I hope I’m not the only
  12. I did not understand so the second lead came back for her but they are still not together? Such a sad show and let not a romcom at all more like Melo or tragedy
  13. I think she already knew when VC visited her after HCY’s father passed away.
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