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  1. I know!!! I was waiting for Jeon Yeo Bin’s post Vincenzo interview to see her take on the final scene but so far nada. I’m so sad about that because most of the actors were given interviews. I’m hoping she’ll attend the Baeksang awards with Song Joong Ki to show support for PD Kim Hee Won too.
  2. I’ve been thinking about it and I was wondering when Oh Kyung Ja realised Vincenzo was her son? Any opinion on when she found out that V was her son? Did Hong You Chan tell her? Maybe after she was admitted to the hospital and V scolded her and her doctors since she started knitting the scarf after that? Or she knew from the very beginning?
  3. Can anyone identify the OST that plays between 1:28 and 1:39 for me please. I’ve listened to all the Vincenzo OST but I can’t identify that particular one.
  4. Tell me about it. I love you SJK but please do not further destroy my already broken heart by saying it’s not a happy ending. Vincenzo is only wanted in SK, they both can meet anywhere else in the world and on his island. Also Chayoung even need not involve herself in his mafia business anymore should she visit him on the island. The ending was perfect for both of them and I don’t care what SJK says no matter how much I adore him. *Goes back to listening to Vincenzo OST to reminisce and cry some more*
  5. Can any of the admins please remove the poll results. It takes some time to scroll to the thread
  6. The scene with V being clingy made me realize that he actually has no friends, lol. Apart from Guemga family, Mr Cho and HanSeo he’s all alone in Korea though that’s about 15 people. It looked like he had no one to hang out with with Cha Young busy. How smart was Cha Young to hit the kingmaker dude right when he was talking about the gold. I bet she didn’t want him to spill the beans thus the guemga tenants still don’t know about it, I wonder if they will ever find out about it. But V has to share it 7 ways now including to include the monks. why does Vincenzo have to lea
  7. Hanseo you baby. The scene in episode 17 where HanSeo was happily skating after Vincenzo left the skating rink (after he tripped HanSeo) was so cute, like a happy child after getting a pat for doing something good. That scene sold me that he was on V’s side. And also after joining V’s side, his whole look has changed, his hair is always down with Vincenzo and the pin in his tie is also gone. The details in Vincenzo are so good. It’s like he no longer feels suffocated by HanSeok knowing he has Vincenzo on his side. I’ve been following Vincenzo Twitter stans these past few weeks to
  8. This episode was amazing. but I realized something from this episode. It means that Vincenzo wasn’t the one that had the man killed in prison(episode 4) when Hong Yu Chan died but rather Choi Myung Hee killed him for ratting her out to Vincenzo. Wow, that woman knows no bounds, I can’t wait to see what our Vincenzo does to her. I cried so much when his mother said ‘Ju hyeong ah’. I was actually waiting for her to call him by his Korean name and she did and it hurts so much to think that these two were on the verge of reconciling as mother and son. Thank you Chayoung for
  9. Did anyone notice the hanbok Vincenzo was wearing looks like those that kings wear in Sageuks?
  10. From the hidden room special it seems it will be a man who will die in season 3. When the hosts were talking about the script on the person coming out of the Hera statue, even though they were lying in order not to spoil, the only hint is that it is a man that will die. And also I saw a leaked script on Twitter and it seems it’s actually a man and the time skip will be 3 yrs
  11. Guys, I think Vincenzo actually has the guillotine file. Upon rewatching episode 13, the scene where he remembers dropping the gold bar containing the usb, when the bar hits the floor and the lid comes off there’s nothing in the gold bar. You can’t see it pop out of the gold bar or see it on the floor from above. I replayed it several times and the guillotine usb isn’t seen at all, only the lid comes off and drops and the usb(which we should be able to see because of it’s colour) can’t be seen at all. Maybe he is keeping it and going through to see what he can use it for?? Even if the gui
  12. Episode 13 will air tomorrow(Friday, 2nd April) and hidden room special will air on Saturday, 3rd April
  13. From the previews, it seems Vincenzo and Chayoung, Myung hee and Joonwoo, Attorney Han and Hanseo will all have a sit down with ProsecutorJung. Can’t wait to watch this especially with Chayoung there!!!!! does anyone else get confused with the whole Han Seo, Han Seok??? It’s easier for me to use Joonwoo than Hanseok
  14. Can anyone translate what was written on the Jipuragi board when Mr Ahn came in episode 12? I think they were trying to calculate how to divide Vincenzo’s 70% of the gold? It was almost similar to the calculations I was doing myself regarding the gold. Vincenzo can actually let the tenants help him get the gold out and give them 12 billion won in exchange?? Since they think it’s only 12 billion and then he can share his remaining 70% giving either 10% or 5% each to Chayoung and Mr. Nam??? Seems reasonable
  15. I think they are trying to confuse us with the previews. I think it’s Chayoung who says the gold and guillotine file are all gone instead of Myung hee) There’s no way Babel will know about the gold and Guillotine file unless Mr Cho is very stupid and tells them. Telling them will make him a target since Babel will want to take both and then dispose of him after. Also no one knows about the Guillotine file being with the gold except Vincenzo and he hasn’t told anyone yet(but from the preview it seems he will tell Chayoung) Also Han Seok revealing himself as the real chairman is part of Vincenzo
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