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  1. Regarding the MIL, I was happy to see a family in a k-drama not demand a biological grandchild. That's rare. But for everything else I say wrong time, wrong delivery. I could understand the MIL being upset and wanting to say something but not when Se Mi was in the hospital recovering and not in that tone.
  2. So we found out what was on the video tape Moo Jin had. The one thing left I want to know is why Hyun Soo doesn't have any memories before age 10.
  3. I mean there's a whole episode to go and he's the lead ... Hyun Soo isn't going to die in Episode 15. He might be in a coma for some of Episode 16 or lose his memory or spend time in jail but he's not dying.
  4. I knew Hae Soo was probably a goner when she kept saying she would turn herself in later and then Ji Won wouldn't let her. In a thriller/melodrama that's a surefire sign that they are marked for death.
  5. I wouldn't blame him for losing it since he spent his childhood being suspected and psychos are threatening him and his family and framing him for murder but it looks to me like he may be doubting Ji Won plus didn't want to be arrested so did that so the CCTV would show Ji Won as the victim..
  6. I wish we could have Episode 12 tomorrow, but for the one episode this week, Episode 11 was perfect as it concludes the first story arc and sets up the last. I am kind of surprised by everything that happened this episode. One particular thing I didn't expect to happen until Episode 16 and it makes me a little nervous about what's going to happen in the remaining five episodes.
  7. I wonder if Hyun Soo received his counseling in Seoul and if the real Hee Sung ever received any counseling.
  8. Yeah, Hyun Soo is definitely having a panic attack above. I have palpitations when my anxiety is high but you can feel like you are having a heart attack.
  9. That's what I immediately assumed. Detective Choi knows who he is and he might end up giving him time since it looks like JW is begging him but Hyun Soo is a wanted criminal and JW knows he's been putting himself in danger. Telling him that is JW telling him to go hide again and be safe IMO.
  10. Yeah, I thought that was what was happening in last week's episodes. It looks like anxiety/panic attacks to me.
  11. I think they would have healed DHS and let him go if their son hadn't ended up in a coma. They faked a son to protect themselves not from the hit and run/healing DHS in secret but from whatever they did to their son.
  12. Na PD does Three Meals a Day and other shows like it that are quiet and slow-paced. I admit, I'm not a fan of those type of variety shows. I like the competitive ones and with those you get the big personalities and members making fun of each other. KJK making fun of JH was nothing compared to how he and others make fun of each other on Running Man or how CTH and the other members of 2D1N teased each other. It took me a while to get used to when I started watching Korean variety shows. I don't know what CTH and KJK are like in real life - though everyone always praises CTH - or what their friendships are like, but their job is to entertain viewers, and I think they both have their variety shows personas and don't really think about how someone who is not used to variety will feel.
  13. Just like Episode 8 of dramas is when the OTP typically kiss, Episode 15 is when noble idiocy rears its ugly head and the OTP separate and meet again after a time skip in Episode 16. Hope the drama avoids noble idiocy but won't hold my breath.
  14. I'm glad this angst only lasted an episode. I thought for sure reconciliation wouldn't be until the end of Episode 12. Glad I was wrong. Now, I really need the writer to stop dragging out JY being such a pest.
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