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  1. @DeepakmahajanThat’s the way I see it going too. Her husband is still hurting and it’s affecting his job and relationships with his new wife and daughter. Her parents are struggling too. It would be devastating to get her back only to lose her again but healing too, perhaps.
  2. These are relatively normal ratings for OCN. Most of the OCN dramas I watched last year were getting ratings in the 1% range and the dramas weren't affected. Buy yes, hopefully tomorrow is better.
  3. Itaewon Class got over 9% today. It's based on a popular webtoon. TMWYS is going to struggle on Saturdays. It is what it is.
  4. @phoenix24 Thanks for posting the comments. I do think posters are sometimes tougher than the audience as a whole. Viewers are all different. Me? I'm easy. I watched 25 k-dramas last year and enjoyed them even though most were full of tropes, plot holes, questionable acting, logic fails, etc. I watch, enjoy, and don't think much and then come online, read the discussions, and question my life choices .
  5. @Biology Lesson I agree with @dramafan33 that hopefully it gets to 5 but considering how many OCN dramas stay in the 1-2% range, 3 isn’t bad. I said this in JH’s thread, but as much as I like this genre, I rarely care about the killers. I guess I’m just glad they didn’t hire an actor with such a distinctive jawline like in Voice lol. I enjoyed Episode 2. I’m liking SooYoung, the actress, and Soo Young the character.
  6. I didn’t think the first episode had a lot of “umph” but there have been a lot of dramas that have done well even though I, personally, found the first episode(s) lackluster or downright bad so I’ve given up trying to predict what viewers will do lol. That said, the Knetz comments had pretty low number of likes which doesn’t bode well for buzz or “word of mouth” bringing in new viewers. This is probably a drama that skews older though. I’m guessing OHJ couldn’t walk but now can and is keeping it a secret for whatever reason. I think he does have issues with his eyes (since they’ve emphasized the five senses) but is not totally blind.
  7. @The Reel Life That was basically my reaction too. I watch a lot of OCN dramas and don’t usually find the police/serial killer ones particularly scary. I tend to find the killers rather lame instead of scary or interesting which is my main quibble with this genre. I wasn’t expecting much from the Saturday ratings when I saw it was competing against Itaewon Class. Hopefully, ratings will be higher on Sunday but the last OCN dramas really struggled so who knows.
  8. It sounds like it was the kind of ending I expected. I'm glad JS is happy. I'm okay with the ending for YR. Money doesn't buy happiness. Her new family doesn't love her, and I think the scene with the matchmaker a few episodes back showed that it's unlikely she'll find the kind of man and love she wants in her new social circle. I think my favorite storyline ended up being Mina's, and I'm happy with what I read of the ending. It was pretty progressive for South Korea.
  9. I thought the premiere was surprisingly funny. It's kind of an oddball cast on paper, but I liked them together. I can't believe three of them drank the Kkanaricano. The production team obviously couldn't believe it either lol. I saw that knetz were complaining that the PD was shown too much, but I honestly didn't notice.
  10. I've lived with a person suffering from depression before and it's hard. I can understand how a marriage could be affected because of it. I could even understand how SJ might be swayed during such a time, but I don't understand how he could cheat, make his wife work with the person he cheated with, fall in love (or think he has) with Yuri, and risk everything at work to stay by her side. It does not compute, and I think a large part of that is because SJ is so blank and he and Yuri have no chemistry.
  11. It seems like he wants to prove he’s the better surgeon, the future of the hospital, because of how they treated his mom.
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