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  1. The fortune teller said Byun-ho will marry three times so either Maria dies or they break up, which I don't see happening after the recent episodes. The writer obviously plans for Byun-ho and Gwang-nam to end up together and about has to kill Maria at some point to make that happen, unless a near death experience changes Maria's personality. Despite everything, I actually have a soft spot for Gwang-nam and wish she would end up single, happily doing something she likes even if it may not be glamorous. It's okay not to want kids, but the writer is going to stick her with two and that piece of w
  2. Maria was so creepy, obsessed with a married guy for years, finally taking advantage when he was completely wasted. If she died on her honeymoon ... It shouldn't make me laugh, but I can't help it. Poor Blessing though. I knew it was coming with the chest pains and references to all of the medication she was taking. I know k-dramas, or South Korea for that matter, don't take mental health seriously, but Gwang-nam tried to kill herself and had been suicidal in the past. She should be getting professional help. Since that's not going to happen, her family needs to stop telling her ho
  3. The posters and teasers look good. Ji Sung is looking pretty darn fine these days.
  4. Oh this stupid, hypocritical family. I had to laugh at Dad accusing Gwang-nam of being so blinded by dollar signs that she didn't spot the fraud when the whole family was blinded by dollar signs. Dad didn't listen to Dol-shwe when he said the guy sounded shady and neither Gwang-nam or Gwang-sik would listen to Byun-ho. Well, I guess Gwang-nam did but then stupidly went through with the wedding anyway. Stupid, stupid. Looks like Byun-ho is going to try with Maria. Do we think she will die?
  5. Hee-taes's little brother wouldn't have reacted like that to the watch so it's likely Myung-soo then. The finale is going to be brutal. ETA: I watched more closely with subs and really think the mystery man is Myung-soo. He got a lot of focus and his dad, who is definitely a goner, was telling him the history of the watch. Detail I missed the first time: The cops said he was an informant, not a family member of a missing person. So if it is Myung-soo, the skeleton is not Myung-hee's.
  6. Given his dad was charged with Communist activity in the past, I doubt Myung-soo sees him alive again. I never thought about the man we saw in Episode 1 being Myung Soo, but that would make sense. It's either Myung-soo or Hee-tae. I think they might have said Myung-soo's age at some point, but I believe he's 12 or so. Myung-hee and Hee-tae are 26. Did the man from Episode 1 look closer to 53 or 67 lol? Both would know the watch. If the man is Myung-soo, I guess both Myung-hee and Hee-tae die but only one remains missing? That makes me think the man in 2021 is Hee-tae
  7. Episode 24 We're basically at the halfway point and stories are moving, promising plenty of drama for the second half. Ah, scam artist lady knew the mom somehow. Gwang-nam is going to be in a heck of a mess, and it's sad because I don't think it was totally about her seeing dollar signs. She's hurting over Byun-ho and all she has heard from the family is she can't take care of herself and better marry a rich guy before she gets older and no one will want her. Her family should have slowed things down, but what I said above, and they WERE blinded by dollar signs and dad
  8. Episode 23 Ye-seul and Gwang-sik got back together quickly. I guess their big angst will be when he finds out her aunt was his father's mistress. If I were him, I would have been done for good after basically being called a loser by her aunt and loser sisters. Maria is SO dumb. Suing Gwang-nam for adultery is not going to make Byun-ho love her and is crazy considering she was the one who had a baby with Gwang-nam's husband. They keep talking about her health and all of the pills she takes. Is she going to die? So Gwang-nam's CEO dude is running a scam with some wom
  9. I like the drama but it hasn't exactly been unpredictable. The tutor probably dies but it could be Ji-yong too. I hope it's Ji-yong. The tutor was betrayed by Ji-yong, seemed genuinely upset by the miscarriage and stayed with Hi-soo even after she told her to go. We didn't see anybody trying to keep her mouth shut about the miscarriage either. There's no way the end of Episode 8 isn't an act IMO. ETA: If Ji-yong finds out about the miscarriage, I wouldn't be shocked if he kills the tutor and frames Hi-soo.
  10. Episode 22 Run, Ye-seul, run! He's too nice for that family. It's one thing for the aunt to disapprove and another for her to be so mean to Ye-seul. Gwang-sik can't even stand up for him, and she's surprised that he wants to end it. They are cute but Ye-seul's already been put through the wringer. I like Gwang-tae's love interest but not Gwang-tae.
  11. I don't like the tutor, but I believe she does love Ha-joon. If Hi-soo does go into revenge mode, I hope it's mostly against Ji-yong. I wouldn't mind if the tutor even helped. She was used by Ji-yong too.
  12. She'll definitely eventually have the little girl Byun-ho's mother keeps yammering about.
  13. I really thought GN was pregnant. The show actually surprised me. Unfortunately, her rich suitor is up to no good. I would take a pregnancy over a plot with him being a bad guy. I do like that GN is working and trying to get back into ballet form. Maria is so dumb. Byun-ho told her last episode that he needed some time to get over his divorce. If she and his mom would just be a little understanding and stop pushing him, they could actually build a relationship. Going through his things and threatening his ex-wife is just nutty behavior. Ugh, the preview. It looks like t
  14. Episode 20 - Gwang-sik and Ye-seul are pretty cute. Byun-ho asks Maria for time and she agrees but then immediately sets out to seduce him again. He needs alcohol to even go home but then getting blackout drunk is how he got into this mess. I knew Gwang-nam would wind up pregnant and it will lead to plenty of drama, but I wanted her storyline to be about finding something she is good at and passionate about instead of a pregnancy.
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