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  1. Yeah, I thought so too. I never could get into his relationships with LA and Ji Soo because of it.
  2. I'm not thrilled about either thing, but I will say there was foreshadowing from the very beginning. I do admire a writer who is sure of the story they want to tell even if I ultimately don't like where it goes.
  3. There was so much foreshadowing I feared JS was going to die. I’ve also feared since the beginning that SM was responsible for the apartment fire which we’ll see if it’s true, but the pieces are coming together.
  4. The final episode was about what I expected. Happy ending and babies for everyone. It really was a 20 episode weekend family drama airing during the weekday, but I watch weekend dramas and I watched this drama so the formula must work on me lol. I about dropped it midway through, but I'm glad I stuck with it. As frustrating as they could be, I did have a soft spot for the characters and the actors and actresses who played them. Despite the craziness, I do know people who careen from crisis to crisis, self-sabotage and then blame everyone else for the problems so that aspect felt frustrating but real. The one thing I will never understand is why in the world they made the pregnant girl a rapist instead of just a girl who got pregnant after a consensual ONS with WS.
  5. Like I said above, I was happy with how the donor situation turned out. I'm glad the twins ended up donating instead of BS. I have a soft spot for HS, but she's been the most consistently selfish sibling and the one with the most resentment toward PS as well Jeong Sang, so I was glad to see her not only secretly donate her liver but also come together with Jeong Sang. The scene of them looking at each other's scars was nice. I liked the scene with Chil bok and his mom too.
  6. I saw the last 20 minutes or so live. I'll probably post more after I watch the whole episode subbed, but I will say I'm happy with how the donor situation turned out.
  7. As much as I like WDR, I don’t want DR to have to deal with the MIL or DY again or just the MIL if DY and her husband were to divorce. But since it’s likely that WDR and DR will end up together, I would prefer it to take time (which would probably mean a time jump even though I hate time jumps) during which DR can go back to school and become an attorney and become more confident and assertive. Holy moly at the ratings. Wonder if they will hit 50% for the finale? KBS #MyOnlyOne: 44.1% | 49.4%
  8. She deserves all the bad karma that comes her way. I do wish there was no cheating just because I want her called out and dumped because of all of her horrible behavior but with the cheating, both families will probably feel sorry for her when they find out.
  9. Agreed. I'm reserving judgement until next week to see what the writer does with HS and HM. I think it is the writer’s intention to show an abusive relationship and the reasons for it. One of the things that has made the drama so frustrating is that it has pretty accurately portrayed how hard it can be for people to stop their destructive patterns. HS keeps going back to HM because she has incredibly low self esteem and convinces herself that she can stop him from drinking, and they'll be fine. I don’t know if the writer can convince me that HS can stop that pattern with only two hours left, but I hope so.
  10. I'm sure Wae Sang will be fine. It's a cliffhanger. His heart will miraculously start beating at the beginning of the next episode but now there is no chance of him donating his liver and he'll have the gang boss to deal with it. The mother is the worst and BS was beyond dumb to give her money. I am slightly surprised that she didn't immediately take the money and run but was actually going to go through with the surgery before her sleazy squeeze didn't show/she got cold feet. But she's still the worst.
  11. When he was brought in and revealed to have a chaebol background, my first thought was that he would help prove Mr. Kang's innocence (since he was someone I could see Mr. Kang confiding in and would be in a position to see the loan shark lurking around and get suspicious) and would use his connections to do so which would lead him back to his grandfather. But WDR is playing that role which makes sense since he's a main character so I don't know. Maybe like @luvabe said WDR and TP can work together.
  12. So while I too found the search for a liver a little uncomfortable, I really liked the latest episode and the direction things are going now. I’m actually looking forward to next week.
  13. I'm still afraid the donor will be Boon Shil because of what @chickfactor posted about her name and the fact that Poong Sang told them to lie if she was a match. That seems like something that will come back up. Narratively, I think Wang Sang makes the most sense, however. I know Poong Sang does love her, but if Boon-Shil is the donor, she will have given everything, including her liver, for him. Out of all the family members, it seems like being the donor would be the best conclusion to Wang Sang's character arc.
  14. Wow! A weekday drama hasn’t reached 20% in a long time. I actually rather enjoyed this week’s episodes, especially Episodes 31-32. Good scenes with Poong Sang and BS, BS and her dad, Chil-bok and Jin Sang. Chil-bok was my MVP this week.
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