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  1. I think for the sheer amount of characters in this drama, more episodes should have been added to the 18. ES has been flailing nonstop for the past 16 episodes and we finally have some sort of breakthrough today. I just want to say that out of all the characters, I find him the least interesting because he's a spot of pure white in a world of grey. And I think that's why he doesn't fit for me in this show because everyone else seems to have more layered intentions whereas he's just forever doing the good thing. Which is awesome in real life but sucks to watch onscreen. He's like the antithesis of Robert from GOT where Robert conquered and then had no freaking clue what to do. ES would make an awesome King but his path there seems to be by sheer luck and literally, the wills of the god. Saya was raised by Taelha so LOL, he's going to do what's best for him and has no clue what good or bad means. Tanya went through all sorts of realisations today. Now that she's had her first taste of power, I think it has changed her more than she realises. And the Wahan tribe will never be the same again because it's not just the trauma of losing all the people and what was dear to them but also, now that they've seen the good life, it's hard to go back to the forest and forage for food. Tagon and Taelha will be each other's undoing. Also, Tagon made a fatal mistake by appointing Yangcha as Tanya's bodyguard(my shipper side SQUEALS) because Yangcha has already showed that he isn't as loyal to Tagon as before. If Tanya can sway his loyalty, Tagon will find himself with a knife to his back faster than ES getting captured and marched through another camp again(joking)
  2. Yangcha smolders like no other. That is my expert opinion after watching this episode. Seriously though, in an alternate universe I would so watch the spin off of Tanya ruling like a boss queen and the love story between her and her handsome bodyguard.
  3. Taera is honestly the least intelligent of the four. I think it's because she's so used to her mother making all the decisions for her that she never learnt ANY self preservation skills. What a dumb way to check if BJ really stayed with her the whole time in the cinema. Going by his expression, he probably marked her down as the next loose end. If BJ can treat his parents that detachedly, how much influence could Taera possibly have on him? Answer : Zero The female teacher is honestly doing the investigation more harm than good. She's so naive and has all the subtlety of a rhino rampaging through heavy traffic. This does feel very mystery like. Agatha Christie always said that the most obvious person usually committed the murder. In this case, I do feel like it's possible that it's one of the students because there seems to be no reason for BJ's dad to kill her. Unless perhaps she tried blackmailing him. Also, after watching the flashback, it feels that SA was unaware of the fact that BJ knew she was with his dad. if she had known, she wouldn't have asked him why you don't want to see my face anymore. This feels more like a relationship had been blossoming between them and BJ ended it when he found out about her being an escort. Which makes his thinly veiled remarks towards his father at lunch more insightful, he almost chose the wrong person and ended up destroying his future(in his mind). It's also interesting that out of the 4, BJ is the least afraid of his parents.
  4. So basically, KH was obsessed with Soo Ah, HS had strong protective feelings towards her and now it's confirmed that BJ was also close to her. Part of me wants to ask her for tips. Taera should wake up. She was the only one who had feelings in that relationship. Even if they do get married, it will be one of those high society marriages where she has her kids , career and house to distract her from the fact her husband is colder than ice in Antartica.
  5. I feel bad for Soo Ah. It seems like she was just doing her best to live. If BJ was interested in her as well, it feels like she's some Helen of Troy figure lol where it wasn't just HS,KH but also BJ who are all after her. I can't figure BJ out. Taera is cracking because she just isn't good enough. Yeri is a selfcentered typical mean girl who wants fame at all cost. KH is a stalker with an anger problem. BJ is the most dangerous one because he doesn't have a clear flaw or weakness. He doesn't even crumble under pressure like Taera. he's almost bland compared to their characters right now which makes him the most interesting because, there IS something underneath that isn't quite as pretty as the surface. The others are basically doing what they can to further their interests aside from SA dying but BJ is detached. he's watching and prodding and I won't be surprised if he already knows who the sub already is.
  6. watched it without subs. the part where the stalker tried to force himself on her made me pause and take a break. It's spinechilling to think these kids are supposed to end up in important positions in society
  7. Beom Jun has serious vibes of a younger Yoo Jung from Cheese in the trap. Only I don't think YJ would be interested in someone like Tae ra The stalker boy came out of no where after he was literally insulting everything at the funeral. I wondered if she turned him down or he lost it after finding out she was an escort. It's possible that the killer is still BJ though or Tae Ra
  8. I don't think Saya is a bad character BUT, I do think that after he lost his first love, he immediately had a heel face turn similar to Tanya and decided to have ambitions of power so that he would never be that vulnerable again. Also, he grew up in Arthdal so he does have those views of elitism where he does think of the wahan tribe as barbarians. He calls Tagon father but more importantly, he asserts his right as Tagon's heir to the throne. I think he purposely goaded Tanya like that to snap her out of her dazed state and considering the fact that he saw her in his dreams, may have realised she could be an important person for him to have beside him. It almost mirrors the relationship Tagon and Taelha have. It's kinda ironic that tagon's heir turned out to be just as cunning as him even though they aren't related by blood and it would be befitting if Saya is the one to turn on Tagon similar to how Tagon killed his father.
  9. Why don't you think it would happen? I'm curious because I feel like it's a tragic ending also
  10. Actually it's quite hilarious that the different factions met up to discuss the future of their survival and co-operation. But actually, people were busy exchanging glances to start love affairs. It's such an adult situation but it also feels so high school like with raging hormones LOL I did read that Tanya will become pm. My prediction is that the first arc was to set up everything. the second arc is Tagon ruling. With maybe Taelha by his side. Taelha according to the first description was to become first queen/empress of arthdal. I think Tagon and Taelha will fall out but not so fast. She is supposed to have a strong rival to her power and I think it's tanya from the way she looked at her in episode 4 as they walked past each other
  11. I only made an account to say that the first description of the drama said Tanya and Tagon will have some love storyline. Does anyone know how true this is? I don't think the brothers and Tanya will have a love triangle. If the earlier description is true, then Taelha and Tagon will fall out. Which will contribute to Tagon's downfall. Both Taelha and Tagon are ruthless and powerhungry so it is possible that they may each attempt to use the trio for their own struggles to hold all the power in arthdal. Also, I think Moo Baek will train ES because Moo Baek believes in Aramun more than he belives in Tagon
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