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  1. finally have the time to comment after catching up on episodes Whew! Just want to say that if ED didn't have writer-nim on her side, she would have been blown out of the water. CJH is still trying to keep his cool and fight his way out but ED is struggling DESPITE having nearly every powerful faction on her side. In another life, CJH would be king lol morals aside, he and seo ju's mum have the most brains
  2. I really enjoyed reading everyone's comments haha Honestly, don't enjoy the CH and EH love story. I liked the fact that they were close friends. But maybe the writer wants to explain CH's story as someone who dates other women and tells himself that it's EJ that he loves by puttingher on a pedestal to avoid his real feelings for EH. I actually don't see romantic chemistry with EH and CH tbh It was very buddies kind of vibe just pure comfort for each other. I just find it strange that CH would be feeling somekind of way about EH dating GJ NOW when he's known about it all along. Unless next week's episode shows the car ride between EJ and CH where he realises that what he felt for EJ wasn't love at all. And it leads to an ephipany for him. This writer I realised likes to use the effect of showing us something and then goes back to explore it from another angle. She's very good at leading the story and setting up clues. I don't speak much about the parents because honestly, I don't like watching their scenes because I find them too sad. I just want to say that the sister's relationship seems to have mirrored their parents. Where EH is like her dad, full of love and compassion but ALWAYS seeing things just from their perspective. Whereas EJ and their mother are more perceptive, levelheaded and tend to hold in what they feel more. EJ I think was really hurt that EH didn't speak to her for years. I can understand her rage against EH when they both saw the laptop. EJ must have been feeling like you didn't care for years whether I was doing well or not so what are you doing here now? It feels like TH and EJ's relationship is done but EJ seems to want to punish him abit(as she should). One thing I didn't like is how almost subserviant and submissive she was to her MIL. I think TH was abit right that EJ wanted that rich life because she sets her high standard for herself and for her life in general. I wonder where the TH and EJ story will go lol She doesn't seem too upset with HS but EJ is the type to hold her feelings in. Considering how comfortable she was with him, I think she defn felt betrayed. I don't see HS dating TH or anything like that but anything feels possible in this drama lol I remember HS's look of anger and disgust when TH says that it's not that he's scared but that he hates looking at himself . It's still not explained how HS knew about this house which makes me think he must have caught that awful boyfriend with TH here.
  3. Okay this show is like amazing for red herrings. Can double as a mystery show because everytimeI think I figured something out, it's wrong HAHA also, I was split in my opinion regarding the sisters. EH shouldn't have brought CH along and should have KNOWN her sister would be upset. But EJ was spot on about EH prioritising what she feels and thinks above the situation and what others feel. At the same time, EJ has a severe inability to ask others for help and bottles everything up. It's like she already knows that she was the illegitimate child and doesn't want to depend on anyone for anything. Her feeling like her mother was cold to her and wanted to kill them both could not have helped. EJ wanting to escape her family according to TH, I think was absolutely the truth. CH I think, liked EJ because he almost idealised her as this perfect vision whereas EH and he had a more honest and comfortable relationships. When the show started, I sided with EH but now I think that there was more to the story. Her sister resenting her for not talking to her all these years made me realise that EJ actually missed EH all this time and was waiting for her to make the first move. Now, I'm not sure if CH will end up with EJ or EH but I just hope everyone gets their happy ending And FINALLY, all the pieces to the puzzle fall in and explains this weird relationship between HS and TH. Them being secret lovers while there were signs couldn't have made total sense because HS doesn't seem malicious or cruel enough to befriend EJ if he's having an affair with TH. And now we know that TH stole (unintentionally he says) HS's lover, and that horrid person thought TH was his soulmate and ran off to New Zealand with HS's money. TH saying all those things to EJ reads more like he's trying to really push her away and end things for good. His mother calling him sick nonstop must have made his feelings of self disgust and hatred even stronger. I think it was another point of contention between him and HS who must have felt so upset that the person he was seeing threw him over for someone who can't even be honest with himself , let alone comfortable in his sexuality. TH was cruel to EJ even before this scene. Letting her suffer through the pain of her treatments to get pregnant when in actual fact, he didn't care that much to have a child. It's like he buried his true feelings and self so far underneath that he was willing to live a hollow life and just float around, existing and doing all the things he's supposed to do. EH was spot on about him being cold. It's like his soul is barren and empty of life. There's this quote from Agatha Christie: He was like a house with all the windows shut and the blinds pulled down. And it feels like that there is someone dead inside the house. That describes TH perfectly Also LOL at HS saying his boyfriend thought TH was his soulmate. Honey, he wanted TH because he's a rich doctor Please don't fall for it like the rest of us saps
  4. Can someone please share what happened and why TH got so angry? How does the barista fit into this? Am very at sea here haha
  5. This drama breaks my heart and puts it back together. Eun Joo's feeling of betrayal is so raw in its pain and the scene between the 2 sisters was so good. It makes perfect sense that Eun Hee would be the one to comfort her sister and be there for her when EJ found out Also, good on Eun Hee for having sharp intuition and following Hyun Seok. That one shot of Hyun Seok looking at EJ looked alot like guilt and was suspicious enough for Eun Hee to realise that something was up. Looks like EJ is going to make things difficult for TH. I still am not sure if HS likes EJ but if he and TH really have something and he was befriending EJ, that is so messed up The parents have such a beautiful love story that is so heartwrenching. Someone on dramabeans said this is like a weekend drama boiled down to a cable drama and I so agree. The characters are welldone and such good actors
  6. Quite confused by the preview. Does this mean the barista was really interested in EJ all along? I'm so off in my predictions lol Interestingly, even though the sisters don't get along, I think they understand each other best. EJ was right about EH and her relationships and EH in turn, is sharp about her sister. This drama is really interesting for me because I don't have a good handle on who's going to end up with who , when usually,within the first 2 weeks , I can tell Originally, thought that the barista was interested in EJ then slowly suspected that he and Tae Hyung are involved. Tae Hyung came off as jealous of EJ and his relationship first but it could also have been interpreted the other way. The barista also knew what kind of coffee Tae Hyung likes to drink(well he's the barista so duh) and he looked very shaken when he found out Tae Hyung was overseas. I wondered why Tae Hyung would leave money for HS . Couldn't be to keep his mouth shut because I'm sure that TH was planning on not coming back and for EJ to find out the truth. The weirdest scene was the one when HS was getting treated by TH. TH told HS to come to his senses and HS replied that his girlfriend knew him and he should tell EJ soon. Weirdly, I don't feel any chemistry between HS and EJ. More like, he just brings the softness out of her and she feels comfortable around him while being flattered by the attention. EJ is such a strong woman but she's really at her wits end trying to stay calm while there's so much chaos around her. Their apartment reflects their marriage. Beautiful but impersonal, clean to the point of sterile, minimalistic and presentable but oh so empty and bland
  7. I think the drama has alot of potential and I am enjoying it. On the other hand, maybe because it's a KES drama (Mr Sunshine, Goblin, DOTS), my expectations are alot higher. Don't get me wrong, I'm not calling it a bad show but there's something missing. The world building of the show seems slightly jerky if you know what I mean whereas with pervious shows, the world building is there but it's alot more seamless and there's less of an obvious effort to tell the audience And another thing, with other dramas like hotel del luna or mr sunshine or even shows like world of the married, I can immeditately feel an emotional connection and empathise with the characters. Here, maybe because there's just alot going on that I find it hard to become attached to the characters and as a result, the show. The actors are doing a great job, the cinematography is gorgeous and every shot feels like a haunting photograph but there's some magic here that's missing
  8. I love pink lipstick! It was my very first revenge drama and cruel temptation is just a classic lol I might start rewatching the promise Is sister is alive good? I have never watched it
  9. I liked the start and how they showed the present time first before the past. Interestingly, Jeongbeom was standing in between the other 2 during the snowflakes scene. Normally, It would be the female lead standing in between the 2 guys LOL I guess it's foreshadowing how him meeting the 2 of them ended in their separation in the past life and how in this life as well, he will come inbetween them I know people rag on the actress but I really like her here haha
  10. I think the drama is really engaging and enjoyable so far! I'm sure the ratings will pick up soon I'm just slightly confused because I remember the initial synopsis said that he will make a deal with the devil or answer the devil's question and I thought do hwan was playing the devil LOL
  11. I feel like if this was an OCN drama, he defn would be HAHA But Yes, Jun Hyuk does give me the creeps. The way he lurked behind her and the way he was eyeballing her like prey in last night's episode was just unsettling. But, ED gave off this boss attitude in his office which impressed me a little. She even crossed her legs like a boss! haha
  12. I just watched the preview ! It looks so good. Not like your usual love triangle where there's a clear preference but here it looks like she's actually has a soft spot for both LOL
  13. Actually with parents like that, it's no wonder that JunHyuk and his sister turned out so nasty. The only difference is that JunHyuk is smarter than his father when it comes to hiding things but TI is also sharp so it's an even match. I feel that ED still suspects Jun Hyuk but she's playing him so that he won't try to get rid of her now. The biggest threat I think is still JunHyuk because he's the most ruthless. Seo Ju also has shades of that but she's still boxed in by her parents. LOL at Hye Won for messing up Jun Hyuk's plan by going to TI's parents and warning them about ED. Hye Won will be the first to crack because she's selfish but also harbouring guilt over everything. It was easy for her to pretend that it never happened when ED was away from her sight but now that everything's coming out in the open, it's increasingly harder for her. Also, LOL at Jun Huk's look of disgust as he asked if she had been drinking Things are actually moving quite fast. In the preview, SJ is openly given a warning about ED while Jun Hyuk is relishing telling TI that ED is there to take revenge on him. TI is now aware of Ji Hoon's interest in ED while ED is finally up to date about the family dynamics. She realises she's stuck in a power struggle to be the next heir and that she can take advantage of it. The Chairman should have done more to prepare JI Hoon because if he was abit sharper, Jun Hyuk wouldn't have the influence that he does now. I have a feeling to protect ED's reputation Ji Hoon will say they are together or something and ED will go along with it because she wants to enter the house.
  14. Same!! I need my drama fix after all my turkish series are halted due to coronavirus. Although sad, it's for the best that they take care because the problem is very serious
  15. I really like the latest poster. It looks very sleek and mysterious HAHA Can't wait for this one! I need something to distract me during the lockdown lol
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