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  1. I mean I personally found Rona damn annoying in season 1 but she seems to have grown up and matured in season 2. What I do find annoying still is that she won't COMMUNICATE with her mother and can potentially mess up her mother's plans. Like, GURL yall are on the same side. Act like it and work out the issues in therapy. It sucks when even the deranged duo of Seok Kyung and Eun Byeol have better team work lol At the same time, Rona can't get past what her mother did-which fair enough. Dark and messed up and I think YH understands that as well. At the end of the day, she did kill
  2. Good point. The only time SSR flinched was when YH betrayed her. And even that was momentary. Logan and SSR were cool, calculating and ruthless. They just fumbled at the last minute lol But I have high hopes for Lee Jia Ah's new character. I feel like she will be cut from the same cloth but even colder haha.
  3. EHH, feels like my intial prediction somewhere in this thread that Seo Kyung will die might come true lol Jenny dying won't make much of a difference and Eun Byeol still has more to unleash so doesn't feel like it will be her. Dantae was the first to see the dead body and it doesn't make sense to me that he would run for Rona or EB tbh I feel like the death will happen in the next 2 episodes which starts off the new mystery and Logan Lee and Lee Jia Ah's character return in full force in the second half. This fits with them saying Lee Jia Ah will be playing a new char
  4. That's a good question. I personally think you can defn have lust and passion without loving someone. Especially if you are a superficial sort of person like SJ and Dantae. It's like that's the depth their emotions can go for each other, know what I mean? They are physically attracted to each other but emotionally there's a disconnect. They both use passion and sex to control and drive a relationship though lol. SJ seems to need more emotional assurance than Dantae who's very much about his goals and is practical. That's why I think she clung to her ex for so long. She's seen wha
  5. I think all this discussion is good because it makes me look at the characters in a way that I wouldn't have otherwise. Sorry this post is probably very long and I'm just rambling here Personally, I feel like most if not all of the characters are painted in grey here. There's no black and white. And I'm just enjoying the ride tbh. YH proved that she can be selfish and vicious like the rest of them in the Penthouse. Like ya, she was drunk but she wanted to kill to make her daughter's dream true. Kill an innocent life so like her precious child. And drunk actions reflect a sober pers
  6. Out of all the kids, min hyuk seems the least developed and it's hilarious that his parents now have this cheating arc HAHA It's apparently a Penthouse pattern that if you like a guy, your parents will hook up and make your relationship pseduo incest Seo Jin and Dantae's relationship already seems to be showing cracks. This is not a couple that will weather the storm together and they don't trust each other AT all lol They just got together for mutual benefit to avoid their mutual destruction by Logan/SSR duo It's also interesting, that quite a few of the scenes from t
  7. I have to agree and say that I don't really get the hype for Seok Hoon and Rona's romance either. As in it's a overused plot where misunderstood bad rich boy falls for the plucky poor forever punching up heroine- which I love- but I feel that Seok Hoon's character had the potential to be more interesting. Out of all the kids, he reads the most calculating and cold. He wasn't that invested in bullying SeolA until she made that ONE comment that caused him to snap. Feels like he got some of his dad's temper and emotional instability Also, Rona has evolved but at the same time, with a
  8. So the show started off with a bang lol I CACKLED at that wedding scene. It was hysterial and I loved how over the top it was. SJ has an affair with Yoon Chul but then marries Dantae. And now Yoon Yoon are supposedly married? I feel that the couples will swap partners sometime during the series lol. SJ will slowly become disillusioned with Dantae(more than she already has LOL- already having affairs before going down the altar). As much as he helps soothe her ego, his true cold and psychotic personality will slowly come out lol SJ seems to have an obsession with whate
  9. I am so excited ! Seo Jin is about to find out that her happy ever after isn't that magical lol Yoon Hee needs to wise up. She killed Seol A and almost wanted to kill SR. I think it's POSSIBLE that SR is alive but the opening sequence was so magical! Is the lady on top justice or is it SR's twin/the mother of the real twins? This reads like Pretty Little Liars HAHAH Can't wait to see Logan lee again. One thing I love about this drama is that even the side characters like the lawyer family, the teachers- all are interesting and horrible in their own way.
  10. wow that last scene was so hauntingly beautiful. DA basically said goodbye without having to say the words. Now that I THINK her father has passed on, she knows that she's going to have to fight for her life and she can't afford any weaknesses which is what unfortunately she sees her love for our poor artist. I LOVE the main leads but the second couple stole my heart. It's such a pure romance in a way. And I think DA who's been starved of real emotion and also thought of herself that way as someone who is unable to give, this was a romance that basically was a splash of warm colou
  11. Eh I really doubt SR died. If she did, then season 2 is going to be a whirlwind of rage against Dantae and SeoJin. SeokHoon looks like he's starting to figure out what happened
  12. I may be wrong but they are defn setting up YH's ex and the real mother of the Twins to come in season 2 or 3. I feel like they may be part of the greater scheme villains
  13. Can I just say that scene of Yoon Hee trying to press her advantage with Logan Lee by bringing up SR staying with him was so pathetic it was really painful Like, YH keeps TRYING to make these moves but she's outclassed at every turn. And she looks like a complete fool doing so
  14. Yeah I'm banking on one of the kids dying as well. The season starts and ends the same way but everything has changed. Have to say that I do NOT think that SeokHoon is changed or more innocent than the rest. He comes off as very controlled and cold. He IS Dantae's son and I think he learnt from his parents to play his cards close to his chest. I can see him betraying his father to side with SR as we can see during the hostage scene, SH gave no care to the fact that his dad might die. In fact, I think he might prefer it. The cage scene was hilarious. Yoon
  15. SPOILERS LOOK AWAY I only came in here to tell yall that Dantae and Yoonhee kissed, she sold her soul to the devil and I'm gagging with disgust
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