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  1. I'm a sucker for happy endings so liked how everything got wrapped up. Some random thoughts: - I'm confused by the timeline, it kind of seemed like months/years had passed, but then they were toasting to a completed marathon at the end so maybe not? - I was hoping for the Eun-bi's Ryan to appear, I had a theory it was a woman. - I was glad Dan-Ah apologised to the gay best friend. I was confused at the beginning when they would mention she was gay, now I understand what was happening.
  2. I'm glad I'm not the only one that feels a bit lost watching this show. I agree with the @kallen88that MJ thinks he is only pretending to like her, and then KSG didn't have a chance to process and respond before she left. I think he also inadvertently talked about 1 month relationship duration which reminded her of her earlier conversation with the other runner. I'm actually more confused by the entire interaction between Yeong-Hwa and Dan-Ah, I always feel something is a bit of and I'm not understanding properly. Thanks for your take on things @kallen88
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