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  1. Does anyone know which dramas or movies the parodies came from? I just know the drinking scene came from 'A Moment to Remember' but I don't know the other two. Please help me. XD I want my peace of mind back LOL.
  2. @sally2 I'm with you on the whole confusion thing. It takes me about 90 minutes to finish a Run On episode because I repeat so many scenes. They talk too fast sometimes that it's hard to keep up. I also indulge on SG/MJ scenes way too much LOL. Thanks @Hannah Yoon! So that's what it was.. XD I remember the scene where MJ said to Woo-sik that she finds it easier to translate a 2-hour film than to understand what SG says sometimes. I do notice that SG sometimes jumps from one topic to another when he talks. Like in the scene with his mom, when she said "treat my fan well," SG suddenl
  3. I feel your pain. Although I don't speak Korean, I understand some words and there really are words that the translators omit or replace with another word. But from what I understood from that hotel scene, SG did confess in a way that's a little off. Like he said, "I've been doing that thing.. that thing you asked me to do." I think for MJ, it sounded like he only liked her because she asked him to do that. Although I did feel a little lost when she came back and forth in her room. ToT
  4. So Ep 9 isn’t my new favorite but still a good episode! Highlights for me are: 1. James asking if SG is gay - definitely the funniest scene this episode 2. Yeong-sil visiting SG - another bromance I root for 3. The FU scene - though I hope that MJ will learn how to hold her temper like SG. She has a few things to learn from him too. 4. SG admitting he likes MJ - SG was expressing his feelings already, but why does it always end up in a misunderstanding? 5. DA and YH confrontation. - finally YH shows D
  5. @Hannah Yoon you reminded me of the scene in Ep 6 where SG entered MJ’s room and he kept the door opened and avoided eye contact with her haha such a cute gentleman.
  6. Me too, I want them to fast track the relationship coz they clearly have feelings for each other since Ep 2. But since the main theme of the drama is communication, I did expect that the main couple will be circling around and have some misunderstandings. Hopefully they'll date officially this week. I want to see MJ teaching SG how to date XD Btw I love how SG has a lot of money and head over heels over MJ but hasn't really bought her anything expensive. I mean, if this was another cliché drama, SG would have bought expensive things for MJ already. So far what he has done is basica
  7. Is it possible to like all the OST in a drama?? YES!!!! The musical director is brilliant I tell you. Each and every OST that came out was my favorite XD This is my latest favorite XD and the scene where they were running together gave me so much butterflies!
  8. Hello! @Nodame! I'm sooo into this drama! I have so many things to say but I have so little time ToT
  9. @Hannah YoonMay Park is one of my favorite characters. I loved her since she told MJ on episode 2, "As long as you're not pregnant." HAHAHA.
  10. Finally people are noticing this drama! It's really one of a kind. I loved episode 8! Honestly, each episode is my favorite until a new episode comes along except for the 1st episode which confused me as hell, but I'm glad episode 2 gave it more sense. The writer and director are brilliant! It may not be perfect, but it definitely deserves more recognition. Episode 7 highlights for me are: 1. YH scooping SG up for drinks HAHA how can the ET friends be so cute?? 2. SG and MJ fighting - it felt so real especially the dialogue about "walls" and "rights." I'm glad
  11. The writer is brilliant! All main characters are well written and the dialogues are just fantastic! I'm excited to see more of Yeong-hwa. He's another oddball and I want to know why haha.
  12. I kind of agree with the characters not being realistic and that's why I find this drama unique and refreshing. Everyone just speaks their mind and not a single soul seems to be offended haha. I'm really loving this drama right now. The situations are somewhat familiar and some characters are a little cliche, but they managed to give them some fun twists. Like Seon-gyeom's father tweeting which definitely poked fun at Trump LOL. The highlights of Episode 6 for me are: 1. Dan-ah and Mi-joo bickering at the Cafe - very amusing 2. Seon-gyeom and Yeong-hwa - charming!! 3
  13. Yeah I think many of the puns get lost in translation. Like "tang" which also means bone soup. But "bang" is pretty funny too. It also means something dirty XD I share your sentiment about suppressing feelings because we always see those in dramas. I think that will be the direction of the next ep based on the preview. But it looks like Seon-gyeom will learn the truth quickly and they'll be friends. Though I don't understand why Mi-joo won't tell him the truth immediately. It's like she wants him to get mad at her?
  14. Okay. I found the first episode really weird maybe because I wasn't used to the editing style. But now that I'm used to it, WOW! I'm really hooked since episode 2! The editing was cute and funny and it suits the tone of the drama. Many unexpected things happened like the locker room brawl and the kiss. If I didn't see it in the preview and bts that JTBC released, I would never have guessed because Ki Seon Gyeom seems timid. But now I realized that he is definitely NOT a pushover and he will stand up for what he think is right. I have fallen in love with his character. I also love O
  15. I have issues with the editing, too. The editor seems experimental and sometimes over the top that it becomes too cheesy.
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