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  1. wait a minute...didn’t even know JWR is nominated or going to attend. how is it that ISH .....nevermind. am I the only one who don’t like to see CEW and JWR together......damn are they really together? sigh....
  2. Ola! been a silent reader and nodding to almost every comments in here. While I wish I could start my first comment on something about the show, that actually would have to wait. I actually had to desperately jump in here to vent out my upset with JWR too. I don't know why it upset me and a lot of us too but one thing for sure it is not because I'm confused between her character and her real self. I think what I find uneasy about is why do I feel disturbed when i first saw her "vibe" or "interactions" with CEW during the BTS of earlier episodes and the recent vids. And why the rest of us feels as disturbed as well. I hope we are not feeling like this because we secretly think that CEW is reciprocating too? I remember there was one BTS where Soo Ah was hugging him and after the shooting ended he quickly turned back to return with an umbrella. I guess what i'm trying to say is I feel disturbed the thought that we are all probably disturbed with this whole JWR being clingy thing because we think that there is a possibility that CEW is attracted to her too (hence why he is also clingy towards her and why we always see him around her too.....haha. I hope not lol....JWR is really pretty but........I hope not hahaha.
  3. Does anyone know the song that was playing at the beginning of ep 2 (the one where they showed flashback of kyueng sok in school walking in the rain etc)
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