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  1. +2 I think must be the 2nd dose which I took yesterday which makes me so tired. Till today, still a little sore on the arm, lucky no fever. @larus since is so early, do some light workout at home else if is clear outside go for walk. @Wuzetian how are you feeling after the jab. @gm4queen hope your period pain is lesser by now, take warm liquid. @MayanEcho was a good afternoon nap.
  2. +2 Hello ! 4evrkdrama @Ameera Ali @agenth @Calli @confusedheart326 @Ernie @gm4queen @hsmz @joccu @kokodus @larus@LeftCoastOppa @Lmangla @Min2206 @mirmz @partyon @sadthe1st @Sleepy Owl @Thong Thin @twinkle_little_star @willenette @Wuzetian I am so lethargic today.. slept till 8am Going for some nap... chat later guys. @Wuzetian don't caught in the rain.
  3. +2 only slightly sore on the arm. @Min2206 Thank you @Wuzetian Congratz.. is it your 1st dose ? Yup, i just read and seems JJH might do a comeback.
  4. 434 Hello !... am back @4evrkdrama @Ameera Ali @Calli @confusedheart326 @gm4queen @joccu @Lmangla @larus @Min2206 @MayanEcho @mirmz @partyon @sadthe1st @Sleepy Owl @twinkle_little_star @Wuzetian @willenette have some tuna pastry for afternoon tea. cr to owner @Wuzetian thanks for the FB link. Very sad upon hearing the conditions at the hospital as well as those frontliners. @Sleepy Owl I saw the special episode of Kingdom : Aishin of the North yesterday.
  5. +2 Well, my oppa at times are clumsy too, so I can't blame zoppa here. Once a while is alright, at least we get to see their cuteness overload. Take more rest, dont apply pressure on your toe. @Wuzetian full blast your fan or air-con to blow out those dirty air. At times, these ppl staying in high rise apartments are very in considerate. They throw cigarette butts onto my balcony or rubbish at the corridor way.
  6. 424 Mushroom soup for lunch. cr owner Edit : I was browsing FB and was shocked to know wilted greens gets its freshness back after dipping into some chemical water. Is sad to know these culprits are making money at the expense of ones life.
  7. 424 it was my first experience, lol Seems over your side lots of covid clusters too.
  8. 418 The jacket potatoes reminds me of my trip to Bath, England. It was first experience eating such a hugh potatoes with cheese toppings during the autumn season and it was so feeling that I get indigestion cr to owner
  9. 412 Hello ! @4evrkdrama @Ameera Ali @Calli @confusedheart326 @gm4queen @joccu @larus @Lmangla @Min2206 @MayanEcho @LeftCoastOppa @mirmz @partyon @Sleepy Owl @sadthe1st @twinkle_little_star @Wuzetian @willenette Early morning was bombarded with messages The sun is not up yet but I can feel the humid.
  10. Yes, he was in CLOY. The possibility of me not noticing him is because of his role.
  11. +2 @Wuzetian I watched Andy Lau movie Lost and Love yesterday. hahaha, if i were to meet him in public I dont think i can recognize him. Below will be my dinner tonight -Cantonese Yee Mee cr to owner The shop name is Kee Wah Bakery in Wan Chai district, which also sells good egg tarts.
  12. Hello ! Welcome to Soompi. Tang Joon-Sang is a very talented young actor. I was not aware that he acted in CLOY until I watched Move to Heaven. As a lead actor in MTH, I was astonished with his acting chop & the role that he portrayed, the same goes to Hae-Kang in Racket Boys.
  13. 400 Anybody going to watch Kingdom Aishin of the North, is showing in NF tomorrow.
  14. +2 Oh Lord !...even with 32-33 deg here is like sitting inside an oven, what more 40 !!! @sadthe1st Sg back to lockdown with no dine-in ? I like the chinese walnut cookies from one traditional shop in HK having the same name as my late fil. Having matcha protein with choco chips after light workout. cr owner
  15. 392 @MayanEcho I read over at UAE, temp is 51 deg What about your side. @larus any plans for your vacation. Hope you have an enjoyable vacation.
  16. 390 Spinach soup for lunch today (minus the century egg) @MayanEcho the steam rice cake, is it sweet ? @Min2206 the salad is appetizing with the pcs of oranges. Hi @larus.. you are early today.
  17. 388 Send some rain over, thank you. Hello & Good Morning @4evrkdrama @Ameera Ali @Calli @confusedheart326 @Ernie @gm4queen @joccu @kokodus @larus @LeftCoastOppa @Lmangla @Min2206 @MayanEcho @mirmz @partyon @Sleepy Owl @sadthe1st @twinkle_little_star @willenette @Wuzetian Spinach egg wrap for breakfast.
  18. 436 @agenth awwww.. indeed JCW so cute with that unkept woke up messy hair @larus @Min2206 Thanks for those yummy ice cream.
  19. +2 @agenth @partyon @Min2206 My prefered JCW hairstyle Going to catch up with Voice 4 now...
  20. +2 LOL, happy for you enjoying your day with foods. Is white tiny baby snails,only appears in the morning, I had to remove them using a tweezer.
  21. YES... I did and could not believe it till today that I finally managed to meet my oppa ! Is once a life time and was really fun to meet so many girls fangirling from all walk of life. Well, was a good experience and I enjoyed it. shouldn't you be asking if he is tall, slim, handsome or gorgeous
  22. +2 Hope you feels better with this panadol relief.
  23. From my POV, Ga-On being a new babe who just graduated are being used and manipulated by his Professor. After all, Supreme Court Justice Min Jung Ho is his teacher and to Ga-On, he is always right. Ga-On has yet to use his thinking cap to justify himself what is right and wrong instead of just hearsay. Hope, Yo-Ha will bring light and open up naive Ga-On in the coming episodes.
  24. 460 I am feeling the heat too. Here's your coffee, enjoy.
  25. Thank you @partyon for tagging me. I still hold vivid memories attending Lee Min Ho tour to Malaysia in year 2013. Young teenagers of all races crowded the whole place with banners, placards, ballons etc I was overwhelming to see some elders in wheelchair & walkers too. That’s the power of LMH. When LMH walked out to the stage, those girls from my left and side seats started yelling and shouting out loud “OPPA SARANGHAE”.. The yelling was so intense that I could not hear what LMH was saying. I was seated like 200m away from the s
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