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  1. + 2 @partyon am here. Hello @WeunXK ! Hope everyone here have a relaxing weekend.
  2. Finally, caught up Ep 12. Hoping for a happy ending esp our ML & FL. 💗
  3. + 2 @MayanEcho Hope you & your family are saved from the floods. Take care. @partyon is he New ?... haven't seen him before. I did it on purpose
  4. + 2 spend most of the days at home, lazy to go out due to humid weather. omo !... your son ? cr to owner Just like LYK, I dont know why I seem can't to like both of them. cr owner
  5. + 2 24 hours thunderstorm !... that's scary.. Hope all internet lines / elec lines are not down. How was your Eid Celebration ... Currently, I am watching QOT and that Kwak guy are funny,hilarious & stupid a times. I despise him BUT I love his humor 🤣 . Any chingus here claimed him as Oppa ? I have one question to ask....Is he always that dumb whenever he chooses to act in any projects ?
  6. + 2 to be exact, I have been to Japan 3x..😍 and will visit again. There's still lots of places which I have not visit yet. Chingu, is worth visiting Japan during Spring..the sakura blooming is so beautiful.
  7. Hi... As the story continues, each of the actors/actresses seems to have their own past histories. SUHO is an ambitious guy who wants to climb up the corporate ladder and he is taking a dangerous route esp dealing with Kim Joon. I think GunWoo dead is linked to Kim Joon, not sure how but we will find out soon.
  8. + 2 Cruising by to say Hello ! To all Chingus celebrating... @Ameera Ali @MayanEcho and those that I missed out. The rest of chingus... have a wonderfull & fruitfull week. cr to owner cr to owner
  9. + 2 @MayanEcho mouth ulcer & headache cleared ... after consuming some herbal drinks @sadthe1st what about your side over there, still hot & humid. cr owner cr owner
  10. Hello !... I managed to finished Ep 1.........
  11. + 2 Weather is super humid & hot....am having splitting headache since Sunday + mouth ulcer. @Ameera Ali still not sure if Queen of Tears will be my watch list. Having second thought because of the FL. LOL
  12. + 2 he rolled up his sleeve to show her that he's a capable gentleman to have the printer working. And what makes you think me & @sadthe1st will watch 😍 Happy Bulan Ramadhan to @MayanEcho @Ameera Ali cr owner
  13. + 2 HAPPY IWD @Ameera Ali @confusedheart @Ernie @gm4queen @joccu @kokodus @Lmangla @Min2206 @partyon @rocat @sadthe1st @Wuzetian @MayanEcho @kingpin @larus cr owner cr owner
  14. @Sleepy Owl thanks for putting up the Poll . I have only watched a handfull of them and my brain can't recalled at all those I have watched. The only one I could pen here is MARRY MY HUSBAND which I am currently watching. Su Min having an innocent look, but scary deep down inside her heart. Her obsession on KJW is so great that she even go to the extent of being soft at one point and evil the next hour. Her evil smirk 😡
  15. + 2 cr owner @gm4queen how's your new home. Hope you have settled well.
  16. + 2 Oh !.. I am enjoying it so much that I found LKY is indeed funny. @partyon I take back my words 😂 Are you watching Flex xCop... I am watching hoping to see some glimpse of ABH abs 🥰
  17. +2 Hmmm... probably the hubby might feel a little awkard looking at the wife kissing. 😂 @Lmangla feeling better today ? @sadthe1st you have the privilege to fly again to Tokyo, Air Japan having promo @ $179 ! 😢
  18. +2 Hey Chingu... glad of you to drop by.. am good . thanks for asking. Congratz on your new house. Trust me, moving to a totally new house takes time to settle down esp the changes in new environment. @sadthe1st year 2024 no oppa ? cr owner
  19. + 2 Yup, he is indeed good looking even if he does not smile. Finally, I got passed Ep 3 & will continue at my own snail pace yes, he is indeed funny BUT doesn't mean I have to be his fan. 🙃 Glad to know that you are having a good time relaxing. I am good too.💗
  20. + 2 I need to learn some tactics on torturing , will come in handy when I need it. So, I will watch that part even if I dislike him To be honest, is RIGHT that she exposed his cheating esp in Public places. Let him be humilated. I have not watch yet, but I feel that he finds her boring or not sedusive at all which makes him go on cheating spree ......lol Hahaha, who is that good looking dude to her rescue even the writing of korean is not that simple, you need to know which character comes first to make a correct word. Enjoy your vacation .
  21. + 2 Hi.. how have you been. I attended a private korean class few years back and the teacher is a Korean. Unfortunately, he has to leave the country to go back home. Since then, my written korean bad and i have to refer to korean dictionary should i need to write. Now that I have so much free time, hope I could pick again by watching more korean movies/dramas.
  22. +2 think I need to FF whenever I see his face. fyi, what makes me asking you about this drama is because I saw a short clip somewhere (can't remember) where PMY threw a red panty on him super curious what makes her do that !
  23. + 2 Time flies so quick, in another 2 weeks Ramadan starts. ctto
  24. + 2 @MayanEcho How's the kiddo doing ? @joccu How's life ?
  25. +2 @Lmangla Get well soon. Lately, I found that as we age, it takes a longer time to recover. (me, takes approx 2 weeks to recover from a bad sore throat) @Ameera Ali let see if I could pass Episode 1. I'm not a fan of Lee Yi-Kyung.
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