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  1. In a recent article – see https://www.soompi.com/article/1358635wpp/watch-g-o-and-choi-ye-seul-get-married-with-blessings-from-mblaq-members-2pms-taecyeon-and-more#comment-4651271214 a number of users commented on LJ discharge, see http://disq.us/p/24x8vu6 “Joon was discharged on 25 sept. but no one knows where he is & what he is doing now. i hope i hear some news about joon..” – this may still be speculation though.
  2. I am guessing they are using the same unreliable sources that we have all seen rather than state a confirmed fact.
  3. https://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=ko&u=https://www.insight.co.kr/news/239349&prev=search Probably nothing new - it just mentioned that JSM is waiting for LJ's discharge.
  4. I noticed that in the play Jenga scene HJM is wearing a number of rings including one on the forth finger left hand. Is that a carry over from OSN, a fashion statement or a commitment statement – what do you think?
  5. Some interesting info - While reading news related to “One Spring Night”❤️ I learned that the SP lead actress role was first offered to Han Ji Min and only after she rejected it the producers approached NJH for the role. According to comments, HJM rejected the offer because of schedule conflict that the SP producers could not meet - probably because of JCW hard enlistment date.
  6. See this Instagram post by @jennyhouse_ssung It seems like HJM took her entire team (from OSN?) for vac in Australia
  7. You are absolutely right; there are many in this industry with similar disorder who have a successful career and family life. For example Lee Byung-hun, few years ago, revealed that he suffers from a similar disorder and is now happily married to Lee Min-jung - both very famous and popular actors in Korea and internationally – I am a fan as well.
  8. I agree; they could have denied the dispatch report from 1/2018 – “we are just friends” - but instead they sent a strong signal of commitment. All the indications ( listed in this forum) are pointing to the fact that the relationship is still on-going. .
  9. Up till now I considered “Something in the rain” to be the best romantic drama on TV till I recently watched “One Spring Night”. Wow, what a beautiful drama with a wonderful love story that incorporated many difficult and real life elements. The Script and the dialogs were top notch so were Jung Hae-in and the gorgeous Han Ji-Min. Their chemistry was undeniable strong. They deliver every line just beautifully. They were really into their character - delivered so many feelings. Their interaction really felt natural and real. Absolutely adorable couple - they should win Best Couple award. I was really surprise to read today that Jung Hae-in is already coming out (August?) with a new romantic movie “Tune in for Love” – Not sure how was he able to complete it so soon after OSN ?
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