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  1. Unless one of them talks, there is no way to know the real reason for the breakup; we need to respect their/her decision. I understand why one may speculates that she moved on long before the official announcement; it was likely delayed till his service is over to maintain her public image. Nevertheless, I believe that the fact that he followed her as a DJ means that the breakup was friendly;
  2. On a positive note, JCW was brave enough to acknowledge in public that some aspects of his behavior were an obstacle to a healthy relationship. It will be nice if someone can verify the original Korean interview; it’s not the first time that English translation was lost in interpretation.
  3. https://www.soompi.com/article/1444349wpp/ji-chang-wook-opens-up-about-his-dating-style-why-hes-been-dumped-in-the-past-and-his-honest-feelings-about-his-looks ”..The actor also spoke about being dumped multiple times in the past. When the surprised cast asked what he thought was the reason his exes had broken up with him, he revealed, “The moment that I find myself on the wrong end of a power imbalance in a romantic relationship, I become too clingy. I start going through more heartache...”
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