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  1. Adding my two cents: Due to of the nature of the process, the BTSs are exposing real emotions and attractions among the actors – so are the immediate interviews; it allows us to differentiate between reel and real. You cannot expect them to continue and always show it in public. Though we have seen them out of control many times (hoping for more), in public event one can expect them to show more control for their private relationship. There is one particular video clip of an interview prior to his enlisting – I cannot find it anymore- JCW was asked about a “hypothetical” scenario of what happens to love during his army period. His answer was quite interesting, no impact on him, he will continue to love and if the girl still loves him after the long service they will continue otherwise it will only be good memory.
  2. I thought so too; but the latest news mentioned “Supplementary Station”; so now I am thinking that he is preforming social service in uniform in a base and not in a public place - so July date may be true.
  3. Good finding – hopefully its fresh information; Its twenty+ days for his release; it is odd that there is no new information on him – blackout continues.
  4. ptp321: Here’s my two cents regarding this. I really think Hyunnie is trolling us. So many fans are pressuring her to come out of hiding so she’s probably like “Here’s a little puzzle for you to keep occupied while I try to finish school, get my degree, while in hiding and speed reading confidential scripts from my former co-star (who isn’t even paying me because he’s been on a soldier’s salary for 2 years)!” Lmao, ok maybe those aren’t her exact words. We were able to wait 20 + months for our captain. We should be able to patiently wait weeks for our co-captain to achieve her milestone. I agree; there is no way they are going to distract attention from his comeback now. JCW is beginning shooting and pretty soon the focus will be to promote the “wonderful chemistry” that has with his co-star, etc - nothing till the Drama is over.
  5. I can’t get enough of this video – JSM surprise visit to LJ last fan meeting. This must be the best spontaneous visual love confession (check 1:20) where LJ is pounding his heart while facing JSM. Although she is a little embarrassed, everyone can see that she is in "Cloud Nine" - probably both are. It’s unlikely the first confession, but may have been the turning point of their relationship. After all October 3rd (2-3 days after the event) is their official commitment day (so i read). P.S: I downloaded LJ’s last single from iTunes – “What I wanna Give”; beautiful song - i keep playing it.
  6. I dont think he will be back in 1 July 2019 . My understanding is that the discharge is now 3rd week in September - LJ is no longer in the army but in civil service. Unlike the Army, the civil service in Korea is still 24 months so his discharge date was extended from July to Sep. He probably received some deduction; after all he still served about 5 months in the army.
  7. https://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=auto&tl=en&u=https%3A%2F%2Fm.jangsooshop.com%2Farticle%2F%EC%8A%A4%ED%83%80%EA%B5%AC%EB%A7%A4%ED%9B%84%EA%B8%B0%2F8%2F1889%2F Not sure if I can rely on the google translate, nevertheless in the article/Advertisement JSM mentioned that she moved to a new house (last question). Maybe the pictures with LJ “things” were taken in her house and the rest from her parents' house.
  8. https://twitter.com/joonmin_jmsc/status/1129219058719576064?s=12 I noticed an interesting posting on tweeter regarding these pictures (see link) – new sofa in JSM’s home. The link points to a split screen image that shows stills taken from an LJ’s video - I am assuming it is his house, but not sure. It shows the “Keep CALM..” poster on his wall as well as the British treasure box on his floor. Both items are now in JSM house – If his analysis is true, what do you think it means his and hers home
  9. You are good. I noticed the same thing recently – though Hyuniii seems more active/public in showing her support to Jung SoMin. She probably needs that support - see below. I recently started to follow the LJ/JSM forum - as well - after watching “Father is Strange” – highly recommended, fantastic family drama. There are a lot of similarities between the “couples” as far as the explosive chemistry developed during the drama. Yet, LJ/JSM didn’t wait long; They started to date few weeks after the drama ended and just before LJ’s enlistment; They made public announcement during his first break from the Army. However what sad about this captivating love story was the fact that they faced some serious hardship soon after their public announcement - LJ developed some issues early on during his service and for the past 15 months there is a complete silent about them – not a single leak; There are some signals that point to the fact that JSM is still standing strong with LJ, but no one knows for sure. I hope the relationship will survive the hardship and the challenges they are facing and come out stronger together;
  10. irisariadne: Yes, i still believe they are still together. When Somin sent a congratulatory plant to Joon's Ceo, i think many Joonmin shippers feel happy, its a indicator that their relationship is still strong . I was surprised , actually, i was really surprised. As far as i know, she never work with Mr. Yeo and have not meet him yet (or maybe she already met him, but who knows?). So , why she gave that plant to him? And Mr. Yeo is close to Joon. Maybe Mr. Yeo invited Somin to come over to his store, Strol through Joon?? I spent more time today reading some more pages and I noticed that there are number of discussions in the past on the significant of Jung So Min not wearing the couple ring anymore. I checked and it is true, for a long period of time (based on ig pictures) she wasn’t wearing a ring on the significant fourth finger. Sorry if it was mentioned before, but I just wanted to point out that in recent pictures (May 1st 2019) from the 55th Baeksang Arts Award Jung SoMin is clearly wearing a ring on the left fourth finger. It seems she made an effort to make sure her left hand is visible in many of the pictures that were taken at that event. I might be wrong – after all I am new here - but it looks like a strong declaration from her in front of everyone - including LJ - that the relationship is going strong. https://www.instagram.com/p/Bw7Ohl3lYvB/
  11. I recently discovered this forum after watching “This is my First Life” and “Father is Strange”. The TIMFL script was very good but what made this unique story believable was the gorgeous and talented actress Jung So Min. She is an amazing actress to watch with solid performance. She nailed her character and set the tone for the drama. I was so impressed with her acting so I looked for other shows and discovered FIS. Wow, what a fantastic show - this is the best family drama I ever watched. So many powerful stories meshed together with many different characters, dynamics and emotions. Not a dull moment Like many in this forum, it was easy for me to sense that the relationship developed between JSM and LJ goes behind good acting. It was explosive chemistry and at some point it felt real – beautiful couple. Reading through the posts in this form I gained respect for the couple. I hope the relationship will survive the hardship and the challenges they are facing and come out stronger together – if that’s what they desired. I really admire the courage that LJ demonstrated by enlisting even though he could have picked an easier path as well as being open about his problem and his willingness to overcome the disorder. Same goes for JSM for standing strong until now. Like many, I am curious – and concern - to find out what the current status is, however I do understand why they will want to keep it private for as long as they can. They both deserved our respect. I am a fan now and will continue to support and watch more of their shows.
  12. I agree with your logic, it’s obvious that something magical happened between these two during the SP production. However we have no way to assume what actual private relationship these two have/had without more data and/or official confirmation. It can be anything. In addition, I will not conclude anything from the SP wrap-up clips. One cannot expect these clips to matchup with the BTSs that the director selected to show us from four months of shooting. There are a number of translations for the famous April 27th discharge interview. In one version JCW was only referring to a particular visit during the show while denying “any camp” visit and in a 2nd translation it sounds like he was referring to different visits. In addition, not sure why some are assuming they conducted a full script review during the visit, in both translations, JCW only ask NJH to do it (at a later date). Assumption territory - There is one particular NJH IG posting from March 18th (I think it was taken at the steps at Sogang University) – “When I met my precious friend in two months” that may indicate a closer relationship with JCW. I read a comment not long ago from fan who mentioned that NJH – in her encrypted post - did not refer to meeting a civilian JCW in two months, but she was leaking to JCW’s fans about the “future” May 19th FM. This made sense to me since we all know she was planning to attend the musical show and meet JCW. Maybe the picture was taken by/when JCW handed her the tickets.
  13. In regard to "private life" - not sure if it was discussed here, but I read that it is common in Korea for young actress/es to have a “No Public dating” clause in their contract. I don’t have any knowledge if Namji has one, but one of the articles (read it on one of the fan sites) mentioned that she had to negotiate favorable terms to accommodate her studies in her new contract – up till then, her mother managed her affairs. The article did not mention a dating clause though. Her current contract started around 2016, I think it was after Shopping king Louie.
  14. https://www.instagram.com/p/Bdct3dSHUTZ/?igshid=i087c0vs37gs If you asking for scenes that we like, there is a video clip that I found fun to watch. What makes this clip unique is a split screen that shows a synchronous NJH reaction to watching the same selected scenes. I am assuming it was from an award show. Not sure who should receive CR for the clip though.
  15. https://twitter.com/namjihyun_net?lang=en Nam Ji Hyun named by industry critiques as one of the actresses that could be the next Jeon Do Yeon.
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