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  1. Honestly at this point i think Do Hee has not finished yet things with her ex. I hate that lie in ep 12 and i think HK deserves someone better than Do Hee! Sorry for the ranting but the ex is annoying, that cousin of her ex is annoying, that girl NE too. HK said to her "I love you" and she replied "I'll trust you" and then this episode out of place...
  2. Watched ep 1-5 and this drama has a solid story but i need more romance scenes. The couple is great but i really need to feel the vibe of Princess's man drama 'cause PSH is a really great actor in sageuk drama, despite his past wrongdoings or so called!! And i really really hate all the people that hurt my OTP! I want to see them suffer like hell!!
  3. DH's ex is crazy and scary... hope he will not hurt DH! It's crystal clear that Keanu is involved with the crazy guy and i want to know ASAP their connection! I really love OTP in this drama and my 2% is about their first kiss. It will be at the end of ep 10 (remember FMIYM)
  4. Hello chingus! I'm interested to watch this drama but i would like to know if there's a loveline between the two main characters! I love historical drama but a love story for me is a MUST!
  5. I think so too. They spoke in banmal but i think they spoke that way in a live too on IG! Same here... there's more between them!!
  6. In my opinion they were talking as more than friends... There's some intimacy in theirs conversations 'cause in korean culture it's not appropriate to talk this way between colleague! My delulu mind is ON
  7. In that video i see only a couple in love. It's not about JH and HJ but DW and GY!! Even Seo Hyun Jin and Eric Moon didn't kiss so naturally in Another Miss Oh drama. Yep, Hyun Jin and Eric had a chemistry off the chart but not 100% as DW and GY!! In that BTS video i clearly saw passion, natural gestures, complicity and stares from a girl completely smitten by her co-star!! @sadthe1st i also think that KDW was more aggressive, his attraction was totally and unconditional!!
  8. Thanks a lot for sharing this videos. I follow that account as well 'cause there are always goodies for all! BTW in BTS video of ep 12 (23-24) we clearly see he's a kind guy and when they talked about chicken and pizza, he asked her what she likes the most and Ga Yound said Pizza! Why he was asking such a thing if he's not interested? And i noticed she stares at him most of the time and i don't think it's only admiration The new BTS is ridiculous... The wanted to save the face with the korean public opinion about R-rated scenes but they ignored international fans and our wise action! Someone commented on youtube video about the REAL bts... they said the new bts cut the MAIN and IMPORTANT things about this couple
  9. Yes! In a precedent live he called her Gayoung-ie I think he likes her but he's a shy person obv! There's a lot of attraction from both side!!
  10. I think he was alredy fallen for her after TE told him about HJ memory. He discovered her story and it was there the beginning!
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