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  1. TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU!! I cried with Ha eun when writernim broke her heart and i really don't understand this plot twist at all. From my point i didn't see the husband as a gay and i really hoped they could back to normal family life mostly because i liked a LOT the Chae trio and that little girl was a jewel!! My finale toughts: TOTALLY LOVED OTP MOMENTS and i liked Song Ah's character growth. She finally understood Hyung Seung's pain also thanks to HS's sister and his friend. Kudos to writer and actors for giving us such a beautiful love story. I really liked Ji Seung and Jae Wo
  3. Text preview of ep 16 from google translate I like you. I like Hyunseung summary Song-a, who confesses her own heart, apologizes sincerely to her Hyun-seung, heartbreaking for her hurt more than she thought. While she does, she thinks about how she can express her mind a little more and tries her best. On the other hand, Hyeonseung thinks even more because she feels that love is something that can't be done even if she does everything..
  4. Ep 15 done... So the title of this drama was also referred to Song Ah and how "she would never know" that Hyun Seung IS THE LOVE OF HER LIFE if she decided to stay in Korea and not leave! I'm in love now with this couple and tomorrow never seemed so far away then before!!! Main point of ep 15 from MPOV: 1. She realised the break-up was a huge mistake and return to see him again. She was willing to hide her feelings, SHE LOVED AND LOVES HIM A LOT!!! 2. Hyun Seung is really a fictional character for one main reason: GUYS AS HIM DO NOT EXIST! He loved her with all his heart so h
  6. Hope to see them reconcile at least in the end of ep 15... i don't want to suffer anymore. Her career choice wasn't that great if it led her to left him after 2 years.
  7. Thanks for pics and clip chingus @ihyw @gm4queen I can't wait for tonight ep... in the pre-released clip she said something like "I missed you so much... i'm so sorry". I need to know what happened between them!!
  8. So 2 days and we'll know how they'll get together again. BTW these pics we saw fews days ago are all we can have ATM and i'm speculating on it
  9. I know, right? Looks like she broke it off, but what happened?! Did she just want/need to concentrate on work for her very demanding boss? Did she choose work? @ihyw I want to answer this question. MPOV: she is hiding something... There's something off about the last scene in ep 14. When they saw each other: 1. Song Ah was willing to meet him across the street, 2. He was not willing to meet her. We all know about HS's ex and how he was angry about her. So i guess she left him for some reason and not only for her busy shedule. HS would never left her, he love her so much so his indi
  10. Text preview ep 15 (google translate) I can't get it right yet... I'm sorry, really summary Song-a returned to the head office earlier than expected due to her longing for Hyunseung. However, Hyunseung's attitude is only cold. Song-a has no choice but to accept such a hyeonseung, and she tries to hide her heart, but it is not easy. Jae-shin, struggling with his newly started business, meets Hyo-ju again in an unexpected place... As we supposed Song Ah missed Hyun Seung so i'm ready to see her suffer a little bit before the final happy ending BTW THEY ARE SOOOO
  11. So if 3 years passed the little Ha Eun will not appear anymore? I want to see her again with HS, they are so sweet!! Hope Director and HS's sister got married and still hope the second sister has sorted things out with the husband. I can see them as friends as @sal2 said! As for Jae Shin he is a Director now as i saw in the final minutes of ep 14 so i guess he's experiencing a new start and a new life. In ep 14 the best characters development were: Song Ah's mom and the second sister! Now it's Song Ah choice... she has to got her man back and preview show some of her facial expr
  12. Preview translation (credit to Park Min Young subber from Subscene subtitle) So i assume they stayed as couple for 2 years then something went wrong and they broke up! Because from subtitles 1 year passed when they saw each other again across the street!! Now i hope to see sweet moments again!!
  13. I think Song Ah left him first... HS is a faithful character so i guess she made some mistake and let him go. BTW HOPE TO SEE A PROPER BED SCENE maybe when they'll reconcile at this point
  14. Ok so THEY DID IT... sweet scene BUT the outcome was the worse... THEY BROKE UP but i think next episode we'll see why they have parted... it's not clear. 3 YEARS PASSED... IT'S RIDICULOUS but i understand the situation. Now i'll wait the happy ending from the last 2 episode. BTW the second sister divorced i don't understand the real reason after all. The love scenes
  15. I think so too. I guess it will be an open ending regarding the second sister decision of her life but i'm sad for their daughter. Hope to see the older sister's wedding, i like the couple and i want to see her wedding dress. At this point i don't have much expectations from OTP so i'll see the show for the minor plot lines.
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