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  1. Hope that arrow will not pierce her... And So Bong is now really confused about her feelings! YAYYYYYYYYYYYY
  2. I almost had a heart attack from that MAKE OUT SESSION, btw i think BW and SY souls are melting... Most probably we'll see BW in modern time as a new man, not a womanizer and SY with the King in a real love story in the Joseon era!
  3. I think BW role is to clarify So Yong's position about the political involvement of her family. The King fell in love with the concubine by a mistake so he has always thought that So Yong was similar as her family, an evil corrupted gold-digger! Drama will be different from the real history so i think a part of BW will stay with So Yong because she is growing thanks to BW's soul! BTW the love line will be King and So Yong, and i hope she will have a memory about BW's life in her shoes.
  4. Because it will be a torture to unfold all the plot... But i like this drama, it's so funny and all the cast deserve an award!!
  5. I saw on wikipedia 20 ep but i hope not... BTW i'm here for the great Switch-souls COUPLE and i'm fan of both but in particular of Shin Hye Sun! I loved her since Angel last mission love!! Great DRAMA, GREAT COUPLE!!!
  6. I started this drama and i watched till ep 7! It's really a good plot and i liked the dynamics!! And i really hope MJ's sister is alive hiding somewhere. Now i think we'll se romance take place between HR and MJ and i really want to see Chairman Kim and his daughter to fall down in pieces!!
  7. Hello chingus!! I want to watch this drama but i want to know if there's a love line in it... It's worth to watch?
  8. FL is still alive... She and her daughter survived the operation , it's a real situation not a dream!! BTW i loved this drama, great acting esp from ES and her child!!
  9. ALMOST A HEART ATTACK HERE... When they were in operation room i cried... THE BEST FINALE EVER!!! WOO JOO CALLED EUN SOO OMMA AND ONE YEAR AFTER SHE CALLED AGAIN EUN SOO OMMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA WJ knew she was adopted and JM revealed ES as her biological mother!!! And all before the operation so that scene was very touching!! AND I'M DONE HERE!! Justice was made, they survived the operation and are happy!!!
  10. So after watched ep 15 my reaction about THE JAILED WITCH IS: AND Her personal dog is the murderer but why he is confessing to ES now? BTW today is the finale and i know for sure ES and WJ will survive and live happy ever after with JM!!! Great drama, i loved mother-daughter relationship the most!!
  12. I hope HR will not be considered able to donate... Her target is to kill WJ in operation room and i hope JM will find out this scheme...
  13. I think ES will prove that witch is not a match for the surgery because she's not related to WJ! The only person who can save WJ is a blood related one so ES now is the only option and i want to see that happen!!
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