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  1. Hello chingu! It really has been a while. Thank you so much tagging me to a news about Jinyoung. I'm so happy he got recognized for his acting though honestly I haven't watched a lot of his dramas.
  2. I think I'm becoming evil. I'm loving the scene where Sunhee is crying and begging and Jinee is just looking down at her. That was so satisfying. I'm glad Jinhee is not giving a richard simmons about this evil mother and daughter pair. But then again, there goes Hanui being nice again.
  3. So I dare not look back at the previous episodes and I jumped to the episodes this week. Man Jieun and her mom sure loves to blame anyone but themselves. They're psycho. Writer-nims would definitely be on crack if they can just forgive everything just like that.
  4. Damn! I'm enjoying this badass Jinhee. The preview for today's episode is funny as hell. Sunhee really has a thick skin to DEMAND Jinhee to retract her decision to not continue with promoting with K1 just because Jieun is pregnant? What does it have to do with Jinhee? How shameless does these two can be? I'm praying that it will end the way I want it to be. The pair in jail (it is still a crime to orchestrate a kidnapping and isn't Jinhee can sue them for emotional damage or something?) and isolated from the family.
  5. I watched E113 (finally but I haven't watched the previous ones) and I am so enjoying how Jinhui is making Sunhui's life a living hell. At least she's really getting her revenge and not being nice to her sister and now that she knows that Jieun is in it too. I wonder how she will handle her. It is worth watching but you need to have patience.
  6. I would love to see her lose it and then her aunt will see her go berserk. Looks like fake Soojung is their guardian devil looming over their heads. I love to see their rattled faces. Man I can't wait for them to be exposed.
  7. Wow! Sunhee sure have a bright future ahead of her with all these amazing things she has been doing! I'm impressed. 19 episodes left and the evil witch and her minion are still scheming. Oh gosh! I don't know what I will do if Jinhee finds out the truth in the 2nd to the last episode. Or to the last 5 episodes. That won't be enough to make the evil pair suffer PLUS that stupid mother of Hangyul.
  8. Are we finally ending the episodes with the Jieun and Dokyung? Because seriously they have wasted a lot of episodes with that couple that it's preventing me to go back watching this series. That preview looks interesting though. But still Leo should teach Hana. She's the one who stole something but she still have her head held high like an idiot.
  9. Now that Jinhui knows that Hanui is adopted it makes me wonder what she will do with Sunhui and Jieun once she put all the pieces together. I would love to see that day to happen ASAP maybe it will make me go back to watching this series regularly. I hope she's not going to be someone who will forgive them just like that. What they did to her is not something that can be forgiven so easily.
  10. Reminds me of Love Returns. I almost dropped that one because the villains have so much screen time. I know but so far almost all the episodes I have browsed (E70 until the latest one - I still don't have the motivation to continue watching normally) are mainly focused on b**ch Jieun and Dokyung. Like I don't even care about them. Makes my blood boil. I wouldn't even mind seeing Sunhui going crazy being found out. That's more entertaining than b**ch Jieun's love life or whatever. I was merely saying that it felt like it wasn't Hanui because they focused too much on b**ch Jieun. But don't take my word seriously since I've never watched drama normally starting from E70. So far I was merely browsing each episode because b**h Jieun makes my blood boil and I'm seeing her a lot.
  11. I thought Hanui is the female lead but I guess not. The past few episodes I've been seeing a lot of Jieun and Dokyung. Like what the hell? We're only down with 30 mored episodes. T_T I want more of them.
  12. Looks like I need to catch up to the latest episodes just to see Sunhui pissing her pants off because she was exposed of stealing Leo's designs. Jinhui really needs to teach her sister a lesson. Not just reprimand her.
  13. He's so madly in love. Did he ever tell Hanui before that she can't fall in love with him?
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