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  1. But as far as I can remember, when series gets extended the quality drops and it feels draggy. The extended episodes feels like a filler. So if ever they do that, I hope the writers already anticipated that from the beginning and so the quality won't drop. •••• I'm guessing they will find out about Hae-in's illness in the next episode? Will her mom actually change or will she be forever cold to her?
  2. I wish this is that series where Netflix drops the whole series instead of weekly. The wait is killing me. And how many episode will there be?
  3. The brother just needs to go. He's so damn annoying. Well basically everyone is a trash. The leads need to just go in another planet away from these people. Antagonist plot armor is going strong. I think I'm going crazy. I don't know. Just let this damn family fall so they learn their lesson. I doubt they will learn anything anyways. Edit: Finally done with the episode. Scenes with Hae-in really makes me cry. Her being stoic but ended up breaking down hits really hard. Though I'm glad with the family's downfall. It's something they deserve. I don't even feel bad. Just for Hae-in and her aunt. Now I need to see the antagonists downfall. And no I don't want redemption arc. I'm tired of it. Evil people needs to rot and suffer.
  4. I don't know if you call if plot armor but whatever the evil people does without a hitch stresses me out and that made me distracted. I just hope they don't get forgiveness. I'm not buying their so-called sob stories of being an orphan.
  5. It sure is. That's the part where my waterworks just opened up more than Hyo-sim's part. Hyo-sim's just made me frustrated.
  6. It's going to be information overload in the last episode when it's finally revealed why the dad abandoned them. And of course it's a family drama so we gonna get a sob story just so he would be forgiven.
  7. And reason why he was panicking when mom said she will disown Tae Hee. Tae-hee really born from the wrong set of parents.
  8. I think Tae-min's sister is Yeom's daughter? That's why he doesn't want the evil mom to disown her?
  9. What do you expect from Ruby when her mom is one and the same. They're born from the same mold. My high blood pressure sure is high from the latest chapter. This really solidifies that Hyo-sim is surrounded by gold diggers and exploitative people. And honestly, so glad Tae-min isn't the male lead. I find him a pushover at this point.
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