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  1. I picked up this drama the other day and have now caught up, I'm surprised by the lack of posts, I thought the main lead was a pretty popular actor? Really liking the cinematography, the action scenes and the background music is awesome The main story is developing nicely and I love a historical show but I'll admit I'm a bit disappointed with how quickly the love story seems to have already developed and I'm finding some of the humour a bit too forced and sometimes out of place. Other than though solid show so far. The urge to wikipedia the uprising is so high right now though - will try and hold off until the end Anyone else getting Bridal Mask flashbacks with the two main male leads or is it just me?
  2. Think this show has had issues right until the end in nearly every aspect - it had so much going for it at the start as well. I think most of us saw him dying but regardless, the writing for this drama was just not good enough, so many shortcomings and nonsensical plotlines/decisions by characters It has ended now so not bothered enough to complain anymore so props to the main two female actresses, thought they nailed these last two episodes, especially the final scene from Nana when he dies.
  3. Honestly this show has been such a disappointment. All my early optimism when I first heard about it and I feel like zero expectations have been met. I feel like even if my expectations weren't as high as they were I'd still have been disappointment with the execution of the story. Not surprised the ratings even dropped below 1% for some episodes. The plot is just a mess so I can't be bothered to nitpick all the issues but baffled with the main lead. Doesn't want to kill anymore so seems to be letting his client live despite him trying (threatening) to kill the FL, bugging them and also threatening SG, but, he concurrently lets that same two person gang blackmail him into killing anyway. In the preview for the last two eps the client threatens him again with it and I just don't get it. He also knows metal finger guy was heavily involved but completely forgot about him after beating him up that one time. When he killed that Russian guy straight up for hurting SG I thought we'd get a ruthless, vindictive assassin, at least for a while before the change. But we barely got any of it. Really thought this would be the drama to get me out of my drama rut - this is maybe the 6th show I've watched live that has ended up being a disappointment over the last few months. Tempted to wait for shows to finish before I start watching.
  4. This show is losing me - only two weeks left so will stick with it until the end I guess The writing is pretty flimsy and honestly I thought this show would have a bit more action. I don't know what reveals I'm still interested in. For a great assassin the MC has no tact - an assemblyman just gets assassinated and he's waking around close to the scene a few minutes later all in black with his face covered in broad daylight carrying a big old silver case
  5. Going by the subs I thought she did but as we see from the insinuation of SG being the ML's kid in the previous episode from the subs but that not actually being the case, I don't know anymore, fully reliant on the subs being right. She seemed to say in a previous episode that she doesn't want to admit the truth as she'll be lonely so apologises to her grandfather, according to the subs anyhow - so I assumed that was her knowing the ML was at the scene of her granddads death but didn't want to lose the ML so has just blocked it out. But with the whole picture thing I now don't have a clue I really don't know what to think about this show. I enjoy the premise, I'm a sucker for dark/depressing dramas and the overarching story is interesting so I'll still watch (not watching any other live show atm anyhow) but I'm just not liking the execution. Not really invested in the FL's story (even though it's all connected) and sort of wish SG was the FL but then kdramas don't seem to like having anything other than the ML and FL being a potential romantic "ship" for viewers to swoon over so I guess that would always have been impossible.The writing could be so much better and the story much more cohesive, feel like they have so many irrelevant scenes for a show with only 12 episodes. Really hope they at least sort of know what they're doing. Also wish the ML was more ruthless and vindictive - when he remembered that the guy with the metal finger used to beat him with an iron pole I assumed he'd put him in the ground but he just drove off (I know someone arrived but that's not something that would stop him). The old lady would be alive if he had. Him not killing the senator made sense in the flow of the story due to his grandchild coming in. I also agree with the user about not liking how dependent he is on his friend. Surely Pavel dealt with everything on his own. If SG is DJH's kid, do you reckon they "created" her to help heal his real kid, or to replace her? Not sure of the timelines and if the FL is adopted before the nurse ran off with SG. Also at the risk of sounding like I'm moaning quite a bit - not sure why they decide to end the episode on such an obvious non-cliffhanger, especially when you have a preview a couple of seconds later. I also don't really know how the scientist was planning on getting away with killing a cop in broad daylight though I realise it was a bluff. Also curious as to why it has to be the main lead to do the killings and if the scientist knew he was no.88 when he hired him.. Did Pavel tell him he didn't kill the kid? Didn't really understand the whole running over business of the ML when he was a kid as well. I always thought Pavel was the one sent to kill him but couldn't do it - so was Pavel driving or the metal finger guy? Have I just completely misremembered? Think I've forgotten how the show started but don't have it in me to go back.
  6. Nearing the end of episode 5 and just need to complain about these slo-mo's of the two leads just staring at each other - we're five episodes in and I find it so overused already and unnecessary. Hopefully they cut these out soon.
  7. Someone spoil the ending for me - I gave up a while ago but I'm curious but don't have it in me to get through the episodes. Does Da-in at least come back and get reunited with her uncle
  8. The ML's mentor killed her grandpa (pretty sure it showed it) - and SG does know because she says something along the lines of she'll be lonely if she accepts what she saw (the ML at her grandfathers murder scene working with his mentor) so apologises to her grandpa for not acknowledging it. Curious to understand how much he looked out for SG in between her grandfathers death and where we are now as his mentor was still fine when he offed the grandpa and I doubt he let the ML keep the little girl around. Her uncle also mentions she ran off with him. If she knew he was a killer and she still did follow him we're missing a couple of events. Essentially I just wish the ML and SG's relationship took centre stage. The ML is definitely dying whilst trying to protect/save her in the last ep - unless all this Leon business is to throw us off. Or someone kills her and he goes on a suicidal rampage killing everyone (could be down for this)
  9. Just finished episode 4 and this drama still giving me that unsatisfied feeling - think I came in with too high expectations and a preconceived notion of what I might get with it being on OCN. Personally not a fan of the romantic undertones and the preview for next week looks like we'll be getting more of it (really why did they have to go for the generic friends at childhood trope) which is disappointing. Was enjoying most of episode 4 and then they have the scene where the ML sees the FL and the prosecutor shaking hands and he has a bit of a jealous scene in his house afterwards - lame af. Lost the goodwill I had built up after he offed the guy at the end of ep 3. When you have an assassin and a younger girl I guess you always think Leon (I did after the first ep) and they even mention the film in episode 4 so I'm hoping this means we get more development/interactions between the ML and the girl soon. I mentioned after the first two episodes that I think it'd be much better if they used that relationship to humanise and develop the ML rather than a romantic one but I admittedly don't have high hopes for that. So looks like the ML is probably some engineered kid of some sort, wonder if that means the FL is as well. Though from all the dialogue in ep 4 and with how his picture was torn out in that politicians house it would indicate there's something special about him compared to everyone else at the orphanage. Also he seemed to know the name of the orphanage so was the address hidden or was a reason he hadn't gone there before? Also the prosecutor character is smiling way too much - giving me the creeps.
  10. Oh jeez it looks like this is what we're getting in the end - can't help but be a bit disappointed. Feel like Nana might be the girl that "died" in the fire - whether or not the dad knew that when he adopted her is another thing. Can just envisage a scene later on where the guy he tried to frame for killing his family with the fire will be close to getting his revenge and then the FL's adopted dad will be like "Your daughters alive" . Maybe he adopted her to keep her close for this exact reason. Also it'd make sense that the FL's real dad (if he is that) would know the truth about the ML's past as he was good friends with the FL's adopted dad who is supposedly the ML's real dad (all the talk about IV treatment and the research makes me think the ML could have been conceived through IVF or something along those lines but that's a reach) - it'd then be a massive coincidence for both kids to meet at an orphanage but it's a kdrama so. So the secretary the adopted dad is getting with is working with the real dad that was framed as she's the one doing the ordering on the real dads behalf (for reasons unknown) to get revenge on everyone that wronged him and is using the knowledge the real FL's dad has of his childhood to entice him. Assuming the FL is on that list because he thinks she's his enemies daughter and he killed his so. Also looks like they're mimicking what happened with the main lead and his "mentor" with the ML and the girl - assuming he was ordered to kill her as well (/get rid of witnesses) but didn't. He then decided to stay close to watch out for her whilst she led a normal life, choosing a different route to his mentor. What's the link between the FL's dead boyfriend and the girl, have they mentioned? Not gonna lie throughout episode 3 I was getting pretty frustrated with the story as it hasn't been what I was hoping for (some predictable thing were happening and he wasn't being ruthless) and was thinking I'll just wait for the whole show to finish, seeing the general consensus and then deciding - but luckily he pulled the trigger at the end of the ep because if he didn't I feel like I would have definitely ditched out.
  11. Just finished the first hour and I don't expect any realism from kdramas but that medical scene towards the end of thee ep is just so ridiculous - a cardiothoracic surgeon casually performing brain surgery and then him constantly getting interrupted mid-procedure, including by the medical director, is just so dumb. Always having seen Remember, this main actors voice is always giving me psyco vibes.
  12. Welp, reading these comments looks like I was right to drop it - doesn't sound like it improved at all. Don't tihnk I'll try and finish it
  13. Agreed- I found out the hard way. I was into Korean films way before shows and films like I Saw the Devil, The Man from Nowhere, The Chaser, Memories of Murder, Bedevilled, Dirty Carnival, Oldboy etc I absolutely loved and it was what made me try some Korean shows out. Remember posting on the the kdrama recommends reddit page to give me something similar and I must have tried like 4/5 shows before realising it's futile I always found the disconnect between the content for film and tv shows off in SK, as some of their films are so richard simmons up - but I guess it's more down to the limitations of what they can show on TV because those films I mentioned didn't seem to do too bad in the Korean box office so there's clearly an audience there if they did it.
  14. Sort of agree that it's not the most creative show so far and I am someone that a bit disappointed with how it has started but you're oversimplifying it quite a bit. Especially because it looks ike the FL's "family" is probably the ML's real family. His dad wanted to kill him for some reason. Assuming his sister also died/is around somewhere. Or the girl in the family pic could be a friend when he was young which is the FL (this would be lame though and predictable with the childhood connection kdramas love). Or they're brother and sister which would definitely move the show into a more unpredictable and dark territory but I'd be surprised if they went that way. There are plot threads there to make it interesting and unpredictable but considering there's only 12 episodes hopefully these start getting threaded soon. Also hopefully no-more cringy slo-mo's like the one we got at the end of episode 2 - I wanted a dark thriller damn it
  15. I just don't understand why some people think she should sacrifice her happiness and go to him to help him heal. Why is his well being and happiness anymore important than hers, because he had a bad childhood? That's not how it works The guy needs a therapist.
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