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  1. Unsure what to make of this show still but will stick through it - definitely seems very Murder on the Orient Express so far. Sol A's friend with the boyfriend who was wearing sunglasses in ep 4 - not sure if already discussed but in episode 3 I believe, the fat guy with glasses and the dead uncle in a flashback are in a car and the fat guy (apologise for the slightly offensive term but cannot remember who his character is) talks about how he doesn't like the idea of giving a speech to the school as his son didn't get in, even though his girlfriend did. Does anyone thin
  2. The more I watch the more I wish they had cast someone other than Seolhyun. She cannot act, especially with this kind of character. Was really hoping there wouldn't be a mutual attraction between NGM's characters and hers as there's just nothing there to go on and they look mismatched. Just makes it seem forced which takes me out of the show. It's not very engrossing when it doesn't seem natural at all.
  3. Not exactly a flying out the blocks start but interesting enough to get my attention for a few more episodes at least, there's a certain quirkiness to it. Im Siwan solid as usual and SSK not that bad either, her visuals top notch as expected. Can't even pinpoint what it is about her that's alluring. 2nd leads not ding much for me currently but don't know too much about them yet. Don't really think any of the SNSD members are that good actresses to be honest so may take a while for me to come around to the second pairing
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