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  1. This show has me intrigued - it's so well shot and edited. Will definitely be tuning in. Anyone know what the song was when Kwak Dong-yeon was talking on the podium? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WOm2BLpHO2U Assume it may be an OST that hasn't been released yet but I can't recognise the voice either.
  2. When I read about this drama it had everything I liked in it so I'm very glad it delivered. Really enjoyed that. Solid drama all round. Really wish we got more dramas like it
  3. Man I feel like every drama Jang Ki Yong picks is right up my alley storywise (before this Come and Hug Me and Kill It) as I like dark moody dramas with serial killers and whatnot, but none have lived up to my expectations so far and have fallen flat with the story, so I'm really hoping this one can. change that. Think he's more interesting playing a killer/tragic character so it's a shame it looks like he's the good guy in the present but will see how it goes. Jin Se Yeon as beautiful as ever
  4. Don't know how I feel about those first two episodes. Acting aside (have to say, I'm not big on either of the leads but do like WDH) I feel like this will already become a bit of a convoluted mess. Kim Eun-sook is hit and miss for me but I enjoyed Mr Sunshine to the extent that I will give this at least 2-4 more episodes to see the direction they want to go in.
  5. How are people finding this so far? Is it overtly convoluted like some kdramas can get with sci-fi
  6. Ah man - I went into this not knowing much about it as I saw it randomly pop up on Netflix with no idea Choi Jin Hyuk had a show out so soon. First 15/20 minutes in I'm thinking I'm going to love it and we're finally getting a violent action show after what feels like forever but it got so ridiculous in the second half of the episode. Had no idea it'd be all this gizmo stuff and Park Sung Woong does not suit fight scenes (I think he plays a great villain but him fighting the ML at that party looked off, hope him fighting isn't a regular occurrence) I was really thinking OCN put out something like My Beautiful Bride again with gritty action scenes on top of a revenge plot but it's not to be. It's on Netflix so will still give it a few more episodes but the high I had after 20 minutes has disappeared.
  7. I'm enjoying it enough but it's very broad at the moment with its ensemble cast. Has been my issue with a few of the writers others shows and I don't think it works well enough in the 16 episode format for me. Like, Lost had a huge cast but you got a lot of episodes and everyone got multiple episodes dedicated to flesh out their story. There's just a lot of characters at the moment and I just find myself disappointed with screentime
  8. I haven't watched this yet but The Game started so poorly, I dropped it after the first 4 episodes. The story and characters were given no chance to breathe with how quickly everything was happening. Needed better writing and pacing. Anyhow will give this one a try tonight I think.
  9. TvN drama with popular actors and nothing subbed so far. Odd
  10. Interesting (more so different) choice of lead characters. Anyway will put this on the watchlist - will see what the opinions are after a few more eps
  11. The Crush OST is nearly no.1 on every Korean chart (just one chart left) I feel like the second leads got screwed over with whatever changes they made to the script. I honestly have no idea what the point of them has been in the last few episodes, or what they're going to do in the finale. There's surely no way they were written to have this much insignificance in the last few episodes. I find myself fastforwarding their scenes as it rarely seems relevant
  12. Just come across this show and I have to say - how do you put that much talent on the male side and then throw in a rookie for the female lead
  13. Yeah I think I'm dropping this drama - don't really like the relationship dynamics/development or the story. When I saw the description of the show it sounded generic and I feel like that's what we're getting. Will check at the end of the show to see if it got any better
  14. Story seems right up my ally but don't like either of the female leads - sad times. Will give i a watch though and hopefully it doesn't put me off too much
  15. I'm going to be honest all the characters I'm interested are now in Sk so I found myself fast-forwarding some of the NK scenes
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