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  1. Watching this because Netflix recommended it after I finished Kingdom Season 2. I’ve never laughed so much after watching a single kdrama episode. Jun Ji-hyun is quite pretty here and also extremely funny.
  2. Wow the revelations on the end of season 1 and the start of season 2 took me by surprise. I’m not working today so I will finish season 2 today.
  3. Up to episode 4 of season 1 and honestly I like this better than the current season of The Walking Dead. The undead are definitely more scary to say the least.
  4. Finished watching this yesterday and overall it was a very nice drama. I'm not really a fan of military and/or medical drama before but I gave this a try because of Kim Ji-won who I watched in The Heirs before. All loose ends were tied up but I'm curious how the North Korean Senior Lieutenant ended up in Albania to save Yoo Si-jin and Seo Dae-young. I hated the overly dramatic storyline involving Lee Chi-hoon and the survivor he left behind. The ending was too cheesy and a bit of a stretch. A volcanic eruption in a foreign country and our "heroes" are suddenly preparing to assist!!! They should have just showed Daniel being married to Ye-hwa.
  5. Really Park Shin-hye received criticism because of that kiss? In my opinion it was the guy who was not doing a good job. lol
  6. Finally finished the drama and Tan’s 10 year in the future imagination was nice. Just wondering why his foster mom is still there. I thought the chairman was bad but he’s nothing compared to her. I liked Cha Eun-sang much better in the red dress compared to the white dress there. But seriously the kiss there was quite meh. Best Park Shin Hye kiss for me is the one in Memories of Alhambra. I was also rooting for the beautiful teacher to be Won’s partner but too bad he had to sacrifice her for the company.
  7. Okay come to think of it those crowns are probably more of a metaphor instead of Cha Eun-Sang being rich in the end. Anyway I can't hardly wait to watch the remaining 1.5 episodes but work is getting in the way. lol
  8. Halfway to the penultimate episode of The Heirs and I will say that this is now my favorite Park Shin Hye kdrama. Please don't spoil for me but I'm still wondering if somehow Cha Eun-sang is going to end up being a real parvenu. The promotional poster show her, Rachel and Lee Bo-na wearing crowns.
  9. Up to episode 14 now and this is now my favorite Park Shin Hye kdrama. Also I've never watched a kdrama with so many pretty ladies.
  10. Just started watching yesterday and I have high hopes for this k drama. I believe I might end up liking it better than Pinocchio.
  11. Just finished the drama earlier and overall a very nice one with almost everyone having closure. I guess the main loser was Dr Yoo’s father but I can’t really blame Dr Yoo. It’s a bit ironic thought that Dr Yoo lectured the father of the two kids who was about to commit suicide and yet can’t forgive her father. Among all the Park Shin Hye dramas I’ve watched this is the only one so far when I did not find any chemistry between between her and her onscreen partner. I would have preferred had her partner been Jin Seo Woo’s partner.
  12. In your opinion who is the best on screen k drama partner with Park Shin Hye? I have watched only 3 dramas so far so my view is probably limited. I was choosing between Lee Jong Suk of Pinocchio and Hyun Bin of Memories of Alhambra. Most people would probably say Hyun Bin because they consider him more handsome but I put Lee Jong Suk at number 1 for now. I like the chemistry between the 2 in Pinocchio and find it the better drama overall plus it had a happy ending. But the best kiss is definitely the MoA one. A far third is Kim Rae Won. Admittedly I’m only a fourth of the way into the drama but for me the chemistry is just off. I don’t feel anything when I see supposedly swoon worthy moments between the 2 on screen. I’m actually skipping those scenes.
  13. Watching episode 1 and my 3rd Park Shin Hye drama after Memories of Alhambra and Pinocchio. Don’t really like medical dramas but trying this out and liking it so far. Park Shin Hye has a kick-richard simmons role here that is different from the first two that I have watched. Okay just finished episode 1 and did some reading. So the teacher is going to be her love interest later on!!! Personally I don’t find any chemistry between them. I’m a guy and naturally watch k drama because of the leading lady and the overall story but I also like good chemistry between the love team. Up to episode 4 now and there has been a couple of scenes showing "sweet" moment (i.e. microscope moment and the guy running after the girl) between the leads but sadly I still don't feel the chemistry unlike other Park Shin Hye dramas I've watched. I will still soldier on with the remaining episodes because of Park Shin Hye's amazing acting.
  14. Finally finished the drama after binge watching for less than 3 days. I’m glad the ending was a happy one and Park Shin Hye was stunning in the wedding dress. My top 3 moments are: 1. The dual kissing scenes that happened outside the restaurant. In Ha was all set to finally let go of Dal Po but instead Dal Po gave her a kiss after seeing that she was wearing a similar button to the one he gave her before. In Ha tiptoeing despite her injured feet and initiating the 2nd kiss was cute. 2. Their first kiss. In Ha blocked the first kiss with her hand but Dal Po still kissed her hand. In Ha must have felt the love in that kiss and did not block the 2nd kiss. 3. Equal third. Dal Po was dreaming that In Ha was taking care of her and that she said she will not take another person to be her love. After In Ha defended Beom Jo, Dal Po was quite upset and attempted to throw the original button. Then the scene returned to Beom Jo and In Ha with In Ha saying don’t get the wrong idea. The camera panned to show that In Ha was in fact wearing the button. Thus Dal Po was not dreaming earlier.
  15. The more Park Shin Hye k drama I watch the more I’m getting to like her. Watched Memories of Alhambra and just finished Pinocchio in less than 3 days. What should I watch next?
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