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  1. I have missed Bae Suzy since Vagabond and am very happy she has a new kdrama. I'm currently at episode 2 and looks like there is going to be a love triangle. Just a quick question, who will Seo Da Mi actually end up with? Nam Do San or Han Ji-Pyeong?
  2. Just finished the drama and the ending was not actually as bad as I thought it would be because of Seon-mi's death. I like the open-ended ending and even thought I doubt there will be a part 2, as least the drama ended on a positive note. One thing I liked was when Son Oh-gong and the Demon King were discussing a "hotel for spirits" while overlooking the river were the black dragon was killed. Is this just coincidence or they were actually alluding to Hotel del Luna which was also written by the Hong sisters?
  3. Up to episode 17 now and I hope this has a happy ending. I'm liking the drama very much and this is the first drama with Oh Yeon-seo that I've watched and she has captivating eyes and dimples and quite pretty as well. Lee Se-young is also quite versatile, from the sweet and shy Richie to the evil and calculating Ah Sanyeo. Lee Seung-gi is always good and I noticed he is usually paired with a gorgeous lady.
  4. Finished watching and you're right the explanation on why Eun-gi was living in the house was plausible. He was still pathetic though during his confession of love to Deok-mi. Over-all the drama was okay but it felt rushed during the last two episodes especially about the younger brother who died. Among the 3 dramas with Park Min-young that I have watched this had the weakest ending and the weakest chemistry with the leading man.
  5. Started watching the other day and up to episode 5 now. As usual I'm loving Park Min-young and her romance with the leading guy is still fake at this stage in the drama but there is definitely chemistry between them. I also love the different styles of dress she is wearing every episode. The only thing I don't really like is the third wheel. Come on I understand he is supposed to play a role but he should be more appealing to say the least and really he is actually living in Deok-mi's parent's house? That idea is a bit of a stretch for me. Anyway I will binge watch this weekend.
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