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  1. @Sleepy Owl @partyon @Lmangla I STAN THIS EO SQUAD ! I want more of Noona -Dongsaeng stories ! -2
  2. Me too did had the same thought (best drama nomination are all from cable tv wohoooo ) I don’t if it happens by chance but most of my fav. KDramas that are worth recommending for comes from Tvn ! Extracurricular just like sis @sadthe1st said it talks about serious issues revolving around school ! One thing I hated about was its open ending (there’s nothing wrong with it but “Open endings” - makes me think & think & think, waiting if it would bring another season to quench all my thirsty questions) Its okay not to be okay, first half was awesome but it s
  3. https://www.soompi.com/article/1463689wpp/57th-baeksang-arts-awards-announces-nominees-for-tv-and-film-categories Surprised that Penthouse isn’t in the list (though it’s not my taste but seeing all the buzz .......) More Surprised at the same time happy that this dramas (nominated dramas )deserves it ! More than certain hyped up dramas ! I am quite confused whom to vote when it comes to actors Everyone deserves it ! What do you think about Baeksang award Nominees ? -2 ps : Missing Sis @BlackLotus1025
  4. Exactly Just cant connect anything at all AND This cheerful lady ordering something like that behind ! I still can’t grasp it ! And I wanna give a Hug to Seohyun too poor soul ! She must had a hard time enduring it without even saying it to anyone keeping things on her own ! -2
  5. Eonni @partyon @Lmangla This is literally me after reading all these articles ! What about the interaction and cheerful behavior Ye Ji had with Jun Ki during “Lawless Lawyer” times ! (It’s totally different from her “over conservative” text messages) I just can’t connect her words and behavior ! Hope she is not falsely accused ! Dispatch revealed text mssgs are reliable ? -2
  6. https://www.allkpop.com/article/2021/04/dispatch-says-seo-ye-ji-was-a-mastermind-behind-kim-jung-hyuns-rude-behavior-towards-seohyun https://www.koreaboo.com/news/dispatch-reveals-kim-jung-hyun-refused-13-skinship-scenes-in-time-due-seo-ye-ji-order/ Am just speechless HOPE NO ONE IS FALSELY ACCUSED ! -2
  7. (Bringing back - Joo Won’s 0.5 % share ) -2
  8. Yes friend @elan1 I love sleeping And If laziness would have hands and feet - That would be me ! -2
  9. 396 Yes friend. This is me right now !
  10. hyung@Sleepy Owl, What made you to see Dae Jang Geum as first kdrama ? Mine (BOF) was pure coincidence as we were switching channels for a better show and happened to see school kids throwing egg at a girl and we got empathetic towards her ! AND REST WAS ALL HISTORY ! 440
  11. Dear Eonnis/chingus/hyungnim @joccu @larus @partyon @Lmangla@sadthe1st @MayanEcho@BlackLotus1025@Min2206 @Sleepy Owl and everyone that wishes to answer ! [Nothing but me blabbering again about kdrama] I had this random wish for almost and there is no sign for that to come true but still lemme know if you did had the same thought ! I really wish to see a historical kdrama with slice of life genre ! Or at least historical kdrama with no political aspects/disguised king/war/illegitimate prince or princess etc etc Just normal life story that do
  12. Sorry to cut your post Hyungnim @Sleepy Owl Honestly speaking I donno where to place this drama among genre ! Like you said, it cannot be called Rom - Com, As Rom is missing And about com, again like you said its absolutely not pure comedy ! But for a genre to call - slice of life, everything in it would be realistic and no fantasy element would come in btwn for dramas in this genre, Its just a person’s normal life depicted realistically, naturally to us ! But the drama Hello it’s Me speak itself about life to us (way lot more certainly i
  13. Hyungnim , am in love with the drama ! Everything is upto the par ! Be it the plot movement , The slight piece of advices that they give us, Actors acting even the “Guinness Ahjussis” ! I was wondering what if they ruin the plot with Romance push pull, And to my relief it didn’t happen ! Though it is light & warm-hearted,The drama speaks a lot about relationships in “any” aspect ! Did you feel the same ? And that’s what I like when it comes to light hearted dramas. We don’t expect anything but they give us something in return for tun
  14. No sis, I donno why but Backstreet Rookie didn’t caught my attention at all ! Am watching him in Hello its me I paused the drama for a while but now watching it since the drama finished airing ! The drama is Light & healing in it’s own way. The relationship between each leads are so sweet ! Yup yup its Choi Kang hee & Kim Young kwang’s drama but i guess its slightly leading to Noona Romance than Noona dongsaeng relationship ! And the relationship is cute & warming ! Didnt finish watching it yet, will definitely let you know my rev
  15. Eonni @partyon Dont be shocked I have a slight inclination towards Eom Moon Sook lately (thanks to drama Hello It’s Me) Donno if he would end up in my Oppa list ! Doesnt ji chang wook and him look like siblings ? Anyone had the same thought ? 416
  16. I was team Curly hair (keke that was what we sister squad called him)during that time ! “What about you sis ?” But there was some part of me at times inclining towards Ji hoo too ! I donno if JGS would make the same impact (but again everyone has their own charms) But again sis the same goes for DOTS where it was first offered to Gong Yoo/Jo In Sung/Kim woo bin to whom it was offered first (as rumors say so) But I can’t picturize him as captain Yoo Shi Jin (it was made for SJK) ! I don’t know about the show “My Ear Candy” but I know PMY is a fan
  17. I started watching kdrama only since 2012 (you are my sunbaenim) ! Through MBC4 (obviously first kdrama - BOF) ! PBG is indeed a lovable actor ! I haven’t watched the Attorney yet ! But it’s sure in my to watch list ! I love most of the projects of Im Siwan ! Pyo Ye jin is so pretty And she would become a “pretty” hacker in Taxi Driver. Of course am in love with Lee Jae Wook ! And am i love with Lee Jae Hoon too ! And am in love with everyone just like Eonni @partyon said through a meme : Cr:to the owner Th
  18. Sorry to cut your post sis ! I just love Sa Hye Jun (of Record of youth) same goes with Jang Gue Rae (of Misaeng) My most most lovable male characters in kdramaland ! Me too love MDBTC (one of my fav. Historical drama) I would be watching kdramas ongoing & upcoming after may 12/13. And there is a lot and a lot that I look forward ! let me tell you the “near upcoming” ones (that I look forward) *Taxi Driver *Move to heaven (donno when Netflix would release it ) *law school *Undercover *Sell your haunted house
  19. To everyone in the thread Who do you think as 1. Queen of chemistry ? 2. King of chemistry ? (in kdramaland) -2
  20. Yes I watched some of them among the list ! Moonlight drawn by the clouds Whats wrong with sec kim City hunter (seriously why did they end the story like that ?) Yeeaah yes yes Yoo In Na and park hae jin would smash the screen with their chem ! (My love from the stars) My daughter Seo Young (didnt watch "whisper" - Did you watch both ?) Ooohh nooo I frgt this amazing pair from Weightlifting fairy kim bok joo (LSK &NJH) Didnt watch tempted yet (MGY &KMJ) i dont like Joy's acting. Should I give it a try ?
  21. yes sis me too ! And there are couple of other pairs that I wish to see again ! Which includes, *Gong Yoo & Yoon Eun hye *Ji chang Wook & Park min young *Park Seo Joon & Kim Ji Won *Park Hae Jin & Kim Go Eun (This chem was quite unexpected ) *Lee jong suk & park shin hye *Jung Yong Hwa & Park shin hye *Eric Mun & Seo Hyun Jin *Im Si Wan & Shin Se kyung *Lee min ho & Gu Hye Sun * Seo In Guk & Jung So Min *Lee Jae Hoon & Shin Min Ah *Nam joo hyuk & Kim soo Hyun *Yook sung jae
  22. yes time flies so fast ! And the climate is damn hot ! Its coming Tuesday most probably ! -2
  23. Hi there Hyungnim@Sleepy Owl Am refraining myself not to watch Navilleria (I love the genre - and am sure its my taste) Taxi driver Oh My Lady Lord (are you watching it ?did you like it ?) And all other ongoing/upcoming dramas, As Ramadan is approaching ! Will watch ongoing dramas after it ! Which is your current fav. drama at the moment (among ongoing ones) ? 446
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