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  1. It's been a few months there's no update from SYJ's IG. And I found today her activities on IG give "Likes" on Jung Hae IG latest post and she even likes and give comments on Wi Ha Jun' IG latest posting. I really hope she will posting something new on her IG.
  2. Arthadal has total 18 episodes devided into 3 parts. (Each part has 6 episodes). Based on Allkpop news (here's the link https://www.allkpop.com/article/2019/06/ji-chang-wook-won-jin-ah-confirmed-as-leads-of-next-tvn-sci-fi-comedy-to-air-after-arthdal-chronicles) JCW's drama will be aired on late September after following : Arthadal part 1 and 2, Hotel De Luna, and Arthadal part 3. So CLL will be aired on Late November. I really hope to see our queen in very soon. Did she has another project? It's been a long time to wait her IG since her last updated about "Memories of Cuba" book. Is it possible we can see their first script reading on 28 June (as scheduled?) Missed her a lot. But still I am Happy she's enjoying her daily activities with people who loves her
  3. I really missed Son Ye Jin Open youtube and found this video. Gosh...now we know why she become the Nation's first love. Her smile is so innocent. Our queen of classic romance
  4. thanks so much for your effort to translate that long post.. naughty hb..
  5. Cr: Owner Cute staring Can't wait to see another candid camera during their new drama BTS
  6. According to Arthdal Chronicles. That drama airing on June 2019. The cast and crew flew to Brunai on February. First teaser released on April. Script reading pics officially realese by TVN on May. a month before airing. Press con on May 30, 3 days before airing. Wrap up party on May 31, a day before airing. and Since it has similiarities with Crush Landing of Love (shooting on July, 4 months before airing time), i tough TVN will release the same scheduled too. Maybe we can get candid camera from fans or crew before official from TVN released.
  7. Thank you for sharing the link @cybertron. I've tried to open but it private IG. So i try to search on YT. Is it the same as you mean when HB thanks to SiTR staff?
  8. Seriously?? Waaaaaw where did you got the news? You're right life is mystery. There's a video fanmade HB & SYJ on 2016 which is meant this video made before they met on any project and rumors.
  9. Even the translation give us different information Or maybe first script ready on July and the shooting begin on September. If they start shooting on July it is mean this Pre production drama.
  10. a fans who attended fansign asked SYJ directly when Crash Landing of Love will begin. Ye Jin said project will begin on September. Aw..hope it will be true. So we can see another moment for celebrate HB's birthday
  11. @firstaid ooow so SYJ declined Boston 1947. Still found her named tagged in Hancinema for that movie. I love HB and SYJ pairing too. I found their vibes has similiar with Lee Dong Gun-Jo Yoon Hee and also SongSong couple. But some how it feels very annoying when shipper for HB last drama put comment on SYJ's IG and also another HB fans IG which is pro shippering HB-SYJ. I keep patient to not reply their comments lol. Since i adore them individually as my fave actress and actor so i pray for their happiness and next project. Waiting for any updates of Crash landing for love.
  12. Hiii this is my first post in Son Ye Jin Thread. I've been lurking in this thread a long time ago cause Son Ye Jin is one of my fave korean actress. Regarding to @domi.w.1914 pic above, i've just found it has been posting on this thread at page 355 on 20th June 2013, which is mean Shark drama still on going. So, they're in Japan with crews for Shark project. https://forums.soompi.com/topic/255-son-ye-jin-손예진/page/355/#comments I really love to see her on last fans meeting (Ganeshi). She's so cheerful and happy. Hope to see her in very soon for another filming project. Don't know why there's no updated on The Pirates 2 project and Boston 1947. Are they cancelling the project?
  13. Yes they finally confirm.! Not only on Soompi news. But also on HanCinema, AsianWiki and also Vogue Korea. Waiting for next information. https://www.hancinema.net/korean_drama_Emergency_Love_Landing.php http://asianwiki.com/Love's_Emergency_Landing http://www.vogue.co.kr/2019/05/22/현빈과-손예진-이들이-그려낼-사랑/
  14. Yeay! The preview ep.53-54 Seems like Mr.Kang found DR has known him as her father
  15. Count me in! Yes I hope they will be reel to real couple. Just like another OTP weekend drama Lee Dong Gun-Jo Yoon He (The Gentlemen of Wolgyesu Tailor shop) and Eugene-Ki Tae Young (Creating Destiny). So far i really love episode 43-44. It gives me a heartwarming. I love the scene between WDR's parents. How EY cried and said it's hard to her to growth WDR and let him married with someone that she's not accepted. and how lovely Mr.Wang comfort his wife to accepted cause it just for WDR happiness. Well every parents will get this moment, so it give a soft spot for me when i think i will let my sons (though my sons only 6Yrs and 5Yrs old lol) I also love the moment when Mr.Kang knew thar DR has accepted by Mr.Wang. It such a heartbreaking that he's so happy but he can't said loud that he's DR father. @0ly40 has shared OST no.5 i though this song dedicated to Mr. Wang-DR (Father-Daughter relationship). Actually I really like this song from OST GOOD DOCTOR version (2Bic). Here's the clip and translates. There is one person who only looks at you There is one person who only knows you Even if I can’t say it all with words, even if I lack a lot./There is one person who loves you I am in love with you I am wanting you./ Even if my tears dry, even if my heart wears out I am in love with you I can’t express my love to you with words Even if you add all of the world, it’s not enough Till my tears dry, till my heart wears out The love that I want and want is you Why don’t you know, can’t you see me? Can’t you hear my heart? When will you hug me? Until when will you not know my heart? How much do I have to cry, how much do I have to hurt Until I can love you? Yeayyy the last episodes break 35% rating and got 36,4% (TNMS rating), dunno why AGB Nielsen not showing the ratings which probably higher than TNMS ratings. Congrats My Only One team! Can't wait to see Lee Jang Woo sings and Uee dance in Happy together shows as their promised.
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