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  1. It's a flashback story. They wore the same dress on barbeque/double date in ep.15. I though the year passed about a Year cause YH become a painter after his graduated. Here's the last BTS : Our lovely RunOn cast: Cr to Owner. I love OMJ quotes on their last conversation "Happy ending are just a fantasy and an illusion created by civilization". RunOn ending like a real life cause we're still RunOn in our path life. RunOn is beautiful, great and heartwarming drama. It fill my Wed-Thursday with a warm s
  2. My heart when I see YH crying Kang Tae Oh delivered YH feel so good.
  3. Another BTS make me love this drama more n more Cr to Owner
  4. I really, really love today episodes. The best episodes for me. I love how they flash back Oh Mi Jo stories and how the ending on finished line. My heart flutter when YH comfort DanAh to sleep. Give me a warm heart. Let's pray for a good ratings. And here's the preview ep.15 Cr. To Owner Run On, fighting!
  5. Another BTS that I'm waiting for. Love to see the bromance n sismance also. E.T Chingu Cr. to Owner
  6. Ordinary couple after Girl kissed a man, his response kissing back. DanHwa couple: Girl kissed the guy, his response is crying LOL. YH character reminds me of Jae Hee (Lee Myun Trying) in Sassy Girl Chun-Hyang. He has the same gesture in acting. It bring back my KDrama memories.
  7. Gosh, I feel YH emotions here. The actor can figure YH character in a smooth way. I like today episode, love the moment SG trying to write a diary. Much progress on second lead story but A little bit slow for the main couple. Waiting for the bromance moment tommorow.
  8. I thought I'm the only one who's waiting for Yong Hwa scene. I rarely seen Male character like Yong Hwa. He's not rich like other second lead male but his charm makes me love him more Can't wait for tonight episode. Run On fighting!
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