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  1. Sorry I missed to put some words What i meant is SYJ busy during September to December as same as Hyun Bin.
  2. @randomlee There's a video show how hectic Hyun Bin during September until end of Year 2019. Son Ye Jin being active too during September until December, shooting for Master in the House (Ep.46-47), attending 5 event of award (she won 5 awards) and near end of december she has travelling alone. I'm wondering how he can manage to play golf with Ye Jin on September, even some people seen them having dinner and meeting parents on November As a fan of Hyun Bin-Son Ye Jin ( I love both of them individually a very long time ago. SYJ on Classic, a moment to remember, Shark. She's fantastic artist. HB are so great on Friends our legend, My name is Kim Sam Soon) so happy that director nim choose them work together in The Negotiation. During Negotiation promo i can't deny myself to started shipping BinJin (at first i'm really praying for reel to real couple of SYJ -Nam Gil) BinJin look so so good together. HB is the only co star who said she's tomboyish. I love how sweet he treat her and give so much attention during the promo. And who's can calculate how many time HB eyeing SYJ
  3. There also a fan made Hyun Bin & Son Ye Jin on July 2016, a long while before they both colloaborated on The Negotiation Project. That's i called destiny
  4. Son Ye Jin appearance on October issue at W Korean magazine
  5. I'm very thankful for someone who's share this clip Son Ye Jin while shooting in Paragliding
  6. Many comments said Hyun Bin took that picture LOL. I'm curios are they still filming in Switzerland or she just post late picture when in Swiss.
  7. New posting. Son Ye Jin on Starnews 15th anniversary. She's looks so beautiful.
  8. The manager using Glasses. @thi2018 @cybertron you're right hahaha she has someone special now. I'm so happy she has brave to update her IG. And glad to see many good response on comments. It has 35,000 like in 1 hour after posting. Praying she'll be updating her activities on social media.
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