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  1. I was going to take a break from IG, but I can't when KJH is on IG live. thanks for sharing by the way!
  2. Ooph I can feel the frustration with Game of Thrones. This is why I will always watch kdramas. 16 hours of my life. And then I move on.
  3. Yeah it was a surprise and delight to see her in the posters. I am currently indulging myself with all the Minari cast interviews. (: (On a side note, Youn Yuh Jung is also in Minari. She's my favorite Korean actress because she makes me forget that she's acting.)
  4. On a lighter note, I love how Bong hwan always runs once he wakes up. I am pretty sure the super fetus survived because of Bong hwan's spirit. lol
  5. I rewatched the first two episodes of this drama because I saw Han Yeri in the American film Minari and I miss her so much. Her acting is top notch.
  6. I agree. I loved the reunion kiss and there were so many OTP scenes @backstreetboysfan I just wish Sunday will come faster....and after that I don't know what to do with my life
  7. I didn't have the time to share my thoughts in this thread, but I enjoyed this drama so much. I binge watched the first 10 episodes and then followed the last few episodes when it aired. Quite frankly it took some time for me to ease into the first episode because it was so different. But then the second episode had me sold. When Seon Gyeom mixed up the dates and ran to meet up with Mi Joo, he took my heart away. And this scene will always be my favorite because it sums up on how both Seon Gyeom and Mi Joo were there for each other throughout the drama. Also, THIS QUOTE IS FR
  8. I've been mainly watching the funny scenes. Honestly I feel like the scenes with Jwa Gun are in another world. I love how even though things seem to be bleak outside of the palace, we still get the funny scenes. My favorite part of today's scene is when the King asks the Queen what his fate would be. And he accepts his fate. "Even though I will fail, I will do my best." It just shows how determined and faithful the King's values and beliefs are. On the other hand, I'm living for Shin Hye Sun's acting. She's wonderfully funny.
  9. Dear Brahms friends, it took me a while to admit that this drama ended and finally come to this thread to backtrack 30+ pages. Like @ck1Oz @nicoley who have stopped playing instruments and felt for the scene when Song Ah said goodbye to her violin, I also had to confront my feelings for art, specifically on drawing. I decided to let go of some art supplies. It was hard because I used to love them. So, I really like @Melly Trw and @rafeusjanela 's take on one of the messages of the show. ^ This really helps me to move on in real life and remember that each step
  10. @cherrhys88 @rafeusjanela it’s going to be so hard to move on. I’ve never been this emotionally invested in a story and the characters this deep before. I’m on the verge of tears. When I walked out of my room to take a break, my mom asked me why my face was so red. I had to make up an excuse and I said my room was warm. Ha But honestly I am thankful that I can talk about this drama here. I love how this thread gradually grew and more people joined in. If anyone is up for a rewatch, I’m all for it.
  11. @cherrhys88 @rafeusjanela My Mondays and Tuesdays are going to be so slow. This drama was the only reason I was looking forward to my week starting.
  12. @Dana T I thought of something when you said, So in ep 2, Song Ah was the page turner for Joon Young and he gave very vague instructions, "You need to feel the pianist's breath." But in this episode, Joon Young was by her side, accompanying her for her exam. They both had eye contact and Joon Young plays accordingly to Song Ah's tempo (at least that's how I saw it) ----- I noticed that some people in this thread are wondering why Song Ah has trouble separating her love for the violin from Joon Young. All those feelings come from the heart so often times it's har
  13. Oh my gosh. 우산 umbrella in Korean. How can this word tug my heart so much?! When Song Ah's sister said she borrowed Song Ah's umbrella and Song Ah stares at it....): When Joon Young's mom told him that it's going to rain later and to bring an umbrella....): WHY UMBRELLA?! And when Joon Young tells Cha Young In about the umbrella breakup scene...)))))); I think the number of times Song Ah had to change her composition piece for her exam indicated that she was always finding a piece that spoke to her. As for Joon Young, the numerous compositions he had st
  14. It is rainy here and I thought of your post, called to teach. We need the rain in order to appreciate the sunshine even more. Sending warmth and love to all of the Brahms friends here. Monday and Tuesday is coming closer!!
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