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  1. Thank you chingus for the spoilers (((: I am dying to watch the raw episodes!!!! ahhh In the meantime I have OST Part 3 on repeat. Edit. Rewatching ep 7. I always wondered why there was a scene of the butterfly. I just learned that butterflies do not have pain receptors. And according to this article, In Search of Magic, French naturalist Marcel Roland's quotes that "'butterflies give us 'solace for the pain of living.'" I like that Kang Si Young worries for Cha Yo Han, but at the same time CYH says that his life is normal. He has to go through the pains of not living like others and he has accepted life as it is. And so little CYH poking into the butterfly's wing was probably a realization for him. The butterfly can't feel pain, too. It gave him solace. And because he knows the pain of not knowing what to do with his father at a young age, it is probably why he doesn't want to pick a guardian and to let KSY worry about him. Oh my. I'm seriously waiting for ep 8...or rather 15 and 16.
  2. The sadness and humor in your posts are getting to me. Chingus, you are poetic. Ahhh life is poetic. This drama is beautiful. Chingus, you are all beautiful. Life is beautiful. Bless you all.
  3. THE SHIP IS SAILINGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!! YESSS! Love the ending for ep 6 and my favorite OST started playing!! PERFECTION. Props to Lee Se Young and Ji Sung. I can't praise enough how their synergy transcends into wonders!
  4. the humor hits at the right spots. Love that Lee Seol didn't get sick, but was exhausted. She just fell asleep lol The scene in the staircase between Lee El and Park Sung Woong was GOLDEN. I laughed so much. Lee El killed it with her acting. Also the songs are soooo calming! so healing to the soul!
  5. Love the trailer already. Thanks for sharing @sin hoonsim Does anyone know who the director and producer is behind this drama? Would love to know if I have seen their past works. Otherwise looking forward to the synergy between Lee Sang Yoon and Jang Nara!!!! Oh and just found out that Lee Chung Ah is in it!!!!! Ahhhh. I had a girl crush on her in Because This is My First Life. @nikki7 If you are looking for a fantasy/dark vibe drama in the time being, check out When Devil Calls Your Name!
  6. @2handsintertwined I will forgive you because of that wonderful Shin Se Gi gif hahaha
  7. Ahh that's a good guess because Yerin Baek has a soft voice! I can't wait until it's released. I'll have on repeat definitely. @2handsintertwined I just recently rewatched Kill Me Heal Me after watching Doctor John ep 1. These both dramas are quite similar in those philosophical conversations revolving around the aspects of fear/darkness and hope/lightness. His other dramas I enjoyed watching: Innocent Defendant (suspenseful and dark) Familiar Wife (light, humorous with hints of sadness) I think Ji Sung is drawn to stories that emphasize the preciousness of life. And I love how some aspects of his life are seen through his characters. CYH does not drink alcohol and Ji Sung himself doesn't drink (after having a kid). I was like YES. Finally there's a character who doesn't drink in a Kdrama! I just wish Friday will come sooner. Le sigh.
  8. @anony12345 I am waiting for that ost at the end of ep 12 to come out, too!!! I love the song and I am guessing it is Bol4, but I can be wrong. The singer does sound familiar to me. Do you have any clues or guesses?
  9. From the bottom of my heart, I appreciate you sharing your story. It only makes the watching experience and the reading experience here in this soompi thread even more special and touching. It must have been difficult to go back into that moment of your life and express it in words, but I felt warmth, courage and love through your connection with your mom. It helped me to understand this little anecdote of this fictional character in No One Writes Back by Jang Eun Jin. The narrator encounters this man who has been reading poems for 20 years to a friend who has been in a coma. But he will soon say good bye to his friend because the doctors decided to remove his friend's respirator. He also had to say goodbye to his cat because the vet recommended euthanasia. And the narrator notes, "At that moment, the book of poems looked like an object that held the essence of life." What was difficult was also beautiful. Strengths are vulnerabilities and vulnerabilities are strengths. The society labels and standards can be disheartening. KSY mentions there was a .00001 percentage of going back into the hospital. KSY, a top student malpractice, felt so much darkness and fear but found hope in a prison where CYH was. CYH an ex-convict who can't feel pain but solves the suffering of patients at the Pain Management Center. He understands the preciousness of life through understanding painless pains. It led him to where he is and helped him guide the kid diagnosed with CIPA to living fully. They both listen and understand each other. The doctor is there for the patient and the patient is there for the doctor. And through this experience, KSY no longer focuses on the problem of society labeling her empathy as excessive. She no longer hides in the darkness. She runs toward solutions and learns that "the patient's story opens up the path to the answer". That answer is seeing through the pain and beauty. What you have been through @thistle is what I haven't been through, but it helps me to understand the poetic aspects of life. Thank you for helping me see that. Side note: I can't ignore that scene of the prosecutor having to back up his car to not cross the line. He's gotta back up to realign his beliefs and to understand law and life in a deeper level. Hence, I am waiting for a scene of CYH diagnosing the prosector's pain and leaving the prosector to answer what kind of doctor CYH is.
  10. So glad that this drama is doing well in the ratings!! I finished today's episode and decided to read this thread from page 1. I caught up to page 3 and then noticed that few of you mentioned the trouble of finding ep 2. That's when I realized that I myself didn't watch ep 2. I didn't finish reading the rest of the comments because I decided to watch ep 2. Every element of the story seems to come together in my head now. I love the aspects of Cha Yo Han and Kang Si Yong. I initially wanted to drop this drama after seeing how arrogant CYH was. But then I misunderstood his arrogance for his confidence. He doesn't bluff. He just searches for the truth; that truth is "solving the suffering". He mentioned to KSY that he neither avoids nor ends the suffering of a patient. KSY is simply drawn to him because of his confidence. We see from the beginning that she's a vulnerable person. She's suffering from a past event and she's running away from her problem. She decides to travel to Madagascar but the magnetization of CYH's confidence brings her back to the hospital. Traveling can be one way of understanding the self, but CYH teaches her that by doing and taking action leads her to becoming a doctor. That scene of when all three of them, CYH, KSY and Lee Yoo Joon, are deciding whether to inject the cure to the patient was beautiful. CYH knows that LYJ isn't listening to his advice and he asks KSY "Are you a doctor?". She responds yes and decides to inject the cure. From there on, she gained and built up confidence to come back to the hospital. It is through CYH's observations that makes him a genius, but he isn't some genius who is fearless and lacks empathy. He is afraid just as much as anyone else. And his 10 second observations lead him to see and empathize for human beings as human beings. While KSY cries and sees herself as inadequate, he tells her that she is doing well. He doesn't say that with empty feelings because he sees through the strength and vulnerability within her. What makes his character so fascinating is that he knows where to draw the line between empathizing and guiding people to the light. I think he learned that from early age in seeing his father suffering and not knowing where the pain comes from. He himself probably knows and understands because he doesn't even feel pain. We see the prison scene of him stitching his own injury and he's always tapping his middle finger against a hard surface. He's done so much tapping to the point that his fingernail is black. That's a sign of pain, but he doesn't feel the pain. Because he probably witnessed an early death of his father, we see scenes of him eating healthily with a balanced diet, not eating or drinking hot food and not drinking soju. The directing and editing in the storytelling is certainly well crafted. I am so ready for ep 6!
  11. Watched first episode mainly for Lee El Jung Kyung Ho and Park Sung Woong are killing it as per usual AND THEN I SEE KIM WON HAE. This ahjusshi is awesome. Onto second episode!!!
  12. The chemistry between Lee Se Young and Ji Sung is amazing. I love the conversations dealing with healing or killing the patient. It's quite captivating and it leaves you thinking about it. Didn't expect to tear up twice in the last two episodes. Oh the pathos is definitely strong for me. Anyone out there with the tissues, too?
  13. @travelling thru yes! Same with you. So glad Moon Geun Yong is coming back!!! I fell in love with her performance in Cinderella's Sister! Her gaze and acting is mesmerizing.
  14. Last weekend was weird. From dawn to dusk, I read the first half of Snow Flower and the Secret Fan. It a novel, set in dynastic China, about two girls who became sworn sisters I stopped reading because I was at the point where it was the calm before the storm. I chose to watch Search: WWW for some women power and representation in the contemporary world, and binge watched the first 12 episodes. I needed to pause to go back into the "real world". Finish what I started, I told myself. I finished reading Snow Flower and the Secret Fan while tearing up and letting go of these two sisters. The next day I decided to finish Search: WWW. Oh I teared up when the main couple was breaking up. I teared up when Ga Kyeong was finally finding her voice and taking action to be herself. I cried when Scarlett consoled Ta Mi outside of the karaoke room. Scarlett is such a wonderful friend. In a span of the weekend, I was in two different worlds. What I have learned is to stay true to the self and be in the present. It's so easy to lose one self in the constraints of what the society built. But it is up to us to contribute and make the society a little bit better as we achieve one goal at a time. So blessed to read comments here appreciating this drama. Wish I came earlier, but let me know if any of you are rewatching (:
  15. Why am I late to the game? I just started watching the first two episodes and I'm already girl crushing over Bae Ta Mi and Scarlett!!! It's so refreshing to see a female centered drama in which they have so much confidence and strength. It's amazingggg! And always rooting for Lee Da Ha who is always killer in her roles!!!
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