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  1. I felt so much satisfaction when Heesoo finally handed the divorce papers to Ji Yong She's finally getting out of this misery!
  2. It was ironic when Ji yong uttered these words to the fighter, "You shouldn't say someone's dead when they're alive." Seohyun showed her soft side today. She slapped her husband because he disrespected the maid. Honestly, I was felt satisfied when she slapped her husband because he was acting all childish. The irony is that he tells her sister and brother in-law to grow up in the last episode. hahaha and the glance from Seo hyun was priceless. It was quite refreshing to see Seohyun finally brooding at a quiet place outdoors (her son's birth mother's favorite place) instead of
  3. I love it whenever Hi Soo eats her apples. It's as if she's apologizing to herself (apples in Korean sound similar to sorry) for being in this misery while fully accepting the truth. She's protecting herself and Ha Joon. Also Seo hyun is so level headed. She's balancing a lot from the company to family matters to maids. It's interesting how she can't give up what she has even though she longs for the moment with Suzy.
  4. @agenth Thanks for blessing a wonderful picture of Kim Seo Hyung. Seriously she has so much charisma
  5. Such a wonderful way to describe SeoHyun's character. And I'm also here for the sisterhood train. I told myself to drop this drama before the rollercoaster gets to the climax and drops and goes But my habit of checking this drama every weekend has been in lock! And the acting continues to delight me.
  6. @tulip06 I think she did. It was devastating. Seo Hyun is trying so hard to protect the women in the household. Her decision to separate the maid from her son was to protect the maid from anymore misery. She was scared that the maid would turn out like the son's real mother. And the way she decided to let the tutor stay at Cadenza instead of kicking her out (ahem Hisoo's husband, Jiyong) There was too much misery that Hisoo was carrying. And it was shocking for her body. I wonder what will happen next now that Hisoo knows the truth. Also I don't
  7. I wonder when this drama is going to air! I'm excited for Gong Yoo and Bae Doona's collaboration
  8. It feels like we're on a roller coaster where you're slowly reaching to the peak. It's only ep 4. I may have to drop this drama for the sake of my heart lol
  9. The caged peacock is the epitome of this family trapped in this world. They may have everything yet they struggle in living. Specifically Seo Hyun. She always looks like she's trapped and she always notes that Hee Soo can do whatever she wants to do. On the other hand, Grandma has been ridiculous and controlling since ep 1. In today's episode, she ordered the peacock to show its feathers. And she's often seen indulging in food, arguing, singing...She has everything yet she doesn't know how to enjoy life.
  10. Well when grandpa showed the blue diamond in first episode, I thought we were going to have a Titanic parody moment
  11. Yeah I was expecting some Hee Soo and Seo Hyun girl power team like Search:WWW but it seems like the story is separately focusing on the two main relationship dynamics Hee Soo, her husband, and the mysterious tutor Seo Hyun and her husband This drama also reminds me of Chip In, which stars Oh Na Ra (one of the mothers in Sky Castle). I dropped it because, again, I don't like these types of drama plots. I am rooting for Mine because Lee Bo Young and Kim Seo Hyung are doing wonderful!
  12. As I grow older, I usually avoid these types of drama because it makes my blood boil. I'll rather watch something slow paced and a little bit calmer. BUT Lee Bo Young and Kim Seo Hyung headlining a drama together @larus Thanks for sharing the article about the press conference. I'll quote parts that caught my attention. I am shocked that Lee Bo Young said that she doesn't have that many scenes with Kim Seo Hyung. I need BTS to see Kim Seo Hyung and Lee Bo Young together. And also this! I am glad this drama wouldn't separate the characters between a fine lin
  13. I love your interpretation of Ingazhi's presence! I was starting to miss Ingazhi and I thought we would see him one last time in today's episode. You resolved my longing sentiments for Ingazhi. I also love @mystic62 mention of the crow's meaning.
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