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  1. I have been rewatching the drama slowly and appreciating the storytelling again. Episode 5 is one of my favorites because it is when both Jin Hyuk and Soo Hyun come together. They decide to ditch work and see paintings at Hongjaedong, Jin Hyuk's neighborhood art gallery which are basically paintings below the bridge. JH explains that he doesn't understand art and paintings. But he grew to like the painting because he understood the endurance of the artist who drew all the squares. And because the title referred to a part of a poem, he appreciated the title of the painting, "Where, in What Form, Shall We Meet Again?" JH is surprised that SH knows the poem, too. Turns out she grew to like the poem because she liked the painting itself. It shows just how similar and dissimilar both JH and SH are. And interestingly enough, at the end of episode 5, the camera pans into the painting and shows a time lapse of JH and SH meeting in Cuba and also beforehand in Korea where we see the beginning shots of ep 1 and also the epilogue of the last episode. This is the beginning of episode 1 where we see SH's back. On the other hand, JH is going to Namsan library where he often likes to hang out with the books. The film rewinds and we see that both JH and SH crossed paths before. And this was shown in the epilogue of ep 16, too. This director really did a great job in making the story come a full circle because we also hear both JH and SH recite this poem in the last episode, too. The poem is called "In the Night". Among a multitude of stars one stares down at me Among a multitude of people I stare up at that one star Where, when, and as what will the two of us You, one so warm And me, one so tender meet again?
  2. Hey Chingus, I can't believe another great drama ended! I am a little bit slow on posting about my comments on the last episode because I fell sick and was bedridden. ): It was the worst feeling. But I made some time to finish reading the book The Other Shore, which is The Heart Sutra translated by Thich Nhat Hanh, and to watch the last episode. While reading about The Other Shore, I thought about Sky Castle at the back of the head And when I watched the last episode, lo and behold, when the four moms catch up on each other and their family members, Woojoo's mom shares Woojoo's most recent text saying, "The greater your suffering, the greater your enlightenment is." He suffered in prison and now he's on a path to enlightenment. I am so happy for him and I admire him for telling his parents that he decided to drop school! Grades and university doesn't mean anything. What matters is to anchor down beliefs, values and viewpoints. It takes the evil to know what the good is. In The Other Shore, there is a story about Māra, the evil demon, going to Buddha and asking Buddha how to be like as good as him. Interestingly, Buddha's helper blocks Māra from seeing Buddha because the helper deems Māra as simply evil. Buddha eventually hears the ruckus and allows Māra to see him. And now, here is the exchanged conversation between the two of them. (Resource The Other Shore by Thich Nhat Hanh Pg 59) Mara said, "Things are not going well at all. I am tired of being Māra. I want to be something else — maybe someone like you. Wherever you go you are welcome, people bow before you and make offerings." .... Mara said, "You know, being a Māra is not a very easy thing to do. If you talk, you have to talk in riddles. If you do anything, you have to be tricky and look evil. I am very tired of all that. But what I cannot bear is my disciples. They are now talking about social justice, peace, equality, liberation, nonduality, nonviolence, all of that. Before, they used to listen to everything I told them. Now they are in revolt. The commanders of my army are demanding to do sitting meditation. Can you believe it? They want to practice mindfulness, do walking meditation, eat in silence, protect life, protect the environment and the Earth. They are driving me made. I do not know who is influencing them. I have had enough of it. I think that it would be better if I hand them all over to you. I want to be something else. Maybe we could change roles." The Buddha listened attentively and was filled with compassion. Finally he said in a quiet voice, "Do you think it's fun being a Buddha? You don't know what my disciples have done to me! They put words into my mouth that I never said. They build garish temples and put statues of me on altars in order to attract bananas and oranges and sweet rice, just for themselves. And they package me and make my teaching into an item of commerce. Māra, if you knew what it is really like to be a Buddha, I am sure you wouldn't want to be one." In parallel to this Buddhist story, it took Coach Kim to show how far the parents were taking themselves and their children on the path of greediness. That path of greed was mixed in with money, status and social power. Coach Kim, like Māra, in prison pointed out what KMH did wrong to Kang Hye Na. She listened to everything and reflected upon what harm she inflicted onto Kang Hye Na. Her telling her husband and bringing the family to see Kang Hye Na was a big step. It was her last moment before enlightenment. And this is what makes KMH different from Coach Kim, too. KMH let go of status and social power, she realized what was true happiness for her children, her husband, and herself. On the other hand, Coach Kim held onto status, social power, and money and still wanted to harm her own daughter, Kay. What was relieving was when we see the Kang family in one car enjoying their moment of family time and the camera pans out showing KMH smiling widely with ease. To sum it all up, @alleram95 beautifully mentioned what she learned from this drama, "Happiness can not be bought by money. Money might have bring happiness, but it won't never enough to make you enjoy your life and nor to erase bad memories no matter how hard you try it. All the happiness that you felt from the money were just an instant happiness." By the way, your other points were so beautifully written! I think they are quite spot on on Buddhist thinking which is quite interesting. On the other hand, I am so glad Woojoo's mom finally punished her book! She even mentions that writing her book for the kids makes her the happiest! I love that all of the moms were about to laugh out the silliness of the petition they made. That is when I know all the moms have grown together. @justamom, thanks for sharing your vulnerability and letting us know what you have learned from this drama. I just want you to know that you are already a great mother. You do not have to be a better mom the very next day. The fact that you are much aware of your feelings and external actions/thoughts is already a great step. What I suggest from the perspective of a child is to find what the child truly wants like Woojoo's mom! That has to do with a lot of communication. I have a language barrier with my mother and so there are moments when I get angry with her. But reading about Buddhism has taught me to be aware of my feelings/thoughts, think inwardly and reflect. I try to communicate with my mom as much as possible. Every day is a baby step. My mom has trouble with her anger management and tone of voice; I learned to not take it personally and like to think that she is dealing with something else that is stressful. I realized that instead of getting angry at her, I express my feelings and thoughts to her. Unexpected moments are the hugs she gives me whenever she apologizes to me! In my culture, we rarely hug so it means a lot! And...my mom has quite a big ego (sort of like Professor Cha) so it takes a lot from her to apologize. I hope this perspective helps you! let me know if you have any questions! Chingus I am sorry that this post was so long, but hope to meet you all in another drama thread!
  3. @jeijei Imagine that happened in real life? I do wonder where the scriptwriter of this drama got its inspiration/motivation to write this story. Or maybe she herself lived in a community like Sky Castle? I am having trouble waiting for the last episode. I just want Friday to come sooner...but at the same time it means that this drama will end and I NEED TO START CLASSES. ------ @wangnyeo I can't believe I missed your post! Thank you for sharing your own story. It takes a lot of courage to recenter yourself and go on the path of healing when surrounding people only see that you have a successful career. The drama Goblin was healing for me. Still is. And now this drama Sky Castle allows me to see the perspective of where my parents come from. Every human is vulnerable, but it takes love and understanding for humans to come together and embrace each other.
  4. Ok this gives me a little bit of courage to focus on my studies and read the thread entire thread when I am off. Thanks!
  5. @thadora Wow! You are really going to start reading this forum from page one? Hmmm...contemplating whether I should do the same or not hahaha
  6. Oh my! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing Lea Salonga's post!!! I can't believe these two worlds are colliding!!!! I love Lea Salonga!!! Lea Salonga is watching a Korean drama aaaahhhhhh. But on top of that it is my favorite drama. aaaaaah. Fingers cross that she will sing one of the OST songs. Or is that just my silly wishful thinking? But thank you, gumtaek!!!
  7. ------------------- By the way, is it a coincidence that the drama Encounter/Boyfriend and also this drama mentions innocence, children and The Little Prince? I think it's a sign that I need to read the story especially when both of these dramas are my favorite. haha
  8. YESSSS. I AGREEEE. Yebin definitely has the best lines. I wish there were more scenes of Yebin, too. She has that spunk and confidence ever since episode 1. She's different from all those other girls and she even dresses differently. Initially I thought she followed her dad's step of being different in the family. But she proved me wrong especially when she pointed out her dad's wrongdoing in an earlier episode and remarked to her grandmother's wrongdoing in this episode. GIRLLLL POWER. WE NEED MORE YEBINS IN THIS WORLD.
  9. Just a part of the OST Endless Night When there's light, life is beautiful. When you are fine, you can be sure. As the drama ending, we see more light encompassing the characters.The scenes are truly shot beautifully. Even though I cried my heart scene after scene, episode 19 is my favorite. I love how we slowly see glimpses of Coach Kim's past, especially in the last two episodes. Just like in real life, it takes time to discover about someone's past when that person like Coach Kim seems to be stoic and stands her guard at all times. Because she slowly closed up herself, she mentally and physically put her daughter within those barriers, too. In Coach Kim's own words, she says that mothers are selfish beings. "Mothers who have children are the most selfish people on earth. And at the same time, they're the easiest to control. Jung Min's mother, Young Jae's mother, and Ye Suh's mother... those women who use their kids to fulfill their greed. They act all high and noble, but to me, they're nothing." Her words are so strikingly powerful and straight to the point, but she fails to see her own situation. She is selfish herself. She rooted herself into the vicious cycle of the education system past and present. Kay had trouble adjusting in college and was stressed out about competing with students who are 10 years older than her! She instilled those education requirements and expectations on her own child. That is why the scene between Coach Kim and Kay in the present day was heart wrenching. Props to the actresses who made that scene so raw and real. Kay sobs, gets nervous and cries to her mom that she will study. She does not want to upset her mother. And this is probably the only time when we see Coach Kim break down. It is even more heart wrenching when she tells Kay that she does not need to study anymore. Oh Notice that the glimpses of her past are ALL sad, conflicted moments to the viewer. Because of Coach Kim interprets success and failure with her past, she guides children with fear. She plays with mothers' insecurities and fears. Eventually, she sees those mothers as nothing because after all she is playing the chess game herself. She is putting herself in the vicious cycle of wanting power and honor. On the contrary, thankfully, Ye suh's mom has conscious and loves her daughter. She thought about the situation from dusk to dawn, and lo and behold, the accompanying lyrics (see beginning of the post) of the OST Endless Night hints at the character's development. She thinks for herself and her daughter. She had a heart to heart conversation with her daughter. They talked it out and ended up crying, hugging and telling each other that they love each other! I mean what's more important than love?! The love transcends when we see KMH and JS finally apologize to each other and take responsibility together as a couple and as individual human beings. It is beautiful to see them go through difficult times together and not yell and blame each other for rising problems. On the other hand, the Cha family has a wonderful mom who embraces her children. Professor Cha is still one sided and he believes that he can provide "the best" environment for his kids to study. Unfortunately, he lives in his past and fails to see what his children truly need. It will take time for his character to get out of this system because right now his ego is damaged. I do hope his loneliness will wake his spirit up. I hope he will learn to live in the present and embrace his family members because those are the people he needs in his life! When it comes to cherishing people, Woojoo's family does it somewhat. My only complaint is that their family seems more like a plot device in the Sky Castle. Otherwise, I will like to share one of my favorite quotes: "Yesterday's the past, tomorrow's the future, but today's a gift. That's why it's called the present." I hope these words and the drama itself will teach everyone to live in the present and embrace others.
  10. IT'S GETTING TO ME. I'M IN DENIAL THAT THIS DRAMA ENDED. January is ending and February is nearing. Listening to Baek A Yeon's Ost Always Be With You Chingus, what is your favorite song in this drama? Fun Fact: When I was preparing for my interview, I rewatched the scene where Jin Hyuk talks about books and why he likes reading in his job interview. It gave me an extra boast to talk about what I like to read. I think, in general, Kdramas made me appreciate story telling. In lieu of watching kdramas, I try to read books to rest my eyes. So to resonate with Jin Hyuk's connection with books about how he has control of time and can pace a book at his own speed is beautiful.
  11. I agree! I agree! I agree! I read from a book that the number of ordinary hours is more than the number of special hours. So definitely appreciate those ordinary moments/hours of life. Jin Hyuk's appreciation for the ordinariness transcended into Soo Hyun's life and family. I mean her father was smiling so wide in prison! I also loved that her father said he thought he was chasing for happiness for his wife, daughter and himself. But the moment he let go of "chasing for that happiness" and decided to align back things to where they were, he seemed so much lighter and happier. I hope this light and love you felt in this drama will transcend into your life! Share that light and love to let JH and SH's story live on within you
  12. Aside from Jin Hyuk and Soo Hyun, we have to mention about the scene between Jin Hyuk and Hye In! I loved how she confessed and expressed that she liked the moments of being with him. She liked him, but she did not love him. She saw that it takes two people to love each other and she happily rooted for Jin Hyuk and Soo Hyun. I loved that genuine moment between these two friends! I think it is a rare moment we see in Korean dramas, right?
  13. Hello! I have been a silent lurker in this forum. At first I did not check out this drama because I had to focus on my studies. However, I heard great things about the cinematography and acting under all the chaos of the age gap between PBG and SHK. I decided to give it a try because I always a sucker for beautiful cinematography. This story has some moments of typical kdrama moments. But the dialogue amongst the characters is beautiful. Characters especially Soo Hyun and Jinhyuk learn to learn understand each other in a deeper level and love each other unconditionally. Their love contrasts with Soo Hyun's ex husband who is last seen in the living room where he is told his mom rejected his visitation appointment. The scenes between Soo Hyun and Jinhyuk's mom in the last two scenes were done so beautifully. Soo Hyun understood Jinhyuk's mom. Jinhyuk's mom grew to understand her son and Soo Hyun. The gesture of the mom giving Soo Hyun the side dishes was small yet precious. And with love, Soo Hyun held onto and came back to Jinhyun. With love, she also grew with her family, too. These moments taught me to love my family a little bit more. This drama taught me to guide life with love. Thank you to the cast and crew for telling a beautiful story. And, lastly, thank you to all the people who commented in this forum. All of you made me appreciate this wonderful story even more!
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