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  1. @pompyavi @nona88 I love your observations between YJ + SM and CB + TH. The relationship/partnership is similar yet different at the same time. And the way that SM keeps YJ accountable or keeps her in check is very relevant to the recent OST by Yoonmirae. Her voice is the best. One of the small moments I liked in today's episode was when YJ said she will tell SM something later. SM noted that she wasn't the type of person to postpone things.
  2. No problem! His wonderful cameo adds depth into the storytelling and I love that this drama blurs the line of reality and also brings up topics to change some inherent beliefs. Another great touch was the mention of the sponsorship and the not so glamorized life of a model. And in the recent ep was the awareness of cervical cancer.
  3. Wow! I left off from page 20 and I needed to catch up on the 8 pages. I see some new people! Welcome welcome!! First and foremost, @Nodame and @Jillia thank you so much for reading my long post about my observations on ep5. Side note: my responses are going to cross over to what happened in ep6, too. Nodame, I definitely see the crossover parallels between the portrayals of friendship in ROY and this drama. In this particular case, JK's grandmother thinks and believes she's creating a balance among the friends, BUT she's clearly creating competition and it doesn't help that the friendship is falling apart. The road ahead is definitely going to be wonky. Also JK's grandmother is very business minded. Although JY insisted on returning the money (because he volunteered to play the piano in ep2), JK's grandmother gave the money, clearly wanting to draw the boundary between him and her. That is why she will never empathize with JY on how heavy it is for him to play on that piano. In the real life, the constraints of capitalism harshly affects the way we live more than we think. As Jillia mentions, money creates a sense of security, but it doesn't guarantee happiness. Our main leads are having trouble in some ways under the name of money. Love your example of HH feeling nervous and turning away from the computer before reading his result. His family poured money into his musical studies and he wants to be in a U.S. orchestra because it pays more. The writer clearly states that a musical career doesn't always provide stability. JY's situation is so heartbreaking. He's maxed out on loans and basically as he says, "He's a penniless pianist." I definitely think DY harbors a crush on SA because ep2, he inevitably said, "I love you" and later tells her to say it 3 times to the violin. I think it was his sheepish way of indirectly saying "I love you" to SA. Even when HH visited DY asked what's wrong (referring to the cello), HH seemed fazed and DY instantly knew something was up with HH's personal life. DY is quite sensitive and observant in his own way. Even when JK visited for rosin, he knew something was up. The rosin was symbolic that JK's broken. She teared up belatedly. (This scene was done so well by the actress. I felt her confused pain)It proves that she did love HH. She's currently confusing her friendship with JY for love. This girl's so lost. @adla does a great job in explaining the confusing feelings JK harbors. (See in collapsed spoiler) ------- Last thoughts on ep 5, I found it fascinating that both breakups paralleled each other. MS confessed and DY pretended he didn't hear it. JK said to break up and HH pretended he didn't hear it and she had to say it again. When people are in denial of reality, they tend to be stuck in their own mind. --------- @gracebkk Thank you for sharing the English translation to what we're expecting for the second half of the episode. I love how the producer explained how he started the narrative and built it from there. It further emphasizes how much thought was put into the drama. Also, thank you so much for sharing the MV to Taeyeon's OST. I love it so much!!! especially when Kim Min Jae plays the piano for the background music!!! Ahh so wonderful. @vangsweetie637 Your commentary on JK and GIFs are always on point. hahaha @rukizie Thanks for your hard work on live recapping!! @SakuraC There's definitely something up with the female professor who's suddenly nice to SA. I believe the professor's going to get SA to play in the chamber orchestra. Also, both you and @adla explained why JY feels burdened with the piano so well. I'll also like to add that he's also lost his passion for playing music. I have a feeling that he will eventually find his passion again as he moves away from his trio crew and meets up with SA more. @ck1Oz You're a champion for scrapping ambitions on your child to study medicine or law because of kdramas. I think any field is tough and has its own set of problems. As you mentioned, the athletes, the teachers, musicians, delivers, and petrol kiosks attendants. I think at the end of the day, it's best cultivate a child's curiosity and lead the child to where they want to be. We all don't have the answers but if a child finds what they love to do it won't feel like they're working even for a day. -------- My favorite part in ep 6. I appreciate your time in recapping ep 6, Nodame. SA always has to hear so much negativity, but her resilience led her to this moment when she can encourage and inspire Jiwon's mom. This will forever be my favorite part because she definitely was shining bright. Most of you have mentioned that JY has a lot on his plate. I agree with @Jillia's perspective on why JY wouldn't explain his situation to SA. That's why he went to HH who's known him for so long and he doesn't have to explain his story. He's always doing things for others and I'm pretty sure he's emotionally exhausted. @larrysouth loving your anecdote of confessing and I love how you're reminded of the feelings one experience during first love. Jillia, your screen grab of the confession was I felt SA trembling while uttering her confession. Oh my. I wish I was brave enough to have confessed to my college crush. Oh well. I'll just indulge myself in JY and SA hahahaha ----- My long post is in response to the wonderful conversations in this thread. I'm enjoying the presence of everyone here! ----- @tulip06 The preview: @shazai shared it on page 23 and @SakuraC shared detailed translations crediting to Joey on Youtube on page 25
  4. @vangsweetie637 Oh my I'm so sorry for misunderstanding you!!! I read too quickly and thought you were talking about Song Ah, not Jung Kyung. I totally agree with you it's annoying that Jun Kyung requests to hear him play it. It's as if she's demanding his attention for her when she has been neglecting it for years!
  5. @vangsweetie637 Song ah's request to listen to Joonyoung play Träumerei because it holds a lot of meaning for her. It enlightens the passion for her dream and it lets her continue dreaming. Much more than that, it was poignant that Joonyoung signed her CD and wrote "To Violinist Chae Song Ah." Even if she's not getting world wide recognition, there was acknowledgment from pianist Joonyoung that she is a violinist. This girl has been reprimanded for being last in her class! She applied and got rejected 3-4 times before she got into Seoryeong university. She had to listen to condescending comments again from the violinist Su An who was born in a privilege family. Su An will never understand Song Ah's need to work hard and practice because Su An has the resources, wealth and connection. So to hear Joonyoung play Träumerei reignites that motivation and inspiration to go for her dream.
  6. Oh my heart fluttered. I love how they shyly chuckled afterwards. It happened in the ep4 Behind the Scenes that Nodame shared. Thank you for sharing it, @Nodame. There's was just so much wonder and joy!! ------- I love how the story keeps a nice balance of the one to one relationships and how these characters come together and/or connect. On the other hand, I also love how passion and talent has been brought up especially in this episode. In ep1, we had a glimpse of Songah in the backstage looking into where Joonyoung is playing. In today's episode, she thinks to herself about JoonYoung, "So why is it that when you achieved your dream with your talent, you don't seem happy? Did you never really love the talent that you're born with?" What we often think is that success (performing worldwide and getting the recognition) equates to talent. Talent is merely a skill or a natural gift you're born with. Talent evolves only if you continue to practice. Quite frankly we are all born with the talent to create, to make music. What we see through Doon Young's story, he had the talent and passion to play the violin growing up. But as he grew older, he took tests, went to competitions and was tired of it. And what he felt through Songah's playing was her passion. He had already lost his passion to play the violin and now he has the passion to fix and make violins. To him, passion means feeling the spark. He tells Hyun Ho, "It's that feeling. I wasn't particularly brave. What could I do when my heart kept racing? I had to keep going forward." I think pressure of having to do well and succeed often confines a musician to play passionately. One example is the violinist with her mom visiting Hyun ho's workshop. Hyun ho was trying to make conversation with the girl, but there was a sense of urgency to get the violin fixed for her audition tomorrow. Another example is Joonyoung. Under the light of Joonyoung's success, we learned that he was an ordinary pianist ranked 10 out of 50-60 students. He started gaining recognition and doing better when he met Professor Yoo and was connected with the right people through Kyunghoo Foundation. And Joonyoung also notes that he would have done something else since his family can't afford the piano. His background highlights that if you have the resources and connection, then you're able to "succeed" with talent and hard work. Resources and connection are clearly reinforced in Jung Kyung's grandma's mindset. She tells Hyunho, "Your talent is irrelevant. Who believes in you and supports you. That may be more important. That could be luck or your ability." Her notion of luck is a matter of perspective about knowing the right people or not. Her notion of ability relates to the individual ambition and that is why she noted that Hyun ho's father didn't use his connection. Nonetheless, we see that she practically made the decision that JungKyung will be the director and Hyunho will be a professor at Seoryeong University, and claims that she's on Hyunho's side this time... We also see the importance of networking throughout the episode. The professors who haven't played for a long time need sponsors and students to play at a chamber orchestra. Lee Hae-Na's father is the Dean of the College of Engineering. The performing violinist Su An is from a wealthy family. That shallow the credit card guy. He got a cab for Jung Kyung and didn't get a cab for both Joonyoung and Song ah. He only bowed to them with a low angle, showing very little respect. All in all, there are always going to be some people who act accordingly to the name of money. As for people who want to pursue a creative career, it's so much more than passion, talent and hard work. Connection and resources will help you get by.
  7. I was so surprised to see Harabeoji Model cameo!! If anyone wants to know his backstory, here's the video about how he became a model: Don't let age stop you from pursuing your dreams!! Also I love that Hye jun inspired the manager to pursue her dreams. She's opened up her Jampong Entertainment. She's set on helping out Hye jun. She's imperfect. She has a messy room, but she's living her dream!!! I can't wait to see Hye jun continuing to fight for her dream. I loved the ending of today's episode when he mustered up the courage and told his father that he's agreed to be in the movie. He's taking himself seriously. He's taking his dream seriously and he's fighting for it. Gotta thank manager-nim for telling him to be more ambitious
  8. @rafeusjanela You brought up a great point about both Joon Young and Song Ah's shyness. It's not seen in a negative light, but it's a part of them. Shyness is often equated to being quiet all the time, but, like you said, they have the courage to speak up for themselves. We also know that both Joon Young and Song Ah are perceptive, thoughtful and mindful of their surroundings. They have so much emotional complexity and so it adds more dimension into their characters, making them feel like you can meet them IRL. @Jillia Also you may be right that it's probably Joon Young's first time vocalizing his troubles. In the first ep, when he was in the car with the Team-Jangnim Ms. Cha, she said, "No one will help you if you don't speak up." to someone and it means a lot that he was able to open up to Song Ah. Song Ah's a great listener and she always gives her utmost attention and presence.
  9. @Jillia Yesssss!! My heart is blessed with both dramas. Oh the storytelling, cinematography, and everything about both dramas are keeping me head over heels.
  10. @Jillia I'M READY!!! I WANT SUNDAY TO BE OVER. First time I want my weekend to be over.
  11. @Nodame It's so good to see you here!!! @MinLyn @BogumNoona @Jillia Thank you so much for the warm welcome. I feel so much wonder, joy and warmth already Hello to the rest of chingus here!! I am so excited to read posts here and see the thread grow for the next 3 months
  12. Thank you, @Jillia Your GIF is making me squee. oooh my gosh. @Nodame Thank you so much! All is well. I am gaining so much strength through Song Ah's character. She's telling me it's okay even if I feel lost right now with my dream. I am getting goosebumps watching videos of Kim Min Jae and Park Eun Bin playing their instruments. They are so dedicated in their craft of acting. It's very admirable.
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