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[Drama 2020] To All the Guys Who Loved Me/ Men Are Men, 그놈이 그놈이다


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Thanks @larus for the updates and articles.

Glad they could push up the schedule and finish and still be safe.


Clips for today ep 15 and more in the SPOILERS as KBS has a lot of them. Thanks!






















I watched ep 15 last night, kind of happy to see the last two episodes not spanned for two weeks and glad they finished filming safely too.


-I liked the lovey dovey scenes.Why is HJ so reticent to be hitched? I know she has issues from the past lives. Glad we learned from JW that he mentioned what happened from the other two earlier lives. Yeah! So he died before he could return to his wife in the first live. Second life he supported the underground Independent movement against the Japanese Occupation and then went back to admit the truth but she died before he could. DANG. We all know the third life and our OTP.


-HJ really is anti marriage with her being so jumpy at the celebration of the webtoon portal party at JW's place. I cannot blame her but it was very sweet of him to print her webtoon. Such an encouraging boyfriend.


-The date interrupted by HJ parents was cute. The fact they left and told them to "continue being busy " wink wink was cute.


-JW and DG hanging out being awkward and the nice wine bar then regular modest Soju Bar . Soooooo awkward. I loved the bonding moment that forever sealed them to be hyung nim and dongseng as JW punched the aggressive drunk to help him. Awww that I loved. Funny how HJ thought they were FIGHTING each other at the police station.


-Aftermath with the Foundation leader drinking and having a little regret. I liked the daughter saying her mom is important to her. Then HJ wanting to meet up with her and being rejected. The fact the denial of meeting up with HJ, she thought of her to be mean and look down at her. We know HJ is not that kind of person. 


DG, I am liking he and JW are closer. But i want him to have a love interest but TOO late to give him one in ep 16. He has just been too long and loyal liking HJ. 


Great to see the CUTE HJ parents scenes. LOL. Crack me up and expecting to see them more in the finale.


I am def seeing a WEDDING as HJ is slowly getting used to the idea. 

(Plus posting the ep 16 posts I saw it.)

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ep 15 thoughts
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Hwang Jung Eum And Yoon Hyun Min Are Blissfully In Love In “To All The Guys Who Loved Me”



Sep 1, 2020
by L. Kim

KBS 2TV’s “To All the Guys Who Loved Me” released new romantic stills of Hwang Jung Eum And Yoon Hyun Min!


In the previous episode, Seo Hyun Joo (Hwang Jung Eum) assumed that Hwang Ji Woo (Yoon Hyun Min) was going to propose to her and became worried that she would not be able to keep her non-marriage pact. Whenever he grabbed something, she mistook it as a ring and ran away to avoid his proposal. Eventually, Seo Hyun Joo found out he wasn’t intending to propose to her, but Hwang Ji Woo realized they had different opinions about marriage and experienced his own confusing moment.

The newly released stills show sweet moments between Seo Hyun Joo and Hwang Ji Woo. Hwang Ji Woo watches Seo Hyun Joo with doting eyes, and he warmly greets her when she wakes up. In another photo, Seo Hyun Joo smiles brightly at Hwang Ji Woo, who is suited up for work, and viewers are looking forward to their happy ending.



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Hi All,


Finished the drama.


Gosh other than liking the actors in this drama the story was meh for me.

Not a strong plot and had good potential points but def not a resounding recommendation at all to friends.


EP 16


-The resoluation with KSH was very pat and very nice of HJ but dang (she deserved some just desserts ) other than wallowing in her guilt and drinking. She got off easy. Though she is not to "blame" but sent in to have MinJoo captured but Sunbae was instead. To be tortured and interrogated (not a cake walk) and she did not care of consequences) just wanting to eliminate her "competition" when she had NO chance wth sunbae


Nice that the daughter got to work wtih DG as she was a big fan. Cute she took out her crush (but hard to do if she liked him for THAT long


Parents were cute and so ok with the committment ceremony and no marriage, i guess they got the marriage like pic and some ceremony that was not a SINGLE person committment party a step up


They had a TAME bed scene but given she is married --it was appropriate they took their relationship to the next level (but so chaste)




-Loved the HJ parents (they were the NEEDED comic relief)


-Acting by KSH was great--she played a great villian but disliked her character to bits


-JW (love the actor) but the wishy washy and stalker/creeper actions in beginning did not love


-HJ --I agree wanting to be like strong woman hear me roar (the committment ceremony) is a NEW thing to see in  drama but if you love that person and want to be together, legally together there are more rights and benefits than being alone. (Not sure in Korea but if in the hospital you can  make needed decisions etc) not to mention if passing the rights to assets etc


She was at times annoying and the script did not help


-I loved her tribe of friends being there for her, they did have their side stories to have some interest (did not expect)


-The time travel 3 lifetimes a good premise but to tack on the endings of life 1-2 in ep 15 could have been explained eariler


-I wish to have seen DG with someone or at least INTERESTED in someone not SOLO --no HJ he is just going to be solo


Farewell and thanks to those who were here for the checked journey.

See you in another forum sorry for any names missed.


@Samuel Yohanes @larus  @Lawyerh @Ldy Gmerm  @jelly @Helena @nubianlegalmind @Kvothe @thistle  @orion00 @foreverempress

@0ly40 @Edgar Pordwed  @Oksana Sutra @tas82  @Ashbelle @D27Gjk68  @thingskateknows @SweetButters @whiteclover  @forumsoomp @RomanticRosebud  @fluffyloaf @Nymeria289 @sadthe1st @Latte_Anyday @kdramagrandma @uglypearl  @OR Ng @corey @Alice Wonderland @Hannahmiriam @nat_phoenix88

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“To All The Guys Who Loved Me” Cast Says Goodbye To Drama With Final Remarks


Sep 2, 2020
by C. Lee

The KBS 2TV drama “To All the Guys Who Loved Me” has come to an end.

“To All the Guys Who Loved Me” is a romantic comedy starring Hwang Jung Eum as Seo Hyun Joo, a woman who gives up on love and marriage after repeated heartbreaks lead her to the conclusion that all men are alike. Just when she has finally thrown in the towel, two men who are polar opposites suddenly walk into her life and engage in a fierce battle to win her over.

Cast members Hwang Jung Eum, Yoon Hyun Min, Seo Ji Hoon, Choi Myung Gil, and Jo Woo Ri shared their final thoughts as they bid farewell to the drama, which aired its last episode on September 1.

Hwang Jung Eum said, “I was able to spend happy times with the honest and sly character Seo Hyun Joo, who says whatever she wants to say and is confidently single.”

The actress also expressed her gratitude. “I’m thankful for our director, writer, and staff members. I truly thank all the viewers who loved our drama,” she said.

Yoon Hyun Min, who played Hwang Ji Woo, commented, “I’m grateful that everyone stayed strong during these difficult times and successfully wrapped up the drama. I also really want to say thanks to the viewers who enjoyed our drama.”

He continued, “Choi Myung Gil, who took care of her junior co-stars, was able to set a great example for me, and thanks to her, my character Hwang Ji Woo was able to shine.”

Meanwhile, Seo Ji Hoon said, “Park Do Kyum was a character that was a new challenge for me because he has a lot of playful and mischievous sides to him, which I haven’t portrayed before, but I’m thankful that he received lots of love.”

He added, “It’s a relief that we were able to finish filming safely. The actors and staff members worked hard in the hot weather, and I hope that everyone is always healthy.”

Choi Myung Gil, who played Kim Sun Hee, said, “It seems like we started this drama not long ago, so I feel very sad. But I was happy being able to work with an amazing director, writer, and staff members. I’m thankful for the viewers who enjoyed our drama until the end.”

Last but not least, Jo Woo Ri, who played Kim Sun Hee’s daughter, said, “I think I was able to enjoy filming the drama because my character Han Seo Yoon, who once used to be passive, grew to become independent and also has a bright appearance.”



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Hwang Jung Eum Talks About Her Approach To Rom-Coms, Describes Her Co-Stars In Latest Dramas, And More


Sep 3, 2020
by J. K

After her latest drama “To All The Guys Who Loved Me” wrapped up with its finale on September 1, Hwang Jung Eum took part in a written interview with the press the next day.

The drama is a romantic comedy starring Hwang Jung Eum as Seo Hyun Joo, a woman who gives up on love and marriage after repeated heartbreaks lead her to the conclusion that all men are alike. Just when she has finally thrown in the towel, two men who are polar opposites suddenly walk into her life and engage in a fierce battle to win her over.

Hwang Jung Eum shared that she was charmed by her passionate and determined character Seo Hyun Joo. “She’s someone who works very hard,” she said. “I don’t think that everyone sets a goal and then works or dates in order to fulfill a dream. I think most people work hard because they’re given a job to do and they keep their dreams in a corner of their heart, thinking about them once and a while. I liked that about Hyun Joo. She works hard and puts a lot of thought in, but to be honest she lives like that because that’s how she has to live everyday.” Hwang Jung Eum explained that she’d been attracted by how Seo Hyun Joo seemed to strive for perfection but was ordinary in how she still dreams, and she liked that while she was realistic about marriage, she had dreams about love too.


more https://www.soompi.com/article/1423444wpp/hwang-jung-eum-talks-about-her-approach-to-rom-coms-describes-her-co-stars-in-latest-dramas-and-more

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I end up not continuing where I left off and not curious enough to actually keeping up with the story. I am looking forward for Yoon Hyun Min and Seo Ji Hoon's next project and hoping it will be interesting enough for me to stick through. As of Hwang Jung Eum, I am saying goodbye until I can make peace with her or if her counterpart in next project able to hold my interest enough to watch.


The rest of soompiers here, hope we will meet again in other thread. It was nice as long as it last (quite short for me) to be here. Cheers to more korean drama in the future. :kiss_closed:

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It is hard to find something with actress Hwang Jung Eum here, her topic has been closed lol. I finally find a topic which concerns her, not the best one, because this Drama was clearly not her best one (like the Undeteable). The story was more the problem than the acting. I did not enjoye the story, which was not well written. The title does not really belong to the story.


I did not find Hwang Jung Eum had good chemistry with Yun Hyeon Min, she had a better one with Seo Ji Hoon.
In term of story, Hwang Ji Woo  is only obsessed about the past life of someone else, and it is the only reason he want to be with Seo Hyun Joo. He is obsessed with her because of who she looked like in the past life, which was not even his. While she seems to have feeling for him. If he was not so young, Park Do Guym would have been a better partner, I do think the age difference was a problem for Seo Hyun Joo. There were nothing romantic between the 2 lead in this drama. Most of the story was about obsession from past lives.


Hope to see Hwang Jung Eum, in something better and more in melodrama, than comedie.


From what I see she is clearly not as popular as some other actress...

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