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  1. Thoughts... I like the premise of the TV show that PD Kim is trying to produce, except for the gay part. Honestly, it just doesn't make sense. Clearly, the writer for this drama is trying to shed light on the homophobia in Korea, but for the show within this show, the chef's sexuality doesn't need to be known. Can they cook? Can they give good advice? That is it. This isn't like Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, where gay men help a straight guy dress better, live better, etc. This is straight up snacks and advice. So the whole scene where she got paint thrown at her and even this nuance of Chef's brother finding out is just for dramatic purposes. As someone who is a tireless ally of the LGBTQIA community, I honestly feel that this trope is overused in some dramas. Bringing someone's sexuality into a place where it is not needed is cringe and a bit disrespectful. With that being said, I honestly hope that this drama will help someone who is homophobic or bigoted not be that way anymore. A juicy twist would be if Designer Kang wasn't gay, but maybe just bi-curious. His character being gay completes the stereotypical circle in this drama. Of course the designer would be gay. In any event, I find it interesting that in his desire to be noticed and close to Chef, he has taken to becoming closer to PD Kim, which of course, now Chef is jealous. This is quite the triangle. I do like the story line of Writer Yoo dating the younger former flunky of PD Nam. I didn't see that coming, but their chemistry is good and it is cute and funny. Prediction: Well, it is clear, at some point the truth is coming out. (Pun intended). However, by then, no one is really going to care as the show is already a hit. I sense that his younger brother is gay, and clearly interested in Designer Kang, maybe a potential love line? The OTP will have a stupid separation before getting back together and eventually the office will find out about our cute noona romance couple.
  2. Wow, okay, so this drama just blows any myths or softness towards mental health out of the window! I knew I wanted to watch this because I adore Jung So Min, she is such a great actress, but she is beyond impressive in this drama. I felt so bad for WJ from the very beginning. She wins such a big award and immediately gets fake arrested, pulled off the stage, only to find out said cop isn't really a cop, then stuck at a police station in a gown no less, only to leave and find out that her boyfriend sold private footage of her finding out everything to his station and is about to gallivant with a fellow actress. Whew! That is a LOT for anyone to take in at one time. Before we can catch our breath over all of those events, she gets fired from the play she is the LEAD in and basically told she sucks and everyone is afraid of her. Cut to Dr. Lee and you immediately get the feeling that he is the type of psychiatrist who tirelessly tries to save and cure all of his patients. Whether it's a delusional cop, a schizophrenic kid or a woman struggling with alcoholism, he is willing to do whatever it takes to actually give his patients a sense of peace and normalcy. But when does he sleep? Have we seen him resting at all in this drama? Ah, he too is struggling, and with PTSD from losing a patient with the same borderline personality disorder as WJ. One thing I have observed about WJ is how she is her absolute happiest when she is helping others. Either when she is entertaining people and making them happy performing on stage, or doing the stage therapy and being able to help and comfort others. This is the key to her healing. She has abandonment issues, which is why she can't take being ignored and not receiving a certain amount of attention from others. The key for her is to put that energy into other people. I also think her natural ability to comfort other people is exactly what Dr. Lee needs. He works in the medical field where everyone is supposed to keep their emotions intact. He doesn't feel compelled to really share his pain with anyone, not even his friends. WJ is just what the doctor ordered. This plot to get rid of him is interesting. Is he unorthodox? Yes. Can some of his methods be a bit much? Yes. But, they are effective. I never understood psychologists and psychiatrists who believe in this "by the book" method of treatment. You are dealing with people who have mental health issues completely outside of the normal lines. Different methods should be welcomed. I can't wait to see how they move forward with this drama.
  3. A few thoughts on TWOTM WOW! This was quite the ride. My respect for Kim Hee Ae as an actress just exploded. I adored her in Love Affair, but she was perfection in this role. MS - I like the idea of the writer portraying that a single woman can hold a high position and do well professionally. However, as a person, she was horrible. She constantly back-stabbed SW and she was two-faced from the very start. She wanted to be taken serious as a woman despite her single status, yet she had no problem helping TO deceive SW throughout the drama. She gets a side-eye. YR - I find whenever there is a story arch of a woman being cheated on, women are always expected to cry, scream and get angry but still forgive and keep the cheater. Especially when money and status is involved. YR was still young, attractive and has a good portion of her life still in front of her, but she was expected to continue to suffer in silence. This is why she was having issues conceiving. She was under an enormous amount of stress that made her wildly unhappy, but the illusion of what she wanted was supposed to be enough. So glad to see her be brave and not care what society thinks and go off and be happy on her own. Chairwoman Choi - Her words to SW about her actions creating so many wounds in my opinion echo the old adage of women and self-sacrifice. Again, suffer quietly, smile, keep up appearances and then everyone will be happy. The chairwoman always gave me the impression that she was always right on the line of almost losing it. When she first encountered SW and was diagnosed with the STD's, she practically ordered SW to tell her that it was because of contact at a spa or gym. SW represents the courage women in her generation just don't have. They have been too indoctrinated. DY - I can never find it in my heart to sympathize with "the other woman". I knew when DK latched on to TO after SW left him. A man with no money, no real plans, no connections or social circle and she chose to have his baby and get married to him. She chose to settle, and from the beginning she was insecure with them returning to Gosun after what happened. In the end, her cheater cheated again. He kept secrets from her and she spent what should've been her honeymoon period, completely stressed and unhappy. Everyone pretended that TO was smart and accomplished. His father-in-law bankrolled a movie and invested in it to ensure its success and that was how TO succeeded. It still wasn't from him own doing. JY - I agree he was caught in the middle of his parents, but JY was the product of what you see in a LOT of families. He was being coddled, loved, protected and given everything. He was NOT being raised. JY lacked basic respect and understanding for someone his age and that is his parent's fault. You do not reward kids for being awful to people and disrespectful to adults. I had many friends whose parent's divorced and they weren't delinquents and disrespectful like he was. JY even had the luxury of therapy. He wanted to continue to be spoiled and felt like he couldn't get that with TO and DY because kids knew how they ended up together. Then SW was out her fighting and causing scenes all of the over place which embarrassed him which caused him to eventually run away. Divorce is hard on children, but if you instill in them love, understanding and good communication, they can get through it well. I don't believe two people who hate each other should stay together for the sake of a child. That sends out the wrong message. Had TO and SW acted maturely and worked together, JY would've handled this significantly better. SW and TO - You knew TO was going to fall. When he blew back into town married to his mistress and all seemed forgotten because he now had money, you could just feel it, he was going to mess it up. TO's problem is he was insecure and had an inferiority complex. Yet, he stayed being attracted to successful women. His inability to stand on his own two feet and remain loyal to women he was incredibly lucky to get with was fascinating to watch. His issues clearly stemmed from way before SW came along. I think it was in the first episode, we learn he has some daddy issues, and his mother clearly coddled him instead of raising him so the cycle begins there. He was never going to have a happy ending because the self sabotage was inevitable. SW was also fascinating. She was brilliant, hard-working, dedicated as a mom and honest as a doctor. Yet, she had a fiery temper and often would settle scores at the behest of being the talk of the town. She didn't apply strategy to how she handled things. She was a reactor. He reacting was often desperate and explosive, which is how she ended up suffering. I feel like the writer wanted to show SW was both a stereotypical woman (emotional; reactive) and a cunning almost male-like character who can seduce a man to get back at her husband or strategically choose to help her ex-husband so that he son doesn't have to be the son of a murderer. Great drama, impeccable writing, phenomenal acting. I enjoyed this!
  4. I am super late on this thread, but I am enjoying this drama. I find it unnerving how a lot of Korean celebrities are so approachable. Like with these fansigns, how there is hardly any security and random people can just walk right up to them.Maybe the pandemic will change that. However, despite the stalker guy, SY's killer and other weird occurrences, from the very beginning, no one bothered me more than TE's father. Professionalism just out of the window, he pried into too many things that had nothing to do with treatment. He criticized and alienated his son for no reason and he practically stalked JH and HJ himself. I want to see some punishment with him.
  5. I think the reason HW left after she found out the truth is because she just couldn't stand staying there with both her mom and her aunt also in town. She needed to get away for a while. I don't believe she ever intended to stay away forever, but I do believe she needed to get away. Some people might think she over-reacted after she found out the truth, but her whole identity was surrounded by what she thought her mother did and how to deal with it. Now that entire story was a lie and she was faced with the reality that her mom chose to be labeled a "criminal" and "murderer" to protect her aunt who actually did kill her husband. HW had been living with and relying on and trusting her aunt all of these years and that is pretty BIG secret. A secret that affected that whole family for years. I knew once HW had time to herself to think, feel and heal from what happened she would return. Honestly, the truth getting out was freeing for ALL of them. HW was able to move past the past and find out what she truly wanted to do with her life. Her mom was able to return to their family home and sell the house of horrors. The aunt was able to tell her story and finally be with the love of her life. HW could actually be with ES without so much of the baggage. Had she stayed, she would still be bitter and hurt and she and ES would've broken up anyway. I like how in the end, when she came back, she sought him out. She ran after him. She came to him. This was quite the roller coaster. It is never easy to deal with family secrets, domestic violence and depression, but somehow the writer was able to do just that all while weaving a story around two people finally finding love with one another. I thoroughly enjoyed this drama.
  6. A few thoughts... PACE I love the pace of this drama. A lot of commenters on Viki kept complaining that the drama was boring, blah, blah, blah. But, I actually think the pace compliments the story line. HW goes back to the country, where life is slower and things move at a slower pace. I have enjoyed how we get glimpses of not only her youth there, but also of her life in Seoul. We get to see the contrast and also some similarities. FAMILY DYNAMIC I am confused. Did her mother kill her father? Or was her father dead and this was the mother's lover? Either way, HW did not grow up with a male in the house, and it appears she has spent a lot of time alone. So, she immersed herself in music and became very good at it. I would love to know what actually happened with her mother. There was a trial, but circumstantially, I bet things were swayed to look a certain way. However, looking at the aunt and even her grandmother, there is clearly more to the mom's story than we have be shown thus far. It seems though, HW's only real family was her grandmother. The aunt is a bit detached from her, probably because of HW being her sister's daughter. Whereas in contrast, SB has a devoted and caring family. His mother is slightly overbearing and loves him very much. The part when he rescued the girl from the mountain and HW was looking at him so lovingly and was about to approach him, then suddenly stopped and stepped back when she saw his family surround him was very telling. She doesn't feel worthy of being a part of a family. THE BOOK CLUB What a treat. This group of book lovers coming together to escape in these wonderful stories is such a highlight in this drama. They create this drama-free world where all different types of people can appreciate the stories and their interpretations of them. I like that HW has been invited into this refuge and I hope that she continues to open herself to this experience in the future. IRENE and THE MOUNTAIN BOY There have already been some poignant moments between ES and HW so far in this drama. As soon as she showed up, the world, the pace, the rhythm at which ES exists was thrown off. HW wasn't in town a full night before he came to see her and she repeated the same conversation she had with him when they were teens. HW is someone who has been surviving, but hasn't been doing much living. She is smart, skilled, able to do a lot of things for herself, and due to her survival instincts, she has been getting by on her own for quite some time. Yet, due to unforeseen circumstances (locking herself out in the cold, getting stuck in the rain, house pipes bursting), she has been thrust into ES's world and he doesn't seem to mind. This goes way beyond an unrequited crush from high school. ES isn't moved by much. Things just don't seem to faze him like they do others. While he is interested in HW, he understands why someone with her talent and beauty would want to live and work in Seoul. He understands her coming and going and has adapted to it, albeit unwillingly. But now, HW is different. She is running back to Seoul. She isn't keeping everyone at a distance. She is interacting and she is opening up to him. She trusts him. She needs him. This isn't forced or fake. It's genuine and ES is being pulled away from his self-imposed exile. He is respected and known in the town, but he doesn't appear to be too close to anyone. He works in an environment that forces him to be alone a lot. He goes off into the dangerous mountain alone. As much as he has this loving family and respect from people all around him. He is also alone a lot. Kind of like HW when she was a child, and when she was living in Seoul. I admire HW and ES's friendship because they have established something most couples in love have a hard time establishing. They have an easy comfort around one another. They have easy conversation. That is difficult to find. They allow each other to be without disturbing the other too much. When HW told ES that she had a memory of him from high school, his entire aura lit up. When she charged into the mountains looking for him because she was worried about him, then hugged him tight after they ran into each other, he clung right back. I believe these two would have been close in high school, were it not for the bullying and humiliation HW endured. BETRAYAL I so wanted her friend to say that maybe the girl overheard them talking or overheard her musing to herself. But nope, she fell for the banana in the tail pipe. Baiting someone into telling someone else's business is the oldest trick in the book. That girl came to her with the whole, "I heard she was pregnant..." rumor lie in a fishing expedition. She knew that YB was dumb enough to reveal something else. I won't fault her forever because she was young and dumb. I just don't understand her logic in telling HW that she was trying to stop the rumors. What type of common sense says telling people this girl's mother is a murderer was somehow better than she was pregnant once? In any event. the only thing she could say is that she was genuinely sorry. But she almost acted entitled to HW's forgiveness and reconciliation. People don't owe us anything. Not forgiveness. Not friendship.
  7. So here's the deal... JW had to get hurt in order to change what needed to be changed the most. Yes, we have all noticed how HE has become a better person, less arrogant, more compassionate, more loving, etc. But the biggest dysfunction in his life is his mother. The fact that XX was notorious for emotionally abusing employees is unacceptable. People dealt with and tolerated her behavior because she was the boss, but her behavior and the way that she abuses people, even those she claims to like (HR) is just deplorable. This is the one area that JW just flat out ignored. When his mother kicked SA out and made her divorce him while he was in the coma, he did nothing about it, but whine. When his mother relentlessly pushed HR on him and even went as far as moving the girl in their house and into his bedroom. He did nothing. He just left. As much as it pained me to see SA say goodbye to him, despite the fact that she clearly has developed feelings for him, I couldn't be totally upset with her. A LOT of her suffering came at the hands of his mother who felt no remorse at abusing her day in and day out for almost 10 years. I think it was in the first couple of episodes where SA tells JW that he should consider getting his mother help for anger management, and he seemed generally surprised by that. His mother's abuse is normalized for him and he may be just now realizing that it isn't normal, nor should it be tolerated. As far as TR goes, he has already made his choice. He chose his sister. No one is blaming him for that, after all, she is family, but I stopped being invested in he and SA about 40 episodes ago. So, what we have currently is either SA choosing her career and no love life, which she is fine to do, or choosing to reconcile with JW, as long as his mother reforms and changes her ways. In fact, I would love to see her stay at the Kim household for a little while, it worked wonders on her son.
  8. It feels like forever since I posted in this forum. A few thoughts... Originally, I was all for SA and TR. She needed a fresh new start and he seemed to melt the wall she built around herself and her cynicism toward love. However now, I am not on that ship anymore. For one, TR gave up on the possibility of them being together too soon and too easily. I get it. He's uneasy about SA and JW having a past so he backed off so they could get closure. I get that he is also embarrassed about his sister's role in all of this. What I don't understand is that now that they are working together, he avoids her like the plague, then has these moments of staring at her longingly. If you aren't going to do anything about being with her, move on. Meanwhile, JW has stepped up to the plate big time. Even going as far as moving out of his mother's house to be closer to SA and her family. I wanted to dislike him, I really did. After all, he cheated, but he has apologized and done everything known to man to be with SA and get her back. She has not put in such effort, because this whole month dating thing has just been her way of saying goodbye. I am not mad with her because she has some trauma there with him, especially regarding his mother, but he has even softened her family up. JW has also changed. He is not the arrogant, aloof momma's boy he was at the beginning of this drama. Even if they don't end up together, I can see him remaining close with her family. TR on the other hand has really gotten on my nerves. From the bullying incident to the being the other woman incident, I do not like how he has not communicated any of this to his father, and his father has had to find out in the worst ways. There is no saving HR, she doesn't want to be saved. None of his silence or secret fights with her has changed anything, in fact things have gotten incredibly worse. HR is a 30 year-old woman who is foolish and she has hitched her wagon to a witch that has repeatedly told her she is using her and will throw her to the wolves if need be, so let's add dumb to her equation as well. Now TR wants to dole out ultimatums to bring her back home and running to JW with threats is not the answer. JW figured out that HR was cray cray a while ago, which is why he has avoided her. She should be glad she still has a job in that company considering most women in her position would have gotten fired and black listed in that industry. The writer is trying to go for the whole, "oh she's an orphan and never felt like she had a family" angle and I am just not buying it. She is a witch, just like XX and her actions have made it really impossible for me to ship SA with TR. Judge Hong needs to be humiliated because she has no redeeming qualities at this point. This anger she has towards CA is projection because she knew from the very beginning that JG died because of what she did. It was criminal. She broke the judge's honor code and used her influence to sway the handling of SW's case and she needs to get on her knees and apologize to him. She needs to help him in ways that he can't imagine. And she needs to accept that he may never forgive her. I don't think CA and JH should stay silent on it either. CA is a cop. A cop who is re-investigating this case. She has to say something. She's already suspended. She and JH will never be able to have a future together if they try to cover up mommy dearest's secrets.
  9. I haven't seen this week's episodes yet, but so far, I am liking this second season. The ML and FL from S1 had more chemistry, but the ML in this season has way more drama. The FL has grown since the early episodes when I felt she shouldn't be practicing medicine, but she is too emotionally schizophrenic. One minute she is vulnerable and in need of assistance and help from WJ and then the next, she is making these horrible decisions to try and save herself. The writer needs to reel it in where her character is concerned. Right now, she is too all over the place. I know I am in the minority, but I do not like Dr. Yoon. I know everyone is shipping her and Nurse Park, but she annoys me with her naivete' and her constant interfering in other people's business. She comes off like a busy body who just happens to practice medicine. Quite frankly I don't see what Nurse Park sees in her. I think eventually Dr. PMK is going to turn on the Chairman and side with Dr. Kim. You can already see the wheels turning. He had a score to settle with Dr. Kim and that is slowly working itself out. I hope his minions go back to the main hospital. None of them are extraordinary and they care more about money and status than they do about saving lives.
  10. I have been meaning to share some thoughts on this thread for a while, but I have been really busy. First, let's go back to the Jo Pil Doo murders. Did the police EVER have any solid evidence against him? Finding his DNA in the vicinity is circumstantial at best. That poor man has been saying for 20 years that he didn't kill those girls. And deep down, the police chief knew it was more than possible that JPD wasn't the right person and he sat on his hands and did nothing. I predict the killer will come after him next. LJH, the journalist was horrible as a young reporter. Showing up to every crime scene, obsessively writing about every murder and JPD every chance he got and even disrespecting the grieving families. He definitely received karma for his prior actions, but I just don't understand why both parents would think that it was okay to leave their daughter at the hospital alone, knowing a killer was on the loose. I knew that girl wasn't going to make it. Even in the midst of all of this, her father is still chasing some JPD theory and in the meantime, his daughter was losing her life. He is the worst. However, the person I am exasperated with the most is the old blind man that took it KTP. There is something that he is not saying. He is harboring a secret that would help KTP, but misery loves company. I am sorry he lost the love of his life, but KTP has already proven that an outcome could change, Keeping him locked up and cut off from the world is not the answer and I really hope that KTP wakes up and realizes this before it is too late.
  11. Parasite, the Oscar-winning film by the Oscar-winning director! Oh, how sweet it is! *Throws glitter across the timeline*
  12. All I know is that I will be spending the Lunar New Year marathoning all of the episodes. This drama is just too good. And Oh my God, when he stepped over the line to kiss her before she left, I almost died. Actually my favorite part was her being at his parent's house. When he arrived and the two of them were talking, and SR was worried asking what happened to his face. He was talking back to her so gently, you could see the shock on his parent's faces. They had NEVER seen this side of him. I knew then that SD stood no chance of ever marrying this man. He already belonged to SR. Then SR playing the song he wrote for his brother, wow that was an emotional scene. Her epic comeback to SK. I really loved her reuniting with her co-workers that kept looking for her. I kind of figured we wouldn't get episodes this weekend due to the holiday, so I will just go back and start from the beginning. I know there are some things that I missed. Happy Lunar New Year Everyone!
  13. So, I have not watched episode 14 yet, but from the thread, I get the gist of what is to come. A few thoughts... LJ has been raised to be "above" everyone, but somehow it was always his parents going low that got them or kept them where they were. How awful it must be to be raised with a silver spoon and have people around you with such awful expectations. He has lived his life doing what his parents wanted him to do. Competing when he wanted to get along. I got the feeling that is why he never went after his first love, he knew his parents wouldn't approve of her so he was forced to watch her from the sideline. And how long had his mother sat on that little secret, waiting for the perfect opportunity to use it against the grandmother? Yes, someone like Uncle's niece is the perfect person for him because any woman with him will have to be able to stand up to his mother. I hope he continues to work with and not against LK, and I hope he finds little ways to be happy. LK and CY. They have such a sweet and steady story. From the moment they met, they fell in love. That is rare. That deserves to be protected. Little CY was so sweet, honest and straight forward. LK was powerless against her. Here he had to have been about 10 and he immediately went to the kitchen to prepare the chocolate shasha for her. He even waited such a long time for her. Here, because her mother was using her to make money, she missed her treat. She did return the first chance she got, but LK's mother foolishly thought he would be better off with his father's family because they had money. I find it interesting that they both missed out on seeing each other again because of their mother's decisions. As far as Min Seong, CY was honest with him from the moment they met. She didn't hesitate to tell him of her first love. He knew from the onset, before his Love Actually confession, that her heart was already taken. Maybe he naively assumed that she would quickly get over her childhood love, but clearly that didn't happen. It may have looked bad on the outside, but she was honest enough to leave him and even left the country when she discovered his best friend was the love of her life. I never felt LOVE or even likeness between CY and MS. It always seemed like they were good friends. He always knew she didn't love him and he allowed his pride to separate her and LK until he died. Not to speak ill of the dead, but that was really selfish. Despite that, LK and CY had so many meet-cute's and run-ins with each other, even LK took notice. LK, who had been operating on auto-pilot, working really long hours. Performing surgery after surgery. CY shook up his life enough to the point that it brought what was actually important to him into perspective. When he first arrived at the hospice, he was resentful about it. He was angry at the possibility he may never get past his handicap and be the surgeon he once was, and he looked down on the hospice in general. Yet, by the time he was running through the woods looking for CY when she fell and hurt herself while with the ahjumma picking raspberries, his life began to take on a different perspective. I like how he starts thinking about his mother more. He also begins to look at himself and how little by little, he is changing. CY's character is non-threatening and honest. This is why she could get along with both LK and LJ. Even though her relationship with LK is rocky, that stemmed from the complications of her being MS's ex who left him before he got sick. However, even LJ picked up on something between them during his first visit to the hospice. He became instantly curious about how they met and knew one another. I like how the writer uses her overbearing brother to bride the gap. The brother, even though he is a leech, he genuinely wants his sister to find happiness. He knows she has been through hell and he wants her to have someone she can depend on because he knows it is not him. For the two of them to have been separated when CY was young, separated after she went through such a terrible tragedy, and yet her brother still knows the story of her first love, really puts how deep her feelings for LK really are into perspective. It is incredibly special to love someone for that much of your life. I want them to have ALL of the sweet moments. There is a lot of lost time to make up for. Can we bet on whether we will get a baby by the end of the drama? Okay, that may be wishful thinking, but I couldn't help it.
  14. it is a shame that this thread isn't more popular because this drama is so good. I am shipping ALL of the ships now. Our beloved OTP. Older brother and the princess. Younger brother and the runner. The second brother and the cute tutor. The two best friends. There is literally a ship for everybody. That scene with the fake doctor at KW's house freakin out because he was losing his mind was laugh out loud funny. Who knew AHJ could be so funny? This drama has been such a fun watch in the midst of a lot of heavy melodramas out right now.
  15. Beautiful chingus, my prediction based off of what happened this weekend. We just passed the halfway mark in this drama and a LOT happened this past weekend that is setting up future episodes and in how the truth will get out. The BIG secret that is going to be revealed first is what happened with JG/the judge/KSW. What exactly happened the night of the accident? From the few clips we have seen, the judge didn't appear to even know that JG had been out. She catches him trying to clean blood off of the front grill but whose blood is it. Was JG drunk? Was he distracted? Also, when JG was with CA, didn't he give her the names of three people? My concern is HOW the truth is going to get out. I think the judge is going to get exposed by trying to cover everything up. Ultimately, CA is going to remember where she heard KSW's name and she is going to ask him if he knew JG. I feel like the writer is going to make CA a lifeline for KSW. These two will end up being friends and she will probably confide in him about JG's suicide. Due to Judge Hong stalking KSW, she will overhear the truth and probably pass out. KSW will connect the dots and it wouldn't surprise me if he blackmailed her. The key is keeping Double XX from finding out. This is where HR will once again play a role. She will likely find out the truth due to CA working under her father. She will take this truth straight to Double XX and all hell will break loose. She won't care about how it will affect TR and SA, because she hates both of them now anyway. What she doesn't know is JW looks at CA as his sister-in-law and once again she will be on the outs with him. I also think CA could find out the truth about JH's identity through HR, which would be the absolute worst. Honestly, CA may be upset about him not coming clean re: his identity, but I think she will be more upset with her sister. Of course her sister would know who JH is and to what family he belongs. The fact that SA asked JH to break up with her and even pressured him about it. That is where the drama lies. And just like her mother, SA will use the "it was for your own good" excuse to justify keeping this bit of information from her sister. I just want our OTP to be able to talk to one another, honestly about everything. Too bad, everyone around them is a LIAR!
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