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  1. I cannot remember who said it but EG having known her for 33 years and not saying anything is peak passive aggressive, however, I feel like while he has obviously had plenty of opportunities to declare his feelings for her and confess to her, I feel like he has remained quiet because of his family situation. That whole scene with his mother and DM's mother was very telling. He probably looks at DM's family, although a little weird, they are a complete family. Whereas his mother was a single mother, and maybe he hasn't made a play for her because of that. The whole single mother dynamic is still looked down upon in South Korea and I am sure 33 years ago, it was unheard of. This has probably been somewhat of complex for EG and thus he clings to DM's family. The problem is that this has backfired on him. Now, for sure, she only looks at him as a brother figure, with her family treating him the same way. If EG was serious about her, he would've moved out but stayed nearby and declared his feelings. Her being this dedicated fan girl works in his favor because it is harmless but also keeps her distracted enough to not be out there actively dating. However, Ryan popping into the picture and showing obvious concern outside of a typical boss/employee relationship is shaking the table. Ryan is a formidable opponent. He is successful, well to do, and he is an artist, which outside of her fan girl obsession is the one thing that DM is heavily interested in. As much as we hate to see the eventual second lead acceptance of heartbreak, the overarching reason nothing has happened between DM and EG is because she just doesn't like him like that. It is so obvious. She really ONLY looks at him as a friend/brother. He knows this and has kept his feelings hidden because his feelings really are one-sided. Her mother knows it too, which is why she allows him to stay at the house. DM has already moved out, and her mother knows that even if she still lived there, her daughter doesn't see it for her friend's son.
  2. That is why SM just up and leaving like he did is so frustrating. So much has happened since he bounced and he doesn't have a care in the world. I don't like how he didn't at least say something to LA. JI would have died had LA been just a minute later. This could have been avoided if SM had been more forthright with everyone. Truthfully, if LA had not found JI's phone, she would've been a goner. This is why I am glad they didn't try to force a love line between SM and EJS. SM not only struggles with identifying emotions, he is only thinking about himself, with little to no thought about everyone else. He brought both LA and JI in to the picture, so he could get clues and answers about him mother's whereabouts. Not to sound mean, but his mother isn't trying to be found. For all of his father's sinister plans, she has Houdini'd everyone in this drama. No one knows where she is and clearly the police are involved in what happened at that apartment fire because his mother hasn't gone to the cops not even once. Meanwhile, in typical toxic male fashion, his father is going around trying to kill everyone that is even acquainted with his son because he can't get his "property" back. This reeks of his dad abusing him for existing because he takes his wife's attention away from him. That disease he has of not having emotions is also caused by some severe childhood trauma, which I believe SM started getting abused at a young age and since then this kicked in. His mother had to teach him about these emotions because he didn't know and she felt partly responsible for him being that way. And in Tina Turner fashion, she and her son got away and were on the run from the crazy father, but he found them and this fire ended up being a blessing in disguise for the mother because she could fake death and permanently get away. SM went to live in the States for awhile and by the time he came back he was a prosecutor, which offers him some protection. I need the writer to provide some answers and not try to tie everything up in one episode.
  3. I am going back to my theory about the oldest sister. I just don't see any redemption for her husband, he is the absolute worst. I would love to see the writer split them up and give her a new love line. She would do well with someone who is good with her daughter and who would support her and her mother. I literally cannot stand her husband or his mama. I am trying not to, but I am almost on the can't stand the sight of MH pedastal. She has no redeeming characteristics at this point. You would think after 9 years of her wasting away in her mother's house and then watching the guy she doesn't like surpass her, that humility would settle in and she would have a fire in her belly to make something of herself. But, she is just so determined to whine and have a pity party, like every episode. I feel it, Jae Bum is going to end up hurting her feelings, and her boss is going to agree with him. IS is upset at the chairman STILL spying on her not because it has been 28 years, but because of EVERYTHING SHE GAVE UP to get into that family and into the position that she is in now. She basically threw her child away so that she could become rich and famous and become the matriarch in a wealthy family, but as long as that old fart is breathing, it is never going to happen. He is waiting on his son to be groomed [by MR of course] so that he can take over. IS is basically a stand-in. She would do well to work out some plan with TJ than waste her energy on sabotaging MR.
  4. THEORY TIME PRETTY CHINGUSSSSS!!!! So, we are all trying to decide what the deal is with TJ's father, MR and IS. I think it may be just as we suspect, that he knows everything about their real relationship. He wants to use MR's talents and energy to close deals that he otherwise would not get, then use her to get his "sister-in-law" out of the way, so he can put his son in that position. I think TJ will see what is happening or about to happen and then pull something drastic to keep his lady by his side. I can see him (1) going public about who he is, then further (2)announcing a love line between him and MR. Can you imagine the look on IS's face? His father's face? Everyone at the office....LOL! Also, what if how IS came to be in their family was because of some valuable information that is somehow tied to SJ? I just feel like there is going to be a big reveal about SJ and IS later. Some type of connection. Quite frankly, MH needs to pay closer attention, because if she pays attention to what is going on around her, she has plenty to write about.
  5. So, just so we are clear, IS took herself all the way down to SJ's restaurant after 28 years just to tell her to stay away and act as if they don't know one another. Madame, you need to tell yourself that. I felt like she showed her hand here. Clearly, the guilt of her actions is eating her up, otherwise she wouldn't have done that. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE all of the scenes between MR and TJ. I like how in the beginning, everyone was telling him about how she was mean and difficult and he just disregarded that, got to know her and now they have a camaraderie that would shock the rest of the office. The scene with her sister meeting him was really funny. Personally, I don't think she is going to be too upset once she finds out who his father is, she may even already suspect that he is the son of someone wealthy. However, the separation is going to come when she finds out his relationship to her egg donor. I am amused by how many people in this thread don't like MH. I don't dislike her per se, she just needs to grow up and stop having a pity party for herself. She needs to have a mature heart to heart with JB and gently tell him she would rather they just be friends. Although, it is a bit telling that he is chasing after her so hard when she treats him like dirt. If she wants to be a serious novelist again, she is going to have to buckle down and focus. I am starting to believe something happened to her nine years ago. Time will tell. I still don't like MS's husband or her MIL. I can't believe her husband has had her penny pinching while he saves his money to go on a trip without her and their child. He barely spends time with DB now. He is selfish to the highest degree and considering who his mother is, I don't see any of that changing. She may end up having to leave him.
  6. Episode 2 was really fun! I was sad when she got fired, but somehow I knew that she would return. She is an asset to the gallery. No offense to her work colleagues, but they don't seem to be able to handle much. I did think it was odd that Ryan kept ordering latte's with no coffee. I was like, what is the point, bruh? But as we found out, he is allergic to caffeine. DM was wrong for putting a little espresso in his drink, but when you're deathly allergic to something, you have to tell people. I can already tell that her brother is going to have issues with Ryan and if SA gets a love line, it is going to be a syrupy mess! As a fan girl myself, I can relate to her other life in some ways, but in no ways do I support saesang culture. Hopefully, this drama will offer healthier alterantives to being a fangirl/fanboy.
  7. I haven't even watch the first episode yet and already I am annoyed with the male lead. Maybe, like the heroine, I am just a fan girl at heart. But, I am wondering something about her. Is she supposed to be a dedicated fan girl with a fan site. Or, is she low key, not so low key a sasaeng??? I also noticed in a lot of the clips with her getting pics of her idol, another girl (in yellow) at all of the same spots. She was even on the plane with him. This drama may be tackling that culture.
  8. Mi Ok at that pottery class is the definition of ridiculousness. She has such a deep-seeded need to be important, recognized and spoiled. I am sure there is more to the story there, but her selfishness takes center stage. How in the world did Mi Sun end up with her husband? He is not especially good looking, his personality is the worst, he literally can't do even the simplest things for himself and his mother is awful. She definitely got the raw end of the deal. Mi Hye needs to pull herself out of her self-imposed misery. What type of issues was she dealing with that she did not even realize her mentor had passed away? Much like her older sister, she has no confidence in herself. If she did, she would not have wasted away 9 years of her life like this. As far as Jae Bum, I do wish she was nicer to him, because it is not cute to treat someone the way she has always treated him. However, I don't ship them. She has never had feelings for him. And even with his new found fame and wealth, she still can't make herself like him. They are friends at best. Her mother needs to accept this and stop giving this guy hope. Woo Jin is a jerk, but at least he is realistic one. He is exactly the type of person that can whip Mi Hye back into writing shape. This whole Mi Ri/Tae Jun/ In Soek drama is going to be very interesting. Mi Ri may not realize it, but she already likes TJ. I don't think her abandonment issues have completely kept her from dating. She has probably done that, she just isn't interested in getting married and having a family. As far as their work relationship, one thing that is obvious is that she doesn't have a lot of capable people around her. Tae Jun is a lot like her as far as work ethic. As far as their relationship outside of work, I think they will get along well here. I just hope his aunt/mother figure doesn't purposely try to separate them because of her past evil deed.
  9. Once again chingu, your assessment is outstanding! I too, have been thinking about the two fires and for sure, the second fire is a copycat of the first fire.However, I need to go back and re-watch some of these episodes because I feel like I have missed a few details. SM's father is definitely obsessed with the mother. My question is, why doesn't HE think that she died? What tipped him off that she may still be alive? Even SM hasn't seen her or come into contact with her. More importantly, it has been like 12 years or so, one would think that he would have moved on, but I suppose he "needs a body" to get closure. As far as JI's father and LA's father. It is possible that they already knew one another before that night. Wasn't LA's father a police officer or a fireman? Not to mention we know that while JI's father was being framed, he was in the building administering CPR to LA's father. This is what I don't want to happen. I don't want the writers to get lazy and the truth of the connection between LA and JI comes out and they both assume that her father killed his father. Then this misunderstanding lingers on for several episodes. I would rather LA be able to see what actually happened. I still say, he needs a moment with her father. The police chief was probably ordered to cover up YYS involvement in the first fire. That is also probably how he got promoted. For an experienced law enforcement official, he is awfully sensitive anytime someone disagrees with him about something. I too, believe that someone else is involved here. Not sure who, but there was teamwork involved here. There certainly is. I work in the legal field and I used to work a lot of fire cases. One thing that often happens is there are usually two investigations. The police investigation. The insurance investigation. Insurance companies will receive a report from the police and the fire department, but they always perform an independent investigation because insurance claim investigators are looking for different things. Cops mainly look for the who and why. Insurers look for how and the extent of the damage so then you know who is responsible and how damages should be allocated. If the construction company was involved, my bet is the explosion was probably caused by more than that lighter in the microwave. Also, how quickly the fire spread may be due to the type of paint on the walls or the material of the door. For some reason in cases where fires took place at an apartment complex, doors become a central issue. Most properties today have special "fire proof doors" that will be the front door. These aren't 100% fire proof, but they are supposed to significantly cut the chance that the fire will spread outside of that apartment. So we're looking at the arsonist, possibly faulty materials in the building, bad wiring (I get that there was an explosion, but that elevator lift shouldn't have snapped like that), and potentially not enough safety precautions like fire extinguishers, etc. That type of stuff gets the public riled up because of how irresponsible those parties are in relation to what happened. Most people don't understand this, so they look for a person to blame, not realizing the fire shouldn't have gone down like it did. And I don't want know what would happen if that property wasn't insured. This show is quite interesting.
  10. Hi Pretty Chingus.... I am loving this drama so far. KBS has gotten so good with the family dramas. From the Wolgyesuu Tailors, 5 Children and Father is Strange, this network is becoming my go-to for good family dramas. Already, the mother-in-law can kick rocks to the moon. Horrible personality. And, she is fraud. When she told her golf buddies that her son was in Iceland and her husband was doing a professorship, then made her son and husband hide in his office for three hours, that was too much. One thing that is becoming apparent is that her son is useless. I really don't like men who will sit by and watch their wives be abused. Mi-Hye is annoying. She is so wrapped up in starring in her own k-drama, that she has sat by for NINE years and literally watched life pass her by. Meanwhile, her book is no longer in print. Her ex-boyfriend who dumped is now an award-winning TV writer, and her mentor has passed away. Time waits for no one. Mi-Sun is also annoying. I feel sorry for her because as usual, she is doing ALL of the heavy lifting in her marriage. She is 100% responsible for her daughter, plus she is working full-time and trying to "people please her in-laws". Meanwhile, her husband is literally sitting by and watching her deteriorate and her mother-in-law is steadily holding the upper hand over her life. Due to all of this she has fallen into an unhealthy relationship with her own mother was is also over-worked and somewhat taken advantage of. She stays angry with her mom for nagging and being frustrated with it all, but says nothing to her in-laws and just passive-aggressively deals with them. Place anger where it belongs. Mi-Ri is my favorite among the sisters. I like her work reputation. As a woman, if she was walking around smiling and being nice to everyone, nothing would get done. As a woman in the work place, I have seen this play out. I am also loving the chemistry between her and Tae Joon. I like that TJ is smart, capable and has good awareness of the climate in the office. Now we know there is a relationship between he and Jeon In-Sook. This should be quite interesting how this plays out.
  11. Well I am going to leave my two cents. I have been a fan of his for a while now. I think I first saw him in Gu Family Book. Then I saw him in Reply 1994, which I decided to watch because I enjoyed Answer Me, 1997. But Reply was different and in the end, great character and all, he was heartbroken. And this is coming from someone who NEVER gets second lead syndrome. Although the reply series doesn't quite follow the whole main lead/second lead formula. YYS is such a talent. It's easy to just judge a book by its cover. Yes, he's tall and handsome, but he is also a very skilled actor with good range. I also watched him in a movie called Perfect Proposal, which was also a good watch. So glad to see him with a page here, he is so deserving!
  12. Sorry for cutting your post chingu, but this is what I wanted to relay. I haven't watched episode 6 yet, but up until this point, LA's readings have been quite accurate. He can only read what is given from the person he comes into contact with. So, even going off of the body he was reading in episode one, that person's point of view was those ladies and the underwear sizes. That was spot on. Also, every time he has been with JI, his readings have helped her tremendously. I find it odd that SM hasn't realized this himself. SM is the ONLY person that LA has trouble reading. That is because his emotions are buried deep within. His mind is always working and he has questions about things, but emotionally he is dead. Also, because of this I don't feel a romantic arc with he and Detective Eun. I do, however, think they work well together trying to solve cases. Even though his father clearly is a sociopath, I do not believe that he started the fire 11 years ago. Correct me if I am wrong, but those women in the ladies association, when that lead lady answered the door, didn't she say, "Aghasshi", before getting stabbed?The arsonist is definitely a woman.
  13. There was a lot to unpack from episode 3. 1) Why is that horrible teacher so upset with JI? I get that she exposed the whole cheating scandal, but he showed up to her job with hydrochloric acid, like WTF! 2) Why were those girls so hard up to be friends with JI? They are already rich themselves, so what is one more influential person? They were practically bullying her into being friends with them, it was just weird. 3)I need Ji Soo to be smarter. She is a detective working with prosecutors and it always feels like she is three steps behind everybody including LA. Hopefully, her character will be written with some development. 4) There is good chemistry between the leads. I loved the part on the bus when she was acting like she didn't want anything to do with LA's ability and then she fell right on him. She acted as if she was unsure about him or wanted nothing to do with him, but it was endearing how she left her imprint and the message to LA on the doorknob when she ran away. 5)What we do know is that the original killer and arsonist in the fire 11 years ago was a woman. When the apartment lady opened her door, she addressed the visitor as aghassi, so a young woman. We also know a woman caused the fire at the nursing home. It also appears the person standing on the side of the road that shot at that man's truck was a woman or a really small man. 6) It is my theory that the killer woman is somehow connected to MS. I think that is why he is so invested in solving it because he has a hunch that he may know the person. Where is his family? He is definitely hiding something. Another person who knows something is JI's father. Think about it. Why does MS want LA to touch JI. The only thing he is going to see is that she was at the complex fire just like him and that her dad got framed. The person LA needs to touch is her father. Just my two cents, what say you psychometric chingus?
  14. I can't believe that it has taken me this long to comment on the episodes from last week, but we knew it was coming. The subtle and over protective way that the manager and CEO are in dealing with JS. That is why she didn't feel the need to make them privy to her relationship in the first place. As far as the CEO asking JR to break up with JS, that is for pure greed. Even with other actors signed to the agency, JS is their ACE! Now that her reputation has been recovered and the public is aware of what happened to her, they see $$$ and feel that her being in a relationship will somehow keep them from getting paid. However, if they had taken the time to get to know JR, they would know that he believes in hard work and would have not interfered in her career in any way. He is her biggest fanboy. What makes the separation even more bittersweet is the fact that a lot of us watched them in Goblin and we deserve to get all of the sweetness from this couple in this drama and writer-nim is keeping us from getting that.
  15. It has been a minute since I have entered the shipper's side of Soompi, not since We Got Married was going strong. What can I say? I love these two actors and their chemistry is just ripe for anyone to ship them together. Someone else said it and I agree. I want them to secretly date, where before we know it they are announcing a baby and we didn't even know they had gotten married.
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