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  1. I haven't seen tonight's episode, but last night's episode was really insightful. I love DM and Ryan, they are just so cute, protective and respectful of each other. The final scene of her intuitively knowing that something was wrong and then giving him the freedom to cry was just so precious. I know I am wrong for this, but I laughed until I almost cried at EG confessing to DM last minute in his Easter suit, then having to stand there in the same Easter suit and watch her be whisked off by her boyfriend Ryan after he coolly let her know that he knew about her fan site and doesn't care. In regards to DM not wanting RG to find out and even her friend being upset at her husband, I think this is about ageism in k-pop. In Korea, specifically in regards to k-pop, there is this idea that you have to be under a certain age to really enjoy it. Once you are a certain age, now you are too old to be into the genre and definitely too old to be a fangirl/fanboy. I think DM was ashamed of being over 30 and being a fangirl. I think her friend was proud of it because it helped her hold on to her identity even though she was now a wife and a mother. Her husband doing this expose show [more so about sasaengs] is encroaching on something that is a big part of her identity and making it out to be a bad thing. So, I get why she is angry. She feels judged and pitied, and to a degree, she's right. Her husband is judging her because his own male pride was stung by the fact that his wife still held on to this life. He never took the time to just see that it makes her happy, the way that Ryan did DM. One of my favorite moments was when Ryan was at DM's house and he saw all of her CSA memorabilia. He decided to be DM's fanboy. She told him that to be a fanboy/fangirl there is no touching, you just support and admire that person from afar. As a fan of k-pop myself, that healthy definition was heart warming.
  2. Can I just say Veronica Park is hilarious! OMG! Yes, she is siddity and over the top, but boy is she intuitive and real! I like how she cut right to the chase with DJ and was like sir, I didn't come out to talk about business. Once she saw that he wasn't budging, she decided to give his proposal a chance and bounced. Speaking of which, when DJ was talking to DMI about resigning and asked him to let him go, I felt so bad for DMI. It was like DJ was basically saying, look, I don't care for you and do not want to be close to you anymore. I get the feeling that DMI isn't the one who has been holding him hostage, but rather the uncle and Secretary Lee. If DJ was really about that life, he would say that to them instead of DMI. So, I have seen the conversation on this thread re: whether DMI knows that GH is cosplaying Veronica Park. I believe he does know. Yes, the umbrella hiding could be a giveaway, but I believe he knows because he is too smart and observant not to know. Every time he has had issues with his face blindness he has gone to the hospital and they have ran every test none to man on him. His cognitive skills are sharp. He remembers things exceptionally well. He is still quite intelligent. He has the acumen to focus on other things in order to recognize people, even if he can't with their face. After the incident with him mistaking his mother's friend for her, he has been especially careful. Someone like that, who spends a good amount of time with someone is not going to be that easily fooled. He knows GH's voice, her scent, the way that she walks and her habits. Even though he can't recognize her face when she doesn't have it in a ponytail and isn't wearing that red sweater and those clunky shoes, I am sure he picks up on other things. Her talking like VP, but then automatically knowing and catching the peanuts in that steak sauce and even going as far as having him spit the meat out in her hand, is very GH-like. VP would never! Also, that same night, he was insistent on taking her home. A woman who runs an entire media and film company taking a walk because of indigestion. It's just too laughable. GH made too many mistakes, all the way down to offering him her basic yellow umbrella, which I am sure he has seen before. Furthermore, when he asked for the number, GH had a breakdown and started yelling at him. I found it funny that he came out of his office while on the phone, pretty much walking up on her pretending to be VP and then watched her hang up on him. He knows. I think he is intrigued that she is going to such lengths and is having fun with it. Also, I found it strange that the next day, when GH returned to work and couldn't quite look him in the face, he kept grabbing her and looking her in the eyes, because he wanted to make her look at him. He knows. He was smart enough to pick up on the driver being the attacker when he caught him in his office in the same getup as that night. It is just a matter of when he will let on that he knows. DMI knows and is aware of a lot of things about people, including the fact that everyone around him (except GH) are only around him for some benefit, and not because they care about him.
  3. Alright FACELESS CHINGUSSS!!! Let's get to it... MS/JS/MIL/FIL The problem with this pairing and family dynamic is that a LOT of decisions were made by the MIL that have negatively affected MS/JS/DB and most of it is because the MIL is passive aggressively dealing with her own issues through them. I believe that she probably had it hard when she was younger, married and left to raise JS. But she didn't raise him, she coddled him and spoiled him and set him up to be a useless man in the real world. Since this drama began, he has already taken off of work at least three times, not because he, his wife or his child is sick. Not because of a death in the family, but simply because he wanted to do go off and do something for himself. JS is one of those people that wants peak reward for doing the bare minimum. This is why he is so messy and selfish. This is how he was raised. You may as well say that MO was a single mother. The lack of his father's presence and influence in his life is really prevalent now that he is a father. He has no sense of obligation or accountability. The MIL feels entitled because she is from the generation that suffered in silence. She did all of the cooking, cleaning and child rearing with no help. SIDENOTE: She mentioned this to her friends on the golf course as a way to say her generation was superior, but unless the writer hasn't let on, JS is her only child. She did not have to take care of multiple children. Either way, now she wants her DIL to suffer like she did, and she wants her to suffer in silence. This is why she wanted her to quit her job and just wait on everyone hand and foot. There is just one problem. MS can't quit because they would not be able to stay in that apartment. They live in an area that puts them at the top of their budget and leaves very little room to save money for other things. SOLUTION: Leave the apartment. Get that security deposit back. and move somewhere else that is much more affordable. They can pay off some of their debt and possibly afford a babysitter. That would clear up the problem with the in-laws butting in their family life. It would clear up the problem of depending on either mother to watch DB, and it would free up MS and JS to their work endeavors. But, I guess they need the drama. MH/WJ/JB MH has become more likable now that she has stepped back into her purpose. She is no longer miserable from centering her life around her family. She is finally writing and creating again, and it shows because she is less fussy and whiny and much more logical and happier. However, JB needs to get a reality check. MH is at least 30/31 years-old. She and JB have known each other since at least high school/college. So for ten years, she has ONLY looked at you as a friend, an annoying friend at that, and he is going around throwing full blown tantrums like he is her husband. It is so unattractive, and ridiculous! I found it telling when MR scolded him about losing weight and becoming more attractive to catch MH's attention. That is not the issue. MH has friend zoned him because from a personality perspective that is how she sees him. He could have lost all the weight in the world, got a six pack, and new haircut and she would still only look at him as a friend. JB needs a personality makeover. He is a doormat on one hand and goes around tending to her like he is her personal flunkie [no woman would be attracted to that type]. Then, on the other hand, he is overbearing, possessive and needy. Again, not an attractive trait. WJ, on the other hand, is steady, careful and trusts MH to write like she did before. MH was actually vulnerable to JB when she confessed that she is easily distracted and cannot just write award winning material overnight. He grew silent at this, and instead of encouragement and SPACE to write, he has become a hindrance. MS coddling him is misleading and thus he is out of the loop and MH is in the woods with WJ. MR/TJ/IS/Chairman/SJ IS abandoned her daughter because when her husband died, being a poor single mother went beyond what she had signed up for. She wanted to live the good life and knew she would not be able to do that with a child in tow. Unfortunately for MR, this is not something you can just get over. MR probably never had therapy for this, and was just thrust in SJ's family to smile and be thankful someone wanted to take care of her. This is why I did not care for SJ's antics last week. MR not saying anything wasn't some sort of betrayal, it is normal. What was she supposed to say? I feel like her desire to see her mother and possibly re-connect is a way for her heal or get closure. MR still does not trust IS but she wants to see where this is going and what is going to happen. That is natural and normal. I just believe that she is going to find out IS is not worth having any type of relationship with. TJ is innocent, pouty and unafraid to move forward with MR because he has been very sheltered. After his mom passed, IS stepped in a raised him and coddled him so that he didn't have a care in the world. Then he left and was able to be carefree in the states. He comes from wealth, so he has never had to want for anything. He has learned to work hard from that, which is why he empathizes with people and seems fair, but when it comes to his family dynamic, he is very much out of the loop. I don't think he understands the brevity of his family's treachery or the behind-the-scenes deeds they have done. This is why I believe there will be a separation and time jump. This will harden and mature him a bit before he steps into the CEO role. He is going to be devastated by the fact that IS has nurtured him so she can cosplay being some queen dowager over that company. That is why when IS saw them hugging in the hallway and listened to their banter, she became so shook. TJ is the key to her finally getting what she believes is due to her. As long as their relationship is air tight, she believes she can secretly run the show. The Chairman is aware of this, which is why I believe he is going to take a more active interest in his son's life. He is going to find out that MR is the daughter she abandoned and he is going to threaten her with this information. He doesn't care about that, he just wants to keep IS in her place, after all, she is JUST a woman in his book. It is unrealistic for MR to stay at the company. Even the chairman has plans to throw her away eventually. She should get out while she can and go somewhere that she can flourish and possibly be the competition. Take her experience elsewhere and not continue to feed into a well with a hole in it.
  4. This is why I hope GH doesn't make a habit of pretending to be VP. DMI desperately needs just one person to be on his side without any ill intent. So far, it has just been GH, as his friends and family all have something to gain from their connection to him. That is why when they were at the police station with DJ and DJ suggested they close the case because it would bring unwanted attention on DMI while he is up for CEO, and DMI readily agreed I cringed. People like him, who have been desperately trying their whole lives to belong to something or someone are quick to turn a blind eye to people that they believe they can trust who betray them. While I don't think DJ put a hit out on him, he knows that other people probably did and who it may be. If this happened to my friend, I would be on the cops neck to find the culprit. It doesn't fit that he would be so quick to push this under the rug. He knows that DMI's uncle is trying to push him out and he is just allowing himself to be used in that plot. Also, Secretary Lee is going to somehow make GH out to be the villain in the future. You can see it lining up. She was the first one to remind everyone that DMI does not hold on to secretaries. So, why would she then show up, uninvited to the secretary's club outing? She isn't close to any of those girls, so how did she even find out about it? The one secretary friend who is related to the driver/attacker probably tipped her off. There is clearly more than meets the eye here. I just want GH to wake up and pay closer attention to what is going on around her. She is too clueless to all of the snakes. That is really the only way that she could be of any help to DMI.
  5. FACELESS CHINGUUSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had to watch this drama, as KYK is bae and has been for me since Good Doctor! First, what an intriguing story line. I like the chemistry between the leads. I also like that GH is a functional secretary. As much as I liked WHTSK, it was not realistic. PMY's character was always running around in six-inch heels and not a hair out of place - yeah that is true fantasy, especially for a secretary who works for a needy boss. 1) DMI has so many enemies. Here he is this sharp and charming executive who could very well become the face and future of the company, but he is up against older family members and other snakes at work. 2) The mystery surrounding the past secretary. I think she was probably good like GH, but found out about his medical issue and once that came out, he had to let her go. He seems to have worked really hard to cover up any shortcoming, let alone the fact that he had an aneurysm. So, to keep from getting too close, which is hard when you are as dependent as he is, he has this one year rule. More so than that, why are all of the secretary's contract workers? As hard as they work and as much as they take on, they should be first in line for permanent positions. Companies will try to cut corners however they can I suppose. 3) DMI has an interesting family dynamic. Clearly his mother and uncle are both by marriage? His uncle was quick to say that they were not related by blood. His play mother also seemed inclined to remind him that they are just cosplaying the perfect family. It is all about appearances. So, what happened to his real parents? 4) His friendship with DJ is also interesting. I feel more friendship from DMI than I do from DJ. I get the feeling that DJ has always had to play second fiddle to DMI and I am curious as to why that is the case. Even if he isn't behind the attach, he knows something. His energy just screams that he knows something but isn't saying anything. Maybe he doesn't have a choice. 5) The head secretary, Miss Lee. The only permanent secretary in the company. She has been around since DMI and DJ were kids, but she cannot be trusted. She acts suspicious, ever since the first episode. I don't like how she is always watching DMI and GH as if she is looking for gossip. When GH's secretary friends called and said she was being gossiped about in the office, I kept trying to figure out how, when the attack had just happened. How did people know she was there? How did they know what happened, GH and DMI had not even gone to the police station yet? Then when he returned that evening, why was she lurking in his office? The jury is definitely still out on her. Overall, this drama is very well done. I hope the writers can keep up the pace and we get our questions answered, as well as some sweet moments along the way.
  6. Let's talk, pretty chingus!!! So, we already know that IS is no angel. She has been quite the horror thus far in the drama, however, now I am pondering why she chose to abandon MR in the first place. It appears her first husband died. So, she was left being a single mother. Odds are at that time, she would've had it very hard, struggled, etc. to try and raise MR. However, there is more to this story. The Chairman's words to her about him not trusting her initially because she abandoned her daughter then married into the family, let's me know that this was a condition. She ended up becoming an announcer and being all over television first. In order to get that job, and get married, I am sure she was expected to show up with a clean slate. Maybe they didn't expect her to go all out but she did, however, I still feel there is something else to this. Especially after her confrontation with SJ. She seemed horrified that SJ didn't send MR to the States, why is that? Was the girl in some type of danger? Also, no one has said it, so I will, SJ was wrong in how she reacted to finding out about IS still being at the company. I cannot stand when people take other's people's pain (and MR being abandoned at 6, is pretty painful) and make it about them. MR didn't tell SJ about IS being at the company because she knew she would act out exactly the way that she did. All of that crying and carrying on she did. Telling MR to go and don't come back, all of it was WRONG! MR did nothing wrong. But I found it interesting how SJ threw in her face that if they were close, she would tell her everything. Yet, she had never told MR that IS left that money for her. I also found it interesting that SJ NEVER spent any of that money on MR. Instead she dipped into that money three times. Twice for MS and once for MH. The fact is, of all of the daughters, MR is the one that sees about SJ the most. She spoils and caters to her mother, even the uncle noted it. Yet, the first opportunity she had, she threw her away, just like IS did. That is devastating to MR, who has already been abandoned. I did not like SJ's behavior AT ALL. She needs to stop being selfish and self-centered and act like the mother she claims to be. She so easily forgave MS who treated her like crap because her loser of a husband got sensitive about her being around all of the time. SJ was WRONG WRONG WRONG! Now, MR needs her nurturing more than ever. If that situation wasn't bad enough, MR is better than me because when IS came back to her to ask her to "finish the Championship event" after taking it away from the Marketing Team, only to have the Planning Team practically mess up the entire event, I think I would have at least turned her down once. She would've had to beg me. JB is a nuisance. He completely showed why MH has friend-zoned him all of these years. For him to be this celebrated drama writer, he sure does have a LOT of time on his hands. His constant interference, showing up at Dol Dam unannounced and overstepping with WJ was not cute or professional. He looks pretty pathetic now and it should not take MH being mean to him for him to get that this type of behavior is unacceptable. People need to learn how to separate business from personal feelings. MO has no redeeming qualities. She is horrible to her granddaughter and isn't teaching her anything at all. If anything, DB is learning how to be a manipulative brat. She treats MS like she is beneath her and she is always accusing her of things she didn't do. It is really irritating how MS never explains things or takes up for herself to MO. JS stays throwing his wife under the bus with his mother, and then being fake apologetic about it after everything blows up. And her husband, whom she treats like crap stays away from home all day so he doesn't have to deal with her. It hasn't even been a week since she "volunteered" to watch DB and she has complained nonstop. I hope her husband leaves her and she is forced to deal with the aftermath. Also, it is really disturbing the lengths that she will go to to smile and pontificate in front of that "alleged art teacher" who comes off like a gigolo to older wealthy women. I want more sweet moments with TJ and MR, but the road is about to be bumpy for them. Not surprised IS wants MR out of the company now that the truth about her abandoning her is starting to come out. I pray for MR's mental and emotional state, it is just the beginning.
  7. So many thoughts pretty chingus, so little time... First, let's just get MH out of the way. Her character has gotten a little tolerable these last few episodes. She has finally, thanks to WJ decided to pull herself out of this funk and depression and get back to writing. I know JB gave her that speech, but all he did was annoy her a little. The only significance of JB the last few episodes was his conversation with WJ. So now we have more information on MH. She was even published while she was in college. To have a collection published like that proves that she was truly a star on the rise. So, what happened 9 years ago? I was glad to finally see her thank JB for his friendship and encouragement, which was quite frankly long overdue, but I cringed when he was not so subtly telling WJ that someday MH would be his wife carrying his child. It's like sir, you got friend zoned by this woman so long ago, and not even an airlift could pull you out of it. Although, it was amusing to see a peak of jealousy from WJ. Next, MS. Where do we begin with this mess of a woman? When SJ called her over to the restaurant after she got that disrespectful phone call from MO and MS sat there whining and complaining like a six year-old, it really hit me. She is a child herself. That is why she can't handle taking care of DB. That is also why she is stuck with a useless husband, and furthermore why she is being bullied by her MIL. I watched my mother and grandmother (father's mother) battle it out at a few family functions, but because my mother was so efficient and great at what she does, she won every time. MS's problem is she is a step away from being useless herself. You add in her completely useless husband, her in-laws who are generally no help and a daughter who isn't being "raised" and that whole thing is a HOT MESS! SJ was the enabler because she would swoop in on her scooter and clean and organize and cook and take care of DB and everybody was happy. Until MS's loser husband got caught with his pants down and then could no longer stomach being around his MIL because of his own embarrassment and uselessness. There are too many adults in this situation for it to be the mess that it is. When you are working parent, it does take both parents to make things go smoothly. So, her husband trying to act like the man of the house even though he won't allow his wife to quit her job is moot. If I have to work, then we both have to have responsibilities in this house. But, I am also a believer in, "if I have to do it by myself, then I am going to do it by myself". MS is so dumb, she doesn't realize, she doesn't have a husband, she has a roommate, who requires picking up after. She needs to either leave him and go back home until she can find a new place (which we know she is incapable of) or she is going to have to lay down some rules that everybody must abide by, otherwise that ship will sink with everybody on it. FInally, MR. Just when I thought I couldn't stand IS more after last week, she surprises me. Her whole, "I know you and the Marketing Team worked hard, but I am going to give that project to the Planning Team on a silver platter" speech she gave was cruel. Even the other executives were looking aghast. This situation is busting at the seams. MR is having to not only see the woman that abandoned her as a child, but this woman is doing everything in her power to belittle her every chance she gets. She is making it known that they are in two different classes, and that MR should "know her place". And for MR to know the truth about her and still have to smile and bow and be professional is just too much. She is on the verge of a nervous breakdown, if not a stroke. I was actually relieved when she visited the study abroad center. MR needs a change of scenery for a little while. She has been working fervently for years and in just a few short months, her hard work has been downgraded. There really is nothing that she can do at this point. The chairman isn't on her side. TJ, while he is the successor, he has no power right now. This is a losing battle. She should resign, leave, go to the States (The irony in SJ telling IS that is where she was) and she should study and make a name for herself. Then, come back and BEAT the competition. I believe in MR, and I believe she can do it. As much as I love her and TJ, the timing is bad. Their romance needs to wait until he is in position to really help her. Currently, he is too naive. He believes they can work it out, when sadly they are so beyond that. For sure, if IS finds out that MR is her abandoned child, she is going to fire her quick, fast and in a hurry. She has already revealed to TJ that the end game is to let her go, and he naively believes that he can reason with her. How much abuse does he have to witness before he realizes that his aunt/mother is not budging on this one? IS showed her hand though. She is not used to sharing the spotlight with another woman. She thought she would be the lone lioness in the pack and MR presents a challenge she wasn't bargaining for. This is what I would like to see: MR finish up the month with a bang. Her team already did a great job with the foundation event. Add another event to that and she will be talked about long after she is gone. I would love to see her get into a great school and environment where she can establish connections that will help her upon her return. While she is gone, I would like to see TJ finish his training, then step into his role, all the while plotting to get his aunt and his father out of the way. I hope SJ continues to stay away from MS and her family drama. I hope she continues to put herself first for a change. I would really love it if she met someone wealthy who treated her well and brought some happiness into her life. [What if it was the art teacher??] I hope MH gets back on her writing grind, where she successfully churns out books that will bring notoriety to Dol Dam Publishing again. Then, I hope when MR returns, we get a juicy reunion with her and TJ and lots of romantic moments.
  8. So a few thoughts pretty chingus... I finally watched the last two episodes and one thing that immediately came to mind was this BBC documentary I saw about the rise in mail order brides in South Korea. A lot of young and working women there have chosen not to get married. This is a global trend where women all over the world are either choosing not to get married or choosing to marry later in life. Due to this in SK, a lot of men (most of them in that (32-42 age range) are seeking mail order brides from the Philippines. The reason I thought of this was due to the conversation MS had with her MIL. The MIL felt like because she suffered and had to deal with giving up whatever hopes and dreams she had to be a stay-at-home wife and mother, so should MS. However, MS has been working just as long as her son and seems to be a trusted senior level bank employee. Why should she nix the chance at being an executive when she is just as capable as anyone else? I got the distinct feeling her MIL had a terrible MIL and now she wants her DIL to go through the same thing. So, to help make ends meet, she is a working mom who unfortunately has to rely HEAVILY on her mother to help out. I personally did not expect MS to take her husband's side in this whole fiasco. I get that he is who she goes home to at night, but she knows how ridiculous her husband is, and should have come up with a different solution before she had this big fight with her mother, who yes, is a nag, but is sorely under appreciated. The fact is, he wouldn't have felt the way that he did had he not got caught with his pants down in front of her. That is really what all of this was about. But I am so glad he is such a mama's boy and went whining to his mother, because now she gets to see what a slob and how useless her son is. Now, MS's mom gets a break and can focus on herself and her restaurant and everybody's happy.I still don't think they are going to make it. MS's husband is not cut out for marriage, he is just too selfish. And MS really got on my nerves these episodes as well. She ONLY has a backbone when dealing with her mother. I know her mom has to be hurt at what her husband did after everything she has done for them. MS is spoiled herself, which is why she isn't willing to make any sacrifices or step up to the plate so that her mother didn't have to carry such a heavy burden in the first place. This is a blessing in disguise that all of the parties will learn from. MH needs some development. We are already a quarter of the way into the show and she is still whining and feeling sorry for herself. Part of being a writer is willing to go back to the drawing board and make a story better. This means sometimes, you have to look at what you wrote and say it isn't good and then come up with something better. Things came to her easily when she was in college and now they aren't so she is ready to give up and be a career part-timer. I'm over it. Either write something better for her or give her less screen time. MR is going to have to start playing chess or leave the company. She acted out at the executive meeting after just one meeting with the Chairman, and should have known there would be retaliation. Instead, she showed up to the golf social only to deliver the excuse that she couldn't participate because she can't play. I believe if the CEO wasn't her abandoning mother, she would've learned how to at least drive and put. She is allowing this to put her in a weak position, and I don't think the Chairman is going to save her. He is probably going to make fun of her too. Her only saving grace in this situation is that the CEO is in her feelings too. She is making a lot of rash decisions that is making people question what she has against MR and the Marketing Department. I think this was her strategy all alone before she got into that position, once she found out that MR was the only woman at the management level. Meanwhile, TJ is getting a taste of his aunt's nastiness and how shady his father behaves. Hopefully, he can quietly come up with a plan to bring all of this together without showing his hand. I really enjoyed their scenes together. They are definitely feeling each other and I like how he confessed to her despite the fact that they had been feuding with one another. In contrast to her sister and her husband, MR and TJ communicate to one another very well. When they are wrong, they apologize and take responsibility for their actions. They move on and forgive one another, and then learn new things about each other. This is a couple that will be admired and for good reason. As far as MR's stake in the company, she holds more cards than she realizes. I believe the CEO will use her and then find some ridiculous reason (probably a mistake of a co-worker) to fire her. That is when MR should drop the bomb. When the truth gets out, and we all know it will, it will rock the company. CEO who has secret child that she abandoned to join company family, fires said child without realizing it was her long abandoned daughter. Can you imagine that headline? It would be a HOT mess!
  9. I cannot remember who said it but EG having known her for 33 years and not saying anything is peak passive aggressive, however, I feel like while he has obviously had plenty of opportunities to declare his feelings for her and confess to her, I feel like he has remained quiet because of his family situation. That whole scene with his mother and DM's mother was very telling. He probably looks at DM's family, although a little weird, they are a complete family. Whereas his mother was a single mother, and maybe he hasn't made a play for her because of that. The whole single mother dynamic is still looked down upon in South Korea and I am sure 33 years ago, it was unheard of. This has probably been somewhat of complex for EG and thus he clings to DM's family. The problem is that this has backfired on him. Now, for sure, she only looks at him as a brother figure, with her family treating him the same way. If EG was serious about her, he would've moved out but stayed nearby and declared his feelings. Her being this dedicated fan girl works in his favor because it is harmless but also keeps her distracted enough to not be out there actively dating. However, Ryan popping into the picture and showing obvious concern outside of a typical boss/employee relationship is shaking the table. Ryan is a formidable opponent. He is successful, well to do, and he is an artist, which outside of her fan girl obsession is the one thing that DM is heavily interested in. As much as we hate to see the eventual second lead acceptance of heartbreak, the overarching reason nothing has happened between DM and EG is because she just doesn't like him like that. It is so obvious. She really ONLY looks at him as a friend/brother. He knows this and has kept his feelings hidden because his feelings really are one-sided. Her mother knows it too, which is why she allows him to stay at the house. DM has already moved out, and her mother knows that even if she still lived there, her daughter doesn't see it for her friend's son.
  10. That is why SM just up and leaving like he did is so frustrating. So much has happened since he bounced and he doesn't have a care in the world. I don't like how he didn't at least say something to LA. JI would have died had LA been just a minute later. This could have been avoided if SM had been more forthright with everyone. Truthfully, if LA had not found JI's phone, she would've been a goner. This is why I am glad they didn't try to force a love line between SM and EJS. SM not only struggles with identifying emotions, he is only thinking about himself, with little to no thought about everyone else. He brought both LA and JI in to the picture, so he could get clues and answers about him mother's whereabouts. Not to sound mean, but his mother isn't trying to be found. For all of his father's sinister plans, she has Houdini'd everyone in this drama. No one knows where she is and clearly the police are involved in what happened at that apartment fire because his mother hasn't gone to the cops not even once. Meanwhile, in typical toxic male fashion, his father is going around trying to kill everyone that is even acquainted with his son because he can't get his "property" back. This reeks of his dad abusing him for existing because he takes his wife's attention away from him. That disease he has of not having emotions is also caused by some severe childhood trauma, which I believe SM started getting abused at a young age and since then this kicked in. His mother had to teach him about these emotions because he didn't know and she felt partly responsible for him being that way. And in Tina Turner fashion, she and her son got away and were on the run from the crazy father, but he found them and this fire ended up being a blessing in disguise for the mother because she could fake death and permanently get away. SM went to live in the States for awhile and by the time he came back he was a prosecutor, which offers him some protection. I need the writer to provide some answers and not try to tie everything up in one episode.
  11. I am going back to my theory about the oldest sister. I just don't see any redemption for her husband, he is the absolute worst. I would love to see the writer split them up and give her a new love line. She would do well with someone who is good with her daughter and who would support her and her mother. I literally cannot stand her husband or his mama. I am trying not to, but I am almost on the can't stand the sight of MH pedastal. She has no redeeming characteristics at this point. You would think after 9 years of her wasting away in her mother's house and then watching the guy she doesn't like surpass her, that humility would settle in and she would have a fire in her belly to make something of herself. But, she is just so determined to whine and have a pity party, like every episode. I feel it, Jae Bum is going to end up hurting her feelings, and her boss is going to agree with him. IS is upset at the chairman STILL spying on her not because it has been 28 years, but because of EVERYTHING SHE GAVE UP to get into that family and into the position that she is in now. She basically threw her child away so that she could become rich and famous and become the matriarch in a wealthy family, but as long as that old fart is breathing, it is never going to happen. He is waiting on his son to be groomed [by MR of course] so that he can take over. IS is basically a stand-in. She would do well to work out some plan with TJ than waste her energy on sabotaging MR.
  12. THEORY TIME PRETTY CHINGUSSSSS!!!! So, we are all trying to decide what the deal is with TJ's father, MR and IS. I think it may be just as we suspect, that he knows everything about their real relationship. He wants to use MR's talents and energy to close deals that he otherwise would not get, then use her to get his "sister-in-law" out of the way, so he can put his son in that position. I think TJ will see what is happening or about to happen and then pull something drastic to keep his lady by his side. I can see him (1) going public about who he is, then further (2)announcing a love line between him and MR. Can you imagine the look on IS's face? His father's face? Everyone at the office....LOL! Also, what if how IS came to be in their family was because of some valuable information that is somehow tied to SJ? I just feel like there is going to be a big reveal about SJ and IS later. Some type of connection. Quite frankly, MH needs to pay closer attention, because if she pays attention to what is going on around her, she has plenty to write about.
  13. So, just so we are clear, IS took herself all the way down to SJ's restaurant after 28 years just to tell her to stay away and act as if they don't know one another. Madame, you need to tell yourself that. I felt like she showed her hand here. Clearly, the guilt of her actions is eating her up, otherwise she wouldn't have done that. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE all of the scenes between MR and TJ. I like how in the beginning, everyone was telling him about how she was mean and difficult and he just disregarded that, got to know her and now they have a camaraderie that would shock the rest of the office. The scene with her sister meeting him was really funny. Personally, I don't think she is going to be too upset once she finds out who his father is, she may even already suspect that he is the son of someone wealthy. However, the separation is going to come when she finds out his relationship to her egg donor. I am amused by how many people in this thread don't like MH. I don't dislike her per se, she just needs to grow up and stop having a pity party for herself. She needs to have a mature heart to heart with JB and gently tell him she would rather they just be friends. Although, it is a bit telling that he is chasing after her so hard when she treats him like dirt. If she wants to be a serious novelist again, she is going to have to buckle down and focus. I am starting to believe something happened to her nine years ago. Time will tell. I still don't like MS's husband or her MIL. I can't believe her husband has had her penny pinching while he saves his money to go on a trip without her and their child. He barely spends time with DB now. He is selfish to the highest degree and considering who his mother is, I don't see any of that changing. She may end up having to leave him.
  14. Episode 2 was really fun! I was sad when she got fired, but somehow I knew that she would return. She is an asset to the gallery. No offense to her work colleagues, but they don't seem to be able to handle much. I did think it was odd that Ryan kept ordering latte's with no coffee. I was like, what is the point, bruh? But as we found out, he is allergic to caffeine. DM was wrong for putting a little espresso in his drink, but when you're deathly allergic to something, you have to tell people. I can already tell that her brother is going to have issues with Ryan and if SA gets a love line, it is going to be a syrupy mess! As a fan girl myself, I can relate to her other life in some ways, but in no ways do I support saesang culture. Hopefully, this drama will offer healthier alterantives to being a fangirl/fanboy.
  15. I haven't even watch the first episode yet and already I am annoyed with the male lead. Maybe, like the heroine, I am just a fan girl at heart. But, I am wondering something about her. Is she supposed to be a dedicated fan girl with a fan site. Or, is she low key, not so low key a sasaeng??? I also noticed in a lot of the clips with her getting pics of her idol, another girl (in yellow) at all of the same spots. She was even on the plane with him. This drama may be tackling that culture.
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