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  1. So now that I am caught up with this drama, I am finally leaving some thoughts on this thread. I have to say, I am so baffled at all of the people shipping DM with JP. He is such a typical second male lead, even from the very start. I will come back to that though. I really like Suzy's character in this. Resilient. Smart. Hard working. Strong. Crafty. I also like Do San as a character. Extremely smart. Kind. Flawed. Consistent. Relatable. In the beginning, I did not get a FL/ML arch with JP. To me that was about him finally experiencing a family dynamic with halmon
  2. Is this legal? Doesn't the press in Korea have a duty to uphold the truth, get proper sources, like what that reporter is doing is coercion, intimidation and bold-faced lying. Don't they have to get proper sources? Not to mention, her getting a tip from a former agent [LTS], knowing that the story was likely false and now her paying JH a visit to threaten her, albeit passively. What is the law firm doing?
  3. So I just got finished watching episode 13, and I am going to tell you why I am not feeling HH as a friend to HJ or JH anymore. I think HH has probably watched all of HJ's ads, dramas, movies and he knows that his friend is frankly more talented than him. So, how can he win over HJ? He needed just one little something that he could have over his friend to somehow gain his self-esteem back. Because of HJ's stardom and his increasingly busy schedule, he can't be with his girlfriend and now because of HH's lack of schedule and interest he has too much time on his hands. So
  4. I have so many thoughts about this drama, but I will just hone in on the most important. The biggest underlying theme in this drama is CLASS. From the very beginning, everyone who came in contact with HJ could see he was "special", that he had immeasurable talent. LTS could see even though he allowed his greed to keep him from doing right by HJ. Had he not gotten bought out by people and been a little patient, HJ would still be his client. There is a reason things took off for HJ after he left LTS's agency. MJ could see it, which is why she decided to start her own age
  5. A few thoughts.. HJ as a character is so rich and full-bodied. I keep thinking about the moment when he finally tracked down MJ and found out how his old manager ruined his opportunity to get the mini-series. He didn't go off the deep end. He didn't get angry with MJ, he was resolved that it remains a lesson moving forward. He was precise and honest with MJ about stepping up and taking the job of being a manger/agent more seriously because of how dog-eat-dog the industry can be. His character has dealt with some harsh realities, crushing disappointments and the reality of his posit
  6. So the time has come where I am bringing my three cents to this thread. I saw the teasers and articles about this drama for weeks and just wasn't interested and then all of a sudden I was sucked into the drama like a fiend. This is the tale of two trios. Trio 1 - SA/DY/MS These three friends have an interesting and somewhat confusing dynamic. I get that MS and DY dated in the past, but from the first three episodes, it seemed like SA liked DY. Maybe I have it wrong, but the way she responded to him when they would see each other, the way that she looked when
  7. One of the key elements of abuse is isolation. You often see this in domestic violence relationships. It is often an energy thing. MY had only been around KT a few times, but his energy and pure likeness for her was enough for her little heart to flutter and give her hope that there were good people in the world. That is why her mother stopped her from getting close to him when she was a kid because it would curb her control. She had to keep her isolated. A lot has happened in this drama and this is my first time sounding off in this thread. MY's father did something a LOT of olde
  8. So let's keep up with how many criminal and evil acts KSH has committed: She interfered 47 years ago in JH/MJ's courtship and it probably led to the accident and subsequent death of MJ; She has been stalking, monitoring and interfering in JW's life ever since she saw him; She used her position as a medical director (and her shady minion) to obtain the psychiatric medical records of JW; She also used the same means to obtain HJ's medical records; She has abused and threatened her daughter to marry a man that she flat out doesn't like; She approached DG and will p
  9. I am actually enjoying this drama. A few things: First, I have a feeling that DG could possibly remember or have seen his past life and that is the reason he is so obsessed with HJ. I honestly don't ship them because they truly have a brother-sister type of relationship. Second, I get the feeling that there is an element to their story that we have not seen yet. It wouldn't surprise me if in the past the crazy chairwoman did something that led to their demise. The mistakes they made in their past lives could be that they were too busy paying attention to the triangle that they
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