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  1. OMG ended but I only saw ep 7. I have yet to watch ep 8. Very busy week as Thanksgiving here and plan to watch it tonight. Gosh though ep 7 was great. Just an amazing drama. -To find out the other mom sent those notes and her own baby was NOT Sprout but actually Glue Stick (Her story was sad --IVF, 2 miscarriages etc. ) But her mental state was not good and befriending our FL to get closer to Glue Stick. It was a bit hairy and the center SHOULD have told the FL. This was not right and thank goodness that nothing SERIOUS happened -Liked FL got good news for
  2. Cannot wait to see tonight's episode later it is only 11am now. Sigh I saw these were posted.
  3. Hi All, I have still to watch last weekend's episodes. But I saw this BTS of our BROMANCE of the actors KSH and NJH-- thanks SWOON
  4. I still have not watched Monday's episodes yet. Here are today's clips. I just finished lunch and will watch the latest two episodes soon. More under the spoiler tags
  5. @chococarmela Lee Ji Ah's character gave a tip to YH to buy the apartment as it was Anna Lee's apt (the dead tutor's old place). As we know, Ro Na her daughter had a FIT about her buying it. Also the PRICE was affordable as the former tenant had passed away. So YH did not know it would be part of the redevelopment but Lee Ji Ah's character knew and she wanted to throw a wrench on her hubby's plans. Also she appreciated YH protecting her bio daughter Anna Lee, when she couldn't or did not know then what she knows now. YH was on the verge of selling from Ro Na's pressure
  6. Hi All I did not get a chance to watch as life was crazy this weekend. I will have to catch up before next weekend. But I did read the comments . While we wait check out the SWOON -our OTP at the Claw Machine
  7. Thanks all for the great comments/posts etc. Thanks @larus for the article @RollyPenny and @memory magnet and of course mvp @Phi I couldn't have said it better. -INTERPOL team rocks LOL that scene -JH telling AR if you don't trust me you don't have to tell me. (To later find out he KNEW she was at that place following Tinker definitely gives food for thought for her -Interesting to see Derek's perspective when AR was confronting him about being a SPY and he still CONTINUALLY tried to deny it (when she just kept giving great evidence e
  8. Thanks for to @Jillia (OST Clips) and @gm4queen for the articles and @Naty828 for ep 21 preview @tas82 thanks for your post! Awww the plot thicken and concur the grandmother would NOT have been so nice to Seo Ah and her bro if it were NOT for their dad and his money. She is very practical. The fact she dumped Seo Yeon (Chae Won) due to her horrible dad--no fault of the daughter. I am glad that MJ found out the truth. MJ is good to even detect his BO on the comforter. Funny how she acts and sniffs like a blood hound. Then we see how he was nice to her clearing the C
  9. @chococarmela Yoon Hee got rich as she bought Anna Lee's old apt. As they are going to do redevelopment , if she then sold the house (the developers (need that apt /land) so they will pay MORE than the normal price prior the announcement to get it. So that is why they were DELAYING as much as possible to announce and have that slimy lawyer had to HIDE to try to get it ASAP. Clips for today's episode More under spoiler tag that came out so far @chococarmela Yoon Hee got rich as she bought Anna Lee's old apt. As they are going to
  10. Ugg Not happy with the postphonement but LUCKILY 7 and 8 will be show back to back. YES! Saw this was posted as we wait. Reminder of ep 7 preview just in case we forgot
  11. @Lmangla @partyon Thanks my friends! I love trivia and though it was hard, I did enjoy the challenge. I don’t watch as much as I thought lol. The bonus clues def helped. Thanks for taking the time to create this for us.
  12. @partyon Awww he is our EO oppa lol. Cool! Hmm good question In no particular order 1) Gong Yoo 2) Yoo Yun Sook 3) Choi Jin Hyuk 4) Kang Ha Neul 5)Jo Jun Seok 6)Ji Sung Then others when I see in a drama and then I get my interest sparked 1) Ahn Hyo Seob 2)Park Hyung Sik 3) Lee Do Hwan 4) Kim Seon Ho etc @partyon and @Lmangla Thanks for bonus clues I am chiming in as well #14 too please. @kdramagrandma @Sleepy Owl Dae Jang Geum rocks! Actually I recall that and ado
  13. @partyon omg I love Ahn Yoona! Thanks for the pic! ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ hehehe Fated to Love You he was wearing cool suits and his voice! But like you I was invested in the OTP.i never saw Tunnel but agreed he was awesome in Last Empress and Emergency Couple! Who are the other Oppas? Lol. Also thanks for the additional clues. I have to think about it but not going to lie still drawing blanks at initially. More clues for the others as part 2 I had this on the brain
  14. @H0ney Hello my friend! I think our passion and enthusiasm for Korean drama is ALL that matters. Having more years under my belt is MORE dramas to FORGET the stories or mix up. LOL. We all had to start somewhere!
  15. Heading to the weekend before we can get to see Penthouse So SBS released these The BTS more stuff in spoiler
  16. Looking forward to tomorrow's episodes. Saw this posted and reminding of us his awkward confession Showing HJP confession of liking DM
  17. Thanks @JenL and @Raynaa and others for your thoughts. I haven't seen ep 14 yet. I will tonight, life got in the way last night. Making vidoe for ep 13-14 is out
  18. Thanks @Phi for always being a superstar! Looking forward to watching the latest episode and thanks @RollyPenny for your thoughts too plus everyone else. New OST song
  19. @partyon Aww Oh ok i knew I liked the baby in Eulachacha Waikiki--- I loved her too there as well! I just remember thinking I LOVE this baby and couldn't place the drama. Thanks for jogging my memory. I like the actor--but technically not "Oppa" for me. But as a drama fan not regarding real "bio" age then YEAH he is totally OPPA. LOL. I just remember thinking seeing him in Pasta--hubba hubba.
  20. @joccu AZN TV or International channel was AMAZING and only LEGIT quality English Subs for me. Good for you for learning. I thought I don't even have computer laptop. Yup those crazy LONG wait times. I don't have that luxury or memory. I rather like streaming ergo MYSOJU. I too remember all the episodes (were cut up multiple times) and frustrating. I had AWFUL slow internet speeds. Now we are so spoiled. OMG I had myspace and even an XANGA account too. Really dating myself I even did Asianavenue back in the day too. @Lmangla OMG is that the cute ba
  21. @joccu OMG torrents. I wanted to learn but I was not tech savvy and did not want to get viruses on my computer. Plus I did not get my first laptop til late like 2007/2008. So VCDS and VHS tapes for Kdramas, one Asian programming that came on at night for few hours on the International Channel. Does anyone recall? I watched Jumong and Rooftop Cat and My Name is Kim Sam Soon a few times there. My sis to this day was MAD I made her watch the one episode a night with me of Jumong M-F (lasted a long time like 81 episodes.
  22. @kdramagrandma OMG YESH the fan subs were the BEST! I agree the love and care and DETAILS on everything (cultural context, writers, etc) were amazing. When I started watching on Dramafever etc I MISSED those. I TOO started listing the dramas I watch as well (ok not as accurate as started late since 2009) but WOW. OMG "Mysoju" was MY LIFELINE too! HEHEHEHE nice to reminisce with you my friend. Where are you based? I am in Northeast USA. I TOO Loved "All About Eve" Chae Rim and disliked Kim So Yeon (You love to hate her). Remember all the evil female roles (t
  23. Def feel my head exploding. Ahhhhhhhh. Good job @Lmangla and @partyon I am like DORY, I don't remember after watching dramas the names and all plot points. I do remember OST songs here and there and certain characters if they made an impact on me. Sigh. Very difficult this set 2.
  24. @kdramagrandma OMG I feel your pain. I DEF was drawing many blanks on the second set. The first set I got a bit MORE than the second set--definitely DREW way more blanks. I watch a decent amount of dramas but I was thinking HUH? I have a don't have a LONG memory on story lines either. Gosh I only started watching in 2002 and even then not ALL dramas. Those early days were hard to watch Kdramas --I had to suffer many badly translated from Chinese to English subs on VCDS, try to read Chinese Subs of Kdramas (as only could get my hands on those) etc in those days.
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