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  1. @bedifferent I saw your request, it has been crazy busy. I admit reading Korean is not my forte. I am way better listening to it (but not to the level of @stroppyse though I have a long way to go. My korean listening skills from 14 yrs of drama). It will take me MUCH longer to try to translate and I am lacking in that department for reading. But I wanted to get back to you about it. Sorry! Finally caught up with crazy work stuff and then after exciting KCON NY 2018 too. Still recovering thank goodness tomorrow is National Holiday July 4th for us here in USA. Just quick thoughts: Based on the preview of today's episode, so PSYCHED she got the LEAD ROLE! I am glad that DH confronted her after her friends giving hints that she is NOT harmed being by him. I am glad he provoked her to say the TRUTH! Glad that SN told her of her love story and regret leaving the love of her life. Plus loved that mom and daughter had a touching scene. Don't have time to write more got to get back to work but looking forward to catching up on comments I missed after being away last week and this week.
  2. @triplem OMOMOMOM Thanks for the summons for Ha Seok Jin. YESH! He is sizzling hot and we are having a heat wave in Boston now 90's hot and humid. He is adding to the heat. Thanks , I cannot wait to watch!!!!!!!! Hope you are well. Just been crazy at work and barely able to keep up with my current drama rotation. The teasers look cute and good. I am agreeing the current crop of webtoons turned dramas have been enjoyable. I am enjoying What is Wrong with Secretary Kim alot!
  3. Hello All. Just lurking this week and saw last night episode and the clips for ep 5. Just a big dump right now sorry if this doesn't make sense. Ok ep 5, how he played off holding MS and that awkward moment. The realization of our OTP the meaning of "want to eat ramen" was hilarious for our YJ to find out from his pal the meaning. Then to have MS sis get upset at her. LOL. I am glad she is there for her to decipher her boss weird/quirks etc. Truly comes in handy later when he wants to "shake her up" but then leans in for the kiss they ALMOST does it and he pushes her way (LOL). I know I have said this before, the fashion is killer in this drama. Cute that YJ then later her colleagues all note she repeats her clothing (that blouse) and stated is that a uniform for their company? The dress she got to meet up YJ (she was stunning) and gosh that moment for his grandiose confession was foiled. Sigh. Our OTP needs a PROPER kiss , we got the hugs/close body contact/closeness of their faces to know their hearts races for the others when in close proximity. YJ with his awkwardness always spouts nonsense. UGGGH ruins the mood. Even MS is awkward in dating but these two kiddos cannot wait for them to just GET together in ep 7. I love how Yoo Shik is his friend but also works under YJ. It is a slippery slope as we know. I loved how YS realizes YJ has no close pals so to talk about the near kiss and what not of ---close person in his life. Like YS wouldn't know of this person? I loved how he loved pushing YJ buttons saying that 'friend' needs to up his game and confess now. LOL. He was not fooled for a minute. But I liked he said to YJ , you wake me up and bother me at a weird hour to talk about your so called "friend's" dilemma ? Heheh. Yeah right. The Sung Yeon Hyung (actor is younger than PSJ and though I liked him in other dramas--his acting chops is NOT up to the OTP). He is cute in his way and when he teased MS when she was going to reject him. But of course, she changed her tune when she realized he was the famous author. The colleague Chi In shared with her so she got more insight why YJ was ticked at her being close to his hyung (not telling he the real reason---then later accepting her proposal despite adamantly refusing it.) Our lonely and YJ is a caring person just suppresses so much and his lack of experience shows but he does care for MS. I love that in the EP 10 clip that he confessed to her that she was chosen (despite all the TOP specs of the other secretaries was due to her being HER--Kim Mi So. If that was not the TELL TALE sign he knew her all along though not telling her, I don't know what is.). Plus that scene when his hyung was recounting his FALSE memories to her she realized the HUGE gaps and discrepancies to YJ's story. Plus she saw YJ's scars on his ankle. The side story with Chansung of 2pm as that perfect man in the company ---meh. Doesn't do it for me. I am a huge 2pm fan, but not loving it but love Lee Junho in Wok of Love right now though. SY hyung is alway antagonizing YJ, gosh YJ has to deal with so much . He is too kind-hearted under that gruff big ego is a sweetie pie who holds it all together though he suffers alone. I am glad he has MS by his side and knowing more about his ties to MS and their shared memory. He kept his promise to her to keep her by his side and come get her again unbeknownst to her. Wow be still my beating heart. OMG OMG OMG. Ok got to get back to work but thanks to all for your updates/thoughts/comments/ goodies. YESH. Til tonight when I can catch ep 6.
  4. @theonlyone88 Omg thanks for the spoilers for those of us who want to know . Wow! Pretty intense and a lot of theories are right then. I cannot wait for our OTP skinship (more importantly kiss) scenes. Def things to look forward to how they unfold!
  5. Just saw the latest episode and my faves @MrsSoJiSub @USAFarmgirl @bebebisous33 are here and thanks to others for your efforts to keep us informed with goodies, articles, translations, pics etc. Loving the OTP and this episode that COW is working hard to hide her unmentionables from the boss. LOL. I agree with @USAFarmgirl the cow is adorbs. I remember the last time I wanted the stuffed animal was in My Name is Kim Sam Soon and the Pig Rabbit in You're Beautiful. LOL. Or how they are slowly getting closer and every time they are physically close to each other the heightened awareness. The boss saying did I ever say you are beautiful and then take it back. Mentions if she wears perfume but learns it is just her shampoo buy 1 get 1 (lol not some expensive exotic scent). I do love her outfits and her high ponytail is adorbs. She is TOTAL girl crush material and just her visuals throughout I feel she is a walking model no joke. Or saying she wants an ordinary romance to get a hug after a long weary day---awww. Attending to his wounds on his mouth or his ankle as the efficient secretary while cancelling is appointments to take care and rest. Or when he learns he has to up the Arts center dates she takes on the challenge without hesitation. She gives alternate answers to NO/Maybes ie the copy right situation, artwork no being done---finish it at the arts center. Very fast and efficient reminding our boss she is his ever efficient Secretary Kim Miso. The brothers as analyzed others are definitely having alot of hurt and need to talk it out. Both blaming the other and when the Hyung bullied YJ and his friends. Plus the kidnapping encounter did not help him but the trauma. Hyung doesn't help being all --I will forgive you and I am the bigger person. Plus rudely mentions he will take away Secretary Kim from him. To threaten, why do you not introduce her and worry I will date her and take her away? Wow that is so high and mighty. (But by then he realized who she was after seeing her name tag after she gave a fake number. So he was interested by her looks first. But she admitted if he was the author she would not have given a fake number. Well she will find out next episode he is the guy she is looking for .) But now he knows who she is, he DEFINITELY will work to get her away from YJ. I doubt he will be successful as our OTP have a lot of time to be together and their attraction though simmering ---we NEED some kisses to make up for all this FULL body contact. SIGH. YJ friend is a true one. As pointed out earlier, when YJ leaned on MS after hurtng his ankle, he warned the guy---if you want to transfer to India do not go to YJ. So TRUE! He knows our YJ so well that he NEVER allows a female to touch him. Plus it is obvious he is showing feelings and not realizing it (but now this episode he does and his saying he will be putting all his attentions to MS. I am looking forward to their date. His confession to MS, will it be sabatoged by his hyung?! Yes, on the parents loving both sons. Things don't always seem the same and the same words and situation can be construed differently based on POV as mentioned by others. So true. If you refuse to communicate and just have that elephant in the room (the kidnapping) it will only continue to cause issues. The stubborness and lack of HONESTY and understanding to be true to each other is stifling. Hope they can work it out. We have alot of drama left to do it. Just rambling, but if you made it this far thanks for a reading. Not read the webtoon, so I enjoy reading the spoilers here and there. Don't bother me at all. But curious what will happen.
  6. Awww just stopping by this forum. Gosh I never watched the US version it is based on, but I really enjoyed the bromance between our YW and CS. I just watched the finale. I wish there was time to show that he would get his GED then go to Law School or address it. But the ending did go back to the beginning of the drama with our two men. Interesting how CS mentioned YW was chosen to save them all. He was not the typical ELITE Yes person who followed by the book. They needed someone to shake them up and YW did doing things even CS did not do but he wanted that but wouldn't admit to YW. I love how YW unawares saying things that even CS has to say to himself, he is NOT me. LOL. The idea to protect those you care about or the firm. I found it interesting. CS wanted to protect their sinking firm but knew by shaking it up with YW there was a chance to save it. Plus YW did save them TWICE. Glad that YW was able to come through and do a thorough analysis to tell CS in time for the partner meeting. YW gosh sad his beloved grandmother passed away. Glad that CS was there and though poor YW came later, my heart bled for him. Ham got his just desserts. Glad he got caught trying to take down everyone before it was too late. The advice from Lawyer Kang that Lawyer Chae would need his vote someday. At least CS remembered and promoted him to SR partner and when voting he voted for YW to be defended by CS. Plus he took over for CS when he cared for YW grandmother's funeral. He may be a pain in the you know what, he is an alright guy (though I admit hard to take at times with his grandiose ideas that he is on par with CS. LOL he is not.) I love how Kang and Ham is now Choi and Kang. He got to protect the firm, YW did his time and you know he is on the path we assume to go to law school etc. He is doing a fresh start. As for him and Jina, I guess she is still waiting? I wonder if she overcame her test phobia. Interesting that the student YW took the test for was the prosecuting lawyer on his case, LOL. Awww what he could have done with that info, but he knew he would have to pay and atone for his actions. I enjoyed the ride. Loved Jang Dong Gun and Park Hyun Shik (Their bromance was awesome!) They were swoon-worthy with their tailored suits. Great wardrobe. (Another great wardrobe too is the new drama What is Wrong with Secretary Kim?)
  7. @guinearoyal Wow thank you for sharing your grandfather's story. This allows us to see a bit more understanding about YJ's trauma and how he is a bit over the top and overzealous on things. I do like the burgeoning feelings between the two. Also that MS saw his scar on his ankle and YJ is trying to get to know her better. I love the awkward glances, awareness of attraction but then you regain your senses back to reality. I can see YJ's hyung being a rabble rouser and not liking YJ still and try something with MS. Plus if he finds out that MS is a big fan of his, that is not hard. But I even if MS is attracted to the hyung, her heart is with YJ. I cannot wait to catch the clips and later tonight the episode. I should be working prepping for some work business meetings. GRR.
  8. @stroppyse OMG I miss you! Hope you are taking care! You did need the break. You are gem! @bebebisous33 and @bedifferent Thanks for your insights. @bedifferent Yes, I agree with what you said, I did not think it to that level when I wrote out my post (Just a quick dump of thoughts which is probably my posts don't come out so well --so glad you read them despite that). Yes, JN and DH were young, in the throes of first love. Both are not established and starting, but as we know for DH--chaebols in training is different from someone who is poor and trying to make their mark in the world. I did like you pointing out that JN might be peaking in her career being tired, having voice issues and just wanting to return to Korea and get out of the very competitive world on Broadway. I mean 1) foreign language 2) foreign land 3) no close friends/relations I guess she might have had some money from DH's family (no way she could have gone there with nothing? I doubt it. If was able to runaway without money, it would have been even more of a trial. I hope with you she is not SB/Beth and she does seem like a decent person. I mean when Mika gave her a good analysis to find the cause of rushing the emotions etc, she appreciated the candor (She did not expect at all from Mika.) So she found it refreshing and respected her a bit more to return the favor and give her honest feedback about how Mika should be acting. Totally did not expect it but loved that she was real and candid with Mika. If anything, she could be a great mentor for our Mika. Even if JN still has DH in her heart, as JY warns/alerts her in the coming episode ---she had to expect it. Now for DH it is closure and I hope the same for her too. I hope that there will be no makjang . As mentioned again and again and myself included DS, going to miss you so MUCH! Your presence lit up the screen for DH and your support and love of him. Your last moments and spending time with loved ones was precious. DH honoring Mika telling him to not let on he knew, a painful but beautiful gift. He traveled so far away to avoid the father and DB hyung, but left poor DH in Korea. Glad he got some happiness and peace while away even if he missed Dad, DB hyung and DH. It was bittersweet when he was sharing no matter where he was and when he was lonely or sad those he missed those three men's faces show up. Family is complicated, you cannot choose them. You love them and when you have a love/hate relationship it is even more difficult or even TOXIC for yourself. He did the right thing for himself. Gosh to learn that DB pushed DS down the stairs. It infuriated me and ticked me off. Wow how can someone do that to another person? (I don't care even if in the fit of anger that is TRUE malice in my book.) But DS admitted having the normal feelings of anger, hatred to DB but to later take the blame for not being good and nice to DB. Wow. To tell DH to not hate on dad or DB. Wow. I am glad DS got to see that even his seemingly cold-hearted dad (after he moved into with the main family) turned ICY, he did record all the places he traveled in his calendar. So DS saw his dad cared, just was stubborn and typical non emotional/remote parent. I find that those who are the happy and nice people, are the ones who have suffered or gone through the most pain in their lives. They CHOOSE to be happy and be light. My thoughts on this has been proving again and again as to be true. A former colleague of mine, she was such an angel and always smiling. You wouldn't know she suffered from crippling back pain and headaches. Another colleague of mine was a Vietnamese boat refugee from the 1970's . He always came to work with a bright smile and easy going attitude. While on the boat, leaving Vietnam and fleeing , the pirates got to them and in the darkness of the night shot at them and did many horrific things. He remembers having dead bodies around him but he had no where to go as he was stuck. Wonder what will be up with DH with CA as he offered to take out Beth of their agreement? Hmmm. We know Dad is upset and DB is fine with it as long as he gets the main inheritance and beats out DH he doesn't care. I mean does he even love his wife? He is so cold. She is so sweet, he must have liked her at least as she is not from a wealthy family or have status it seems like. So I guess he did at one point but NOT now.
  9. @USAFarmgirl Thanks for picking up this drama. It is charming me and I am proud to see real Chinese food (more authentic) shown. Hope this busy period gets you productive! Always glad to see you! I am enjoying Poong and SW romance. Junho is so impressive with his acting and since i am a fan of 2pm-so proud of him what he has done too with his acting! He holds the wok like a boss and you can tell all the casts have practice long and hard to look authentic. CS confronting the mysterious ajumma, it makes sense it is his mom. She not as much in many words to the audience has mentioned she is his mom. Very possessive. Also caring for him. When he confronted her after finding her wallet, interesting how she tried to skirt the issue. Glad MD and the boys are now understanding and respecting Poong (drastic turn around from the beginning). They respect his talent and abilities when before they mocked him. Loved how they all pulled together the first time with 15 customers. Then more people came. SW's mom was awesome getting the guests to come in to say Do I look like a gangster to you? LOL. To SW being smart not knowing that the VVIP for Grand Hotel was her nurse and handles the rsvp for the monthly banquets. That nurse knows her stuff, but SW was quick on the uptake to appeal to her appreciating Poong treating SW at the hospital with care (so she was so happy it wasn't a dream). LOL. Poong such a softie. LIking the peck on the check but acting like he didn't. SW acting cute realizing the hug she loved and liked alot was NOT a dream but reality. Faithful SJ, she was lured by the money by her ex bf and head chef Wang, I can understand. But glad she was there to help. Poong and Wang are right, without her their kitchen cannot operate. Food prep is important. I like how SW was promoted and ticked that he did not tell her he was healed. (I think that is a miracle itself given that gangster out for CS stepped on it many times giving his old boss at Grand Hotel's SR's message.) -Bromance is live and well. I love them alot. How CS was threatening him to just stay with him instead of sleeping on the bench in the break room of the restaurant. Good CS. You are a big softie. -Poong taking matters into his hands not letting SJ got to Wang Sifu and carrying her back to the restaurant. -SW denying she likes Poong and how they all threaten if he likes her or she likes him they all go (Her mom, SJ and GJ). Her mom was right to call it that she likes Poong. -Poong now is more comfortable to show affection taking SW into a warm hug when she was going to GJ oppa. LOL. If they all didn't know his feelings before he is DECLARING it now. -SW mom under just dish washer ajumma telling CS he is not good enough due to his dark and criminal past. I think she was so harsh. She doesn't know the whole story.He may be a gangster but he treats your SW with respect and has a big heart. Look at SR, he may be rich and handsome and supposedly legit but he is a Richard Simmons. Between the two, I rather have CS. I guess only Monday episode. Sad. I like the light heartedness and looking forward the cooking battle. YESH more of those please!
  10. @USAFarmgirl Awww thank YOU for the kind words. I am always in awe of your eloquence and thoroughly enjoy what you write always. Same for @bebebisous33 for your insights as well. I always am happy to see you in the forums if I am lurking or participating. I agree, all dramas have something that impacts you in a strong way. Thinking back, for me familial ties, love , loyalty or friends who are so trusting and in good and awesome friendships get me klempt. (Reply 1988 ---had me crying buckets of sadness, joy and envy of the mom's and the kid's close ties with each other as I never got that in my life. I cherished those bonds more than the husband hunt to be honest. That OST still slays me.) So here with DS and DH, I am so HAPPY they spent time together and yes the scene they shared the bed (I watched NUMEROUS times and each time I am teary.) Usually it is a kiss scene I have on repeat, but this had all the feels and so glad DH could share the importance of DS to him. I agree @bebebisous33 the bed wetting was totally family related and the stress he felt from his family. So glad he had the warmth of DS in his life. The abandonment issues from JN leaving him. Yeah,I concur his love was not enough for the both of them. She had ambition and wanted a better life. (I cannot fault her on it, but she was desperate and she needed to get her life in control and not be controlled by DH chaebol and controlling family.) Yes DS is a saint in my book. It is hard not to hate and he rightfully so could have been extremely bitter to DB. But to actually blame himself and wish he treated him better. Wow his selflessness ----gosh getting teary writing this. Just so glad he was in this drama and made such a deep impact. I read some fans not loving this heaviness. But I am ok with it and appreciate that reality and fragility of life. We need to be reminded. We are always easily caught up in the monotony of our everyday lives. Even though we know spending time with loved ones etc is important, we forget to smell the roses and flowers. (I know I am guilty as anyone else.) So that poem about flowers and being a flower at ALL points of your life. We GOT to remember to get out and cherish, smell the roses and be PRESENT. Now more than ever with so much technological advances and distractions, being present with those with you IRL is more important. Thankful for Soompi Forums and the great contributors and other kdrama fans here from all over the world that keep this fan in Boston happy. Now back to work!
  11. Awww thanks for the welcome @nonski It has been awhile. How have you been? I marathoned ep 1-2 over the weekend and loved it. Thanks for your recaps and everyone else for the goodies videos/gifs etc. @jeonghyang @Amulya Kolusu and @Ondine (plus everyone else I missed). I agree dramamilk rocks with their recaps I love them! I have not read the webtoon but it is always good to see Park Seo Jun on the screen and he looks so good in the suits. Park Min Young's wardrobe as well is on point and lovely. Just the visuals of our OTP is stunning. But I am liking how disgruntled, persnickety Young Joon handling Secretary Kim Mi So leaving him is funny and opening up feelings he did not know existed (same for her). It is true, how can you work together that close and he doesn't allow ANY female close to him except her? There is bound to be def Work Spouse comfort and knowing each other very well-quirks and what not. Looking forward to watching the whole episode!
  12. @USAFarmgirl Awww thanks for your post. I am going to miss DS alot. I cried buckets watching the clips when I was at work for ep8 and again got teary when watching it at night later in the day. So poignant and makes me love Mika and DS alot. Cherish those you love. DB was such a Richard Simmons. He was right on his guess at the dinner table (but he wouldn't know it at the time) still even if he did, would he have acted differently? Probably not. Mika oh Mika--you pointed out her selflessness and like SN Halmoni try to console, comfort those with not much time left due to their abilities to see their time clocks. It was even more sad seeing Mika be upset and desperately trying to wash off her time clock when she first saw it. The pain, suffering and desperation. She had plenty of time to deal with it unlike DS who is thrust into being told from a few years of life to a few months by the doctor (when we know from Mika even less than the 6 mos estimate but 1 month). The actor as DS is really good. He and DH were so on par of their love and care for each other, you have to be a block of ice to not feel anything the last episode.He will be missed. Next to tackle the love for DH and how will JN be towards Mika once she finds out she is the one DH likes/loves? Will JN come clean to DH? Mika though she loves /cares for DH she is on a limited time as she is taking from DH. (This was not surprising as a few people's theories beforehand said as much.) Nothing is for FREE in life and to gain time on your clock, something has to be taken from somewhere else so that made sense. It rots but it makes sense. DH was torn up about JN leaving him without a word. But it is the classic trope from Kdrama. The rich parents bully the poor gf/bf to leave their child as they are not worthy. If they don't not leave without a trace (either taking money with them to settle abroad and start a life/education etc) their lives if staying with their child will be destroyed--career/ruin family etc and life will be hell otherwise). So cannot blame JN for doing it. But 5 yrs is a long time to expect the love of your life to not be with someone or to not move on. JN seems like a decent person and not as conniving as SB/Beth. Still, she has her scars too from her relationship with DH. I hope she can be still decent to Mika with respect and not go on a crazy rampage and hostile or mean to her. We are at the halfway point so def the love situation with DH and his heart and Mika's clock are still main. What else will they put in to put more drama? JY has possible interest in Mika but he won't do much as he sees she is not interested? Baby Wijin likes SH nuna, will she even see him as a MAN not as the lil bro of her Bestie Mika? (I mean he is cute but too immature and def not the vibes of JH in the recent ended drama Something in the Rain.) Though I felt sad for the dad over DS, still that was crappy and had to take his DEATH for him to fulfill DS request for a family pic. His request you would think was asking for the moon. Some people do love you ie parents but don't know how to say it in a loving manner and just hurl hurtful words. Let's just say I know from experience about this a lot, just the mere fact you exist they have to control and say hurtful things. No MATTER what you do! It is toxic, tiring and not fun. Cannot blame DS trying but going away knowing how his dad and DB were about DS. Sad it took death to be fully acknowledged by his dad legally and to the world.
  13. I just watched ep 8 in its entirety. OMG it was a sad episode but full of feels and love. I cried buckets watching the clips and teared up alot seeing DS and DH together. Baby Wijin (cute that SH had him as Baby Wijin on her cell phone) taking his mom's nickname for him. After seeing his response of ignoring him and getting upset at Woojin interfering them (even though SH was chastising him) it was funny how he was not happy with Woojin. Yeah Baby WJ likes SH nuna for sure now. SN Halmoni--I loved knowing how she explained how she came to love Mika and adore her. I am glad she is someone Mika can talk to comfortably. I wish Mika could do the same with her mom. but that is not something in their current relationship which you cannot force. It is what it is. Sweet how mom wanted to go to SH home to cook a meal for Mika and see how she was doing. She is a caring mom. I love how Mika comforted DH and was there for him. From advising DH to just honour his DS hyung's wishes to keep it a secret he knew his hyung's medical condition. He did that asking WJ to do the same. (Awww Secretary WJ the tears for DS hyung and caring for him. Even when he was yelled at by DH for not being careful watching over DS, DH said you shouldn't be sorry I am upset at myself for not being more careful). Glad he spent more time --dates with DS hyung. When DH offered to travel with DS--the charged looks from both brothers were full of longing, love for each other and just beautiful. The scene of them sharing the bed, OMG I had full on waterworks. Beautiful and as I wrote before, glad DH got to tell DS he was the ONE who enabled him to survive growing up in their home as not only as hyung but a loving parent both mom and dad to him too. So heartfelt and amazing wow! Even though she doesn't cook well, the fact she and DH prepared a nice meal for DS was lovely. Or when DH was upset he was not able to protect DS hyung and thought he made things worse by asking for the photographer for the dinner and got both of them kicked out by their dad. But glad Mika was able to tell him DS hyung would be upset. You are family and go through thick and thin. He understands and she advised DH -don't dwell on the past you cannot control and guilt you have too. Glad that Mika got good advice from Joo Na (sorry I got it wrong as Yoo Na) to be stronger, be more competitive and glad Mika showed her sharp observation skills for JN to pinpoint her weak areas. It was great that JN gave her good advice and admitted she was sensitive and was not nice to Mika. Same for JY, he is observant to know that Mika has emotions that were not apparent before as she was by the book. He noted her expressions and she sang like her character who is in love with the lead. It is true trying to manufacture feelings if you never felt them before is DIFFICULT. Now that she is feeling it and able to achieve that now, the quote JY gave her about reading between the lines, not on the score. So true. Even in life, you got to read between the lines too. It cannot always be spelled out for you. DH hearing DS hyung to not hate DB and dad. For DS to see and tell DH, dad knew where DS was all the time. He could not express well his affections and love to DS. Hearing before he moved to the main house, he read books and played with DS did shock DH. Wow. Hearing DB push DS down and later he confessed his loathing and hatred to DB. But later to blame himself was easier saying he could have been nicer to DB, DS you are too much of an angel. OMG. To worry about DH and go get drinks to make sure to talk to Mika to know she is great for DH and vice versa but ask she sticks it out. Sigh. Or talking to DB to not be rash or rude as he is with DS to DH (as he won't let it go ) to the money DS asked for . I wonder if it is something to do with charitable works as he had those pics of travel and memories he cherished while reading that poem. (Ok missing A poem and day drama---beautiful poem). Always good to remind you to appreciate everything and every moment. As you look back on a full life, every point was a flower in your life. Wow, such true words you don't always appreciate at the time but it is. This drama is sad, happy and full of emotions and feels. Again reminding us life is full of obstacles and not easy. but cherish those you love and spend time. Glad DH got to spend precious time with DS and he listened to Mika. I know too many people in my life regretful to not spend more time with loved ones.
  14. I love this drama and did not see the US version here Stateside. The suits, acting and slick episodes. LOVE it and sad as we reach finale week. Glad it is cable as the other dramas I am watching are cancelled. So glad I can watch it. Really love Jang Dong Gun and Park Hyun Shik's bromance and wow impressed all the hard work PHS puts in as he has SO MANY lines to learn. He does it with ease! Loving seeing his acting journey----he is so good now! Plus along side legend Jang Dong Gun they are both great eye candy.
  15. @triplem Hye Mi is a Korean Female name. I will try to translate as you know I only know so much. DH voiceover to her about not allowing Mika to runaway from him. (I think she sees him next to her on the bus in her imagination) Mika says something (not sure I heard "suddenly that I was not by DH side?") Mika-After dinner let's go on a date. DH-This seems a bit suspicious/fishy. --------------------------- JY: So the man Kim Yoo Na you like seems to already have a woman he likes. -------------------------- DH: The woman I loved who disappeared/ran away suddenly without a word -what is the real reason? -------------- YN-If I tell you, would you be able to take it? ------------------------------------ YN--Mika sshi ============================= BS---Isn't it all that then ? (???) Mika--You got it (?) I like Doha. It is all sincere/genuine.
  16. Gosh this episode 8, definitely puts in a lot of tropes but the acting is ON point. LSG is very good in this drama. @realistic2280 I agree she was a bit much in Cheese in the Trap but she succeeded for me to dislike her though in that drama. I just watched the clips and was crying a lot. The acting is THAT good! @bedifferent Thanks for the kind words and reading my posts. I appreciate the words of encouragement. Hope you are recovering well from jetlag. If back from vacation, welcome back. if at vacation, enjoy your time! So only saw the clips of ep 8. Gosh again so many tropes as pointed out by others check check check. Still I cried buckets of sadness and sad to see what happened but PROUD of Mika enabling DH to have quality time with his beloved DS hyung. gosh. Gosh all the hurtful words spouted out by DS dad and that hateful big brother DB hyung. AWWW he is hateful to do that to DS and not even look concerned about DS at all. GRRR. Then when they were talking later after the dad left, DB just really ticked me off. So happy that DS stood up for DH. Wow he was you cannot say that about DH as he is your blood brother I won't let it go. DS you are such a fierce protector and love your DH dongseng so much. Also to Mika, he hoped she could stay by DH side and be there for him through thick and thin and that battle will be hard as there will be obstacles namely the family. He kept saying they looked liked like a cute couple (when they cooked a homemade breakfast for DS). Or when they were doing BBQ and he was with WJ and his bro/therapist for DH he had to comment how great DH and Mika seemed. The scene of them sleeping in the same bed---the words of thanks, sorry and teasing each other sleeping as adults in the same bed with another man. LOL. But when DH thanked DS for being his ALL--I was klempt--mom, dad, brother etc. The love is real and beautiful. Wijin totally has a thing for SH nuna. He got irritated when she ignored him. So he had to go find her and ask for coffee. When he baited her saying my mom wants to say something. When he used the flimsy excuse to see how Mika is doing, SH was like seriously I am busy busy busy and you could have called me. LOL. But when Woojin saw SH chastising Wijin, he thought he was saving Wijin. Wijin got ticked and surprised Woojin and asked why he was bothering them. LOL. But he will take being dragged by the ear and head in headlock by SH nuna though. Too hilarious---yup he likes SH nuna. If he was not interested, why would he get upset for Woojin touching SH wrist and wondering he interfered with them?! JY and Mika are better footing after the scene he sees her joyfully singing and cleaning the practice room. He is good at what he does and he is acknowledged by Mika. She admitted why she teased him and called him a kid. He has instincts and good knowledge he noticed Mika must be in love as she has an aura/extra feeling of love (needed for the song to emote well) but she has it now but when she auditioned she lacked it. I liked he told her how to look good and praised her smile and that image would translate prettily on stage. DH ex and Mika, I am glad she was fair and honest with Mika. She did not expect Mika to actual give real feedback. So she gave real feedback too. Plus her telling her to stop looking timid and to look strong and she is in competition with her. She is lacking that fire/drive and ambition to stand as her equal. But I agree I wonder if she will change her tune once she finds out that Mika is DH's current love interest.I hope not. I was beginning to like her. DS told DH to not hate hyung and dad. Though DS did hate DB hyung. Why does it take a death for people to do stuff and have so much remorse and regret. Even DB unaware saying, it is not like you have some disease you will die from it--the look from DH. Uggggh. Seriously the family pic should have had DS in it and only they did a family pic saving a space for him after the fact uggggh. Such a heavy last two episodes 7 and 8.But I did expect sadness with life time clocks. If I didn't I would be lying, no wonder I got to balance this drama with rom coms thank goodness we have in spades at the moment. I got to watch it all later tonight. Got to grab lunch now.
  17. @USAFarmgirl Thank you as always for your great posts. I really look forward to them from you (from other dramas ) as well as this one. Keep them coming. I just watched ep 7 and it was doozy. OMG you articulated well all the rampant feelings that poor Mika had to bear in this episode. Mika--you poor dear. From feeling insecure to DH first love (but did not know it at the time) as she is famous on Broadway, to noticing the changes in DH and ignoring him when her time is ticking again. But seeing DS time is fast running out and her struggle to say or not to say anything to DH. Definitely not easy decisions indeed. I am glad that SN halmoni told her to say it to prepare the family. I understand SH was hesitant due to the backlash she could face and disbelief. Big hugs dearest Mika! SB ugggh definitely she is driving me nutty. You really think dragging DH first love (purposely) will get everyone to come to their senses? You are toying with people and constantly harassing Mika to meet up just to find out her reaction to her "surprise gift". Then to drop the bomb she is DH first love. uGGGH the lows you will stoop down. How much further? People are not commodities with no feelings. DS--I love his personality. Still sad that he actually doesn't want DH to know and rather Mika to keep it a secret. Cute he called her an angel to actually see what others do not and wanted him to go to the hospital. She is in a way. She is an angel and SN trying to ease and comfort those if they can know their time. I would be shocked too to see DS as well. She has been able to get to know him and see Dh with this hyung. Jeez, and he has less time than Mika. The suffering and disbelief that the few years he thought he would have disappeared to just 6 months but as Mika know he has less than a month. The unpredictability and how fast it spread throughout his body. No wonder when someone loses weight fast (and is not trying) not a good sign. JY is definitely good at what he does. He critiqued his friend and DH first love. I liked how he was clear to try to keep personal and work separate making her get a DR note. Even with the preview for ep 8, you can see he is interested in Mika with the comment smile when you sing. You look better. (Gosh, you knew something was up when he saw her in the first audition. She enthralled him even if she lacked the emotion and had good effort and techniques. Second audition got emotion just not the right type. Then he sees here again and again and they bicker. Definitely, she gets on his nerves. But ep 5 when he entered the elevator he looked MORE interested in Mika than before when he saw her close to DH looking for his clock and he apologized for interrupting them. LOL. Going to do a love square? LOL Wijin totally likes SH Nuna. TOTALLY boys who like to tease the people they like. So natural. The fact he was hysterical that he accidentally sent the text and I loved how SH immediately blocked him. LOL. You know it doesn't work as the future episode they meet up again (per the pics). Definitely feel a chance of romance. WJ cares a bit much about SH Nuna. Mika's mom---omg . I liked how she tried to reach out to Mika. It was very sweet, she might not be able to talk easily with her mom she tried to be someone and let her know. She really does to try to show her love. Also her care about being strong to the hubby in prison and then a blubbering mess on the bus crying (wow.). Interesting WJ was wondering why she is acting strong to dad but week after leaving every time. She must really love the hubby and WJ is right. For some people, one spouse being in prison is cause for divorce or separation. But hearing her complain the buildings look dreary and worrying about dad and not wanting to let on life is hard for them, she really loves him a lot. Aww so she was an LA princess or more like accustomed to an expensive life style-no wonder. She knew Beth/SB Chanel bag etc. DH poor guy. He is trying to avoid his first love and finally, he met up with her. He is bothered but still trying to figure things out. I appreciate him trying to talk to Mika. Good for him. Too bad Mika keeps avoiding him but she needed to hear he was onto to her avoiding him. I liked he confronted SB and was not happy with her pulling that stunt. The fact she blatantly showed her cards and said she was also there for other reasons shows to DH she is NOT The woman he wants to be with even more so. But my heart broke for him when Mika told him about DS. Yes, he said he believed Mika about the clocks, but you knew he was humouring her. I mean he likes her and she is cute. If she spouts nonsensical stuff. Ok it is fine. But I can see him being upset talking about his fave DS hyung. I am glad she emphasized when he accused her of lying and pulling off info that is not correct. Mika rocked that moment saying she wished and hoped it was a lie and untrue. She looked too sad and upset that DH must have known her by know why would she say that?! Previews--as we knew he would check into the situation as he would do. Then to be upset with his assistant Woojin and the brother his therapist (Who like Mika told him to get a checkup noticing the weight loss too). And to have him plea to Mika to save DS, so sad.
  18. @bedifferent I hear you being busy. I finally caught ep 6 last night. I was away in NYC for the day over the weekend and then volunteering and catching up with friends when I could. I definitely try to live life to the fullest. The message of trying to do things and enjoy life. I try that in earnest. I appreciate my job allowing me to have a quality of life /work balance. I spend time with loved ones. Make sure to make time for friends and those who matter in my life. We don't have Mika or SN Halmoni's gift for seeing people's time. (I am not wanting to know that to be honest such a burden to bear.) But goes back we easily fall into or lives and always do it with the thought--there is always tomorrow, the next time, the next trip etc. But remember there might not always be that next time.Remember to be there, be present with those you love, remember to let them know how you feel and love and care for them. I live with the thought, treat each moment as if it might be your last, you NEVER know. I have had last interactions with others (not knowing at the time that would be the LAST time I saw that person alive.) EP 6 SB---what they heck you had to be the second lead and profess you dislike being messy but you are going to do it ANYWAYS. You really thing getting DH's first love is really going to help you? Wow! Playing around with people's hearts is despicable. You are showing your desperation to full hilt and your cards to Mika. I really hate the UNCLASSY way you had to address her with lack of respect. As Mika's mom wishes her daughter not to be treated harshly but rude rich people, unfortunately she is being pushed around by SB. DH--the looks he gave his assistant WJ was funny (but WJ needed to be chastised). The jabbing at JY by DH and being upset not knowing the lead actress in the role to keep SB secret from DH----childish. But glad he went head on to him to confront it. Or how DH went to Chi Ang fully know SB was acting up and giving an offer (we don't know if took it) he couldn't refuse. You knew he loved that he potentially could uproot DH out (if he took it.) WOW! Def willing to take the risk! DH definitely has the best cheesy lines. I wonder how much he cringes! Caught some of the BTS he is def manner man and saying the lines with a straight face. LOL. Funny how with SB he cannot be so flirty and cute and cheesy as he is with MIka. Granted SB is a means to an end to win over his Dad giving him the biz from Do Bin. But the cost for your wellbeing and happiness---yeah life goes on in the chaebol world. DS is so sweet. Interesting he was the middle person who got Do Bin his wife. She is so kind and too good for DB. UGGGH. Cute that DH was teasing DS that he should be careful of women. But his carefree ways definitely make you wonder something is up. (OK full disclosure I read the recap and know what is up from ep 7 before subs are up) It makes sense. Good for him. But I think that he being back to hang with DH is good. (I love their relationship and ribbing). Rated R scene unfolding before my eyes this morning LOL to Mka changing his dressing on his stab wound. SH and Wijin those two. Definitely feel not sure if something did or didn't go on. There is that chance, but I feel definitely a rise of a new couple and me thinks Wijin might have a slight crush on Nuna?! SH is such a good pal. Her wanting to check why Mika's mom was visiting DH is right. She knows how Mika's mom is into brands and a good life. It would make me worry too! I loved how she congratulated her getting the understudy role. Love these two friends wish to see more of them together. Mika's mom won't have that relationship she had with her deceased grandmother who protected her, but I am glad she has SN Halmoni. I love strong mom and daughter bonds too (looking at Reply 1988 and Come Back Couple---cried buckets).But not expecting to see it here. I did appreciate Mika's mom standing up using her pride and not taking the MK group money from SB. (You know she loves the brands and shopping but she didn't. As I wrote before from seeing the clip before seeing the episode, she might not be the best mom but she IS still a mom. For that she has a pass from me. She really does want her to live well and have a good life and not get the stresses and difficult life if she lived with wealthy in laws who looked down at her. ' Mika ah Mika. You had your ups and downs this episode. You got the understudy role by 1 vote (cool the woman did not make the decision and admitted Mika wasn't her choice but she gave it to a vote from everyone else). Getting cheesy lines from DH when dressing his wound. Also I liked her candor telling him she wanted to run away but decided not to when she saw him again. (Still think selfish of him to only let her go if he has a change of heart otherwise she has to STICK with him). Shouldn't she have a say? Even though she is for her life and he can stop time. As we know now, it is not her control to do it. Really like the drama and enjoying the OST and the leads. Thanks for letting me spaz a little here.
  19. @bedifferent Your welcome. Thanks for checking in, this week has been a bit hectic. I haven't had a chance to fully watch the latest episode 6 yet from Tuesday. Yikes so behind. So that is why I have not written much. Work and life got a bit hectic on my end. Hope life is good for you on your end! So finally caught ep 5 in its entirety. -The whole time clock thing is confusing but loving the theories thrown out but I do think that when both of them have feelings at the same time her time increases sounds credible. But also the theory that time she gets increased could be taking from DH's time seems plausible too as well. Given he has a longer life than her under 90 days. I like both thoughts /on it. Especially since when DH saw at the end of ep 5 his first love, her time was ticking back as usual down even though she was near DH adds more strength to those theories for me. I need to watch it all in ep 6 to be able to write more. But what I have seen some clips on my instagram (a bit more than was shown on YT) -Hmmmm Mika's brother and her BFF, questionable did they or didn't they? I didn't like how he prob didn't remember either and was happy she "blacked out" so he used it to his advantage to press his point he DID not do anything more than sleep. Even though he is the lil bro who likes to tease his Nuna's BFF. Are they trying to start a potential loveline in the future between these two? -I love SN Halmoni and her love and care for Mika. -Awww Beth----you want him to love you but you don't have the capacity to appreciate him for him and receive that love. He is not a commodity that you can buy and sell as you are doing right now. People have emotions and you are underestimating them. To bring in his first love thinking you are merely displacing Mika. You are doing more than that and to put in DH brother he despises---you really think he will let it go? Plus meddling on with your former classmate with DH's dealings. Tsk Tsk. -Mika---good job being able to do the audition and WIN. (YESH!) I was upset she had to deal with Beth. I cannot blame her and glad she was honest with DH about Beth meeting up with her. This meeting reminded her that she is not on the same level with DH. But in the end that is an OLD excuse. Many people are not on the 'same levels" when they are in love and get married. There are those throughout time who have done it and WILL STILL do it. But there those who are able to surpass that as depends on the two people involved--no matter race, economic status, education level etc. Case in point-Meghan Markle marrying Prince Harry recently---she is not royal, she is divorced, American and half black and half white. I mean his relative had to give up the thrown to marry his love an American Divorcee Wallace Simpson. -Clip on the Mom talking to DH, I am glad though she loves money and could have been RICH. I appreciated she admitted not being the best mom but she still is a "MOM" and had her pride. She went to protect her daughter Mika from the clutches of cruel, greedy and mean rich people. i just need to watch this episode when I get a chance.
  20. MC-Take it off. DH-Right now ? Hmm but I am not ready. MC-Want me to take it off for you? DH-No, I'll take it off. He says something. MC-Be fast about it, we are already let to head out for work. DH-We? (Saying "우리) she is using more comfortable language means she feels comfortable closer to DH. Otherwise as his driver she would NEVER use that term with him otherwise as it breeds familiarity. DH smiles and she grabs his shirt off. Takes off the bandage and looks sad. MC-Oh there will be scarring. DH-OH it doesn't matter. Says something. You are pretty. Oh no, a worried expression on a pretty woman is very dangerous. He moves in about to her face and she closes her eyes. DH-smiles and says--what are you thinking this morning? Why did you close your eyes? MC-What do you think I thought of. She says something. DH-No it is not that, the person closing their eyes was thinking of something else. MC-I wasn't doing that. Why did you surprise me? (She hits his injury) DH yelps in pain. She is apologetic. MC-Did I injure more where I hit you? I am sorry. What am I going to do? DH-Oh what is going on. it is very "spicy". (Not sure who come it is here.) DS says hmm this situation happening in the morning ? DH-You are up? MC-Nervous Oh I was cleaning up his wound/injury. We are late setting off for work, I will be right back. JY the lead actress is late and asks for 5 more minutes. Everyone looks at each other. One of the casting people asks JY who is this person who is coming to be the female lead? JY ignores her and says he is going to step out for a moment. MC bumps into DH in the elevator. Where are you going>? DH has someone he has to meet so that is why he is stepping out. What about the audition? It has not started yet. So stressed and nervous I need to get some air. You will do well MC! He offers he is chaebol he can help her get the role. MC declines and DH is happy saying good he wouldn't like to do that (giving favors). DH sees a woman (the first love and female lead) in the hallway. They stare intensely at each other and MC stares at DH. BS comes over and says great timing you got my surprise. MC looks at her wrist and sees her time tick back normally going down. (So she realizes DH thoughts are not with her. )
  21. Mika-gets a call from DH and ignores it. Text comes from DH-Where are you? Why are you not answering? MC Text-I am by the company. DH Text-Where around the company? MC Text-At the bus stop, can you go home first?I plan to write the bus DH grabs her hand (as she is typing the text) DH-Let's go home. When you did not answer your cell I was worried. What's the matter? MC-Are we going to ride the bus? (Did anyone pay as they boarded the bus? Only in dramas, I know you got to pay LOL ) DH-Says something MC-What? DH-Just because there are a lot of tiring things/work to do . Now we are both on the bus together feels a bit weird .Do you listen to your mom's word well? MC-Mom? DH-No matter who says anything, you are not allowed to runaway! Promise me! You will never do it but unless my heart changes I won't accept any other reason. (Ugggh that is not fair only if your heart changes? She has to be allowed to follow her heart even if she loves him, but still LSY is hot!) MC-Runaway ? I want to do that today. DH-What happened? MC-All of a sudden it has been scary. How well can I do, I am so happy being right now. Dh and I are both different people. Different people who live in completely different worlds from each other. Plus with an engaged man my heart (says something) about being scary. DH-By chance did you meet SB ? Why did you go.You should have told me. MC-It was fine. After talking with BS what she said nothing was wrong/incorrect. I was afraid and scared and I wanted to runaway but now I see your face I am not able to escape. I can live and I have strength all of a sudden. Plus I forgot my fear too. She asks DH a question. DH just takes her hand.I am sorry to make you want to runaway. Yo are absolutely not allowed to run away. Don't be afraid. Don't forget I will treat you well. Sung Hee is calling someone. SH-Wi Jin ,once you are able to eat you can answer me. WJ-I am still have not eaten the bread. SH-asks something. Last time to ask you, why did your mom come and try to meet DH? WJ-500 more. Hello, 500 more please. SH glares at WJ. He says you will give me cab fare later right? SH-Choi Wi Jin! WJ-I will I will. You got to take care of your hungry dongseng. He keeps going on. SH really wants to plant one on him but she holds back. WJ promises he will tell her once he finishes eating. He adds Really! SH place and both are lying on her bad. Clothes are strewn around and cans of beer were drunk. SH-Oh no what am I going to do ? (THinking to herself) I am crazy/out of my mind. As she stares at a barechested Wijin beside her. He turns and takes the quilt off her. She gets up and screams crazy guy/jerk. WJ-Ahhh noisy. Why are you like this really? (As SH hits him with a pillow he gets up). Still groggy. Why am I here? I slept over at your place? I did. Then he looks down to see his state of undress. Oh oh oh what is going on. Why is it like this? Both are now dressed and Wi Jin is kneeling in front of SH. SH-You said you would stop drinking and go home. You drank more and didn't I give you warnings or not? Now what is going to happen?! WJ asks something. SH-What do you think? Drink all that much and still be aware of your senses?! WJ-Nunim everything is a misunderstanding. Misunderstanding. SH-What? WJ-I remember coming back to your place. You are misunderstanding the situation. I have a habit to take off my clothes when I drink. i guarantee/swear that we just slept on the bed together but NOTHING happened. SH-Are you sure/certain? WJ-No matter what really. Believe me.
  22. Wi Jin surprises Sung Hee carrying coffee and spilled some. She runs around as she got mad. Asks why he is there (thinking it strange) but he shares due to his mom he is there. Who is she meeting if not Mika? Mika's mom Jin Ra Hee looks around the office that she is seated with DH. She introduces herself as Mika's mom. DH-I should have gone to you first to introduce myself. Mika mom Ra Hee -We are busy people (between us) let's skip this. She goes into her purse and takes out money (reluctantly) and puts it on the table. Please stop meeting my daughter Mika DH-I am deeply sorry. RH-No don't be sorry. Please remember well don't meet /date Mika. I am not rich chaebol with power looking for us (?) This not nice/mean person (?) disrespectful etc say something I definitely am against Mika with you. (paltry amount of money--kind of funny if you think of it LOL) Ra Hee-take this money you leave her/get out of her sight. (?) DH-What do you want to say? RH-Chaebol or not mentions something about his dad and she is not in favor of this potential dating relationship If our Mika doesn't meet DH (she gives money 70,000 won and MK group card shows to DH) She couldn't last night as she got harassed by swears etc and would not let go . Once I stopped being mad and I couldn't sleep last night. She says something. Ends it with but I am a MOM! If you mess with my daughter, I won't hold back/sit still. RH walks out and talks to herself. I did well. Did he see the red post its. Aww it was only 70,000 won but it was all I had on me. But where is Wi jin? Mika-I wanted to meet one time. BS-What?What kind? What do you want to say to me? She says something about Mika. DH likes Mika. Mika likes DH. Is that why you wanted to tell me? Did you want to tell me Game over and says something else. Or that I live in his home and you to stay out of it? I already told you I don't like overdramatic makjang dramas. But Mika you seems to make it out to be that way. Mika-Well the matter I moved to DH's home BS-Well she says something and adds immediately move out of DH's home. Why are you surprised? You don't meet/date a man that long to live with him--this woman has a goal. You should have expected this situation. Mika-Your words are very mean. BS-Mean , you mean this? If this was really mean, then leave DH's home. She says something you got it right. I give you one more chance. She says something I can be worse I can show you later. I know really well that DH cannot protect you. I request of you you to help me not make out this to be a makjang drama.
  23. Mika is singing and playing the piano. (LSG has a lovely voice! Love that we get to see her sing and I only knew her as a model before.) DH comes and watches her practice with a lovely smile and thoughtful expression on his face. DH-Compliments her as he walks to her about her practice. Mika-When did you get here? DH-Just now, just now. Mika-It is already 8! DH-I waited for you I wanted to eat dinner with you. Mika-You haven't had dinner yet? You must be hungry/famished! DH-Not speaking about me but you-Choi Mika! He says something and you have been still practicing. Mika-I was like that , I guess so. I did not know I would be hungry. DH-Let's go, I will treat you to a delicious meal. Mika's mom modeling a bag and outfit. Her brother is talking to their mom. Something about money and the bro is very curious about something. (There are the tell tale red postits that are on the shoes and bag (when you are in debt and owe money). Mom tells bro to take a share and dress. Where are we going? Something about dad (grave?). Mom-baby you don't have any sense do you. This is a bit too much overboard/glamorous dressed up to got to dad's (grave?) Bro Wi Jin--Then we are going shopping? Then he is like-you got money? Mom says stuff I cannot do it withouth you and give you some. (HMMMM is it from BS? as I have not seen it raw yet.) Wi Jin-I got it , I will be ready soon. Walking down a hallway DH-Are you nervous/stressed due to the audition? Mika-I am a bit nervous. If there is a chance the audition works out and I have to spend alot of time that is long it affects my being your driver. DH-If needed, I can just have WooJin drive me. Don't worry about it. Lovely dovey smiling at each other. (WJ expressions behind them was cute and to have gotten caught by DH classic! The rabbit teeth expression LOL) DH-What was that expression? (Looking at Woojin) Did you just (Shows his teeth awkward expression mimicing Woojin) WJ-Laughs nervously I forgot something. Leaves them and says he will go first (and escapes them) DH says something Mika-See you soon In the elevator Mika looks at her clock and sees it is going down She finally sees DH clock on his neck . Clock! DH-Me? Mika-I tried finding it before but it wasn't there. DH-My clock. Where? Here? (pointing to his neck) Mika-here on your neck, she goes closer to look. That's strange. DH-What? Something wrong/strange with my clock? Mika-That is not it, I definitely saw it just now but it went away/disappeared. Mika still actively looking at his neck and collar. The elevator door opens with Jaeyoo standing there looking at them both. DH caught his expression. DH-Let's go. Mika-stay still still looking for it. JY-Excuse me Mika surprised steps away from DH upon seeing Jaeyoo. He enters. JY-I must have interrupted something DH-That is right. Such a esteemed producer says something Mika-Interruption? It was nothing of the sort. There was something on DH shirt collar. JY looks at DH who extends his neck. Mika-I just got rid of it and said something. DH smiles in response. JY steps out and Mika does too. DH-Good luck on your audition!
  24. *my Korean is not great but here are my best efforts SN Halmoni-You worked hard. Thank you for driving me. Drive safely! Mika-Said something. SN Halmoni-No need. Mika goes arm in arm into the hospital with SN Halmoni leaving a dozing Doha in the car. Mika-How could I let you go into the hospital alone? SN Halmoni-Mika you have job and life , I have sense about these things. Mika-Mentions something about leaving the hospital. SN Halmoni-Says some stuff. Mika-says something so is that ALL? Then she says something. SN Halmoni-holds Mika's hands.--Mika, miracles are good things is there are things you want to do to live (?) Sometimes you make it but you don't know. (?) She goes on (mentions living/death/miracles and something about people make it) I feel it is meaningful but I don't get it all. Sorry! Mika--Why are you saying this, what does it mean. SN Halmoni-Just because wanting to talk about (life?/living?) Loudly, it is due to my old age. Just some words /advice I wanted to tell you. You worked hard go. Mika-Once you get back to your room, have a good night's rest. SN Halmoni-got it. They separate and SN Halmoni says something about doing the best she can do etc. She goes up. She sees a patient holding a piece of paper. She goes over and sits with her and the woman patient starts crying. SN Halmoni says--it it will be alright and tries to console her. BS-What am I going to do dear? (Looking at the 500 won coin) My heart is not pretty/good at all. secretary---He has arrived. Jang Chi Ang enters BS's office BS gets up to greet him saying you arrived! CA-What is up for you to ask me to come? BS-Please get some tea. CA-What is the matter? BS-There is something. (Gosh the mandarin makes it easy for me LOL thank god for Mandarin classes in College) DH is reading something and says something. WJ answers about MK last weekend and Song Group will get out (?) Plus today's meeting was cancelled. Ah slowly we were doing this contract but why are they like this suddenly I don't know. WJ-A joke?! DH-It is a joke. WJ-Why would they do this kind of joke? DH -says something (He knows it is Bae BS as she warned him) WJ-Bae BS? What are we going to do? DH-we got to resolve it. Since the beginning and says something. WJ-Where are you going? DH- Says something (Sorry not great in business conversations) Go to hotel lobby. DH approaches Jang Chi Ang -in English no need to translate. Seated in the foyer. DH-Talks business (making sure to say MK is good with shopping malls, hotels etc) CA-Wasn't today's meeting cancelled? We already communicated through email all our requests/conditions and sent them to you. DH-I wanted to tell you new things. He throws a number out 50% (??) CA-I did not hear incorrectly right? DH nods his head CA-Really?If this is really the case then I can put in this position. Says something--I even can have DH position level as well it doesn't matter right? DH-But MK group has to be not on this project. This is one condition of mine. (My chinese not great in biz terms)
  25. @triplem Your welcome and always great to see you. Not sure how much I can come along as these are during my daytime at work. Today would be a bit difficult. I will see my schedule. @USAFarmgirl Your posts are epic and right on the money. I loved how you wrote about life and you cannot take it with you. So true. I live life enjoying it and trying to make time for friends and family. I have a simple job and many of my friends/ loved ones over the years wondered why I decided to not get a degree beyond college or go to a big company to earn loads of money or fame or prestige. I never married but I get to travel, a kind boss that is flexible and time to spend with parents/family and friends. It is the love and memories (yes indeed) that I am focusing on and TIME to spend with them. I try to make my interactions IRL to be more meaningful too. As you never know when is the last time you will see someone. I had a close friend only a few years older pass on. It really hit home. More than anything what you said no the time but the quality, love and care having found each other and being together is important. I am loving that Doha and Mika have found each other and truly care for each other (glad it is established early). @Earth2KatyD I will see what I can do. Those BTS are harder to do and my Korean is only to a certain point. But their interactions are cute and they seem to have a lot of fun. @sin hoonsim Cool you got to meet him. I have a language partner who said her sunbae was LSY sunbae in university. So she got to meet him herself. She says he is a very cool and likeable guy. Smart and really a gentleman. But what stood out was he has alot of natural aegyo. Maybe because her sunbae was LSY nuna/sunbae. So at times seeing him as a COOL guy was weird for her on the big screen. I only got to catch half of episode 5 as my computer decided to crash on my last night.
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