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[Drama 2020] To All the Guys Who Loved Me/ Men Are Men, 그놈이 그놈이다


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@foreverempress I admit the FL (there are times I like her and other times I don't like her). Overall I am ok with her. But I really loved her in the recent "Mystic Pop Up Bar."


@nubianlegalmind I am still watching the drama myself as I like the ML a lot. 


Thoughts on this week's episodes.


-Hmm I agree with @nubianlegalmind about Kim Sun Hee could be involved somehow with what happened to Min Ju's accident. She is very suspicious. When Ji Woo confronted her and as he was leaving she admitted SHE nursed Sunbae back to health. JW is right, he did not feel anything. She has been nursing this obsession for him and making her UNHAPPY only daughter to marry him (hello he said NO to the proposal). To tell DG and then allude that JW is being not right to HJ. Plus Sun Hee clearly was obsessed and meddled in Min Ju and Sunbae's lives inappropriately.


-I saw Javabeans the original Dramabeans say that this drama is mature adults acting like High School students is  bit much I agree even for me.  (Then again it is not a cable drama.)


-Glad we are seeing  more unravel with the past lives but I want the couple to move forward and they are --but not everything is pretty. Plus the therapist was making suggestions that were not necessarily in the original dreams/hypnosis too.


As always count on HJ's parents for comic relief in the drama. I am sad for DG having puppy eyes to HJ (even whens he rejects him he is still going to wait.) My dear DG waiting is not the answer. I agree with HJ, you should open yourself to be in love with another. 


KBS released this "best scenes" 




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2 hours ago, Nodame said:

Kim Sun Hee could be involved somehow with what happened to Min Ju's accident. She is very suspicious. When Ji Woo confronted her and as he was leaving she admitted SHE nursed Sunbae back to health. JW is right, he did not feel anything. She has been nursing this obsession for him and making her UNHAPPY only daughter to marry him (hello he said NO to the proposal). To tell DG and then allude that JW is being not right to HJ. Plus Sun Hee clearly was obsessed and meddled in Min Ju and Sunbae's lives inappropriately.

So let's keep up with how many criminal and evil acts KSH has committed:

She interfered 47 years ago in JH/MJ's courtship and it probably led to the accident and subsequent death of MJ;

She has been stalking, monitoring and interfering in JW's life ever since she saw him; 

She used her position as a medical director (and her shady minion) to obtain the psychiatric medical records of JW;

She also used the same means to obtain HJ's medical records; 

She has abused and threatened her daughter to marry a man that she flat out doesn't like;

She approached DG and will probably manipulate his feelings for HJ to break up HJ and JW;

She has obtained all types of classified information on both JW and HJ that she clearly obtained illegally;

Now she has publicly announced an engagement that she is well aware has already fallen through of public figure;


I'm tired. Being obsessed to this degree is exhausting. She is the one that needs to be seeing a therapist, daily. Yes, a lot of us have dealt with unrequited love, but this is psychotic. She's dangerous, and I believe in EVERY life, she was somehow an evil factor. Hopefully, things will go better for them in this life.

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@nubianlegalmind I totally agree she BEYOND obsessed! Breaking all the laws on privacy and all because she clapped eyes on a handsome sunbae who later loved another and NEVER looked her way. I admit the actress as the younger version of Kim Sun Hee is quite cute. But Unfortunately, sunbae did not feel the same as he did for Minju. 


I agree this is BEYOND mere obsession and you did a great job illuminating all what she did so far! A goldstar for your remembering and sleuthing skills! 

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33 minutes ago, Nodame said:

I totally agree she BEYOND obsessed! Breaking all the laws on privacy and all because she clapped eyes on a handsome sunbae who later loved another and NEVER looked her way.


The most crazy thing is to announce a wedding when neither Ji Woo or her daughter agree with it. If she did it without his parents` aproval is idiotic. :facepalm: I start to be really annoyed by this storyline.

I also believed that Kim Sun hee had something to do with Min Ju`s accident if not I don`t understand why they keep mention the past so much. And why she changed her name?

I am not a fan of introducing a crazy people to keep the OTP appart. Far from it. Well...I haver a question:  Kim sun hee existed in other past lives as well? Who separated the OTP in all these 200 years history?


Not only she had medical records at her disposition but I think it was wrong for Ji woo to have records of Hyun Joo`s therapy session.



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@larus Thanks for your post. I hope you are well. Not sure if this is helpful:


Hmmm I only know of from the story Kim Sun Hee from the latest reincarnation before the current HJ and JW.

Since she was an active part and ALIVE when those lovebirds were alive.

Seems like when during the old times and Japanese Occupation (I do not recall seeing anyone seemingly like Kim Sun Hee thus far shown to us). Seems to invoice the oldest life they remember--- HJ sees here praying , painting and waiting for her husband.  Only others we saw were the women washing clothing talking about the handsome scholar (her eventual hubby) who found her painting but she and him did not talk to a lot of people.


Then the Japanese Occupation time (I mix a bit with the time Sun Hee was alive). the glimmers of her memory cannot remember much. But last episode showed that friend of that HJ version saw hubby with two women on each arm a bit drunk. (def twists they were NOT happy pairings for sure) No wonder HJ was leery of marriage based on the flaky memories. We found out that parents never clarified or reminded the adult HJ until they discussed it recently.


The life before now, I recall the protests and MJ being saved by sunbae (prior JW) from the cops (after being active in a protest). You also saw sunbae performing during the MT activities and all the women especially MJ was there.  Or initially we were introduced to him running crazily in the mountain looking for MJ and DG lookalike who was planning to confess to her. He wanted to stop it and despite the bad weather persistently looked for them. (This coincided with DG and HJ looking for inspiration for DG webtoon too.)  A bit de ja vu indeed and intentional.


This last episode, showed Sunbae and MJ asking for the same song while at some bar /cafe place asking for requests.  Then Sunbae making a music box playing that son to give to MJ. He never gave it to her during that lifetime but now is ABLE to do it. He is keeping prior life promises to now HJ. Then for JW to blatantly ask about the music box (we now know Sun Hee took before it could be given to MJ). Dang looks suspicious indeed.


So that is all I can go on now.

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OST part 4


Lyrics thanks to Popgasa!




I try to stop my heart
And hide the spilling memories
But suddenly, it gets so clear again
You’re still in me


Even after a long time passed
My heart hasn’t passed
Because it hurt so much to think about
How I broke the promise of not making you cry


Some day, I’ll go to you
Wherever you are, I’ll reach you
Past countless seasons
I won’t rush anymore
I’ll protect you


On thick nights like tonight
I just have your light on
So I can take out that day long ago
As I hate myself for letting you go


Some day, I’ll go to you
Wherever you are, I’ll reach you
Past countless seasons
I won’t rush anymore
I’ll protect you


As if it’s the first time
If only I could hold your hands again
At the end of all those times I paced back and forth


I’ll go to you with the wind
I’ll fall on you like the flower petals
You’re the one who recognized me
So I hope I can make you smile more than before
I hope you can lean on me and rest every day



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@0ly40 Oh Standing Egg did that song? Nice! I love them! Thanks for sharing the latest song in the drama OST.


I hope the story picks up more next week and some more black holes are filled in.

I was proud of the daughter trying to stand up to her mom only to have to revert back to being a submissive and passive daughter. Dang the mother REALLY is a bulldozer and only about her. ACK.

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Ep 12  clips







Teaser for ep 13


Ep 13 teaser (will try to translate/please excuse and be patient with my mistakes )


Do Gyum--Is this your prior life very important to Nuna?

Hyun Joo: Now, Can we stop.

Ji Woo: What is it  you want?

Sun Hee: Today's reason is JW and HJ (had no reason) to meet.

Hyun Joo: Per chance do you know about xxx ?

Do Gyum: Excuse me, Excuse (or Wait a minute/ Wait a minute?)

Do Gyum: You don't have to feel sorry towards JW.  xxx Do you still have lingering feelings for JW?

Ji Woo: Tomorrow XXXX (??) I also xxx. IBecause of me, the past lives memories you did not want to remember  x xx , I sincerely apologize to you.



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1 hour ago, Samuel Yohanes said:

What the hell with the ending and preview????


Is jiwoo let go of hyunjoo?


Damn and ofcourse need to wait a week before knowing what next!!!

Oh |I know ((( its so sad she didnt now the truth then ad now the same, 

fate three times gives them a chance but they still do not see the truth! 

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@Samuel Yohanes Hmmm .  I just saw the clips (all of them after my lunch) 

Dang?  Sun Hee has GOT to go. She definitely is just too obsessed.


So far from yesterday ep 11:

-Cute how JW read the "adult" webtoon 5 x and could answer correctly the contents on the page the mom selected. No matter how much I like something, I cannot do that even if  I read it 5x. LOL. Or how JW used (but accurately) now literature greats were considered and deemed vulgar and not high brow. LOL. 


-Calm before the storm our HJ believing in JW and they had a nice date at her place.

I was not expecting them to re-enact some scenes from the "adult" webtoon. (We know as a big TV channel cannot be too much).


-Mom being funny writing all the hateful comments to JW after thinking he was toying around with HJ. Then when that cop came to return her ID (She thought it was related to her internet comments. ) Awww parents who know some technology but not really.


-Seo Yoon (Poor girl she is sweet despite her despicable mom). Glad she tried to tell her mom being horrid for her actions to use half truths and lies to get what she wants . Sad due to her protective mom, she cannot even be her own self. Cannot blame her wanting to stay out and away from her mom.


Sad to see her waiting 3 hours and try to be around DG , but though he is nice and civil , he is not into her. 


HJ's friends side stories, rare trying to flesh out a bit more than -hey they come together to drink for the FL lead only. We learned a bit more about Young Eun (the single one) she has early menopause. Poor dear. Chatty house wife Sang Eun starts working at HJ company. Attractive Gyu Sun somehow is able to get two men to date her--her ex hubby and DG friend. 


Not going to lie, I get annoyed seeing Sun Hee on the screen. Just treating people's lives as pawns/toys, even after JW tells her to lay off and and not bother. She OF COURSE doesn't listen and asks for HJ hypnosis videos.  She is the person causing issues and problems.


But JW lying he won't lie, and then HJ regaining some memories, I agree I would be more upset of the lying than the false news of his engagement to Seo Yoon. It had to take a near life threatening accident for HJ to regain that memory.



These clips for ep 12 as I am at work. 


-HJ being cold and treating JW like a stranger.


-HJ's friends being sweet to cheer her up. Gyu Sun and her men doing retro Kpop classic. (Oh the meta---this writer likes to throw in blasts from the pasts Easter eggs. I enjoy seeing them.) Aww 


-DG being sweet and just hanging out. Finding out they broke up when HJ did not pick up JW's phone call. She was amazed he did not ask. He was like--I will later . So cool. Very sweet.


-Seo Yoon finding out from her mom's trash the photo and medical records she pieced together and then shared with DG. Makes clear what HJ said asked him if he believed about past lives. Then for him to go to JW. She also tried to figure out her mom and I think she is realizing mom is on the deep end of loony.


-The past memory of the former life JW saying he is going to America and sick of dating Min Ju. She asks to start afresh and he flung the ring to the ground. Doing the noble idiocy he did not want her to see him as a handicapped man. AWW. 


-Later to see, Sun Hee sunbae be in the wrong place at wrong time. (Same he is taking responsibility for some contract HJ signed (based on some terms on that board meeting) I wonder why Sun Hee is there? Sun Hee is not liking JW actions to protect HJ. So her last tactic to reveal they are dating. Then cornering JW to answer or HJ (what type if ending?) 


Yeah I agree what ending is this? (I started Good Detective as this drama is irritating me, though I will still watch it.)

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Welp @Nodame


Guess it will be a long week indeed. 


( based on preview with sub, he got forced to never meet HJ again by SY mom. So he wanna try what he did in the past doing noble idiocy but for different context )  


I think Ji woo should stop pursuing HJ for goof and let her decide on her own who she want to be with


If she want with dogyum then so be it. 


He did enough to catch up for his past life mistake. Hell the misunderstanding alone is painful enough


Now all things left is in HJ hand whether she want to stay single forever like what she want in tbe first place or she feel confort with brother sister relationship with DG or actual love line with JW that dont care about past at all. 


Because this is my only drama for mon tue.. i just sometimes feels empty after i know the ending because there is no other drama to distract me and if the ending is like today... just feelsbadman.


Luckily tommorow got triple drama to watch so i can cheer up a bit hehe while waiting for next week

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Yah finally caught up!

Wow what special kind of devil is this?

She had a hand in their deaths yet she still here trying torment them again.

I hope her daughter is the one to provide the finishing rites when the time comes to exorcise this demon.

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@Samuel Yohanes Hmm I think I can guess the dramas the other two--I am considering starting (marathoning to catch up ) the new Lee Jung Ki one (looks good) .  Why I was watching reality shows (old ones) with Son Ho Jun in them (LOL). 


OMG UGGH agreed with you totally that HJ just should stop dealing with JW. We know she has some heart ache (after I watched last night the latest episode). So she finally has her heart beat /flutter to only get LIED to repeatedly about your past lives. 


I agree JW ,  too little too late. The fact despite all their efforts the external factors of Sun Hee trying to (then and now) deal with HJ and then Min Joo. (She is PURE evii. When she told her daughter even if the person doesn't return her feelings she will follow them to the ends of the earth to make that person suffer.)  OMG she is not SANE.  Then to say her daughter is weak so she should just give up if the other person doesn't like her. BLECH. I feel bad for Seo Yoon. She is a sweet gal (her dad must have been a nice guy who was eaten alive by Sun Hee who OBVIOUSLY turned bonkers after being rejected by sunbae to keep up her crazy crazy delusions.)


As they unveil more details of the past--- for the war time (Japanese occupation) we don't see WHY other than that version of JW left her and that was it. (Wonder what the underlying cause.) As for the old times 200 yrs prior, he promised to return after the exams/test. Did he die? What happened that HJ had to wait (and he did not return?)


Then for the most recent time with Sun Hee, OMG she is pure evil. To call to say and want MJ arrested as the leader. Then the HORROR she had on her face to see sunbae rush over and get arrested in stead. (So I am guessing he got beat up so badly he got paralyzed and handicapped.) He did not MJ to suffer with him (this is something MJ should decided not noble idiocy of sunbae).  Then for Sun Hee to declare she cared for sunbae and he did not care back when he was sick. (Seriously your twisted love? You tried to ruin others lives and get out your opponent to only harm your crush. To say to JW that you cared for a sick sunbae. ACK nasty). Now to try to frame HJ for embezzlement and when JW steps up to protect her you try to frame him only due to their dating relationship he is protecting her. (Dang  you really cannot see ANY version of your crush and his lover to be HAPPY. You so unhappy and twisted person). When SH said they are making her not be able to let go ---UH HELLO ---no ONE makes you unable to let go. It is all up to YOU (free will.) 


DG is a sweetie pie and even when he learns everything he is same as prior lives just there for HJ and MJ. Glad that at least JW came clean to him and told him they were hoobae and sunbae who liked the same woman. In this life time too they do as well. History repeating itself yet again.


Missed seeing the parents in ep 12, they were my comic relief.


Seo Yoon --glad she tried to investigate her mom. But I was surprised she went to DG to share JW info and photos her mom tore up. (How come not surprised mom went to check daughter's laptop seeing the suspicious paperwork she tried to conceal) Then again she does like DG so he is the first and only person. Yeah I don't see her going to HJ (her boss) and JW her (big boss and potential fiance---and get sued due to having info that get her IN big trouble).  So sweet and innocent to be in embroiled with her LOCO mom who NEEDS to be stopped.


@tas82 The Sun Hee character indeed beings EVIL to another level. Wow! You stoop at nothing to get your crush/love. Even if you eliminate the other person, you DO NOT have his heart. Just will make that person PINE  more for his beloved.  As it seems even if she nursed sunbae and gave him attention and helped him (paid bills) he CANNOT get over his heart break over MJ. So just desserts to SH indeed and we knew she was crazy but this EVIL wow.  To get the authorities to get MJ but Sunbae saved her getting tortured.  Uggh ugggh.

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This was a really cute moment. Wish we had more scenes where Ji Woo is flustered or charming like that. Not the fault of the actor, but the way the writer has been writing him thus far has been a bit bland. I feel like the show is more serious than what was marketed. Like they are some good elements to the story: past love lifespan's, past love lines, loving yourself before others, how each woman is navigating their love life, and such. But it gets a bit bogged down by the antagonist, the love triangle which is just boring and useless, and lack of urgency to the main couple's love line thus far. Feels like a wasted opportunity to present an epic love story that spans multiple generations. Maybe having this be set in modern times was the issue? I guess the kiss scenes between the main leads were good, but both actors have shown to do well in rom-coms/romantic dramas before so its sorta a letdown considering the PD and writer.

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Seo Ji Hoon Rushes To Hwang Jung Eum’s Side In “To All The Guys Who Loved Me”


Aug 16, 2020
by S. P

KBS 2TV’s Monday-Tuesday drama “To All the Guys Who Loved Me” has released new stills from the upcoming episode!

The romantic comedy tells the story of Seo Hyun Joo (Hwang Jung Eum), a woman who has given up on love and marriage after repeated heartbreaks. After finally deciding that all men are alike, she suddenly gets caught between Hwang Ji Woo (Yoon Hyun Min) and Park Do Kyum (Seo Ji Hoon), two completely opposite men both vying for her love.


Previously, Seo Hyun Joo’s parents Seo Ho Joon (Seo Hyun Chul) and Jung Young Soon (Hwang Young Hee) grew enraged upon seeing the announcement of Hwang Ji Woo’s marriage, having thought up until now that he had been maintaining a good relationship with their daughter. In their anger, they wrote a malicious comment on the news article that they later deleted, believing that Hwang Ji Woo was going to sue them.

In the new stills, Seo Ho Joon and Jung Young Soon appear at Seo Hyun Joo’s workplace. Jung Young Soon gently holds her daughter’s hand as she looks at her with worry in her eyes, and Seo Ho Joon looks on with a slightly surprised gaze. The final still shows Park Do Kyum running towards her, eyebrows raised in shock, leading viewers to question the reason behind Seo Hyun Joo’s parents showing up at the company as well as what is going to happen between them.

more https://www.soompi.com/article/1419404wpp/seo-ji-hoon-rushes-to-hwang-jung-eums-side-in-to-all-the-guys-who-loved-me

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