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  1. this show is like a scab that you cant help but pick on. you know you should ignore it and it will go away after a while but the urge to pick at it is there. I grudgingly finished season 1 with this feeling. Now after watching episode 1 (cos i need to know what the wives or at least the 40s and 50s ones, will do), im dreading to continue watching.
  2. agree...as the lead of the show, wouldnt make sense to have her die at episode 5. unless they plan to make her a ghost who lingers. i dont have a good feel about Sister Emma. not a simple nun
  3. havent had time to watch the final episode. But reading the recap already made me cry! such a beautiful story!
  4. Just caught up to episode 4. Sun Kyum’s character is certainly different. Hope in this show the romance will have honest interactions. I really dislike the unnecessary misunderstandings cos they don’t communicate. enjoying the scenes between Dan Ah and her secretary who is not the typical subservient secretary.
  5. Agree... how does a 11 yo package remains when the chairman ask for it to be disposed? And how did a recent pic of GaOn get included?
  6. An interesting show. Really wonder what is the true story of Gook Hee. And why that dentist kept ghosting.
  7. i like how our FL has kissed 3 guys within the first 4 episodes. Lady Choi's stoic expression in her scene with the chef was such a hoot!
  8. Quite an enjoyable show. Always loved Yoo Inna’s shows. Though a little sad that Derek has to ‘die’ and disappear from Areums life.
  9. I’m really enjoying the show as it is...a good fictional story. Shin Hye Sun is really a talented actress. Her actions are so on point. And I love Choi Jin Hyuk’s cameo. Such a pleasant surprise as I didn’t read the news of this show beforehand,
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