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  1. Just caught up to episode 4. Sun Kyum’s character is certainly different. Hope in this show the romance will have honest interactions. I really dislike the unnecessary misunderstandings cos they don’t communicate. enjoying the scenes between Dan Ah and her secretary who is not the typical subservient secretary.
  2. Agree... how does a 11 yo package remains when the chairman ask for it to be disposed? And how did a recent pic of GaOn get included?
  3. An interesting show. Really wonder what is the true story of Gook Hee. And why that dentist kept ghosting.
  4. i like how our FL has kissed 3 guys within the first 4 episodes. Lady Choi's stoic expression in her scene with the chef was such a hoot!
  5. Quite an enjoyable show. Always loved Yoo Inna’s shows. Though a little sad that Derek has to ‘die’ and disappear from Areums life.
  6. I’m really enjoying the show as it is...a good fictional story. Shin Hye Sun is really a talented actress. Her actions are so on point. And I love Choi Jin Hyuk’s cameo. Such a pleasant surprise as I didn’t read the news of this show beforehand,
  7. the nurse who takes care of OHJ's baby is super irritating! she is supposed to be helping. not making judgements or decisions for OHJ and baby.
  8. I'm starting to get irritated with the lead being overly meddling in the kids and DaJung‘s lives. Can't the script writer for once write that she has moved on after the divorce?
  9. just started this show yesterday. i'm glad i waited...cos i could catch up to 4 episodes at one shot. Love Kim Sun Ho!! and Nam Jo Hyuk is killing it as the geeky dork!
  10. finished the last episode. still dont quite understand the obsession of HR trying to kill ES. but well... time for next show to obsess about.
  11. JiHoon is so sweet... eating spicy food with DaJung to release stress when he can't take spice
  12. me too! Second lead syndrome going strong in my case as well. but really given how DA Jung is reminiscing about her past with Dae Young, not much chance of a miracle happening. But I do love Lee Do Hyun in this show. Very strong acting chops!
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