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  1. yes, I agree with this part... she actually asked her ex-husband at first meeting what kind of woman he likes and that she will try to become that. She was too restrained before. And her ex-husband realised that. What I'm getting from the show is that he actually loves her and wants her to be happy and to want to be with him willingly. Of course I'm not supporting his choice of divorce grounds.
  2. I'm a little confused. They met at the airport to fly back to their own countries but they never kept in contact for 3 years...AGAIN?
  3. I so agree with you! Getting a little tired of how everyone turns out to be bad.
  4. jjust watched the first episode. nice melancholic feel to it.
  5. Hi hi… I'm enjoying this show... though the timeline jumping is still confusing me quite a bit. And SSH is indeed a good suit for this role. is it cos there are too many new dramas that this show is not receiving much attention?
  6. it seems like some K-netizens did comment on how Il-Seob halbae is slowing everyone down and how he doesn't really join the sightseeing because of his knees. He was the youngest halbae (til this season) and yet he is not as healthy as the rest. Guess that's why he decided to set off 30 mins earlier to get to the train station before the rest. Im sure SeoJinnie has other wonders in his luggage. Probably some banchan and definitely ramyeon.
  7. agree with @calypso73, this might be the last one with the original 4 halbaes as they are ageing. Plus LSJ is getting ready to step into his fifties. Finished watching epi 2... can't help but feel that LSJ is doing the show more for the halbaes. I feel that Na PD is less stringent on the 'backpacking' concept this round. Love that he actually accompanied Il-Seob halbae on the 'trishaw' tour. And very proud of Il Seob halbae who purposely learn how to say 3 in German so that he can buy drinks/ice-cream for his accompanying camera-man/ companion
  8. Just learnt that skechers sponsored the halbaes shoes... they are wearing the same shoes on holidays! so fun!
  9. its hard not to be stressed when the halbaes have different characters... especially with the Go-go-go Grandpa Soon jae and the no-need-see-everything-this-trip Grandpa Il-Seob
  10. loving the halbaes! Its actually really tiring for LSJ. He's not young anymore and having to take care of the halbaes, their needs and luggages… *kowtow* He hardly got time to rest himself after the long flight.
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