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  1. I believe HY's older bro received the same amount of pressure. But if the storyline was always that the older bro had suffered a mental breakdown, shouldn't the parents let up on the pressure? I recall in the earlier episodes, his bro apparently won some award. And the parents were celebrating. Just don't understand why they showed the older bro situation in the end.
  2. Enjoyed this show but the ending left too many questions unanswered. Can Korean kids just submit a leaving school request by themselves? so did HY get zero for all the tests? He just left home without his parents looking for him? I thought his brother was doing very well, winning awards? Why did he end up in a mental institute?
  3. Agree! I appreciate that JE's hubby actually blamed himself for the breakdown of the marriage and for driving JE to have an affair. While in CSA's case, both men have ego issues. CSA's husband think that material well-being weighs more than everything else. That's why he scoffs at her leaving him to only have to work as a waitress. As for DHY, guess his ego is hurt by that he couldn't even support his lover. And NMY has ego issue too. She couldn't believe that she is betrayed by her boring husband and mousy friend. I don't quite understand how can the marriage be registered without both parties present. And why does JW say in the preview that their marriage is not registered.
  4. Morning! My take on NMY is that she might have had an affair In US but things turned out wrong . That's why she came back suddenly. She obviously doesn't treat JW as a equal as she tells others that he has a doctorate and that she wants him to get out of what she thinks is a crappy school. I love the MIL. She might be meddlesome. But she does it with a good heart. And she dotes on JE. the scene where she ask the intern why she calls her mum is seriously funny.
  5. Just finished the last 2 episodes... I don't like the ending... I don't get it...isn't TJ in trouble with the law? He was on the news for being a wanted man. Did they mention how they made the charges against him go away? Suddenly he can come back to office and prepared to be a congressman? And I so hate the smarmy OSW. He is as long life as he said TJ is.
  6. two more days to Wed! Rooting for GG and JW as well as CH and her little actor. Though I wish the latter couple will actually speak their mind instead of going round in circles. Not much time left!!
  7. I just finished up the 4 episodes over the weekend. Though I don't condone adultery, the premises set up shows the circumstances that how in some instances, it can come to that. No doubt, if they had open communication in their marriages, it might work out. But do remember communication goes both ways with both parties having an open mind. In both marriages, the situation is set out such that the husbands are holding themselves in a higher place than the wives and they think they know best. In CSA's family, the elder daughter seems to know that her parents are not all that happy based on some of the questions she ask. Like, do all adults stray?
  8. yup, really happy to have read that. But I don't think they are keeping it on their recap list unfortunately.
  9. I'm enjoying this show... Is there anyone recapping this? I got lost at some parts due to the fast pace and the subbing.
  10. the sexual tension is ...woah!!! Amazing they don't jump each other. Really slow burn Jin woo really loves his wife GA Kyung. I'm wondering what's stopping her from actually liking him back. It might be an arranged business marriage but love can still blossom, no?
  11. yes, I agree with this part... she actually asked her ex-husband at first meeting what kind of woman he likes and that she will try to become that. She was too restrained before. And her ex-husband realised that. What I'm getting from the show is that he actually loves her and wants her to be happy and to want to be with him willingly. Of course I'm not supporting his choice of divorce grounds.
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